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Disclaimer: The only things that are mine are the OC's and the plot. Everything else belongs to Jo.

Eight o-freaking-clock.


That was the time I woke up the next morning. I never got up earlier than eight thirty, and that’s on a good day. But the craziest part about getting up a full half hour earlier than normal? I wasn’t even tired.


It was going to be one hell of a day.


Figuring that there was no point lounging around in bed, I hopped out and decided that maybe a head start wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Looking around the room, I wasn’t all that surprised to find the beds already empty. The Andies, being the insanely vane freaks that they were, usually got up around seven to begin their daily beauty rituals. Nat would join them half an hour later, which would explain why there was a bunch of chatter and laughter coming from the loo. Not wanting to have to fight my way through the jungle of lipstick and perfume, I decided to just change in the room and popped a few breath mints into my mouth. I always preferred night showers, anyway. Throwing my hair up into a messy bun, I grabbed my things and headed off to breakfast on my own.


I had never seen the Great Hall at this time, so I was a little shocked to find it so full. Granted, the Gryffindor table was still fairly empty, but what else did you expect from a house full of pranksters and lazy bums?  I spotted Brain though, sitting by herself and completely oblivious to her breakfast as she read this morning’s Daily Prophet.


“Morning,” I greeted, taking my seat next to her.  She looked up from the newspaper, whose headlines showed that there had been a robbery at Flourish & Blotts this past weekend, and she quirked an eyebrow up in mild surprise.


“You’re up early,” She stated, and I shrugged.


“I surprisingly got a lot of sleep last night,” I admitted. After Nat left last night, it only took me a few minutes to fall asleep. It was the first time in years that I had gone to bed so early, which I guess was why I felt so well rested. I wondered how long it would take for me to get used to this new experience.


“I’m guessing your little intervention with Dare went well, then?” Brain asked, eyeing me with a certain amount of curiosity. Unlike Nat, Brain was much more patient, not to mention subtle, when it came to getting answers.


“Yeah, I suppose it did,” I answered, deciding to stick to my original plan of not giving out too many details. “We actually managed to have a civil conversation, if you can believe it.”


She beamed at me, “Good. I’m glad that the two of you are finally becoming friends and getting past all of the silliness.”


I wanted to point out to her that just because we were able to talk to each other without cursing the other to hell and back, didn’t mean we were actually friends. Contract or not, a piece of parchment was not capable of making two completely opposite people suddenly like each other and in a day, no less.  It just meant that we were getting better at pretending to be nice. Not to mention, there was nothing silly about mine and Dare’s hateship. The bloke was arrogant and annoying – if that wasn’t a justifiable reason for hating someone, then I don’t know what is. Of course, there was also the Great Quidditch Incident of 2017 to take into consideration, but I figured that it wouldn’t go over too well if my friends found out that the reason for all of my hostility towards Dare was because of something that happened nearly four years ago.


So I bit back the cynicism and offered her a small smile, turning to my breakfast as a welcome distraction.


One of the few advantages about getting up early was definitely the food. As Brain returned to her paper, I began the very methodical process of loading my plate with eggs and sausages, taking delight in the fact that I was actually getting hot, fresh food instead of all of the cold leftovers I usually got stuck with. There was no need to worry about someone else taking the last chocolate muffin or having to rush through my meal because otherwise I’d be late for class. If it weren’t for the fact that I highly treasured my sleep, I would make getting up early a habit.


The peaceful bliss of having all the food to myself didn’t last long, though. By the time I was working on my second plate, most of the seventh years had arrived. They were all surprised to find me there so early, to which Devon cracked some lame joke about how he was shocked to see that I had actually left enough food for everyone. I threw a slice of toast at his head for that.


“Watch it!” he cried, dusting off the crumbs that were littered in his hair. “I’m starting to wonder if this whole having Minnie be nice to Dare thing is actually a good idea. Now she has to look for new targets to release her anger on.”


“Didn’t think that one through, now did you?” I mocked, sticking out my tongue at him. Devon just scoffed and turned to his breakfast, while everyone else laughed.


“Well I say that it’s going rather well,” James added cheerfully, as he took a seat across from me and Brain. “It’s been great not having my two best friends at each other’s throats, anymore.”


