September 1978

The bar was quiet for a Wednesday night and Benjy had gone to get us some more drinks. After three months, we had located Michael Borage and were working towards gaining his trust. Benjy had been attacked a month after we arrived by a Death Eater that was staking out Michael and he’d been reluctant to let me take night shifts since then. The Death Eater had been arrested by an Auror that was part of the Order and Dumbledore had sent a message to Benjy to keep me safe.

The day I left, I couldn’t focus on anything; I was so worried about James finding out and was so thankful that we weren’t allowed contact with anyone but Dumbledore. I rarely thought about my brother now but there was someone else that I couldn’t get out of my thoughts.

I wondered where Sirius was. I wondered who he was with. I knew that he had most probably joined the Order and I wondered what missions he was being sent on. I prayed he was being safe. I imagined when I’d come home and we’d work everything out. The months I’d been away had helped me to realise how much he meant to me.

“Jessica, I’ve got some good news,” Benjy announced as he dropped into the chair opposite me. I looked up at him curiously and he grinned wickedly at me. “I was with Michael this afternoon and he told me that he was beginning to fear for his safety. I think we’ll be able to tell him why we’re here soon.”

Michael was under the impression that we were here to escape the war in Britain and had started to class us as his friends. There had been an awkward moment a few days after we arrived and I had felt uncomfortable around him ever since.

I walked into the muggle restaurant and immediately spotted Michael at the bar. My mouth dropped open and I froze; alchemists were not meant to look this good! His long brown hair was pulled into a low ponytail and a pair of designer sunglasses rested on top of his head. He was wearing a pair of black jeans and a tight black t-shirt that clung to his muscles. Benjy pushed me forwards and we made our way over to where Michael was sat. This was my first meeting with our target and I was nervous.

“Hey,” Benjy said casually and Michael smiled in greeting. “This is Jessica.”

Michael turned to me and looked me over before smiling at me. “Hello, beautiful,” He said huskily and I internally cringed.

“Hi,” I forced a smile and breathed a sigh of relief when the two men started a conversation between themselves. After about twenty minutes, Benjy stood up and announced that he was going to the bathroom. I raised my eyebrows and practically pleaded with him not to leave me alone with Michael who was now licking his lips while staring at my legs. I silently cursed the Spanish weather that had forced me to wear shorts as Benjy shrugged and walked away.

“You are very beautiful, Jessica,” Michael whispered as he slid closer to me. “I just cannot seem to keep my eyes from you.” He placed a hand on my thigh and I was unable to move.

Sure, I thought he was attractive but he just wasn’t Sirius and he seemed a bit too slimy for me; his attitude was practically making me shudder. He was getting closer and closer but I couldn’t move away from him. His lips puckered up and before I knew it, he had pressed them to mine. He was kissing me roughly and painfully. I put my hand on his chest to push him away but he mistook it for a sign of passion and grabbed my neck to pull me closer to him. He tried to force his tongue in my mouth and I parted my lips slightly. The moment his tongue passed my lips, I clamped my jaw shut and bit him. There was a small yelp of pain and he moved as far from me as possible.

“What did you do that for?” He mumbled whilst rubbing his tongue.

“I didn’t want you to kiss me,” I shrugged nonchalantly and he raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

“Why wouldn’t you want to kiss me?” He said indignantly.

I thought wildly for an answer but nothing came to me. What if I said Benjy was my boyfriend? No, I’d have to actually pretend for that to be true for the rest of the mission and I don’t think I’d be able to last that long. “I only like girls,” I lied without even thinking. Michael’s mouth dropped open and he looked even more interested. His hand landed back on my thigh and I slapped his him so hard that the sound echoed around the restaurant.

I cringed at the memory and busied myself in conversation with Benjy. An hour later, we made the short journey back to our flat. We lived in a flat on the outskirts of Madrid and Benjy had put all the protection he could on it. The new place was nothing compared to the house I’d grown up in but I was grateful that we didn’t have to sleep in the streets; Benjy had told me stories of missions he’s been on before where he had to sleep in bushes whenever he had time. The kitchen was tiny and we often ate out at the local restaurants. There was only one bedroom and Benjy had practically forced me to take the only bed while he slept on the sofa.

