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A/N: And here it is! The chapter you've all been waiting for.
SO SORRY for the long wait. The que is SUPER long and this chapter got rejected :(
Just a few quick disclaimers.

Your Guardian Angel: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Unfortunately I'm not them either.
I Loved Her First: Heartland. Nope still not them.

  George’s P.O.V


The wedding would begin in about an hour. My wedding. I knew I ought to be happy, but I was just not as happy as you would expect a groom to be. I was marrying the girl of my dreams in just a few short hours, but I still felt empty.

I kept thinking of Fred; of how he was not going to be there. He was supposed to be here, standing next to me as my best man as I got married. But he wasn’t and he never would be again.

I walked out into the garden behind the Burrow, and stopped short when I saw it. In the position my best man was supposed to stand, sitting on a tall stool, was a portrait of Fred.

       “I thought it was fitting that it was Fred.” A voice said from behind me. I turned to see Seamus standing behind me, fitting in his best man’s suit still.

       “I didn’t feel right taking his place, knowing that is should have been him.” I gaped at him. Not Luna…

       “You…” I whispered lost for words for a minute. Seamus just nodded at me.

       “Come on. It’s time.” He said before I had time to break down again. I gripped Seamus in a hug before taking my place under the archway.


Luna’s P.O.V


       “Luna pear, it’s time.” I heard her father say from the other side of her door.

I took a deep breath and nodded to Hermione. Since Ginny had bailed on us, I was left with only Hermione as my bride’s maid. I watched as Hermione slid out of the kitchen where we were waiting for our cue.

       “Oh my baby, you look just beautiful!” My father said embracing me as we positioned ourselves in front of the back door to the Burrow.

       “Thank you daddy.” I whispered as he took my hand.

It was time.


George’s P.O.V


The garden behind the Burrow was, of course, decorated beautifully. A sky blue silk runner cut across the sky strung between trees, sprinkled with pale yellow rose petals. White and yellow rose arrangements were spaced strategically throughout the garden. It was simple, yet extremely elegant. An archway had been set up at the end of the aisle, covered in green ivy with white roses arranged in it, had little fairy lights strung across it. Luna and Hermione sure had done an amazing job on the wedding ceremony.


I looked nervously around waiting for the wedding march to start. The place was packed with people. Sitting next to Harry was, of course Bree. They looked like they were getting along well. I quickly glanced at Bree’s lap to see an adorable baby. I guessed this must have been Fred’s daughter. Before I could looked more closely the back door to the Burrow swung open and I saw Luna walk out… if you could call it walking, it was more like gliding. She looked absolutely angelic. The gasps of the guests were lost on his ears as Luna walked down the aisle, a vision of pale blue silk and glistening beads.

I understood the decorations perfectly now. Luna had designed them to match the colour of her dress to a clinch. The blossoming yellow flowers of her bouquet brought out the blush on her cheeks, and her blue pearl earrings matched her eyes and engagement ring flawlessly. I looked away from Luna for a split second to see that most of the crowd was following her with their eyes. I turned back to the front just as Luna reached me.


I looked into her eyes and was shocked to see that they were brimming with tears. For a moment, I panicked. She was regretting everything. She didn’t want to marry me. I had forced her into this to young and early in our relationship. She wasn’t ready.

My thoughts must have been etched on my face because when Luna took my hand she gave it a reassuring squeeze. I smiled down at the beautiful woman in front of me as we turned our attention to Kingsley, who was conducting the ceremony.


       “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today,” Kingsley’s deep voice boomed over the audience as I stared into Luna’s deep blue eyes.

       “You look beautiful, as usual,” I whispered to her in a voice only she could hear. Luna broke out in a cheeky grin as she squeezed our hands together.

       “And you look so happy,” She replied not taking her eyes off mine. Neither of us noticed that Kingsley had addressed us personally until a chorus of small chuckles from the crowd pulled us back to reality.

Luna flushed further as Kinglsey grinned at the two of us before I spoke.

       “I’m sorry, Minister, you were saying?” I said sheepishly turning to look at Luna again.

       “I asked if I could have the rings.” The teasing in Kinglsey’s voice could not be mistaken. Hermione stepped forward, took one of the rings off of Fred’s stool and handed the rings to the couple.

 And then Kingsley started in on the vows. Luna and I had decided beforehand to write out own.

        “Luna,” I began softly, taking a crumpled piece of pater out of my pocket.

       “I love you so much words can’t even begin to describe it. I never thought I would find someone as beautiful and genuine as you. You saved me when I thought no one else could. You refused me to let me slip away from the reality of losing my best friend.” I looked up at Luna to see tears dripping slowly down her cheeks. I quickly wrapped my speech and Luna began hers.

