“Good afternoon miss! Diggy welcomes you to the honorable house of Malfoy! Master Scorpius is anxious to see you!” Exclaimed the happy house elf.

“Oh um thank you Diggy I’m happy to be here.” Rose said nervously. Rose had just arrived at the Malfoy Manor. It appeared she was in the grand entryway of the home. In front of the fire place was a giant glass door with the Malfoy family crest etched in a black metal. The marble floor shone brightly as two staircases appeared from both sides of the fire place. She was surprised Scorpius wasn’t waiting for her, but she was sure he was around somewhere. Diggy began speaking rapidly about where everything was when Rose felt a big force hit her from behind and two arms wrap around her.

“I’m so sorry, I was waiting but then I ran to the loo!” Scorpius said from behind her. “My father is already at work so he is out for the day and my mother is visiting an old friend I believe, so we can do whatever you’d like love!” Scorpius said quickly as he spun her around to face him. Diggy had already popped away with Rose’s belongings.

“Well I would definitely love to do this.” Rose said smugly as she began to kiss her boyfriend. She had missed that part of their relationship. Scorpius was determined to be the perfect gentlemen when he had visited her home, which of course was great and Rose wasn’t complaining. However she missed when he would randomly snog her. Kissing Scorpius was intoxicating, she felt like every nerve in her body was standing on end. She snaked her hands into his hair as Scorpius parted his lips begging for Rose. They continued for quite some time moving to a sitting chair before Rose broke the kiss.

“Merlin, I’ve missed that so much.” Rose said still gasping.

“You have no idea.” Scorpius said in an incredibly husky voice. “I love you, so much you know?” Scorpius said sweetly before kissing her cheek. Rose smiled in return.

“I love you too Scorpius Hyperion.” The moment was way too perfect to last as Petey and Link popped into the entryway.

“Hello Ms. Rose and Master Scorpius! I am Petey and this is Link, I’m honored to meet you Ms. Rose! Master Scorpius says your name all the time!” Petey said in his high pitched voice. Scorpius blushed a bit but Rose just smiled at him. Petey had to be the most easy-going of all the Malfoy house elves, whereas Link was always on edge.

“Good afternoon Ms. Rose, I’m Link and I am honored to serve the Malfoy name. I will do anything you need to have an excellent stay at this honorable home. Master Draco has made this house again all on his own you see! He is a great and powerful wizard!” Link said with a clear tone of pride. “Master Scorpius, will you and Ms. Rose be dining here tonight or would you like Link to make reservations somewhere? Link and Petey would be honored to serve you in any way sir!” Link said while standing rigidly.

“Umm what do you prefer love? I think a night out would be fun.” Scorpius said waiting for Rose’s input.

“I agree, Link you should book Scorpius’s favorite restaurant for this evening!” Rose said quickly.

“Woah now, I’m treating you tonight. We will go somewhere you will love, I’ve already thought about it. Link please make us reservations at six at Wandless Magiannos.” Rose decided to relinquish and let Scorpius have his way since she was indeed at his house.

“Link will take care of everything master! Come Petey we need to shine the brooms.” Petey waved awkwardly and both elves popped away.

“So how many elves do you have anyway?” Rose said teasingly.

“Well our two head elves I guess you could say are Diggy and Sadie. When I was born my parents just had Diggy to help out my mum. Then Diggy wanted to marry Sadie so my father let that happen, soon after they had Link who is a bit high strung, Zuri who you’ll probably see a lot since she takes care of guests and your room. Then there is Lulu who does all the gardening, and then Petey who just kind of bops around and does whatever Diggy or Link tell him to do. He’s a funny little guy.”

“Are they paid wages or anything?” Rose said trying not to let her mother’s SPEW influence get the best of her. She knew of course that Scorpius had elves, she was just expecting one or two though.

“Only Diggy, and he is insulted by it almost. But they are all happy and have a room together. My mum tried to give them holidays once and Sadie was in tears all day begging to know what she did wrong. Then Diggy started hyperventilating and well, it was just bad. The only one nonchalant was Petey because he was busy helping me with quidditch.”

“Do you um, enjoy having house elves?” Rose was happy that at least the Malfoy elves were in good condition and weren’t exactly slaves, but she would still call them serfs at best.