“Yeah, now they’re going at it in a completely new way,” Eli smirked, and I took advantage of the fact that he was sitting next to me and stomped on his foot. He swore loudly, but I simply batted my eyelashes at him in false innocence. That’s what he got for having his mind in the gutter every other second.


“I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t abuse my boyfriend, Minnie,” Posh scolded, as she stroked Eli’s hair with concern.


I rolled my eyes at her, “And I’d appreciate it if your boyfriend would stop making bloody innuendos about me and Dare.”


“It’s not his fault that the two of you have so much sexual tension,” she replied, causing me to nearly choke on the sip of pumpkin juice I had just taken.


Across from me, James turned a bright red, his eyes going wide as he broke out into a nasty coughing fit. Even Brain went stiff at the awkward turn of the conversation. No one else seemed fazed by her comment, however. In fact, Devon and the other two Andies seemed highly amused by it, and couldn’t stop laughing. Well, maybe not Clueless since she was so... clueless and all, but Slaggy was definitely enjoying my embarrassment.


The wench.


“Excuse me?” I managed to splutter out, my cheeks undoubtedly flushed.


“Oh don’t act like you haven’t noticed,” Posh retorted, flicking her blond hair over her shoulders. “And now without the excuse of pretending that you hate each other, it’s so much more obvious.”

“It’s true,” Slaggy added, a wicked glint in her blue eyes. “Just put the poor bloke out of his misery and jump his bones, already. Merlin knows that Dare’s been in need of a good shag since fourth year. He can get so touchy sometimes.”


I think I’m about to throw up.


Honestly, how the hell did they come up with these kinds of ideas? I mean, I’ve always known that the Andies were rather blunt when it came to such... personal topics, but this was just taking it to the extreme. We were barely managing a platonic relationship as it was. To add in romance and all other sorts of intimate nonsense would be pushing it over the edge. And I wasn’t all too certain that that fall would be something I could recover from.


“Where is Dare, anyway?” Clue piped up, her dreamy eyes suddenly curious.


“Prefect’s meeting,” James replied, clearing his throat.


Merlin and I thought I was feeling uncomfortable. With only one look at James’s red face and I could tell that this had to be one of the most embarrassing conversations he has ever had in his life. Minus the time where Uncle Harry had to sit him down and finally break it to him that babies didn’t come from the Great Hippogriff. If anyone were to talk about him and Nat in such a way, there would be nothing more I would want than for a dragon to suddenly appear and swallow me whole. Bloody hell, it was giving me the creeps just thinking about the possibility of those two together. Thankfully, the subject was quickly changed when Eli abruptly jumped off from his seat.


“Damn, I completely forgot about that!” he exclaimed, accidentally knocking Posh, who had been draped over his lap, to the ground. I tried not to laugh too loudly at that.


“You live in the same room with the Head Boy,” Brain pointed out incredulously. “How in the world did you manage to forget that you had a Prefect’s meeting this morning?”


“I don’t pay attention to those kinds of things!” he cried, waving her off as he went to help his girlfriend, who also happened to be a Prefect that tended to neglect her duties, up.


I still couldn’t get past the fact that those two were Prefects. Well, Posh has been a Prefect since fifth year, but with Dare becoming Head Boy, his former spot needed to be replaced. However, the problem with that was that Dare was the only Gryffindor bloke in our year that was truly qualified for such a position, therefore making it rather hard on old McGonagall to find a proper replacement. I’m convinced that she just wrote their names down onto slips of paper and then pulled one out of her hat. It made much more sense than her actually thinking that Eli was an eligible choice.


It says a lot about our house when its supposedly two most responsible students were a shallow bitch and her degenerate boyfriend. Well, in my year at least. We were a special group of students, that was for sure.


And as if to prove my point, at the exact moment in which the dysfunctional couple left the Great Hall (Posh was nagging Eli the entire way out for dropping her), my equally dysfunctional best friend came rushing in. Her brown eyes zeroed in on me like a hawk, which made me want to cower under the table to avoid whatever lashing I was about to receive. Unfortunately, there were too many legs in the way for me to safely dash for cover, so I was forced to face her.


“Why the hell did you not wait for me, Dominique Seraphina?” she screeched, her face flushed with irritation. “I spent nearly twenty five minutes searching the tower for you! I thought you might have fallen under the bed again, like last night, but nooooo. You just bloody disappeared! I even checked the boys’ dormitory to see if you had slept walked or something. Do you have any idea how disgusting that room is? All of those dirty boxers tossed about as if they were decorative throw pillows. Good Godric, I had to take a second shower just so that I wouldn’t worry about contamination.”