       “From the first time I met you I knew you were something different. There was a light to you that I admired, envied even and after the war I couldn’t bear to see the light die. I wanted you to reobtain the lightness in your eyes, but never once did I imagine that we would fall in love. I don’t regret any of it and I do love you so much.” I stared at Luna, my eyes misting over as she spoke.

After our vows was the big part.

       “George Gideon Weasley, do you take Miss Luna Elizabeth Lovegood to be your lawful wedded wife?” Kingsley’s voice boomed out.

       “I do.” I whispered slipping the ring onto Luna’s finger.

       “And Luna Elizabeth Lovegood, do you take Mr George Gideon Weasley to be your lawful wedded husband?”

       “I…I do.” Luna choked out between her tears.

       “I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” I squeezed Luna’s small hands between mine and captured her lips in a kiss. The reaction was immediate. Sparks flew around us as we broke apart. I looked out over the crowd to see that they were all looking at us in shock. It was obvious they had all seen the connection bound between us.


Luna’s P.O.V


The Wedding moved smoothly into the reception. Since George and I had decided to have an afternoon wedding, the sun was just setting as the reception began. George and I waited outside the large tent that had been set up for the party to be announced. I was brimming with happiness as I stood wrapped in George’s arms.

       “George?” A voice came from behind us. I turned to see a gorgeous blonde standing there with a baby in her arms. This could only be…

       “Bree.” George breathed as we walked over to greet her.

       “Um, I just wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me. Your wedding was absolutely stunning. Also I would like you to meet Karma-Lace.” I looked down at the gorgeous baby in her hands. They looked so much alike, except for the eyes. She had the same eyes and George…and Fred.

       “She’s beautiful.” I whispered as George took her in his arms.

       “Thank you, Bree, for coming.” George said handing Karma-Lace back to Bree. “You better get inside, the reception is about to start.”


The inside of the tent was beautiful. There was a rather large dance floor surrounded by tables decorated in blue and yellow decorations. I knew it was the right idea to have Hermione in charge of these decorations. George and I walked in to the sound of applause as we took our place at the dead of the table. Sitting closest to us was Seamus, Hermione, Harry, Bree, Draco, Lavender and my father and George’s parents.

The speeches were short and sweet, mostly outlining the change in both George and myself since we had gotten together. Finally we were down to the very last one.

Tapping his fork against his glass to get the quests attention again, Seamus stood up and addressed the crowd.

       “In these past few months, I can’t even start to explain how much the people sitting around me mean to me. Something you all should know was that George actually chose me to be his best man at the wedding today. I was honoured of course, but it just didn’t feel right. Fred Weasley was supposed to be the one standing next to George up there, not me. I guess I realized today that life is short, and shouldn’t be wasted. So I would like to sing a song before the reception starts.”

With that Seamus went to the corner of the tent and retrieved his guitar. I smiled knowing exactly what was going to happen. Seamus had cleared this with me weeks ago.

      “This is for Lavender.” Seamus began to sing as Lavender turned a light shade of pink.

Seamus played the opening chords of a song I didn't recognise, but Lavender seemed to fall in love with it immediately.

George squeezed my hand under the table as Seamus wrapped up the song. Lavender was looking at Seamus with tears in her eyes. Seamus placed his guitar on the floor and sat back down next to Lavender, avoiding eye contact with everyone. Lavender leaned over and kissed Seamus on the cheek. The whole table burst into applause at this.


It was finally time for George’s and my first dance as a married couple. George and I took our place in the middle of the dance floor as the song started. We had both decided on the muggle song “Your Guardian Angel” as our wedding song. With all that had happened, it seemed fitting.

George and I moved in time to the music as other couples joined us. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Seamus and Lavender dancing together, while talking quietly, Draco and Hermione and also Bree and Harry.

Soon enough our dance was over and it was time for the Bride’s dance with her father. Daddy walked over to me and gave me an awkward bow. He took my hand from George’s and led me back out onto the dance floor. Tears filled my eyes as I listened to the song my father had chosen. It was our song. The one we had danced to when I was a little girl. “I Loved Her First”.

       “Daddy,” I began trying to find words.

He smiled at me, knowing exactly what the song meant and replied, “I know, Pear. I know.

Other fathers and their daughters quickly joined in the special dance, smiling with the bond that only a father shares with his daughter.


The rest of the reception went as smoothly as planned when it was finally time for me and George to depart.

       “Come on, Mrs. Weasley.” George said with a sly grin. I jumped at the sound of the new name; that would take some time to get used to, “It’s time to make our escape.”

       “Oh, Mr. Weasley, doesn’t that sound nice.” I replied with an equally sly wink.

It took some time to get out of there, seeing as we had to say goodbye to everyone individually, but we finally managed to escape. I had let George handle planning our Honeymoon since I had played the biggest part in planning our wedding. George was being very mysterious about the whole thing and I was anxious to find out where he was taking me.

       “Good-bye!” We shouted and waved from the top of the little hill where our port key was going to take off.

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