Scorpius clearly not picking up on Rose’s distaste kept talking honestly. “Well yea, when I was younger no one would really play with me since I’m a Malfoy. Our elves always would play with me though. I admit I abuse it sometimes and I do enjoy having someone pick up after me or run errands but I really do enjoy them.” Scorpius said as he began to get up from the chair. Rose just nodded as Scorpius pulled her up.

“Now love, how about a tour!” Before she could respond he picked up Rose in his arms and began to ascend the stairs.

“Scorpius Malfoy I am perfectly capable of walking myself! Put me down!”

“But this way I can touch your bum!” This earned him a playful smack to the arm. He laughed and set her down.

“Welcome to the second floor, now this is where my father’s study is, the library is, and my mother’s artwork is. Would you like to see some of it?” Rose nodded excited to see the artwork. Scorpius had mentioned briefly that his mum loved to paint. He held Rose’s hand and guided her to a large white room with a grand window overlooking the Malfoy grounds. The room was filled with all type of paints and clays. A few paintings of sceneries stood on the wall and the one that was currently being worked on was one of the Malfoy family. Rose looked in awe at how Astoria Malfoy had perfectly captured Scorpius and his light gray eyes, his chiseled jaw, and the smirk hiding behind a smile.

“These are incredible, you really didn’t give her enough credit when you said ‘she likes to paint sometimes’ you know.” Rose said to a smiling Scorpius.

“Oh, yea I guess you could say that. This one will be a lot cooler when she animates it though. Plus I’m the only one painted so far, so it’s kind of just a picture of me, and trust me she has done plenty of those. I think I can watch myself grow up just by looking at her paintings.”

The couple continued looking at the other landscapes Astoria had painted until final Scorpius was bored and brought Rose to the next floor. Rose knew she would have to visit the room again to see all the incredible artwork.

“Now this, my dear, is my floor. My room, bathroom, a bit of a hangout room I guess you could say, and the broom workshop.”

“You have your own floor? And what on earth is a broom workshop?” Rose exclaimed. She knew Scorpius was rich, and honestly she was as well, but this was just crazy!

“Well I’m an only child, and I won’t lie when I say my parent’s like appearances. The broom workshop is just where I store all my quidditch stuff, where I take care of my broom, and it has an open porch so you can fly straight out to the pitch.

Scorpius continued showing Rose his Ravenclaw themed room, the broom workshop and finally her room which was on the fourth floor. Apparently Rupert practically had his own room which was across from Rose’s.

“He’s here a lot during the holidays and breaks and pretty much lives in that guest room.” Scorpius explained. The guest floor was nice and open. Rose’s room was very well decorated and furnished nicely. Everything about the Malfoy home was exquisite.

“Oh and I skipped them, but the first floor is kitchen, dining room, living room, sitting room, parents room, and a few bathrooms. But hey those are all obvious.  Now what I really wanted to show you is my favorite room!” Scorpius was so cute sometimes. He sounded like a little kid with all his excitement. Rose loved when he let his guard down and didn’t act like the school obsessed guy always trying to show people he wasn’t a death eater. Scorpius took Rose’s hand and guided her to a different stair case separate from the grand one they had been following. Scorpius shushed Rose when she tried to question him.

Finally they reached a dome shaped room surrounded by windows. You could see for miles, Rose saw every inch of the Malfoy estate. From the beautiful gardens surrounding nearby to the deep forest extending into an abyss, it was gorgeous. As Rose stared at the beauty around her Scorpius spoke.

“I come up here to think and get away, its magnificent isn’t it? It’s just so quiet and peaceful.”  Rose nodded silently and then came over to Scorpius.

“Thank you for showing me your special place. This is beautiful love.” She said taking his face in her hands.

“Yes it is.” Scorpius said never taking his eyes off of Rose. Rose closed the space between them. It wasn’t anything passionate or deep, just a kiss between two people who knew they would always be in love. The couple sat down on one of the couches in the room just to stare at the land around them.

“Do you want to know something humorous?” Rose asked kindly. Scorpius nodded and waited for Rose to continue. “I have fancied you since fourth year, Acacia bet me the day I did something about was the day she announced she was marrying Gregory Flint. She thinks I forgot about that bet.” Rose smirked as Scorpius stared open mouthed.

“Are you taking the mickey out of me? Seriously, since fourth year?” Scorpius said with both shock and glee in his voice.

“Yep, that’s when you got fit and then went out with Marly McCabe. It was incredibly annoying.”

“How is that annoying? You never talked to me!”