“Oi, our room is not that bad!” Devon protested, which Nat responded with a withering glare.


“Your bed’s the worst part, Finnegan!” She scolded, “Those empty Firewhisky bottles are the perfect breeding ground for dragon pox germs and what not. I swear, not a single one of you know how to properly keep a room clean.”


“Sorry Mum,” James mocked, never one to take Nat’s OCD about neatness seriously. She smacked him up against his head, before returning her anger towards me.


“Explain yourself, young lady,” she demanded, hands on her hips. “Because of you, I am now scarred for life and thirty minutes behind schedule.”


I rolled my eyes, “I don’t get why you couldn’t have just gone down by yourself? I mean, you’ve never had a problem ditching me before. Yesterday ring a bell?”


“Yes well, you were the one who told me that you never got up early. Yet here you are, all dressed and ready.”


“It was a fluke. Those kinds of things happen sometimes,” I explained, not feeling any pity or remorse for my best friend. She let out an irritated huff, but plopped herself down and snatched a muffin off of James’s plate, hissing at him when he tried to protest. I watched as she tore through that muffin, her teeth gnashing at the chunks of dried fruit that had been baked into it, and let out a sigh.


Even when she was in a good mood Nat was, by nature, an overwhelmingly demanding person. However, whenever she became irritated or angry, it was like a Hungarian Horntail had possessed her and she turned into bloody Bellatrix Lestrange’s long lost daughter, making it next to impossible to tolerate her. The plus side to her extreme mood swings though, was that just like it didn’t take much to make her angry, it also didn’t take much to get her back to her old cheerfully annoying self. All I needed was something cute or fluffy, like a bunny, and so I quickly scanned the Great Hall in search of something to present her with, when someone called out to me.


I turned around and found my brother standing behind me, a weary look on his face as he held out an envelope towards me. I opened my mouth, to ask him what he was up to, but Nat’s high pitched squeal prevented me from doing anything.


“BABY WEASLEY!” she screeched, smothering Louis with her curls as she all but crushed him to death. I should have known that a first or second year would have done the trick. They were much more easily accessible than a rabbit, although why Nat found them so adorable I would never understand. She had a particular soft spot for my brother, which I couldn’t decide if that was amusing or just downright creepy.


“For Merlin’s sake Nat, let the poor boy breathe!” Brain exclaimed, seeing that Lou’s face had turned a slight shade of purple.


“Yeah Nat, it’d be great if you wouldn’t suffocate my cousin,” James added, and my best friend quickly put him down. She flashed Lou an apologetic smile, although I was pretty sure that my little brother was now scarred for life. Actually, Nat had already previously scarred him for life, so this was technically like a re-scarring.


Back at the beginning of last year, which was Lou’s first, Mum had forced me to allow him to sit with me and my friends so he wouldn’t be all alone on his first train ride. What my mother didn’t take into consideration, was that I had a bloody psychotic wench for a best friend who liked to dress like a slag and then flaunt her cleavage into little eleven year old boys’ faces. Alright, so maybe Nat hadn’t intentionally tried to oppress my pre-pubescent brother with her rather voluptuous... bosoms, but that didn’t make the experience any less traumatic.


Considering all of the damage that Nat’s done to him, I wouldn’t be too surprised if he ended up swearing off women and turn to men. Or become asexual, it was still a little too early to tell. Either way, Nat was going to be the one to break it to my mother about why she won’t be able to expect any grandchildren from Lou.


Once my brother was able to regain his breath, he quickly turned towards me and thrust an envelope in to my hands. I moved to stash it away into my bag but he stopped me.


“No, you’re supposed to read it right away," he said, and I looked at him curiously.


“What’s this about?” I asked, tearing open the letter.


“Matilda Ramsey handed it to me as she left for her meeting and said that I was to get this to you as soon as possible. She also said that there was a second page that needed to be signed, to ensure that you actually read it and not chucked it into a bin.”


Oh my god, that woman was unbelievable.


I rolled my eyes as the parchments slipped out of the envelope and into my hands, and immediately went for that second sheet. Scanning the paper for where it wanted my signature, I grabbed a quill and signed the damn thing before handing it back to my brother.