As he walked through the door, Benjy threw out a hand to stop me; he would always go in first just in case there was someone waiting inside to attack us although there never was. Immediately, I pulled out my wand and cast a non-verbal shield charm around the two of us as we slowly walked in.

“There’s a trace of magic in here,” Benjy mumbled as we travelled down the hallway. He motioned for me to say out of sight as he kicked the living room door open. My heart nearly stopped as he walked out of sight into the room. I gripped my wand so tightly until my knuckles went white. There was a soft laugh from inside the room and Benjy called out that I could come in. I practically ran into the room with my wand held in front of me. Benjy started to laugh loudly at the sight of me. “So you don’t believe me when I say it’s safe in here?” He asked with a grin and I stuck my tongue out at him.

My eyes travelled over the room and landed on a magnificent red bird that was sat upon the kitchen counter. The bird was staring directly at me and I noticed an envelope on the table. Benjy picked it up and threw it to me. I shot him a quizzical look before tearing off the seal and sitting on the small black sofa.

Miss Potter,

I have decided to break my own rule of no written contact during missions. I have attached your NEWT results and I would just like to tell you that all your teachers are very proud.

Your brother has given me many letters for you and I will be pleased to give them to you when you return.

Benjy has informed me that you are nearly done with your mission and I think it is wise that I informed you of the plans for when you return to England. Benjy will bring you back to my office at Hogwarts where we would have to discuss a few things.

Please do not try to reply to this letter. Fawkes is under orders to make sure you personally receive the letter before he leaves and will not be able to bring anything back to me.

I wish you good luck with the rest of the mission and Benjy will inform me of when you are ready to return home.

Albus Dumbledore

I looked over at the bird to see a flash of light before it disappeared from view. I handed Benjy the first letter while I pulled out the other piece of parchment.

Miss Jessica Dorea Potter has achieved the following grades in her N.E.W.T exams:

Charms                                                             E

Defence against the Dark Arts                   O

Herbology                                                         A

Muggle Studies                                               E
Potions                                                             O
Transfiguration                                               O

Benjy was reading the results over my shoulder and pulled me into a bear hug so tight I could hardly breathe. I held back the tears that threatened to fall; my parents and James should be here congratulating me.


December 1978

I stepped out of the fire into Albus Dumbledore’s office in early December and smiled fondly of the memories of being at school that flooded back to me. We had finally revealed to Michael the real reason for us being in Spain and he’d taken it better than we thought he would. Benjy had taken him straight to the safe house this morning and had left me to travel alone back to Hogwarts. I would miss being in Spain but I was glad to be home.

Dumbledore was stood beside the fire and he immediately grasped my hand with a huge grin. “Miss Potter, I must say I am very pleased with how your mission has turned out. I will be meeting up with Benjy later to explain this all formally to Michael but I wished to see you first,” Dumbledore sat down behind his desk and motioned for me to take a seat.

“If I’m honest Professor, I’m just glad to be away from Michael,” I mumbled as I sat down opposite him.

“Yes, Benjy did mention that there were some issues between the two of you,” Dumbledore chuckled before turning serious once again. “I must now ask if you wish to become a full-time member of the Order. Some people wish to have a career and thus their involvement is limited but others give themselves fully to the cause. The choice is yours, Miss Potter,” He surveyed me over the top of his half-moon spectacles.

“I want to join properly,” I told him firmly. I had been thinking about it ever since Fawkes had brought his letter and had decided that it was the best option. “There’s no point in only being half involved and I don’t want to sit around behind a desk while others are risking their lives.”

“Very well,” Dumbledore nodded with a small smile. “Now, I have arranged somewhere safe for you to live. I’m guessing you do not wish to return home just yet?”

“I will eventually, Professor. I’m just not ready to be back there yet,” I looked down at my feet while I waited for him to continue.

“That is understandable. How have you been coping these last few months?”