“For your information Scorpius Hyperion I asked to borrow a quill several times.” Scorpius roared with laughter at that.

“Are you serious? That’s your big trick? Well I’m certainly glad you put fourth more effort this year. You certainly seemed much more confident than that. I felt like a nutter every time I was near you for a while! Took me ages just to ask you out!”

“Well I had a few years to think of what I wanted to say and how to be all seductive!”

“Oh seductive you say? Pretty sure our first date consisted of you making fun of my music taste and an introduction with your uncle.” Scorpius said good naturedly.

Rose blushed at that before speaking. “Oh well you must not remember the rest of that date.” She said as she leaned over to kiss him.

When Scorpius finally broke away he quipped “You’re right, you were pretty seducing. I can’t wait to see Acacia announce her engagement. Rupert will love that!”

The couple bantered for a bit before deciding it was time to get ready. Rose went to her guest room to pick out something nice to wear. Finally she decided on a dark blue cocktail dress with a sweetheart top. She paired it with silver pumps, a silver necklace, and the bracelet Scorpius got her. She quickly curled her hair with a wand and added make up appropriate for a night out. Rose laughed to herself when she looked in the mirror, she was in Ravenclaw colors. Well nearly, she did not have any bronze on. Scorpius would be so proud. That boy hardly ever wore anything but blue. She exited her room to find Scorpius lounging in the sitting area. When he turned to look at Rose his eyes widened a bit and he gave her his endearing smirk.

“I must say, you look fantastic in blue.” Rose blushed under his gaze and kissed him quickly as the couple went to the fireplace to use the floo. Scorpius looked incredibly handsome, not that Rose was surprised. He wore a fitted gray muggle suit that made Rose think about his perfectly proportioned body that lay underneath. She had heard once from Dominique that ‘a man in a well-tailored suit for a woman, was like a woman in lingerie to a man’, you couldn’t help but be attracted. Rose had to agree with Dominique on that.

Scorpius took her hand and guided her to the floo. After quickly saying Wandless Magiannos the green flames erupted and Rose stepped out into a beautiful restaurant. Scorpius quickly confirmed their reservations with the hostess and they were lead to a gorgeous table that stood next to a large window that overlooked a bright cityscape.

“Welcome to Wandless Magiannos love! This place is amazing, I think you’ll really love it. They even have dancing in the back halls!” Scorpius said with excitement, it was clear to Rose that he really had put thought into where to take her for dinner.

“It’s gorgeous here Scor! Really you didn’t need to do all of this!” Rose said earnestly. Scorpius shrugged off her response and reminded her it was his duty as her boyfriend to treat her. The couple ordered their pasta dishes and let the conversation flow between them. Eventually Scorpius asked Rose to dance.

“I’m really not much of a dancer, I have two left feet.”

“Well you will be happy to know I am a fantastic teacher and there are two dance halls here, one for ballroom and classical, and the other just to let your hair down. I think you will love the latter.” Before Rose could protest Scorpius had her on her feet and navigating to one of the dance floors. Everywhere there were young adults and young couples like themselves grinding and dancing madly around them. Some couples looked very intimate and sexual while others appeared just to be having a good time. Rose recognized the familiar song in the back from various parties in the dormitories.

Scorpius quickly led Rose to the floor and turned her so her back was to him. He slowly brought her close to him before speaking. “Is this easy enough?” He clearly knew he was teasing her. Rose simply murmured a response as her body began to move with Scorpius until they were dancing just like everyone else. She had no idea how long they were dancing but eventually they broke apart. Both she and Scorpius were sweaty after such a long time in the packed dance hall. As Scorpius took her hand and they walked back to the dining hall he broke the comfortable silence.

“Well, I didn’t notice two left feet.”

“Yes well, dancing like that is hardly challenging. Dancing at Ministry Balls and Galas on the other hand is always disastrous for me.” Rose said as she recalled all the past memories of dancing at her parent’s various functions. Anyone who asked her to dance never came back again or stayed for more than one song, she always seemed to step on a foot one to many times.

“Perhaps you just never had the right partner?” Scorpius replied with his trademark smirk.

One of Rose’s favorite and least favorite things about Scorpius had to be his smirk. She loved how cute he looked and how he got one dimple when he did it, but was annoyed by how he used it when she was wrong or he was making a point. Merlin there were so many things she loved and hated about Scorpius, which is probably why she was so attracted to him anyway. Every other boy she had ever tried to date was always too afraid to stand up to her. They treated her like a fragile doll that had to always have their feelings spared. Scorpius however, always welcomed her ideas and thoughts, but always gave her his true opinion, which often was accompanied by that irritatingly cute smirk.

