Okay I'm so excited about this chapter. It's the first chapter in Draco's point of view. Some things may not make sense, but that's because I don't want to give everything away all at once. Thanks to PhoenixFire34, jeese abendeen, and J.L. for review chapter 4, and a special thanks to MiSTY_VoPLe who has faithfully reviewed every chapter. You rock guys!
Without further ado, chapter five!


Wild, crazy waves crashed into the side of the ship. We never feared them. We had no need to fear anything. These were the only waters were traveled on. The sun was the enemy. The night our friend and only companion. Time had no meaning. We didn't live. We didn't die. We existed. There was no hope.

I was going crazy with these thoughts. I wondered idly if I was always this pessimistic of a person. I almost wished some scandal, something wrong would happen. Then I wouldn't have to go on existing this way.

I should have known to watch me thoughts.

I heard a scream. I had been so fixed in a trance at first it didn't register that someone might be hurt. The moment the sound registered with my brain, my head whipped around. The sound was coming from below. It was so desperate and scared.

I ran to the side, my eyes searching for someone, anyone. When I saw her, and it was the first human reaction I had in a long time. My heart plummeted to my stomach and twisted in weird ways. My breathing become shallow. I acted on the impulse of a possessed man and... I was in the water.

The cold didn't affect me, neither did the water. I swam as though I was in a calm, motionless lake. I reached the girl soon. She had stopped flailing around and was to my horror sinking. Her brown eyes were open and widened as they landed on me. Then she smiled.

"Malfoy." she whispered.

I froze. She knew me? Had I been mistaken? I couldn't ask her though. She was now sinking and gone.


I didn't know what to do with the fragile, breathing, living girl in my arms once I managed to get her aboard the ship. I did know that I needed to protect her. Several members of the crew had begun to circle us, most of whom I knew were struggling with our diet, and would do little to spare her life for their greedy appetites.

But I needed her. I had no memories of her, that I knew of. When one of us crossed over, or was sired, we were left with only the most basic memories. Our names, the first memories of our life and the last down to the nitty gritty details, but then there was nothing but blankness to found. It hurt like hell to attempt remembering anything. It hurt to not remember as well.

There were a few though, that did attain their memory. They had told me that all it took was a spark to light the dark blankness of past memories.

The girl in my arms could help me. Before she passed out, she had oddly spoken my last name, which meant that she must have known me. She was my spark. I just had to make sure she would live so she could remind me.

In the growing crowd I saw Erik and Ursula watching the others closely. Ursula was second in command next to the Capitan and most of the crew feared her almost as much as they feared the Capitan. She pushed her way through them and took hold of the girl. I knew she meant well, but I refused to let go. I can't trust anyone, the voice in my head told me. Instead I growled. Not intentionally, it just rasped out of my throat before I could stop myself from acting on the weird protectiveness.

She raised an eyebrow before clearing her throat. In a commanding voice, she addressed the crew. "What are you staring at? There's a ship to be sailed, you dumdasses. Get to work." Slowly, reluctantly, people went back to their designated jobs.

Then Ursula addressed me. "This better be important Malfoy. The Capitan's very busy."

Captain? I had only seen the Captain twice, and that was for the weekly feast. None of the crew save Ursula every went into the Captain's quarters. I hugged the girl closer to myself and prayed on what I had once believed in that everything went the way I wanted.

Erik came with us. He was the only one I'd seen Ursula talk to aside from the Capitan and her donor when she wasn't giving orders, but even with only knowing him for less than two weeks it was obvious friendship was not what he want. He was following her around like a lost puppy. I couldn't tell if this pleased Ursula or not. I hope for Erik's sake it did.


The Capitan's quarter's were dark, but I could see just fine without light. The Captain I could not describe. His face was hidden behind a thick veil. I could not see his eyes. This bothered me the most. Eyes showed weaknesses and the truth inside each person and to hide that, made that weakness disappear. It made the person seem invisible. Maybe that was why we all feared him.

The Captain lifted his head up from a book as we shuffled into his cluttered quarters. I wasn't sure if the captain was watching me or not because of the veil. The fact made me want to know what he was hiding behind the veil.

Ursula hold what one would think as a knowing look with the Captain. Ursula's dark completion was graced with an embarrassed blush and a moment later their connection was broken. My brows furrowed in wonder.

"Erik, let's go." she announced and both me and him started to go out. What had happened in that moment?

"Malfoy, you stay." Ursula clarified. My eyes widened at that. I was going to stay alone... with him. New as I was, I knew that this was rare. The Captain was a seclude creature.

Once they left, the door shut with a louder thud than it should of, and the impending silence was troubling. To say I was scared was not lying. I was suddenly aware of exactly what I had done. I had brought a mortal on the ship. I had probably broken more rules than I could count, and all for my own selfish needs.

Mr. Malfoy, would you set her down on the couch.

I flinched. I had not heard that. Or at least not in the way I had wanted to hear it. Somehow I just knew he was speaking directly to me, almost like he was thinking his words to me.

What an excellent way to say that. I must say it takes some people more time to figure that out. But you aren't most people, are you Draco.

"How are you doing that?" I asked.

The Capitan chuckled. That is a secret I will keep for now. Would you care for some berry tea? I doubt it's been easy to carry her for so long and not hunger.

I nodded, it was not easy and the girl's scent was more than pheasant. I took his earlier offer, and set her own the couch before accepting the drink. I made a face as I downed it. It wasn't pleasant, but it got the job done. After I was sure I was safe, I sat at the end of couch next to her.

I do not mean to make this sound presumptuous, but why is it that care so much for her? Or do you not care? She is a rather beautiful sight.

"I don't know if I care." I said thinking thinking, "I'll I know is that she knows me."

How have you come to that conclusion? he sounded interested.

"She knows my name."

YAY! Okay so here's the first chapter in Draco's point of view!!!! I loved writing this part. In fact I stayed up all night writing it, so I hope I did his character well. Feel free to tell me what you like, what you don't like, and any comments or suggestions! And if someone could help me get a banner, I'm clueless on how to get one. And I'm sorry for the shortness, but the next one will be much longer, I promise. K, BYE!
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