“But, you didn’t read it,” he protested, and I scoffed.


“What Matilda Ramsey doesn’t know won’t kill her,” I replied, knowing full well that her letter was probably about my detentions – something I definitely did not want to deal with at the moment.


“Right,” he answered slowly, and I shook my head.


“So where’s your posse?” I asked, noticing that the two twelve year olds who usually accompanied him were nowhere to be found.


“Oh, they decided to stay back at the Ravenclaw table,” Lou explained, and I looked over there to find two small heads duck behind their goblets after we awkwardly made eye contact.


Of all the kids my brother could have picked to be best friends with, he just had to pick the weirdest – a chubby stickler for the rules and an obnoxious Indian who never knew when to shut up. Over the summer, they had been constantly coming over to our house so that they could ‘hang out’ with Louis (he always got annoyed whenever I used the word ‘play’ to describe their reason for being over). And since my parents and Victoire were usually at work during the day, I was the one who got stuck making sure they didn’t fall out a window or choke on their lunches (which I, of course, had to prepare for them). With my quarter Veela of a brother as their designated leader, they were definitely the oddest combination of kids I’ve ever seen.


“Smart move, considering how you’ve just been manhandled by my best friend,” I commented, figuring that they were probably terrified of her as well. They used to be the same way with me, always stuttering when they needed to speak to me and what not, but they eventually got over it. Although, I do kind of miss how they used to cower in my presence and address me as if I were their queen.


Those were the days.


“She scares me, Minnie.”


Well, no duh. As if I couldn’t already tell by the way his eyes widened with fear whenever she came into his line of view. He’d have to be out of his mind to not be scared of her.


“Don’t feel too bad, she scares everyone,” I reassured, only to be smacked by the devil herself.


“I do not scare everyone,” she protested, to which the entire Gryffindor table snorted at.


“You’re the most terrifying girl I’ve ever met, Nat,” James remarked, his tone completely and utterly serious.


“I used to have nightmares that you would pluck out all of my hair because I didn’t let you brush it that one time in second year,” Clueless added solemnly.


“I always make sure that you fall asleep before I do,” Slaggy admitted.


“You’re the reason why I’ve never tried out for the team,” Devon muttered.


Nat seemed to be completely dumbstruck at this new found information, as she stared at everyone with her mouth slightly open. I honestly didn’t know why she was so surprised by this. I mean, she was the girl that made a bunch of sixth year boys cry after she threatened to castrate them when they accidentally spilled pumpkin juice in her hair. And that was when she was a second year.


Finally, she seemed to gather herself together and abruptly stood up from the table. “Well then, since everyone’s so bloody scared of me, I guess I’ll just go on to class without you. Wouldn’t want to terrify you lot any longer, now do I?”


Oh hell, we’ve awoken the beast.


The rest of us silently watched her stalk out of the Great Hall, wondering just how long it would be before her anger would pass. I looked over to see if my brother was wetting his pants yet, only to find him slowly backing away from our table and over towards his own.


Smart move, Lou.


Before either one of us could say something about what just happened, the bell rang, signalling the end of breakfast. Since everyone else either had History or Ancient Runes (or in Brain’s case, Transfiguration) this morning, they all scrambled to get their things and head off to class so that they wouldn’t be late. Of the seven of us, I was the only one who was taking NEWT Herbology, which was on the grounds so I had plenty of time to get there.


Grabbing my bag, I made a silent prayer that Nat’s temper would calm down by the time Defence came around and headed for the greenhouses. Merlin knows that class was going to be difficult enough without her acting all pissy.


God, it was going to be one hell of a day.


I hadn’t even been in the Defence classroom for more than a minute, before I realised that this class was going to be a rough one. NEWT level Defence was the class that my Uncle Harry visited the most, coming in at least once every two months to give a lecture. It was also rumoured that he taught a small segment about Patronus charms, although I wasn’t sure if we actually got to learn how to produce one or not.


Anyway, since everyone wanted a chance to meet and talk to the Saviour of the Wizarding World, practically every seventh year took this class – that is, if they made it in. Which meant that, instead of seeing everyone in the smaller, healthier doses that I was used to seeing them, I had the pleasure of being with almost all of my classmates in a single room at the same time, three times a week.