When the couple eventually stepped out they were in Scorpius’s bedroom fireplace.

“How do you control that?” Rose asked quickly.

“You mean the fireplace? You just think about which one you want specifically, once you say Malfoy Manor you just need to think about which fireplace you want to appear in. It’s simple really.”

Rose would have to remember that she could floo directly into Scorpius’s room. That was handy information for a girlfriend to have. Rose blushed at her own thoughts. As Scorpius walked her down to the guest floor Rose heard movement down on the first landing of the manor and realized in her bliss she had forgotten something extremely important. Scorpius’s parents. Scorpius merely shrugged and motioned for her to follow him.

This was it, Rose was going to have a real conversation with Draco and Astoria Malfoy. She suddenly began to regret that she had not questioned Scorpius more about them. He had asked her relentlessly about her parent’s so that he would gain their approval. Ugh, why was her boyfriend annoyingly perfect? Scorpius brought her to the huge kitchen where Mr and Mrs. Malfoy were chatting over some tea.

“Hello Rose, I am so sorry I wasn’t here to greet you when you first arrived. I trust Scorpius and the elves helped you with everything?” Astoria said kindly.

“Oh yes everything was lovely Mrs. Malfoy please don’t worry about it. Scorpius gave me a tour and everything, you have a lovely home.”

“Oh thank you dear. Why don’t you two take a seat! Draco and I were just talking about our days.”  Astoria sounded so comfortable, it was astonishing since it was evident everyone else was highly uncomfortable. Draco nodded at Astoria’s words but it looked more like an awkward jerk of the neck. Rose and Scorpius quietly sat down at the table while Astoria began to ask about dinner, how Rose enjoyed school, a bit about quidditch, friends, and really anything she could think of. Astoria was great at keeping up the conversation and Rose quickly grew to like her. Eventually everyone began to grow tired when Astoria finally called for everyone to be off to bed.

“Oh my it has gotten late, Draco you have a big meeting tomorrow love. Scorpius I’m sure you and Rose have big plans so you both should be heading off as well. It was so nice chatting with you Rose.” Astoria smiled warmly. Rose thanked her and said an awkward good night to Mr. Malfoy before walking back up the stairs with Scorpius in tow.

“Thank you so much Rose that was a wonderful night. I know my mum can ramble sometimes but-“ Rose quickly cut him off.

“I think she’s lovely, and it should be me thanking you for such a great night. I’ll see you in the morning.” She said with a smile and quick kiss. It really was an excellent night, even though Draco was quiet Rose never felt disliked by him and Astoria was even nicer then she had already thought. Tomorrow she would try even harder to get to know the Malfoys better.

 Rose woke up that morning exhausted from all the dancing her and Scorpius had done. Surprisingly though she woke up quite early, as she walked down to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee she ran into Draco who was almost finished with his breakfast while a house elf who she guessed to be Sadie was cooking breakfast.

“Um, good morning Mr. Malfoy.” Rose said somewhat hesitantly.

“Oh yes, good morning.” He said quietly. Clearly he felt as uncomfortable as she did. After about a minute of silence Sadie had poured Rose some coffee and she decided to say something to break the tension.

“So how are the apothecaries Mr. Malfoy?”

“What? Oh yes, well they’re doing very well thank you. My new assistant is exceptional so that has been helpful. Do you have any interest in potions?” It came out rushed, but at least they were both trying to have a normal conversation.

“Yes sir, potions and ancient runes have to be my best subjects. I enjoy knowing that I can always improve on a potion and learn to adapt it for certain circumstances.” She said honestly.

“I agree with you. How is Slytherin doing for the house cup this year? I’m hoping they can knock Gryffindor off their high hippogriffs.”

“Actually they’re doing the worst this year, with all of my cousins creating mischief they always lose points. However if they win the quidditch cup they will have a shot.”

“Yes well I’m sure Slytherin will triumph. I must be getting to work now though, have a good day Rose.” He stood up quickly and she heard the flames of the floo. Though the conversation was forced it still gave Rose some hope. A few minutes later as Rose chatted with Sadie, Scorpius came into the kitchen. Hair tousled and still half asleep Rose had to smile at how cute he looked. With a quick morning kiss he sat down as Sadie brought him a large breakfast.

