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Our Adventures(well err, sort of) with the Red Avengers by WeasleyTwins15
Chapter 4 : Offers from the Red Avengers.
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 A/N Here’s the next chapter! Yet again this all belongs to the wonderful J.K. Rowling and I just borrow it. Hope yall like it! Don’t forget to review, please.


*Blayne’s POV

She chooses to sit by Luna instead of me. I glared at her the entire meal; afterwards she decided to grace me with her presence.

“Go away.” I look ahead.

“Oh come on, just because Cho is sane it’s my fault?” Jade asks.

“Yes, yes it is.” I continue down the hall on my way to the astronomy tower. She just sighed and followed.  The rest of our night was quite uneventful, besides seeing Fred and George cleaning all the trophies. Apparently that’s ‘detention’, which is far better than what was punishment across the pond.

The next day Jade was no longer my public enemy number one.

“Okay, I’ve decided you’re okay. You have been forgiven.” I stated as I sat down at breakfast.

“Why have I been forgiven oh-so-easily?” Her eyebrow rose as I piled food onto my plate.

“Well, for starters, I need to talk to you and two, “Jade cut me off.

“You know no one else right?” She asked and was awarded a glare.

“…Just kidding…sheesh.” Jade smirked.

“Anyways,” I glanced over at the Slytherin table, “I have a new enemy.” I was answered with Jade’s questioning look.

“Pansy Parkinson, I believe.” I glared at the back of a black haired girl, sitting behind Jade.

“Who?” She turned to see who I was glaring at. Before I could answer somebody blocked my view, well two somebodies, to be correct.

“Hey.” They greeted us in unison. It was Fred and Freakin’ George.

“Can we help you with something?” Jade asked, clearly angry at their critique of her quidditch skills.

“We figured since you two look to be in need of a few pointers.” One started, I had yet to distinguish an identifier for each of them.

“We’d be honored to help you.” His twin finished, both gingers grinning at us.

“Wait, what do you mean by ‘pointers’?” I asked using actual air quotations.

“For one, you two need help figuring out the castle,” The second twin started, George maybe, “And we know every inch of it.” The first finished, presumably Fred. “It couldn’t hurt to make a few friends and perhaps get a couple quidditch tips either.”  It was starting to creep me out how they finished one another’s sentences.

“Thanks, but we don’t need your help.” Jade said through gritted teeth.

“Oh yes. You do.”

“Okay,” She started. “Why on Earth would you want to make us BETTER at quidditch? Doesn’t that ruin your chances?” Jade asked.

“Well,” Fred said, “It’d do us some good to actually run into some competition out on the pitch. The other teams are pathetic.”

“So this would just be a way to make friends?” I asked a bit confused.

“Basically.” George grinned at Fred.

“Right…” I looked towards Jade.

She faked a smile. “We’ll have to get back to you.”

“Ha, I told you Ang.” A boy was laughing from down the Hall, over by the Gryffindor table.

Angeline Johnson walked over with Lee, the laughing boy, following close behind. “Dear lord, Blayne, Jade I’m sorry. I had hoped to get to you before these two did.” She glared at the twins.

“May I ask why?” Jade looked at her.

“Because they, like Lee, need to leave you alone.” She explained as the three boys laughed.

“Jeez, Angie you sound like Hermione.” Lee piped up and earned a glare.

“Or our mum.” George, honestly how can I tell these two apart, said.

“Just please leave them alone!” Angeline yelled, throwing her hands in the air.

George laughed. “Ya, not likely.”

“Fine, but at least be civil to them, or Merlin forbid, nice.” She stated.
Jade and I were watching, both enjoying this little episode.

“Us? Come on, we’re ALWAYS nice!” Fred defended himself.

George feigned hurt. “We only came over to ask if they need to be shown around the castle.”

“And if they needed quidditch lessons.” They grinned at her.

“And as I said earlier, we’ll need to get back to you on that.” I grabbed Jade and left the Great Hall.

All throughout the day the twins would pop us and ask us if we had decided. As we were walking back to the common room the two gingers appeared in front of us.

I screamed. “If you do that one more time I think I’ll have to murder you.” They just laughed, clearly amused. Jade rolled her eyes.

“ So have you…?” Fred began.

Jade broke. “YES! We will take the freaking offer, if it means you two will stop popping up every free moment.”

“Not a possibility, but meet us on the pitch tomorrow at 8.” And then they were gone.

“I swear, one more unannounced meeting,” I was cut off.

“I’ll murder them.” We laughed and walked to the tapestry, solving yet another riddle.

The next day was spent dreading the upcoming night, at least on my part. I still don’t know how they expect me to fly. At night, this was going to end perfectly. Not.

“Jade! I’m serious I’m going to fall and die.” I tried telling her as we made our way to dinner.

“Blayne, you fall half the time as is, yet here you are still alive.”  I glared at her attempt to ease my mind.

Finally we were walking to the Pitch and Jade was rambling on about how she was perfectly fine at quidditch, without their help no less. We meet the twins and about an hour into our ‘lesson’ they decided we needed to play two vs. two.

“Absolutely not, nope not happening.”

“Aw, why not Blayne?” Fred questioned, I had figured out his hair was slightly shorter than Georges and George was slightly tanner. Thus, I could now identify them and I was quite proud of this feat.

“It is way too dark now. I am most definitely going to fall off and die.” They all laughed.

Jade smiled and spoke up, “You won’t die. Perhaps end up in the hospital wing.”

“Thanks, I feel so much better.” George opened his mouth to say something when a purr came from the stands.

“Bloody cat! Filch is probably right behind her.” He said.

“Isn’t this lovely?” I asked sarcasm heavy in my voice. “Third day out here and we’re just out right after curfew and about to get caught, wonderful.” Jade laughed, and we started up to the castle, careful of our sounds.

We hid behind some tapestry as we heard Filch enter the doors.

“Ouch, that’s my foot!” I yelped. Someone mumbled sorry as Fred looked out of the tapestry.

He walked out, followed by the three of us “I think we’re clear.”

“Wormtail! Your foot!” A voice whisper-yelled, yet there was no one else in the hall. The boys looked at one another and mouthed Wormtail.

“Look.” Jade pointed to a foot that was by itself, no body, leg, anything.

“I think we can come out now.” Another voice spoke.

Suddenly four boys appeared in the middle of the hall.

“We are getting far too big for that thing, Prongs.” A sandy haired boy said.

Well there ya go, chapter four. Hmm, who have they run into?

I’m sorry for the long periods between chapters but school just ended and I now have time to write. Hopefully the next will be posted soon! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to review, we appreciate it! - Gabby



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Our Adventures(well err, sort of) with the Red Avengers: Offers from the Red Avengers.


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