It didn’t help that Nat, who was still angry from this morning, had decided to ditch me so that she could sit with the Andies all the way up front, where there was a ninety five percent chance of drool and swooning. In fact, the entire first two rows were filled with only girls, all desperately trying to get as close to Calvin as possible. I didn’t bother hiding my disgust at the way they all hastily tried to fix their hair and makeup before class started. Like hell I was going to sit with them.


To make a point, I chose a table at the very back corner of the room, where James, Dare and Eli were sitting. Devon was supposed to be the fourth member but I quickly sat down before him, leaving him to find a new spot to sit.


“God they’re pathetic,” Dare muttered, as he watched his female classmates silently giggle with excitement at the thought of being in the same room as his brother.


“I wonder if they realise how truly ridiculous they look,” I added, rolling my eyes at Bridget McMillan, a Hufflepuff who I just caught stuffing tissues into her bra.


“Look on the bright side,” Eli began, wrapping an arm around Dare’s shoulders. “When they all come out of this classroom heartbroken and desperate because your brother paid them no attention, they’ll be looking for some manly shoulders to cry on.”


“Aren’t you dating Sandi?” James reminded, and Eli shrugged.


“She dumped me for accidentally dropping her on the floor this morning,” he said, with no sign of remorse. “I’m a free man.”


Oh god.


“Weasley!” someone barked, saving me from having to say anything to Eli. I looked around the room to see who had called me and found no one other than Matilda freaking Ramsey breathing down my neck.


“Can I help you, Ramsey?” I replied smoothly, as the blokes all rolled their eyes at our pretentious Head Girl.


“I was just wondering if you got my message this morning. Your brother returned the consent form, but you may have very well just signed it without even reading my letter,” she answered.


“You know me so well,” I placed a hand against my heart feigning flattery and James nearly choked on the snort he was trying to hold back.


Matilda Ramsey narrowed her eyes. “Don’t test me, Weasley. That letter was to inform you of your impending detention and if you continue to behave like this, I will be forced to make that detention even more strenuous than what I had planned.”


“I’m pissing my pants,” I remarked. “Oh, and next time you need to send me a message, do it your damn self. My little brother is not your own personal owl.”


“I’d watch that tongue of yours, Minnie,” Calvin warned, a playful tone to his voice as he entered the classroom. “Can’t have you defiling the ears of all my students, now can I?”


“Sorry Cal... I mean, Professor,” I replied, as Matilda and I simultaneously turned towards our professor. A faint look of disgust crossed the Head Prat’s face as she glanced at the way Calvin’s sleeves were unprofessionally rolled up to his elbows. As he walked up to the front of the room, he draped his robes over his seat – something that I knew bothered Matilda Ramsey greatly. The rest of my female classmates, however, could have cared less if he was dressed casually. I tried not to vomit when they all simultaneously sighed after seeing him unbutton the top of his collar and loosen his tie, revealing a rather toned looking chest.


“Apology accepted,” he said with a wink, causing the girls to swoon as if he had sent it to them. “Miss Ramsey, if you would please take a seat. I’d like to begin the class and I can’t do that with you standing around. Can be quite the distraction for such young minds.”


Eli and I had to bite back a laugh as we watched Matilda Ramsey huff with indignation before scurrying off to her seat. I think that was the first time she’s ever been told off for being a distraction by a professor and I could tell that she was not enjoying the new replacement. Well, that was one less girl Calvin had to worry about fawning over him.


“Right, now that that’s all settled – good afternoon everyone!” Calvin greeted cheerfully, clasping his hands together with enthusiasm. The class, or rather the girls, all replied with an equally enthusiastic ‘good afternoon, Professor’.


“Kill me now,” I heard Dare mutter, and I looked over next to me to see that he had returned to the same angst ridden fellow he had been last evening.


Not this again.


And here I thought that our little conversation had actually been a sign of progress.


“Now, I know that some of you may have a hard time looking at me as your professor, considering how I was a student at the same time you were for two years, but I am still an authority here. So, it’d be great if you lot would remember to treat me as such, understood?” Calvin went on, although his tone was fairly friendly.


“If he wants people to treat him like an authority, he should stop dressing like he’s a bloody teenager,” Dare scoffed.


Sweet Voldemort, was he going to be making comments the entire class period?


“Wonderful! So now that that’s been established, how about we start our lessons off with a bit of a review? Don’t worry, this is only for this first week. The year’s curriculum is rather similar to that of last year’s, except more in depth, obviously. I want to make sure that everyone has a chance to brush up before we really start getting into it,” Calvin explained, pulling out a piece of chalk. He then proceeded to write the day’s instructions onto the board up front.