“Sowhadoyawannadotoday?” Thankfully she could understand him through his yawn.

“Well, we both needs to have matching dress robes for the New Year’s Ball at the Ministry. Do you want to take care of that at Diagon Alley?”

“If we’re going to be shopping can we invite Rupert and Acacia? I love you dear but I don’t fancy sitting in a shop for a few hours.”

“Of course Scor, I have wanted to see Acacia anyway! Ooh how about you invite them over? Would your parents mind? Then we could all arrive together for the ball tomorrow. Acacia told me they were going since her father is in International Cooperation.”

“Yes dear that sounds good.” Scorpius said half listening. It was clear he was still half asleep. Just to wake him up Rose quickly grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled him close. He looked at her wide eyed before she kissed him tenderly. He was shocked for a second before he responded. As much as she hated to admit she loved teasing her boyfriend, she kept starting to part his lips then she would back off. Finally she decided to be a good girlfriend and thoroughly snog her boyfriend in the middle of the kitchen. Out of breath she broke away and Scorpius grunted in frustration.

“Are you awake now?” She smirked as he just eyed her. “Well I’m going to get ready, you go floo Rupert and Acacia.” She sauntered back upstairs giggling to herself. The look on Scorpius’s face was priceless. Every day she was with him the boundaries she set became harder and harder to follow. Perhaps she would talk to Acacia about it. Her Scorpius didn’t necessarily have to shag to calm down their hormones. It was just so hard to stop snogging him sometimes. He was so intoxicating to her, from his smell to the way he looked at her. On top of that she truly loved him. She knew it wasn’t wise to give so much of your heart away so early in a relationship but she could never seem to stop with Scorpius. He was just well, everything she ever wanted, but more. She could be herself with him, she didn’t have to try and be perfect. She loved her family with her entire heart but sometimes she felt too much was asked of her. Perfect grades, good at quidditch, good with paparazzi, and having to stand out among a giant group of cousins was often tiring, she knew she was lucky beyond belief but so often she felt so alone even in a crowded room with her family. However with Scorpius she wasn’t Rose Weasley, daughter of two thirds the golden trio, she was just Rose.

A few hours later, Rupert, Acacia, Scorpius, and Rose stood in Diagon Alley. Both girls were ecstatic to have a reason to shop. Pretty soon, Rose and Acacia had broken away from the boys after telling them to come back in an hour or so to find good dress robes. The boys grumbled but knew they’d be listening to what their girlfriends had told them as they went off to Quality Quidditch Supplies.

“So how are you and Rupert doing? I’m pretty sure you’re his longest relationship.” Rose really was curious, Acacia and Rupert were a very fun couple but she wasn’t entirely sure how they felt about each other.

“Oh we’re doing great, we are just having fun really. I wouldn’t say we’re serious by any means but we both love just being with each other. How about you and Scorpius?”

Anytime someone asked her about Scorpius, Rose seemed to get that embarrassing smile on her face. Luckily she was rifling through dress racks so Acacia did not notice. “We’re doing fantastic. My dad even approved after he drugged him! He actually veritiserumed by boyfriend! I was furious for a while but Scorpius calmed me down and told me it wasn’t all that bad.”

“Oh Merlin that’s hilarious, what all did he ask him?” Acacia said through her laughter.

“Pretty much just questions about how good a guy he was and if he was treating me like a gentlemen. Hugo tried to ask him a ton of horribly embarrassing questions but luckily my dad silenced Scorpius in time.”

“I wish Hugo would have gotten the chance! That could have been so bloody hilarious! Ooh Rose try that on it’s gorgeous.” Acacia said motioning to a dress.

Rose grabbed the dress off the rack but continued her conversation. “Oh Merlin no, I love Scorpius but there are some things I definitely do not want to know about. He asked about his dreams, and Play Wizards, and all of that. Scorpius could barely look me in the eye when he told me! Hugo is such a git sometimes, he’s been hanging out with James too much if you ask me.”

“Rupert is such a randy guy he’d probably look me straight in the eye and tell me about all of that if I asked. Actually he’s told me before that Scorpius has never really been into any of that.” Rose looked at her to encourage her to go on. “Well he was telling me a story about how some boys in the year above them left a magazine lying around when they were fourth years and of course every guy thought it was worth a thousand galleons, but Scorpius pulled Rupert away to go play quidditch. He said it was there one and only fight, I thought it was hilarious.”

