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"What's going on?" Teddy asked, as Johnny dragged him away from the fifth year girls at a fast pace. "Why was I dragged away from my girlfriend?"

"Johnny got asked by Natasha for a date on the next Hogsmead weekend, and he freaked!" I chortled. Ignoring Johnny's murderous glances my way. Teddy also started to laugh, and Johnny looked tragically put upon. "It's okay, Johnny, I doubt she's planning your first borns name like the last one did!" I howled with laughter.

At this, Teddy lost it. Johnny glared at me murderously. 

The girl mentioned had been apart of the Johnny Stark Appreciation Group, or JSAG, and had let slip during their date in fifth year that she thought that Antonio Stark would be a good name for their first born son, and did he agree. Naturally Johnny freaked out and bolted, yelling about doing Teddy or something, which had led to the rumors of Johnny being gay. Which had the repercussions of a group of young boys forming the Bi and Gay Men's Group For Johnny Stark or BGMFJS, which tag teamed with the Nicholas Hacker Appreciation Group (NHAG). It had taken us 6 months to clean up after that, and during that time Teddy and Victoirè had started dating. We all had our own appreciation group, but mine had changed their name around to the Appreciation Group for Severus Prince, AGSP; something about SPAG being unfortunate, or something. Dons was by far the largest, as it consisted of both straight boys, girls as well as the gay guys. Don's group hadn't been particularly smart when they named it the Gordon Howl Appreciation Group, or GHAG, something that Nick and I found hilarious. Teddy's was the smallest, naturally because no one expected him and Victoirè to break up. In fact there were running bets on whether they would get married before of after school. 

"Hey, earth to Sevvy," Teddy yelled into my ear, his hand wrapped around my neck. His deafening voice echoing in my ears.

"Yeow!" I yelped, and retaliated by punching him in the gut. "Was that necessary?" I asked plaintively. Johnny was howling with laughter, clutching his sides at Teddy's expression. We very rarely slugged him one, Johnny and I usually were the ones fighting.

"Yeah, I'd say so," Teddy said, still cradling his injured side."You pack quite a punch, Sev." He commented, lifting his shirt and checking out his side. A large red mark was clearly spreading up his side. 

"Aw, man, you busted Teddy, Vic's gonna chew you out." Johnny laughed at me, his blue eyes twinkling. I groaned, tipping my head back, it was an unspoken agreement between us and Victoirè that we didn't rough up Teddy too bad, or she'd scream bloody murder at us. I slapped my palm into my forehead.

"Johnny, why did you have to remind me of that?" I moaned, suddenly dreading lunchtime. Teddy was grinning at me, still clutching his side in exaggerated agony.

"Because, it wouldn't be funny if you walked into that unknowingly," He chuckled.

"I hate my life," I bemoaned my fate that awaited me in two hours. Johnny unhelpfully reminded me of the last time any of us had been yelled at by Vic, and Teddy started to play up his soreness, adding to my increasing hysteria. As charms progressed the two of them had a lot of fun at my expense. As class finished, I had only one possible outcome for lunch time.

"She's going to kill me," I mourned. "Give me a good burial, yeah?"


"Come on, Sev, you're gonna miss lunch," Johnny cackled, I noticed, not for the first time, that he had a truly evil and sadistic side to him.

"I dunno, missing lunch sounds great to me," I muttered, dragging my feet behind me. Teddy and Johnny exchanged equally evil grins, as the bodily picked me up and hauled me to my doom.

"Nooooo!" I howled, "You can't make me, I won't do it. Put me down you great buffoons!" 

Teddy laughed in delight, his face split by a huge grin. Johnny helped him deposited me across the table from Vic. Vic looked a little surprised by our entrance, and raised a delicate eye brow at me.

"What have you done now?" She asked, her voice sweet and clear. I winced, and ducked my head and tried to make myself as small as possible. "Doing that won't help you, you're over six foot tall. Out with it, what have you done?" 

"He punched Teddy," Johnny said gleefully, grinning fit to burst.

Victoirè gazed at me calmly, "Is this true?" I nodded mournfully, flinching when she opened her mouth again. "Well I don't see what the problem is," She said completely unruffled. "Sev looks completely miserable there, did you really think I'd yell at such a wretched person, Teddy Lupin?" She turned her gaze upon her boyfriend, who had straddled the bench next to her.

"Uh, no?" He said, ducking his head in embarrassment. Teddy looked horrified at what he'd almost implied about his girl. I couldn't help a weak chuckle escape.