“I had a few relapses at the beginning when I thought too much about home but I haven’t done anything since the end of July,” I said proudly as I lifted my head. There were no scars from the months I had cut myself and I could almost pass the whole period off as a bad dream. That is, until I start thinking of the fact it cost me my relationship. Dumbledore looked at me curiously as I pulled up my sleeves and showed him my tanned wrists. He smiled at me and the worry was completely gone from his face.

“Your brother and your friends have missed you immensely. I must have at least two dozen letters here from Mr Potter alone,” Dumbledore waved his wand and a rather large wooden box appeared on the table between us. “I had them filed in order so you can be up to date on what has happened since you were in Spain. I must ask that you not read them in here; I fear you would be here for hours if you did and I know you want to get home,” He added as I pulled the box towards me and looked for a way to open it. “The box will only open for you.”

“Where will I be staying?” I asked as I reluctantly looked away from my box of letters.

“You will be staying in a house I have organised. It has all the protections I can place upon it and there will always be one other Order member there,” He looked as though he was trying not to laugh and I started to wonder who I would be living with for the next few weeks. Dumbledore handed me a slip of paper, “I am the Secret Keeper so you will need to remember this address so you can gain access to the house. Thank you for your efforts in bringing Michael to this country and I am glad to see that you are feeling better. Your new roommates will bring you to the meeting at Headquarters tomorrow afternoon so you may be formally introduced to the other members. Good day, Miss Potter.”

Dumbledore stood and walked me over to the fire where he shook my hand once more. I took one last look around his office before I climbed into the fire and shouted the address I had just memorised.


My hair was falling into my eyes again. I tried to shake my head to move the hair but this only made more fall down. I pulled it back to its normal place and bit back a laugh when I realised how much like James I must have looked in that moment. The laugh was short-lived though when I realised how much grease and oil I had just covered my hair in. I growled as I wiped my hands on the t-shirt I wore. Looking down at my chest, I groaned as I saw the black smudges that now covered my white top.

“Fucking hell,” I muttered as I threw the spanner across the garage and pulled my top off. The now dirty top served as a rag for me to wipe the last remains of grease on before I scrunched it into a ball at threw it on the nearest bench. The sky outside was already pitch black and I could feel the December wind settling in my bones.

The motorbike I had received for Christmas stood in the centre of the garage and I silently thanked Dumbledore for sorting me out a house with a garage. I caught sight of my hair in the mirror and rolled my eyes; I looked nearly as bad as Snivellus with all the grease and oil weighing my hair down. Checking the watch Mr and Mrs Potter had bought me, I decided there would be enough time for a shower before she got here.

I was just locking the garage door when I heard a crash coming from inside the house. Moony wasn’t meant to be back until tomorrow morning so I knew it wouldn’t be him. I knew it wasn’t who I was waiting for; she never came by floo because we’d only linked the fire up with a few places. I ran as quietly as I could until I stopped just outside the living room door. I was breathing heavily and I knew the uninvited guest would probably hear me if I didn’t act now. I slowly pointed my wand through the gap between the door and its frame and silently stunned whoever was in the room. Dumbledore, James and Remus had all told me that I shouldn’t just attack but this was my house and I wasn’t gonna let scum attack me here. I kicked open the door and froze as soon as I saw the unconscious body that was sprawled across the wooden floor.


A/N: I'm Sorry If This Chapter Seems A Bit Disjointed But I Didn't Really Want To Split It Up Too Much...My Exams Are Over Now :D So Expect Faster Updates Again...Its A Big Time Jump Between The Last Chapter And This One But I Hope Its Not Too Confusing...I Didn't Want Too Much Focus On J In Spain Cos That Wasn't Really Part Of The Main Plot...But She's Home And (Fairly) Happy Again!!! :)

A Few Things To Think About For The Next Chapter...Where Is J Being Sent To Live? And Who Is The Mysterious 'Her' That Sirius Is Waiting For?? Oh And In Case You Didn't Catch It, Sirius Doesn't Live In The Flat From The Last Chapter Anymore.

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