Hey everyone. I noticed when I was reading the previous  chapter over, I had said “Coming back to the president” instead of “Coming back to the present” that just shows how much modern studies revision I had been doing (too much) but oh well at least it’s over!  Only two exams left! For those of you who took higher maths (I have no idea the age range of my lovely readers) I hope it went better for you than it did for me! Paper two was awful! Anyway, here is chapter two! Please review?! :)






Hermione froze, just hearing his voice. It was like seventh year all over again. Without looking up she could already tell that he would be flawless, his blond hair flopping in front of his forehead, piercing blue eyes, snow pale skin. She could smell him, his cologne filled the air around her; it was the same one she bought him for his seventeenth, just after their first date. Hermione’s chest tightened, it was hard to breathe. After five years apart, just being in the same room as him was overwhelming.






Draco was stunned. Here in front of him was the girl, no woman, he loved. Who he had been searching for, for years, and now, by luck, happened to be on the same plane as him. His mind drew a blank, after spending years trying to perfect what he imagined he would say when he finally found her, now that she was here, he could think of nothing.






As the two continued two stare at each other Blaise decided to take a nap. Let them work it out between themselves he thought.






A noise from behind Hermione caused her to look away from Draco. Isabella was awake.



“Mummy, where are we?” She got up and walked unsteadily to her mother.



“Darling we are on the plane to London. You fell asleep princess.” She pulled her daughter up till she was sitting on her lap.



“Oh. Who are they?” She pointed at the two men, Draco, on sight of seeing his daughter had collapsed into the chair next to Blaise. He knew that was his daughter,  she looked exactly as his mother, Narcissa, had looked as a child, except for the deep chocolate eyes, those she got from her own  mother.



“Isabella this is my good friend Blaise Zabini and his friend Draco Malfoy. Blaise this is my daughter Isabella Charlotte Granger.” At her words, Draco winced, having Granger as his daughter’s last name hurt. He couldn’t blame her though.  



“Mummy can I watch a movie?” Her daughter asked, after studying the two men, one smiled kindly at her but the other just stared at her with his mouth wide open. “Excuse me sir but you shouldn’t stare at people, my mummy told me it’s impolite.” She told him.



Hermione and Blaise burst out laughing at the young girls’ statement whilst Draco just stared at her even more.



“Go watch a movie darling. Mummy is going to talk to her friends.”



Once her daughter was settled and watching Scooby Doo she turned back to the boys.



“So... this is awkward.” Blaise said.



“Shut up Blaise! Hermione, I can’t believe it’s really you.” Draco breathed.



“Yeah, Hermione Granger in the flesh.” She told him



They sat in silence; she was waiting for him to say something when...



“Please just give me a chance to explain. I love you.” He begged her.



“Blaise already told me everything.” She nodded at their friend who had put his headphones in and fallen asleep in attempt to give them some privacy.



“Wow, he really is the best mate a guy could ask for.” He said softly, he turned back to face her. “Mione, I really am so so sorry. When you walked in on me and Parkinson, I was telling her to get off. I’d taken a nap that afternoon, if you remember, it was just after my Quidditch training and I was tired. When I woke up I felt someone on top of me, at first I thought it was you so I didn’t tell her to get off but then she spoke and I was trying to get her off when you walked in.” He rushed to tell her, he had to make sure she understood that he loved her. 



“Draco...I...I know now that you would never cheat on me, and the fact that you have been searching for me for so long proves that you do love me... but..” She trailed off not sure how to finish.



“But what, Mi? Is there someone else? I see no ring.” He took her hands in his.



“There doesn’t have to be a ring for me to have someone else!” She hissed, snatching her hands back. “But no, the only person in my life is my daughter.”



“Our daughter you mean.” He corrected her.



“No. I mean my daughter. I don’t know what you are thinking Draco but you cannot just waltz back into our life as if everything was normal.” She told him.



“But Mione, just think, it would be like we never broke up, you and me raising our daughter together.” He pleaded.



“Draco you don’t understand, I’ve changed! You’ve changed; we are not the same people that we were nearly five years ago! We’ve grown up!” She stood up and paced up and down the aisle, before crossing to the button that the flight attendant had told her about, she pressed and ordered for a glass of white wine and a pepperoni pizza to be sent up, along with some pasta for her daughter.



“Does this mean you will not let me in her life then?” He asked, once she had gotten the food and wine.



Taking a bite of pizza she paused before answering, “No, Draco, I am not going to keep you out of your daughter’s life. She needs her daddy. Whenever she asked about her daddy I could never speak about you. But now, I think it will be good for her to get to know you.” She considered.



“Excellent so when we get back in London you and Isabella can come and stay with me at the Manor.” He stated.



“Oh no Draco, we couldn’t, I was planning on staying at my parents. They don’t even know about Bella. I haven’t spoken to them for five years. These two weeks were my chance to catch up before coming back home.”



“Nonsense I insi...” Her words suddenly registered in his mind, “”Two weeks? You’re only here for two weeks?! London is your home not America!”



“I could only get two weeks of work, besides I don’t want to stay in London when there are people like Weasley going about. Blaise told me that Ronald has gone quite insane.”



“Yes, so if you stay with me there would be no chance of you bumping into him. And you can go see your parents whenever you want. Please? Let me have this chance with my daughter.” He gave her the puppy dog eyes, blinking his eyes at her innocently, she couldn’t resist him, she never could, and he knew it.



“Okay! Fine!” She gave in, throwing her hands in the air in exasperation. “Wait, what about your parents?” She worried, although they were supporters of Voldemort, they had turned to the light side during the war, which took place just before their seventh year. And although his parents accepted their relationship whenever she was around, she wasn’t sure about their real thoughts when she was present in their home. 



“Oh come on! Mother loves you! And just wait until she meets that little cutie over there, she won’t let you leave! And father, yes, I agree with you, he was more opposed than mother initially, but he will just be happy to see that I’m not moping around anymore!” Draco laughed, easing all her worries.



“Okay if you’re sure. Well now that’s sorted, I’m going to go watch the movie with Isabella and take a light nap.” She checked her watch shocked to see that it was nearing midnight. As the flight was late on, they would land in London roughly nine or ten in the morning. “Goodnight Draco.” She told him, before turning her chair around and turning out the light above her.



“Goodnight Hermione.” He whispered, before adding;



“I’ve missed you.”



So that’s this chapter over! I’m not quite sure how long this story will be but there is still a bit to go before the actual ball/anniversary dance! So I’m thinking three or four more chapters and an epilogue just to tie things up. Then potentially a sequel, of course all depending on your thoughts! So I would love it if you left a review! Please?! :)

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