"Aw. Vic's gone soft," Johnny moaned. "I was looking forward to that." He sighed and snagged a sandwich from the pile, chewing it thoughtfully.

"As for you," Vic said suddenly. "Why are you encouraging Tash?" 

"What? I'm not encouraging her, she asked me!" Johnny protested. I perked up, looked like I wouldn't be yelled at, but it was always fun to watch Johnny get chewed out.

"Yes, I know, but you said you'd think about it," Vic snapped.

"I'm not going to do anything about it, I'll make some excuse come Hogsmead. She's too, you know." Johnny made a curving gesture towards his chest. "She's too small." Johnny shrugged dismissively, returning to his lunch, missing Vic's expression.

Vic stared at him in disgust, "You are foul!" She snarled. Teddy was staring at Johnny in amusement, shaking his head.

"What? What did I do?" Johnny asked in confusion, completely missing Teddy's gesturing to shut up.

Vic just shot him a look of pure disgust and stalked off, her silvery hair swinging behind her. Johnny stared after her in utter bemusement.

"What just happened?" Johnny asked in confusion, staring after Vic. 

Teddy stared at Johnny in dismay, "You're an idiot, that's what happened." He then dashed after Victoirè.

I simply shrugged and continued to eat my food. "I'm with Teddy on that one." I shrugged again. And snagged a few more sandwiches. Nick and Don had walked into the hall. They sat on either side of me when they reached the Gryffindor table. Their discussion was cut off by the mood that Johnny was projecting.

"What happened now?" Nick asked tiredly. Arithmancy was fairly mind boggling, and Nick always came back from it mentally exhausted.

"Johnny insulted Vic's friend Natasha. He pretty much said she's too small in the chest area, expecting Vic to understand as a guy would. But Vic didn't, and when he said he was basically planning on making excuses instead of telling her that he doesn't want to go with her next Hogsmead." I quickly started to explain. "Vic, naturally took offense to that." I shrugged eloquently.

"Oh shit," Johnny said, comprehension dawning on his face. And with that he took off, swearing comprehensively. "Gotta tell Vic I didn't mean it like that!"

"That boy is a moron." Don said, looking after Johnny with pursed lips.

"Agreed." Nick said, as he scooped up salad things. "So how was Charms?" 

The rest of lunch past pleasantly enough, and we discussed our lessons. We met up with the other boys at the DADA classroom. Johnny had clearly been forgiven for his indiscretion, and was back next to Teddy chatting away loudly about something or other. Nick and Don rolled their eyes at Johnny's antics.

Professor Shoenell, an ex-Auror, was standing in the doorway, chivvying people inside.

"Books away please, we will be learning to cast patronuses today. While a Patronus is a charm, it lies solely in defense against the dark arts, for the simple reason that it is protection against dark beings." Schoenell walked to the front or the room. "Now, I am going to call you up one by one, and you will attempt to cast the Patronus charm. Then once you have grasped the basics you are to move around the room where you will spend the rest of the lesson practicing it. Do not expect to get it in one lesson, this is really advance magic." The professor paused, "Mr. Stark, we will start with you."

Johnny stood up and swaggered to the front, his wand held out before him. He looked at the Professor expectantly.

"Now, think of something happy, focus on that memory, and let it fill you up. The spell is Expecto Patronum, you may begin." 

"Expecto Patronum!" Johnny said, his face fierce with concentration. A wisp of silver drifted from the tip of his wand, but other than that, nothing happened. Johnny deflated, his confidence waned. Johnny was one of the best at DADA in our year. And if he couldn't get it. I shuddered at the thought. 

"Excellent, Mr. Stark, you may begin practicing on your own now." Professor Schoenell ushered him away, "Next."

By the time my turn had come and gone, and everyone had been practicing for around an hour, we realized just how hard this lesson was, how advanced this magic was. I had my wand pointed into the air, And I thought hard, and I felt an emotion, it wasn't happiness, not exactly. I felt myself swell as I thought of my friends, the love I had for my family. I felt myself about to burst with it. "Expecto Patronum!" I shouted, and a large silvery thing burst into the air. It bounded the length of the classroom, fangs shining in the light. It turned its broad head my way, ears flattened in rage. I stared at the massive lion, it's tufted tail twitching ready to pounce. As I watched it, it faded away.

"Excellent, Mr. Prince, thirty points to Gryffindor!" Professor Schoenell applauded. "That was the perfect example of a corporeal Patronus." My friends grinned at me, I didn't even realize I was grinning, but as I cast the spell again I felt it split my face. This time the lion wasn't wrathful, but rather calm as it paced the room, before fading once more. "An excellent Patronus. You are clearly a true Gryffindor!"