While Rose was slipping on the gown she smiled in pride at Scorpius. She stepped out of the dressing room before speaking. “Well good to know, I don’t fancy him looking at other women at all.”

“Rose that looks brilliant on you! I adore it! You have to buy it!” Rose stepped out in a fitted burnt orange cocktail dress. The hem came close to her knees so it was still modest enough for a Ministry Event. It had Rose’s favorite sweetheart top as well. “Scorpius is going to have a heart attack when he sees you! I say you get him black dress robes with a burnt orange bowtie.”

“I love it too! Yea I think he’d look great in that! Come on now we still need to find your dress!”

“Oh right, right, I was just so focused on yours there for a second. I was looking at this green one though, what do you think?” The dress was a light green, it synched at the waist to flatter the figure and had a halter top.

“It’s beautiful, go on now, try it on!” Acacia loved her dress as well and decided that Rupert should do gray robes with a matching green tie.

“You’d think they were our mums sometimes! I swear Scorpius I never thought I would be whipped. You on the other hand, I saw it coming.” Said Rupert as the boys went off to Quality Quidditch.

“How on earth is me letting her choose my tie being whipped? Do you honestly care what tie you wear, I just assumed you’d be happy to dance with your girlfriend all night. But hey, if the tie is really that important to you.” Scorpius said jokingly.

“Oh shut up, I know you’re right. They really do look fit during dances anyway.”

“Exactly, so we should do whatever they want to keep them happy.”

“You make me want to throw up sometimes. You’re like a lovesick first year girl!” Rupert said with pride at his insult.

“And you’re like a randy fourth year boy, poor Acacia.”

“Scorpius, you seem to forget that I have far more experience than a fourth year.” Rupert said in mock hurt at Scorpius’s words.

“That’s because you can’t keep your pants on you git.” Scorpius said as he searched the shelves for a new snitch.

“At least I am just with one lovely woman! We both know Acacia is amazing!”

“True, I’ll give you credit for that.”

“Thank you, and speaking of have you and Rosie gotten anywhere?” The tone in Rupert’s voice told Scorpius he was no longer joking around and asking seriously.

“Um, no. We’re waiting remember?”

“Oh yea, well if that’s what you want I hope you can do it.” Scorpius just nodded in thanks to his friend. “And um. Scorpius if you ever want to ya know, talk about it or get some tips we can. My first time was a bloody nightmare you know.” Both boys refused to make eye contact by this point since they were feeling so uncomfortable with the conversation.

“Oh uh, right Rupert. Thank you.

Luckily, both boys already had the correct dress robes at home so they only needed to buy matching ties. The group had a nice lunch at the Leaky Cauldron before flooing over to the Malfoy Manor to play quidditch. Since there were only four of them they played with only chasers. They made the game much more interesting since for every time someone scored they got to kiss their respective partner. The day was fun and flirty and dwindled down to dinner with the Malfoy’s as well as Acacia and Rupert. It was much more entertaining talking to the Malfoy’s with Rupert around since he was very close with both of Scorpius’s parent’s, Acacia’s father was also good friend’s with Draco Malfoy. Rupert continuously flattered Mrs. Malfoy while joking with Draco about how he would take over the apothecaries since Scorpius was going to the Auror Academy. Eventually the group relaxed with a game of Exploding Snap until it was time to go to bed.

Rupert and Scorpius went to their own rooms while Acacia would be sleeping with Rose in the guest room. It really was a perfect day, and Rose could not wait for the next. She would get to see her family at the Ball, hang out with her best friend, and get to dance with her boyfriend.

Rose woke up first again that morning. This time though as she went down stairs it was not Draco she met in the kitchen but Astoria. “Good morning Mrs. Malfoy.” She said with a smile.

“Morning Rose, did you sleep well?”

“Yes, that bed is excellent, how about yourself?”

“Yes I just woke up quite early this morning so I could paint the sunrise. I’ve tried several times, but I feel like I can never truly capture it.”

“Scorpius showed me all your paintings, they really are amazing. If anyone can capture it I’m sure it’d be you. The one of Scorpius was incredible and you weren’t even finished. I’ve always wished I could paint but I have always focused more on school.”

