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He gazed into her bright eyes and she gazed back with equal amazment. He held her face and kissed her. He felt her lips pulling into a smile while still touching his. They  were soaked to the skin from falling into the lake but all they could feel was each others touch. He had know her for all this time and...

She kissed him again. Her was stomach full of butterflies. Not the nervous fluttery ones but excited ones. He had told  her that he was going to have to hunt down Voldemort and that he wanted her and Ron to stay at Hogwarts where they were safe. But she'd never feel safe without him. I'll go with you, she whispered again through the kiss. They walked back to the castle, hands grasped tightly.


Harry walked to The Great Hall smiling like an idiot. He searched for Hermione's bushy hair. But it wasn't there. So he went over to his other best friend, Ron, who's plate was over flowing with all sorts of combinations.


'Have you seen Hermione this morning?'  he asked Ron.

'No, but I was starving so I came straight down here.'  he replied, vocie nearly blocked out by all the food in his mouth.

Harry stuffed a quick slice of toast down his mouth and said goodbye to Ron.

He checked all the usual places for Hermione like the Library but it was empty. He received several dirty looks from Madam Pince as he was searching. He went back up to his dormitory to get his cloak, because it was cold outside. As he arrived he saw a note left on his bed. The writing on the top said it was him. It was feminine but it was not Hermione's. It said on the inside...


Dear Harry,

I came to rhis school to learn magic and hopefully become a good witch. You have been such a good friend to me but last night was too much. I can't risk losing my parents by getting involved, but want to let you down I have written this note to say Goodbye... You will find me outside the Forbidden Forest.


Harry dropped the note. He knew it wasn't her because he knew her writing better than he knew the school, and she had agreed to help him, he didn't want her to get involved. His curiosity drove him to check the forest though. He walked down past Hagrid's Hut. It has started to snow last night and the ground was coated now. Harry turned his head to face the trees. A naked, pale body with bushy hair was tied to a branch of a tree. The snow was speckled with blood. Scraped onto her skin were the words... Harry Potter.


He screamed and felt the hot tears streaming down his face. She was so indecent hanging there, her face was grimancing. He pulled her into a hug pretending she wasn't stone cold. He took her down, not bothering to wipe the tears from his face. His face was deep in her bushy hair, he took in her perfumed scent. He didn't want to think of who killed her or even try to think about what he would do after this. He remembered what she had said last night. I'll go with you.... I'll go with you...


He felt himself walking towards the Astromony Tower. He walked into people on the way but they were irrelevant now. He was going to go with her. In no time at all  he was peering over the edge hoping the fall would kill him....



                                                                I'll go with you.

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