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CHAPTER FOUR – The Prank - part 1

BTW: This chapter is in Remus's point of view, so here's for something different.

P.S. All thanks goes to those who reviewed the last chapters you made my day.

“Where did you put the map Padfoot?” James yells dumping the entire contents of Sirius’s trunk onto the mess that covers the floor.

"I don't know, didn't you have it last?" Sirius calls from his bed.

Peter grunts and keeps on sleeping. I swear that boy is a heavy sleeper.

Groaning I roll onto my stomach and frown in the direction of the noise. My muscles are sore and stiff and I grimace as I stretch my arms above my head.

I guess it's that time of the month again.



I sound like a girl.

Picking up my robes and towel I stumble over to the bathroom. I’ve already learnt my lesson.

Especially after last time when I found myself in a rather awkward position involving my towel and a rather lovely pair of legs.

It also doesn’t help that I was naked.

Sighing I shut the door behind me and lean against it. I have potions first today which means an hour worth of torture. I have to remain strong. You know be all manly and try to prove to Jasmine that I’m not a complete and utter arse.

Dumping my stuff on the floor I turn on the shower and step under the hot water.

Stupid bloody James and his stupid bloody advice. I should have known that any advice from a boy who has spent the last six years failing in his romantic life would be useless. I should have listened to Sirius; he’s always getting the girls.

Closing my eyes I let the water splash across my face.

Why do girls have to be so complicated?

I love toast.

It’s now my new favourite thing in the world. Apart from chocolate, you can’t beat that.
Picking up my knife I scoop raspberry jam onto my toast, smearing it till it reaches the edges. Perfect.

“Moony that’s just gross. No one should eat that amount of jam and be able to live.” James calls happily shoving a forkful of bacon and eggs down his throat.

I just give him a look.

“I’ll have you know that jam is an important food group, nearly as important as chocolate.” I grin smearing on a little more of that heavenly substance just for good measure.

“Jam is not a food group. Is it?” Peter mumbles staring at my plate in confusion. I worry for him sometimes.

Across the table Sirius just shakes his head and takes a drag of his pumpkin juice. I ignore them both; I’m too busy watching the entrance to the great hall.

And I see her.

Sighing slightly I take a bite of my toast as I watch a group of girls make their way towards the Gryffindor breakfast table. There she is I can just see her fair hair tied up in a long ponytail.

Why is it that girls always travel in packs? James reckons it’s some primal instinct you know group together and huddle, that sort of thing.

Behind me I hear one of my friends let out a deep sigh. Turning back to my toast I glance at James in time to see a frown slip across his face before disappearing. Not many people realise that James’s blatant talk of love for Lily Evans is not a joke.

Three of the girls break off from their pack and make their way to our end of the table towards a couple of empty seats. We all watch as they sit down without a single glance our way. Jasmine is sitting across from me and I try to catch her gaze. James is doing the exact same thing to Lily.

“So Lily love, how are you? I hope my delicate flower slept well.” James called grinning happily across at his beloved.

I groan inwardly, quickly stuffing down my breakfast before Lily explodes. If there’s one thing that Lily hates the most is to be compared to a flower. James added the word ‘delicate’ into the situation so I’m not going to wait around for when hell breaks lose.

Lily laughs at something the girl next to her, Sophie I think is her name; and takes a sip of her juice.

James falters.

Then he smiles. I shake my head and grab another slice of toast. I get it. She’s ignoring him. Lily’s done it before except it never lasts long, especially seeing as it nearly always ends with her cursing the hell out of my unsuspecting friend.

Scooting closer he hesitantly touches Lily’s hand.

“Love, why won’t you talk to me?” He whispers in what I reckon he thinks is a seductive tone. It just makes him sound like he’s got a cold.

Lily doesn’t even blink.

Reaching over to pick up a piece of bacon she begins to eat happily. Her hand only leaving James’s as she reaches for the eggs.

Impressive, if I didn’t know better I would think that Lily didn’t even know James was present.