 “You lot are already divided into groups of four, which I know is two more than usual, but again this will only be for the first week. Now, each table will need one sheet of parchment where you will make a list of all the things that you have either already learned about the Dark Arts, or are interested in learning. I want this class to be very involved and hands on, so please feel free to make any suggestions you have onto your parchment. Have fun with this and I’ll come around to check up on each table throughout the class. Sound good?”


The atmosphere of the class had burst with excitement as groups gathered together to work. Since we were technically already a week into the term, all of the ‘fun, laid back’ lessons were now done and over with, so it was rather refreshing to have this one amidst all of the lectures we had received today. The fact that Calvin was planning on visiting each table separately, only made the enthusiasm worse. Girls chatted animatedly with one another at the thought of having one-on-one (or rather, four-on-one) time with the ‘dishy’ (their words, not mine) new professor, while everyone else was just glad for the opportunity to talk to their friends for an entire class period. Well, everyone but Dare that is. Even with this special treat of relaxation and freedom, the bloke insisted on being Johnny bloody Rain Cloud.


“He has no clue what he’s doing,” he remarked, criticising his brother’s laidback-ness. “I bet he hasn’t even looked at the curriculum. We’re not going to learn anything in this class with him as a teacher.”


“Oh stop with the moping,” Eli said, leaning back on his chair so that it was balancing only on its two hind legs. “Who cares if we don’t learn anything? It’s healthy to have a break every now and then.”


“Really, Dare.” I added, “I thought we were past all of this.”


“Yeah, but that was before I saw how shoddy of a professor he was going to be,” he muttered back, and I rolled my eyes.


Looks like I was back to square one.


“Well, could you at least pretend to enjoy this? It is NEWT year after all. Like Eli said, it’ll be good for us to have this little break amongst all of the homework and whatnot,” I pleaded, making sure that my voice sounded extra sweet. He looked at me for a few moments, his jaw set with stubbornness and I batted my eyelashes for good measure. After about twenty five seconds of eye fluttering and lip pouting (all for the sake of the group, mind you), Dare eventually broke.


“Fine. But only for this week,” he compromised. “If his classes are still all ‘let’s not do any work today’ by the time lessons should start, then I’m going to complain all I want and none of you are going to stop me.”


Well, it was a start.


I grinned at him while Eli and James high fived with victory. Once we managed to get Dare sorted out, the subject quickly changed to that of Quidditch. Every now and then we’d jot something down on the list, but we really weren’t all that worried about it. It wasn’t like the assignment was for a grade, or anything.


Since we were in the very back, we were one of the last groups on Calvin’s ‘check up’ route. About thirty minutes had passed before he managed to make his way towards our table, although that may also have been due to the fact that every time he was at a table full of girls (which was about sixty five percent of the classroom) they would stall for as long as possible to keep him around. Anyway, by the time he came to check on us, we not only had finished our list but we also managed to discuss the entire history of the Australian Quidditch League.


“I’m telling you Eli, the Thunderers are definitely going to win this year. They’ve got possibly the best pair of Beaters in the entire League,” James insisted, as we wondered who would take home the cup.


“The Thunderers may have some amazing Beaters, but the Warriors have Jackman as their captain,” Calvin interrupted. “Looks like you guys are doing a lot of work around here.”


“We finished already,” I told him, handing over our parchment. “And they may have Jackman, but they also have Weatherington, who is like the worst Keeper ever.”


“That is true, but thankfully their Chasers make up for him,” he replied, before scanning over our list. “This is like the seventh time I’ve seen ‘learn how to produce a Patronus charm’ on these things. You lot do realise how difficult that spell is, right?”


“With all due respect sir, my father learned how to cast a full fledge corporeal one when he was thirteen,” James pointed out.


“And your father also managed to defy death twice, as well as defeat the Dark Lord all before his eighteenth birthday. He’s not exactly the average wizard, James.”


“Yeah but, he taught all his friends how to do it in his fifth year. Surely, some of us will be able to produce one as well,” Eli countered, and Calvin sighed.


“I’ll have to think about it. Besides, the possibility of everyone in this classroom successfully casting a Patronus charm, corporeal or not, is highly unlikely. It will be unfair for those classmates who are not as adept at charms to have to suffer a bad mark.”


