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The school term progressed well, we did our work, pranked as many people as we could a week, got a few detentions from said pranks and all in all had fun. Teddy spent as much time as he could with Vic. Causing Johnny to be jealous of anytime he had with him. It had gotten really weird and slightly creepy to see the big beater ensconced in an armchair near Teddy and Vic, watching them with a frightening intensity. 

I was mostly absorbed with messing around with Don and Nick, and doing my work. I had realized halfway through fifth year that I couldn't call Teddy my best friend, that Don and Nick had taken that role. Johnny still hadn't made the same connection though, and was still jealous of me if he saw me talking with Teddy. Despite this, the three of us, Nick, Don and I, often disappeared for hours on end, only to come back to the dorm late at night. Johnny scowled at us whenever we reappeared, and would distract Teddy - who would try to question us as to where we'd been - with whatever he had available. 

Teddy asked constantly where we'd been, what we were up to. We would simply shrug and say wandering. Nick was an insomniac and often needed a walk to wind him down. Don and I had gotten so used to this behavior that we often mimicked it. All three of us were able to function on little sleep, Teddy knew and accepted these answers, although he still didn't entirely believe us. 

Truthfully, it had been Nick's idea, sparked from the speculation that Patronus could possibly predict your Animagus shape. To put this to the test, we had all decided to become Animagi. It wasn't going well. It was a horrifically difficult spell. Thankfully we were able to use the resources that the Room of Requirement could and would supply us with. The Room of Requirement had somehow been repaired by Professor Longbottom in our third year. The purpose? So he could visit the hogs head and talk about times gone past with Aberforth. At least, that was the rumor. It was also possible that it was so there would always be a back door out of Hogwarts. 

Nick stood in the middle of the Room of Requirement. He was currently trying to transfigure himself, and he was having a hard time at it. He snapped the spell, irritation colouring his voice. A spark hit him in the chest burning a yet another hole in his clothes. Because of occasional burns, and hair loss, we had all learnt basic healing spells. Which were ironically, because of the reputation that the healing profession held, were easier to learn and memorize than the Animagus spell.

"Fuck!" Yelled Nick. "This is ridiculous!" He growled and threw the book and his wand across the room. "How long did Teddy say it took his Dads friends?"

"Three years," I supplied unhelpfully. "Can I have a try?" I asked, curious as to why Nick and Don were having so much trouble at this. They both had better grades than I did. I had only received one O in my OWLs and that was for potions.

"Go for it," Nick said sourly. His blue eyes watched me as I went and picked up the book and his wand. I walked back to him and handed over his wand, noting how thin and light it felt to me. I smiled encouragingly at him. And then walked to the centre if the room. 

"Okay, here goes nothing," I said smiling at my friends. I pointed my wand at myself and blanked my mind. I intoned the spell, allowing my magic to spread through me, I wanted really badly to renew Nicks faith in himself, and in me and Don. I wanted to show him I could do, and if I could do it, then he could too. There was an itch. It ran up from my legs, and then out to my hands. I dropped my wand and the book, gasping at the strangeness of it. I could hear Nick cheering, and Don laughing as if from a very long tunnel. I felt myself shrink. It was happening! I laughed, but instead of a human laugh a chuffing growl rolled out into the celebratory air. Nick froze, his blue eyes wide as he took in whatever animal I was. I swung my head to Don, who was grinning appreciatively at my form.

"Nice going, big guy," Don congratulated me. "You're a very large, very black lion." I bared my teeth in a grin and wished there was a mirror so I could see myself. I suddenly saw one off to the side. It took up an entire wall. I tried to walk and fell face forward into the floor. Don roared with laughter, "Hang on Sev, you're a bit caught up in your robes." He walked over and quickly disentangled me. He then walked backward quickly, giving me room to move.

I climbed to my feet, my paws making gentle scuffs against the stone floor. I padded over to the mirror and was amazed at what I saw. I was easily four to four and a half meters long, from the tip of my nose to the end of my tufted tail. I was about a meter and a half at the shoulder, with a luxuriant mane that flowed down from my crown to the bottom of my should blades. My body was covered in soft velvety fur, which was an unrelieved black. My paws were just under the size of dinner plates, and were easily too large for my body. I guessed that meant I would continue to grow as I got older. My eyes were a piercing gold, a slash of black for my pupils, and my broad nose wrinkled as I bared my teeth. My canines were easily as long as my hand, roughly seventeen centimeters. I was highly impressed with myself. I made one gorgeous lion. I looked over at my friends who were looking at me in awe. 

"Wow, you're huge." Nick said. "Stay like that, Don wants to try next." Nick turned to Don, "You ready?" 

Don nodded, he had taken my place in the middle of the room. And he repeated what I'd done. But unlike me, where I'd shrunk, he burst upwards. His arms and legs swelling and sprouting dark brown fur. The great beast stood. Don had become a massive grizzly bear, much like his Patronus. He roared, the room shook with its force. Nick looked terrified. Don lumbered over to where I was, and casually batted me out of the way. I went arse over tit. A bit miffed I sat up, and was stunned again by the sheer size of him.

He was easily four and a half meters tall when he stood upright, his paws were the size of dust bin lids; thick black claws adorned them. His teeth were close to thirty centimeters long. But his eyes were still a gentle brown. It was still Don for all the astonishing size and strength of him. I prowled around him, looking for an identifying mark, and found nothing. Perhaps it was because his eyes were the same, I reasoned.

I looked over at Nick, who was watching us wistfully. I walked over to the book and batted it over to him, he nodded and sighed. 