“Well dear, you’ll never know if you can do it if you don’t try. You’re on your winter break, there’s no need to think about school at the moment anyway. Come with me and we can try a bit.” Astoria rose from her chair and beckoned Rose upstairs to the art room. Quickly she showed Rose some spells for drying paint, mixing paint, and to allow the paintings to move. The two women bonded for a while as Astoria showed Rose how unique art could be.

“You see Rose, art has no boundaries, no right or wrong. If you choose to make the sun blue, well then by all means the sun is blue. That’s why I love it, lately I’ve been enamored with still life as you can see but every now and then I go abstract and paint the strangest things. Art can be the perfect portrayal of your emotions, here let me show you something.” Astoria came over to a large door, as she opened it she summoned three paintings quickly.

“This one here I painted when Scorpius was born, it’s really just a blend of different colors but I was so happy at the time I didn’t care.” The painting was so simple yet still very pretty, the painting started off with a bright red on one side and ended with a bright yellow on the other. Overall it was quite bright and pleasing to the eye. “Then this one here, you’ll learn soon Rose that every relationship has its ups and downs. I painted this when Draco and I had our own rough patch.” The painting was quite dark, but still elegant. It was of the night sky with the clouds covering the moon. “And finally let’s see if you can guess this one.” The last painting was of the Hogwarts Express, only all the shapes were a bit weird. The people in the station were all hugging but they had no definite shape to them, as if everything being viewed was blurry.

“Is this when you saw Scorpius off on the train?” Rose asked.

“Yes, I didn’t know how I felt. My little boy was growing up, I was so proud of him. I still am, but as a mother I was sad as well. This is really just me painting and having no idea how I’m feeling. Here Rose I want you to take some of these paints and canvass, maybe if you do ever get free time this year you can start your own collection.”

“Thank you so much Mrs. Malfoy, these are all so amazing. I’ll be sure to let you know when I get started.”

“I’d love that dear, oh my look at the time. I’m surprised Scorpius hasn’t barged in looking for you! We all need to begin getting ready for tonight! Well, we do, not so much the boys.” Rose laughed and went off to begin getting ready. Somehow Acacia was still sleeping, she quickly woke her up and then got in the shower. When she got out Acacia had already gone back to sleep. Rose decided to take a page out of Scorpius’s book and cast a quick bucket pouring charm and dumped water on Acacia.

“WHAT THE HELL! ROSE I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” Rose sprinted out of the room while Acacia swore at her. While she was still laughing Scorpius had run upstairs.

“Rose! Come here we got an owl from Professor Jordan! Acacia you do too, wait, what happened to you?” Scorpius asked confusedly.

“Your perfect little girlfriend dumped water on me!” Acacia yelled back as she stormed down stairs to get her letter.

“Well in that case you are even hotter than I thought. I like the mischievous side of you.” He said with a smirk as he began to kiss Rose. After a brief moment they broke apart and Rose reminded him to show her the letter.

                To Team Slytherin

                I hope you are having a wonderful break, but all breaks come to an end! As you know our

                Tournament has yet to be concluded. For you next task I ask of you to purchase

                The Magic Within the Walls by Sealion Heals to continue learning more about the esteemed

                Founders. Hope your holiday is going well – Professor Jordan

“What do you think we could be doing?” Scorpius asked.

“I honestly don’t know. I’ve never read this book, I’ll see my mother tonight so I can ask her about it then.”

“Alright then, well I’m going to go take a shower love. When will you be ready?”

“Give me two hours and I’ll meet you downstairs!”

“Are you serious? Two hours?” He really did believe she was joking.

“Yes Scorpius two hours, and please get rid of that stubble you have. I’ll make it worth your while if you do love.” She smirked at him and strolled off to finish her hair and make-up.

“Minx.” She heard him mutter. Sometimes it was just too easy with him.

Rose came back to the guest room while Acacia was in the shower. She used a few drying charms and then quickly began curling her hair. When Acacia had finished her shower she helped Rose braid her bangs back. Acacia also quickly did her hair by straightening and teasing it with her wand. After spending tedious time on their hair and nails, the girls finished with their makeup and slipped their dresses on.

The two giggled and talked about what the boys would say before stepping out into the sitting area where both Rupert and Scorpius were waiting. Rupert gave Acacia a huge grin while Scorpius just stared open mouthed. Rose sauntered over to him to close his mouth and give him a quick kiss.