Next to me I heard Dare mutter something about how the real reason his brother didn’t want to go over it was because he was too awful of a teacher, and I stepped on his foot so that he would shut up. Thankfully, Calvin didn’t notice this little exchange and continued on his way.


“What was that for?” Dare hissed, once his brother was out of earshot.


“You promised that you weren’t going to make any more comments about your brother for the rest of the week,” I reminded, with an equal amount of intensity.


“Is that arguing I hear, James?” Eli asked, giving the two of us a knowing look. Damn that stupid bet.


“We weren’t arguing,” I corrected, clearing my throat. “We were simply having a slightly heated exchange of words.”


Dare rolled his eyes. “You know Minnie, it’s a little strange how much you care about me trash talking my brother. I know you said that you don’t have any feelings for him, but it’s getting harder and harder to believe that.”


Seriously? He was bringing that up again? When was it going to stick in that massive head of his that I did not have a crush on Calvin!? Honestly!


“And it’s a little concerning how obsessed you are with the highly unlikely possibility of me liking your brother. Do you really want to play this game, Dare?”


“I do!” Eli interrupted, excitedly. “It’s like breakfast all over again!”


“What happened at breakfast?” Dare asked.


“Nothing!” James and I cried out at the same time, our faces turning a bright red at the memory of the extremely awkward conversation.


We were never, ever, ever, going to have that discussion ever again. Ever.


Dare looked at the three of us with a confused expression, probably wondering what the hell had happened. Too bad he will never find out. Unless of course Nat or Devon or one of the Andies told him, but I was crossing my fingers that their short attention spans would kick in and that they completely forgot about that uncomfortable encounter. Then again, considering how Nat was still angry about the whole ‘everyone being terrified of her’ thing, she may very well tell him just to spite me.


Oh, hell.


In a desperate attempt at preventing Dare from asking any more questions, I looked around the room for some sort of distraction. There weren’t many options, considering how everyone was either talking amongst themselves or trying to flirt with Calvin (and failing miserably, might I add). Neither were interesting enough to cause for a true diversion though, so I resorted to the window. I mean, we were on the first floor and all, and with the first years just starting their flying lessons, there was the slight chance of a rogue broom flinging an eleven year old against the glass or something. In fact, as I gazed out the window I saw a dark grey spot (my guess someone dressed in their robes) coming towards the classroom at full speed.


“Is that… Malfoy?” I asked aloud, once I was able to make out the spiky blond hair as it got nearer. The guys all turned their heads towards where I was looking, their eyes widening at what appeared to be a fifteen year old flying on an invisible broomstick.


“Oh that’s definitely Malfoy, alright,” James said, eyebrows quirked. “But how is he able to… fly like that?”


“Do you think he’s using a levitation charm?” Dare asked, intrigued by the peculiar situation and completely not at all interested in what happened this morning at breakfast.


Thank you, Scorpius Malfoy, and your abnormally accurate timing.


“Malfoy being skilled enough for a levitation charm?” Eli snorted, “I doubt it.”


“Then how is-“


“Oh my god, he’s going to crash into the window!” I cried, once I noticed that Malfoy wasn’t even close to slowing down. And now that I had a better look, I also noticed that he wasn’t alone.


“Hey, that’s Albus!” James exclaimed, but before any of us could say anything the two barrelled into the classroom.


Shards of glass flew around everywhere and showered over Matilda Ramsey, who had the misfortune of sitting next to the window. Girls screamed at the sudden interruption and the sound of horse hooves thundered in the classroom, although as far as I could see, there was no sight of a horse anywhere.


Wait a minute…


“Something just bumped into me!” Claire Alcott, a normally composed Ravenclaw, screeched and her eyes widened with fear.


“It was probably just the wind,” Gabriel Davies muttered, as he and the rest of the Ravenclaw blokes rolled their eyes at how silly all the girls were acting.


“No, no, no, there is definitely something there. It just stepped on Sara’s foot,” Jen, his twin sister, said. And surely enough, Sara Gupta’s foot was rapidly swelling to that of the size of a Quaffle.


“Mr Potter, Mr Malfoy – explain yourselves,” Calvin demanded, after ordering Gabe and his friends to help Sara to the Hospital Wing. The two, who had been sprawled across the glass and paper littered floor, quickly got up and addressed our professor.