Teddy was laughing in delight, for me. Before he too waved his wand, yelling "Expecto Patronum!" A giant silver wolf bounded from his wand, it raced around the room, completely hyper. 

Johnny laughed at Teddy's wolf's antic, before turning his attention to casting the spell, his Patronus was a dog or more specifically a coyote. Cheekily gleeful it jogged around, teasing Teddy's wolf's and narrowly avoiding the wolfs snapping jaws. 

Don and Nick, emboldened by our successes cast theirs next. Don cast a large Grizzly Bear, while Nick sent out an eagle. I watched them enraptured, before they slowly faded away.

"Excellent, excellent!" Proclaimed Professor Schoenell. "Thirty points each, for such good corporeal patronuses." He clapped his hands to get our attention. "I think, that a reward is in order, class dismissed!" He said smiling. The class cheered and quickly exited talking about the Patronuses they had just seen.

"Teddy, your wolf, that's your Dad, isn't it?" I asked him quietly. Thinking about mine, was mine my dads? Or something else?

"Yeah, I'd say so," Teddy grinned, happy for another connection to his Dad. I smiled back at him, my face solemn and thoughtful. "What about yours? Do you think that has anything to do with your dad? Or maybe something else?" Teddy gazed at me, his eyes suddenly serious.

"I don't think it was my dad, I think it was something else. I wish I'd bothered to find my dad before now." I screwed my eyes up, frowning fiercely. Did the lion mean anything but that I was in Gryffindor?

"You always said it didn't matter, that your adopted parents were your true mum and dad," Nick soothed, grabbing my shoulder to give me support.

Johnny nodded, for once not being an arse, "Yeah, you are a good guy, even if you don't know who your dad was." He shared a look with Teddy and Don, as they watched Nick wrap an arm around my shoulders and squeeze.

"Yeah, I know, but I wish I knew, you know?" I said. And then shrugged dismissively, and grinned at Nick in thanks. Don punched my shoulder and grinned at me.

"So, what have we got next?" Johnny asked as he pulled out his timetable. Clearly the heart to heart session was over. "Oh goody, I have muggle studies." He grinned.

"Why do you even do that subject, you're a muggle born." Don muttered, rolling his shoulders as he walked.

"It's a bludge, that's why." Johnny laughed, as he walked off. "See ya's!"

"C'mon, we have potions," I said, consulting my timetable. Nick and Teddy nodded in agreement, while Don grimaced in disgust.

"Great." He grunted. "Hey, do you think that our patronuses have any telling on what we'd be as animagi?" He asked suddenly as we made our way down to the dungeons.

"No idea, it's worth checking out though," Nick said thoughtfully. 

"I'd like to be an animagus." I said, "What about you Teddy?" I asked

"Yeah, that'd be cool, I guess, but didn't we say we didn't have a reason to?" he said, frowning slightly in thought. "I'd probably be a wolf." He muttered finally.

"Or a bear, you know, for Teddy?" I said cheekily, grinning.

"You didn't," Teddy said, glaring at me, "You are going down!"

I yelped and took off, wondering why I had made a Teddy bear joke, it wasn't exactly cohesive to a healthy lifestyle. I was panting heavily by the time I reached the potions lab, and a class was just exiting as I arrived.

"Hello Sev," Greeted Victoirè. "Why are you running?" Vic was staring at me, I was sure I was red faced and sweaty from running down five flights of stairs.

"Made a teddy bear joke at Teddy," I gasped. "Ran for my life."

"You're an idiot," She commented, her eyes laughing. "So how was DADA?"

"Good, we learnt to cast patronuses. Mine is a lion." I wheezed, still out of breath. Vic looked at me impressed.

"What was Teddy's?" She asked quietly, I think she had guessed what it was, but still she was polite to ask. That was Vic, polite, kind, compassionate and caring. With one hell of a temper. 

"What was my what?" Asked Teddy as he walked up to us. I straightened up, sidling up behind Vic, still scared for my life.

"Your Patronus, what is it?" Vic asked as she stood on tip toes to kiss Teddy sweetly, her eyes half closed. Teddy wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her close, and kissed her back. "So what is it?" She asked again breathlessly, her silvery blue eyes looking up at him like he was the only person in the world.

"A wolf," He murmured as her pressed kisses down her jawline. She smiled and ran a hand through his hair.

"For your dad?" She asked gently, stroking his face.

"Yeah," Teddy smiled

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