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Rebuilding Life by Jinx Labelle
Chapter 8 : Dark Secrets
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Hermione sat snugly on the sofa ,her nose buried in a book yet again.The fire roared in the grate and made the whole of the living room dance with light.Draco sat quietly at the opposite end of the sofa gazing at his wife.He took the time to admire the small details.Her chest rose delicately with breathing,that tiny strand of hair that forever fell into her gaze,the way her nostrils flared when she was concentrating.

"What are you looking at?"She asked.

Draco hadn't realised that she had stopped reading .He looked up and looked at her gentle face.

"I was admiring your beauty"He replied.

She laughed ."Me ,beautiful?Of course I am I'm blowing up to the size of a hippo here"

In truth Draco thought she was more beautiful than ever.Her new rounded figure was more alluring and was nothing to do with her enhanced assets ....they were a bonus though.Seeing her carry his child made her feel more sexy ,more womanly .

"You are"He breathed nibbling at her neck.

"Sure"She whispered as she drew in for a passionate kiss .

A sudden thump in the room broke them from there rendezvous .Ginny Potter straightened herself up and beamed at Hermione.Draco and Hermione blushed slightly from the interruption .

"Daphne's gone into labour "She said quickly as her ears reddend.She was just as embarrassed as them."Sorry for ....you know"

"It's fine Ginny "Hermione laughed "Sit down"

"There's no time ,the baby will be here any minute"

Hermione lept up "Okay I'll get my coat .Draco ?"

Draco didn't move .

"He won't want me to come"He informed Hermione.

"Ignore my brother ,that's what I do"Ginny encouraged.

"Your Daphne's friend ,she will want you there "Hermione encouraged whilst searching in the cupboard for her coat.

"Fine "

"I'll see you there guys "Ginny called before disappearing into the fire .


"The baby is here !"Ron cried as he stumbled out the door looking a little flustered.

People rushed up offering congratulations and hugs.Molly Weasley cried and smothered her youngest son.

"My Ronnykins is a daddy!"She wailed .

His ears reddend ,a Weasley trait,as he hugged his mother back.

"You can come in first"

Draco and Hermione sat carefully watching the chaos infront of them.Everyone was happy and pleased for the couple whilst desperately trying to see the baby.

"Two at a time "A mediwitch cried over the ruckess.

"That will be us in 5 months time"Hermione whispered to Draco.

"I know"He gulped "I don't know if I'm ready"

Hermione seemed shocked "Why?i can't have you running off .How will I cope .Don't leave me Draco don't leave me!"

Those ruddy hormones.

"I'm not going anywhere "He soothed "I'm just not sure if I'll be a good father"

"She let out a sigh of relief "of course you will,you'll be the best the baby could ever have "

"What if I'm like my father?"

"Draco Lucius Malfoy you never were or never will be like your father.Your a better man than he could ever be"She ordered.

"Hermione ?"Ginny nudged her .


"Promise you won't tell?"

"Tell what"

Ginny paused ."I'm pregnant,I wanted to tell you first ....well after Harry"

"Oh Gin that's wonderful "she cried "a little brother or sister for James !"

"Shush Hermione ,not to loud.Its Ron and Daphne's day"She scorned jokingly .

There conversation was interrupted by Molly Weasleys wailing as she came out the room .

"Oh she's beautiful ,it's a shame Fred isn't here ,my poor baby"She cried harder.

Arthur hugged her gently and tried to calm her.

"We all do"

Hermione's eyes began to water a little and to her surprise so did Draco's .Draco hardly ever cried though .Before Hermione could ask him what was wrong they were ushered into the room by Ginny.They were the last to go in .

"Oh Draco,Hermione ,it's so good to see you"Daphne exclaimed .

They both responded by smiling and Hermione went to hug Ron.

"Congratulations you two!"She said excitedly"Where is she ?"

Daphne gestured to the cot by the side of the bed .A little bundle wrapped in a pink blanket wriggled around .The both looked up to find two startling blue eyes gazing up at them.A shock of red hair grew from her head.

"She's beautiful ,what's her name ?"Hermione asked.

"This is little Rosanna"Ron exclaimed happily.

"That is such a beautiful name ,can I hold him?"


Hermione lifted the little bundle carefully from the cot and rested her gently in her arms.

"Your so beautiful Rosanna"She cooed over the baby rocking her back and forth.

"Just like her mother"Ron said confidently.

Daphne rolled her eyes."Enough of that Ron"

Rosanna seemed to feel safe in Hermione's arms and she snuggled into her as she flexed her dainty hands .

"Your a natural Hermione "Ron said as he stroked his daughters hand .

After a couple of minutes Daphne piped up.

"Do you want to hold her Draco?"

"Please"He said after being silent for most of the time they'd been in there.

Ron stiffened slightly as Hermione passed the baby to Draco.Daphne shot her husband a sharp look.Draco seemed unsure at first almost scared he would drop Rosanna.It was then that she grasped his finger with her tiny fist and held on tightly.Draco beamed down at her.


Draco and Hermione collapsed down onto the couch with a sigh .It was now midnight and they were both shattered .After a few moments silence Hermione turned to him and took his hand.

"Why we're you crying?"She asked cautiously .


"At the hospital....at the mention of Fred's death"

Draco shifted uncomfortable but didn't answer.

"Draco,please tell me"She pleaded

There was a moments hesitation.

"I killed him"

"What?" Hermione asked shocked.

"I killed Fred Weasley "He repeated staring down at the floor.

All Hermione could muster was a little gasp.Draco clutched her hand and continued.

"It was an accident.A killing curse narrowly missed me so I turned around and fired one back without looking.It hit him and he fell before I had a chance to realise .Im so sorry"He choked as he kept back the tears.

Hermione drew away from him and stared dumbfounded at him .

"I'm sorry"He cried punching the sofa with his hand .

""It wasn't your fault"She whispered like she was out of breath.

"Never speak of this to anyone else I beg you"

"I promise"

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Rebuilding Life: Dark Secrets


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