“Well you see, Professor…” Malfoy began, a rather amused look on his face. “Al and I were in the middle of our Care for Magical Creatures class, when Henry Jordan dared us to ride one of the Thestrals we were studying about. The only problem with that was that none of us are actually able to see the creatures, although it did make the ride much more exciting.”


“And just for the record,” Al added, “I was completely against this. I was just trying to get Scorpius off of the horse, but it took off before I could get down.”


Of course it did. Honestly, when was the last time Albus ever willingly did something this reckless and idiotic? The poor bloke was far too sensitive for these kinds of things – something James and I learned at a very young age. We were always trying to coerce him into joining us on our pranking expeditions, mainly because he had the Invisibility Cloak, but he was too preoccupied with not getting into trouble to agree. Although, why he would go and be best friends with Scorpius Malfoy, a bloke who was constantly getting himself into sticky situations, was beyond me.

“You mean to tell that there’s a Thestral running loose in my classroom?” Calvin looked at the pair incredulously, not able to believe that this was happening and on his first week of teaching, too. I mean, there was already one casualty. Who knows what might happen next.


“That is correct, sir,” Al answered, a nervous look on his face.


Calvin took in a deep breath as he tried to figure out what to do. Chaos was everywhere, an odd mixture of high pitched screaming, laughter, and hoof steps flooded the room. Girls were jumping on top of desks and chairs, hoping to avoid a fate similar to that of Sara’s. The boys just couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Especially Eli, who looked like he was about to wet his trousers after he saw the Andies desperately cling to each other with fright. And then of course, there was still the matter of a Thestral galloping around the classroom.


“Alright, who in here is able to see the Thestral?” Calvin asked, finally getting himself together.


“My dad can see them!” a girl from Hufflepuff called out in a poor attempt at trying to win his favour.


“Right, well he’s not much help in this situation, now is he?” He remarked, annoyed with her stupidity. “Anyone else?”


“I can see them,” a deep voice replied and we all turned to see who was talking. Standing in the corner opposite where I was seated, was no one other than Castor Greengrass. Of course the one person in this room who’s ever “seen death” would be Mr Broody and Mysterious Slytherin, over here. The fact that he was also Scorpius’s cousin just made the whole situation even more ironic.


“Ah, Mr Greengrass!” Calvin exclaimed, looking relieved. “Would you mind rounding up the creature and keeping him in place until I’m able to get everything under control?”


“Of course, Professor,” he answered, a slight smirk crawling its way onto his face.


 Castor and his cronies, who had been sitting in the dark corner with him, started to make their way to the front of the room where the horse was currently located. I watched them curiously as they circled around the invisible creature. I had quite a few classes with those Slytherins, especially Castor. He and his best mate Klinton Pucey sat behind me in Divination, and they were always making snide comments about Professor Trelawney. He was definitely the leader of his friends, which was obvious now as he ordered them around and assigned each one with a different task. It was kind of interesting to see how they all obeyed him. Then again, considering the situation we were in, I don’t think there was much room for protests.


“Right, now that we’ve got that taken care of, I think it’s safe to say that class is going to be let out early.” Calvin announced, running a hand through his hair with stress. “You’re all dismissed, except for Mr Greengrass and his friends. Oh, and if the Heads would please stay as well. I need you to keep an eye on these two, while I go get Hagrid.”


Dare let out a groan at the thought of having to babysit the two idiots – and with Matilda Ramsey no less. The rest of the class all filed out of the room, talking loudly amongst themselves about how crazy the whole situation was. No doubt this little incident was going to be the highlight of Hogwart’s gossip mill for the next week.


“You feel like staying?” James asked me, a mischievous look on his face.


“Hell yeah.” I replied, returning his smirk.


There was no way I was leaving this classroom until I saw the situation through its entirety. I was pretty sure that Calvin would also be bringing the Headmistress over, to help him decide what Al and Scorpius’s punishment should be. I could just picture old McGonagall’s face now, looking all appalled at the sight of a Thestral in the castle. And I also couldn’t miss seeing Al burst into tears once he got his Prefect’s badge revoked. As much as I liked the guy, there was just something so entertaining about seeing him cry. Especially over something as silly as a Prefect’s badge.


Merlin, I couldn't wait.

Professor Calvin White - Alex Pettyfer

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