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 Somehow, along the way, I re-read THG trilogy and this became a crossover. Yay for crossovers.

SO, The Hunger Games, plot line, general idea, maybe some character inspiration, ALL belong to Suzanne Collins- almightly creator of the Panem universe. 

AND, the character of Teddy, Crouch and their various friends, the universe of Harry Potter, generally everything not Hunger Games, belongs to the almightly JK Rowling! 

LET THE GAMES BEGIN. And may the reviews, be ever in my favour.



His strength was growing, a little at a time. He ordered Rowle to leave to Britain, to retreive his father’s bone from where it lay in the Hogwarts grounds. A vial of blood from any mudblood or blood traitor he could find and Rowle’s own flesh.

The old regenerative potion that the Lord had used the first time around. A classic, a proven saviour. The revial from the kiss had destroyed and charred his body to the point of death, but he wasn’t dead. He had his soul, what was left of it and his body would grow to new heights.

So when he decided, that with the help of Rowle, he could take over the muggle’s Ministry, he was certain that he would be strong enough. He apparated, along with Rowle, to this muggle President’s office. This is where he met the games, what Voldemort had been missing all along. This is where he saw the Capitol, and what the muggles had been hiding so well. For so many years.

While the wizarding population had been tearing themselves apart, with Death Eaters and Harry Potter and the wars, the German muggles had done what they’d be threatening to for years. They’d created science, science like magic. Crouch wasn’t Arthur Weasley, he didn’t understand it, but they had something like magic now. It was weaker, and it need machines, but they were torturing and killing like Voldemort used to. But better. And they hid it well too, with forcefields and secrets. They had ultimate control.

And then there were the Games. The Hunger Games, they were called. With a drop of truth potion, the President told everything. How Germany had hidden themselves, how none of mainland Europe, torn, sad, starving Europe, none of the English, the blind, rich English or the other contients with other loyalties cared for this Holocaust scarred country. How the loser of muggle wars had found a way to punish the people and soilders, that lost it for them.

He said it started with Hitler, that’s what President Stone said. He said, after the civil war, that the British took no part in, half of Germany was dead. He was a strong soilder, origanally American, full of ideas about Communism and Captialism. He took on the role of President. He taught the people English, the children were forced to speak it, and he set up the Games. So no civil war dared break out again.

But these are Crouch’s games now.

“IMPERIO” the muggle world was his. A few dead ‘MPs’ and Rowle was given the title of ‘Head Gamemaker’.

The show must go on, but with just a touch more magic.



At the beach, true to their word, Luna and Kate were surfing in muggle wetsuits,

“Are they even using a warming charm?” asked Teddy nervously as Daniel stripped off into his boxers, snow attacked his brown legs like a flurry of insects, Daniel barely noticed. Teddy couldn’t help but notice Daniel’s semi-nakedness.

“Doubt it,” said Daniel cheerfully,conjuring a bright purple wet suit and slipping into it like a second skin. “Come on! It’ll be fun I swear!”

Daniel tossed his wand onto the sand and Teddy stared at him,

“You’re not even going to use a warming charm?”

“Stop being a girl, Ted!”

“I’m not doing this,” shrieked Teddy. And with that he stalked off to the house, leaving Daniel to race into the sea and join his mother.

Like many of the houses in the village, the garden of the Shacklebolt’s backed straight on to the beach, Teddy opened the gate into the wide, jungle-like garden and fought his way down the twisting path to the house, snow crunching underfoot.

“Alright Teddy,” called Kingsley from the patio, where he was residing in a louge chair doing paperwork. He wore short, dark blue robes with bare legs and flipflops. Seriously, you’d think they were in the tropics, not Cornwall in January.

“Do you know how cold it is here?” said Teddy, he was dressed sensibly in jeans and a Weasley jumper, wobbly ‘T’ and all. His face was at his standard ‘Teddy’ face. He didn’t like morphing that much anymore. No one ever recognised him unless he set himself on one face to always have. He had floppy brown hair and clear grey-blue eyes, he was taller than Daniel and skinnier too. He had a goatee at the moment and looked kind of like a librarian.

“Minus two degrees Celcius,” said Kingsley cheerfully, Teddy shuddered and walked into the blisteringly warm kitchen, he took off his scarf and gloves and left them on the radiator. Rolf was in the smaller, cosy sitting room, reading a muggle book about animals. He was a slight man with flowing, red robes and ruddy skin, worn by the sun. His eyes were huge and knowing and he pored over the book with such passion that Teddy felt bad disrupting him, he backed out of the room silently, slipping on a toy car and crashing to the ground as he did so.

“Jesus, Teddy. Are you alright?” said Rolf, jumping to his feet to lift Teddy from the ground. Teddy blushed furiously,

“I’m fine,” he mumbled. Rolf flashed his startlingly white teeth at him and settled back down into the armchair in which he’d been reading.

“Good book?”

“The best. Muggles might not have manticores but they have super cool venomous spiders and stuff!” exclaimed Rolf, eyes brightening like a child’s.

Teddy winced at the idea of spiders and sat on a squashy sofa opposite him, the fire was crackling cheerfully and the large window that covered one wall gave the perfect view of the garden and behind that, the beach. Teddy saw the figures of Daniel and the others jumping in the waves and Kingsley, still working away in those flipflops.

Lining the cream walls of the little sitting room were photographs of Daniel and Abby as kids, their parent’s wedding and several funny pictures from parties and such. Teddy noticed one he’d seen before, his parents, a man with a glass eye and a scarred face, Kingsley himself and a few other people he didn’t recognise, sat around a table all moving. His parents laughed together, the man with the eye winked slightly. Teddy sighed deeply. Not remembering them, it hurt, and the only father he’d ever have was Harry.

He stared into space as Rolf picked up a newspaper. Rolf fed him bits of news in a bright chatty voice, telling him of the new Azkaban, and the Quidditch scores. But his face darkened as he read the back page, his usual favourite, on magical wildlife.

“Teddy, hear this. The European Magical Creatures Trust is reporting numbers of unicorns in mainland Europe, around France and Germany, have dropped by 12%. Twelve percent! That’s crazy!”

“Doesn’t seem that much,” replied Teddy, watching as Rolf grew angrier.

“Are you mad?! They’re basically immortal, rarely diseased, too fast to be hunted. I should, I ought to, Floo the EMCT or, or something!” he stood up, tripped over his robes and rushed out the room.

Teddy picked up the paper and read it carefully, there seemed to be no outright cause for these death. And Rolf seemed worried.

And then, he saw, a few pages back, on ‘Muggle news’ that several German muggle MPs had been killed in a freak accident. In the same area as the unicorns. And his feelings, his bad feelings, they were multiplying by the second. What was happening in Europe?

His mind whirred fretfully, and by the time Daniel was back, a plan was formed.

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