"Okay, here goes," He said. He tried to repeat what we'd done and again he zapped himself. I slapped the floor, again I gestured, again. He nodded and repeated his actions. 

This time however, he shrunk at an alarming rate. I padded over to him worriedly, and hooked his clothes with a claw. I removed them, revealing a large bird. It was brown tipped with darker brown banding. At nearly a meter in height, he was small compared to us, but he a very big bird. His predator eyes fixed me with their golden glow, he flapped his wings that tip to tip were as long as I was and flew over to the mirror. He preened his feathers, clearly pleased. He too had become his Patronus. A large brown snake eagle. 


"Hey, Nick, you know how Teddy wakes us up each morning with that klaxon noise of his?" I said after breakfast on morning.

"How can I forget?" Nick asked sourly, "I hit my head from falling out of bed this morning." I winced in sympathy, remembering my own fall out of bed.

"What have you got in mind?" Don asked me, his demeanor calm, despite yelling at Teddy this morning and punching the wall. His anger had frightened Teddy so much, that Teddy had fled the scene, leave Johnny to get ready on his own. Johnny hadn't been happy.

"I was thinking that maybe a certain grizzly guy could wake him up tomorrow?" I suggested, "Or even that guy who's just lion around?" I grinned.

Don laughed and clapped me on the shoulder, "Brilliant idea, Sev." He chortled. "I call shots!" Don laughed happily, grinning at us. 

Nick nodded in agreement, "We just cast a charm upon ourselves to wake up at dawn, it shouldn't be too hard." We walked to potions discussing how we'd get back at Teddy.


The next morning we all awoke at dawn, Nick and I sat on my bed and watched as Don changed. We waited for the first rays of sunlight lit the sky. As they did so, Don walked over to Teddy's bed. He swept the curtains back, and loomed over the sleeping sixteen year old. Don swelled with air, and let out a shattering bellow. Teddy leapt about sky high, his hair turning white with fear. Nick and I howled with laughter. Johnny screamed at the sight of Don, and scrambled for his wand. 

I hastily disarmed him, "Alright Don, fun's over, change back mate." I laughed at Teddy's face as the giant bear turned into Don. 

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Screamed Johnny, he too had woken up at the sound of Dons roar. He didn't look happy.

"Nothing," Nick laughed. "It's payback for being woken up by Teddy each and every year." Dom and I collapsed into gales of laughter again.

"You became an Animagus just to prank me?" Teddy asked incredulously, his hair gradually returning to its normal colour as he got control of himself.

"Nope, that was just a bonus," Nick replied. Eyeing Don and I as we rolled around on the floor. "We wanted to see what we'd become, and if our Patronuses are in anyway an indicator to an animaguses shape." Nick said calmly. 

"Can you two cut it out?" Johnny snapped finally, his mood was completely feral. "It wasn't that funny." 

"I beg to differ!" I gasped, still rolling on the bed, laughing.

"So, what are you then? I presume all three of you can change shapes?" Teddy asked. Johnny had gotten up and seemed like he was trying to drown himself in the shower. Talk about unable to take a joke, I thought.

"Well, I'm an eagle, brown with dark brown barring. I'm a snake eagle, apparently. We identified it using several books. It took a while." Nick said. Before turning to stare at me, regarding me with disgust, "That joker down there is-" 

He was cut of as Don yelled out, "Lion around!" Don broke out into gales of laughter again.

"Lying around?" Teddy questioned.

"Yeah, lion around," I agreed, and changed my shape. My great black paws were stuck up in the air. Teddy let out a yell, and leapt back a bit.

"A lion? You're a lion?" He said weakly, "How Gryffindor of you." He watched me enviously as I stretched and got up. I padded over to him and jumped up onto his bed, wrapping my paws around his shoulders and licked him from chin to forehead. 

"Get off me you overgrown kitten," Yelped Teddy. He shoved me back, sending me over the side of his bed and onto the floor with a thud. Insulted, I stalked over to my bed and flopped onto it. I started humming with pleasure when Nick started to pet me. "Overgrown Kitten," Teddy reiterated with amusement. "So where did you guys learn this?" 

Don shrugged, "ROR." 

Teddy nodded, "Cool, how long did it take you?" 

"About a month, pretty much since that DADA lesson. If Sev hadn't been so desperate to prove we could do it, we probably never would have." Nick said, running his hands through the mane of the lion next to him. I huffed with pleasure at the compliment. I nudged his hand away, and he stopped stroking my mane. With a single thought I changed back to human again.

Johnny walked out of the shower, "Have you stopped now?" he asked quietly, looking at Don nervously.

"Yes." Nick said, "We didn't mean to scare you so badly. It was just for a laugh." 

"It's okay," Johnny said, his eyes still a little wild. "Will you teach Teddy and I to be animagi too?" He asked finally.

"If you want," I agreed. He nodded. "Then sure, tonight?" Johnny nodded again, clearly not trusting himself to speak. 

Teddy was more enthusiastic, "Yeah, that'd be great." 

He was so excited by this, that he didn't notice the morning post, nor the owl that landed by his elbow. He was too busy having a hushed conversation with Don about the spell needed and where we would go, that I simply took the letter from the owl and told it, that I'd tell Teddy to send a reply later.

"Teddy, your letter, I sent the owl already." I said laughing at his chagrined expression.

He tore the letter open and read the contents. "It's from Uncle Harry, he's invited us all to stay with him this Christmas. There is going to be a big do on at the Burrow this year, and he wants as many people to come. Can you guys make it?" Teddy asked us. We all nodded, spending Christmas with the legendary Potters would be amazing. I couldn't wait.

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