“Hey Howard, can you pass the jam?” Jasmine calls smiling at the kid next to me.

“Sure.” Howard grins back and reaches quickly for the jam.

Not so fast buddy. Picking it up I put on one of my most winning smiles as I place it graciously in front of Jasmine’s plate.

Jasmine looks up and smiles.

I think my heart has stopped.

“Thanks Howard.”


I look at the kid next to me and frown at his cocky grin. Stupid git.

“Jasmine I wanted to…” I began waving my hand in front of her face to get her attention.

“Come on let’s get to transfiguration.” Lily stands up and flicks her hair over her shoulder.

We all watch the three girls stand up and leave, their bags slung over their shoulders.

“That was weird.” Sirius states simply.

James just stares in shock at Lily’s retreating back.

I hate Wednesdays.

They are like your next essay on the importance of dragon dung. Letting you think you’re nearly done till you realise you have another 8 inches left to go.

I always seem to have the worst days on Wednesdays. Like the time James and Sirius dressed me in a sparkly tutu with matching wings and paraded me down the great hall. Apparently I was too stressed and needed to relax and have fun. That happened on a Wednesday.

Today however, takes the biscuit.

“Samantha, talk to me!” Sirius screams running towards a petite brunette as she walks to her next class.

With my head in my hands I watch as Sirius jumps up and down in front of her tugging on her arms like the child he is.

Samantha does what every other person has done previously and frowns slightly and waves her hand as one would to shoo away a fly.

When will he learn?

“Professor Slughorn, sir you can see me can’t you?” He whines heading for the potions master.

Professor Slughorn walks by without a backwards glance.

Sirius staggers towards the rest of us and collapses at the bottom of the stairs. Next to me James sighs and runs his hand through his hair. Peter just gazes sadly at the people passing by.

It’s hard for Sirius to understand, this would be the first time that no one has given him their undying attention. When I got up this morning I should have realised that we were heading for a lousy day but who could expect this? Our spectacular prank of which we have been busily planning for the last month was not noticed.

As the three girls began to leave James muttered a spell under his breath and a hundred plates and cups from every table were whisked up in the air exploding into thousands of feathers. New cups and plates appeared curtesy of the house elves and the four of us stood up rather proudly and made deep bows.

That was when we started to realise something was wrong.

Everyone kept on eating completely oblivious to the fact that they were covered in feathers.

I had spent weeks trying to figure out a prank that Jasmine wouldn't mind. You know a prank that was spectacular and wouldn’t hurt anybody. She didn’t even notice.

“Sirius cut your whining.” James snapped glaring at his friend.

“But I can’t go on without people telling me how amazing I am.” He whined tugging frantically at his hair.

I give him a look.

“What, a guys allowed to bask in the glow of his admirers.”

I blink.

“Shut up.”

A grin spreads across my face. I am so awesome at talking without talking.

“I don’t get it. Why can’t they see us?” Sirius asks pouting vaguely at the other students.

Good question.

James clears his throat and sits up straighter.

“Well while you were busy screaming we came up with two possible reasons for our current situation.”

“The first reason is that we have been turned invisible.” Peter squeaks, squinting at James.

“What’s the second?” Sirius growls.

“We aren’t invisible at all and we have temporarily lost our senses and just think that they can’t see us.” I answered easily.

“You think we’re delusional?”

“It’s either that or the first option.” James points out.

We all glance at each other and I swear that I can see the same thought enter our heads.

Jumping up I run to the closest student and begin waving my hands in his face. Behind me I can hear James plead with a first year and Peter talking at a teacher.

This is going to be a long day.

Hope you like it. I found that this chapter had too much in it already so your going to have to wait for when they work out exactly what the girls have done. How did you find Remus's point of view, i found it was the only way i could write this part of the story as i wanted you to get the marauders reaction and a little inside info on Remus.

PLEASE REVIEW. I would love to know what you think. Is there anywhere i need to improve? Do you even like it at all? What do you think?

Thanks again.

Chesh ;)

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