“Hurry up not love, we’re going to be late.” Scorpius still stood shocked as Rose led him to the fireplace where they all yelled ‘Ministry of Magic!’

They grand entryway of the Ministry was decorated beautifully, lights floated everywhere and in the center where the fountain stood was a giant clock. Every time the hour changed sparks were emitted so everyone was aware of the New Year approaching. Waiters walked around offering fancy hors d’oeuvres and drinks, tables were lined up near the fountain for people to sit and eat. To the left of the grand fountain and clock was a sign for the ministry official party while to the right was the student party.

“Now that I’ve regained speech, I must say, you look incredible.” Scorpius whispered into Rose’s ear. She blushed with his words. He held her hips as they walked down to the party, she felt like they were on fire by his touch. This was getting out of hand, how quickly he could do this to her.

“You look way to handsome yourself, we need to behave though love. We are at the Ministry after all.”

Scorpius groaned before replying, “You had to remind me. Maybe we can just leave?” He said jokingly.

“As tempting as that is I think Rupert and Acacia would rat us out in heart beat just because they’d find it funny.”

“Our friends are stupid gits. Amazing people, but still stupid gits.” Rose laughed at him before taking his hand and asking him to dance. Scorpius surprised by this was shocked for a second before they navigated to the floor. “I thought you had two left feet?” Scorpius said as Rose elegantly danced with him.

“Acacia taught me a wonderful dancing charm last night. Your mother helped cast it on me earlier!” Rose said happily.

“Well I’ll have to remember to thank both of them then!”

The couple continued dancing and mingling with the random array of students at the party. Eventually the music went from the traditional ministry elegance to the wild teen beats and songs. Everyone was having a wonderful time as midnight neared. A little before Rose had been dancing with Rupert and Acacia with Scorpius, the friends went to find their respective partners for the classic New Year’s kiss. Though the boys had loosened their ties and had taken off their over-cloaks, they still looked handsome. Both girls had used the best products to make their hair stay perfect and their make up as well, the boys both thought they still looked flawless. Everyone began to make their way to the grand entryway where the giant clock was nearing midnight. The ministry officials were also pouring into the entryway and Rose quickly waved to her parents before losing them in the shuffle.

Finally the countdown began, “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Everyone yelled over the loud bangs the clock was making. Fireworks shot up making pops and crackles that wowed the audience. The show continued loudly as couples everywhere ranged from quick pecks to long snogs. Scorpius tenderly kissed Rose while the crowd continued to watch the final ear shattering firework that spelt 2023.

“Ready to take on a year together?” Scorpius said kindly with their foreheads pressed together.

“Well I suppose. Although I thought that bloke over there is rather fit.” She said with her own smirk plastered to her face. Before Scorpius could give a witty reply, the bangs of the fireworks had ended and there was a scream. Suddenly, all the aurors at the party had jumped into action and were ushering everyone into one of the ballrooms. Rose soon heard her father who was using sonorous, “Please listen to the aurors and make your way to the ballroom. The situation is under control but needs to be investigated, thank you for your cooperation and staying calm.”

Scorpius made sure to hold tight to Rose as they made their way back. “Don’t worry, it was probably just some drunks fighting, your dad said it was okay.” He said reassuringly.

“Yea, I guess. I just am a little freaked out for some reason.” Rose said honestly. Something didn’t feel right about this, maybe it was the tone in her father’s voice. With everyone surrounding them they had lost sight of Rupert and Acacia. She looked around for at least one of her cousin’s or many family members but was surprised she couldn’t find a large pack of ginger hair.

They waited for another thirty minutes before the aurors slowly allowed people to leave through the floo. Finally Hermione appeared and hugged both Rose and Scorpius. Before even giving a greeting she had them follow her.

They went through the crowd into the entryway were both Rose’s Uncle Harry and Dad were waiting for them. “Scorpius, your father has been attacked. He is okay and had been taken to Saint Mungos, your mother in with him. We are investigating the scene and promise we will get to the bottom of this. You and Rose go be with your family.”

Rose felt Scorpius grow tense next to her. She looked at his face to find a mixture of shock, sadness, grief, and anger. He quickly replied a thank you to her father and practically ran to the floo with Rose.

A/N I really do apologize for the late update! But I’m finally done with school! Anyway, this chapter was half used for you to gain Rose’s perspective on the relationship and half to introduce several things. I’ve planned the next chapters so I should be fast on my updates again! Remember, every author thrives on reviews! 




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