June 1978

The noise in the common room was deafening and I could hear it up in my dorm; Gryffindor had just won the house cup for the second time under James’ captaincy and he was a hero in everyone’s eyes. Everyone seemed to have forgotten that I was the one who scored the most goals in the match; they all thought it was my brother’s superb skills as captain that caused the win. Typical. The score was 240-200 and Slytherin had caught the snitch as a way to save their pride. Sirius had shot a bludger at Regulus’ head in an attempt to stop him from catching the little ball but it missed and only broke his ankle so he was still able to beat our Seeker. James had scored 8 of our goals, Hestia (a fifth year who was our third chaser) scored 4 and I’d managed 12.

I stood in front of the mirror and sighed. Usually, I would always do my make-up the muggle way but tonight I just didn’t have the patience to sit and fiddle with all that stuff. With a quick wave of my wand, I was almost ready to go downstairs and join the party. My hair wasn’t as sleek as it had been when it was first cut but had gone back to the curly mess. I tipped my head over and ran some mousse through it to try and tame the curls. I glanced once more in the mirror and applied a light coating of lip-gloss. The dark blue of my eye shadow helped my hazel eyes look brighter than usual and the many coats of mascara made my lashes seem endless. There was a soft blush on my cheek and a light foundation helped to hide any blemishes. My skin was showing the beginnings of a tan so I had a natural glow. I still had the plain sliver stud in my nose from getting it pierced but I was satisfied by how it shone in the light.

I’d found a black puffball skirt in a muggle shop over the summer; it reached about halfway down my thigh and had the added bonus of not making my bum look smaller than it really was. My black and white checked crop top finished about an inch below my bra and had a neat row of white buttons running directly down the centre. I had a silver body bar in my newly pierced belly button and I hoped James would be too drunk to notice it tonight. I pointed my wand at my black heels and muttered a quick spell to stop them hurting.

The party was well under way by the time I got downstairs and I immediately went to find Remus and Peter. I could see James stood bang in the middle of the room with one arm around Lily and the other clutching a rather large glass of firewhiskey. I think he was trying to give a speech but was having difficulty forming a coherent sentence and Lily looked slightly disgruntled at being held in such a possessive position; she literally wasn’t able to move away from him.

“You look nice,” Remus commented as he handed me a small glass of firewhiskey. His eyes widened when they saw my second piercing, “I’m guessing that’s the one Prongs doesn’t know about then.”

I smirked as I nodded. The firewhiskey burned slightly as it travelled down my throat but the effect was instant; I felt warm and the room seemed so much more inviting that before. I looked down at Remus and grabbed his hand to pull him over to the dance floor. He tried to protest but I stopped him with a look. We passed the bar and I grabbed myself another drink.

“Loosen up, Remus,” I yelled over the music. He wasn’t dancing properly with me and I was getting frustrated by his lack of interaction. “Dance with me!”

I frowned slightly as Remus stepped back with a small smile and disappeared into the crowd. A pair of large, warm hands found their way onto my hips and I was pulled backwards into someone’s chest. A familiar musky scent filled my nostrils and I sighed in contentment.

“I like that other piercing,” He growled huskily in my ear as one of his hands found the bar in my belly button. “I told you I’d find it,” He teased as we swayed as one to the music. “It looks sexy.”

“I thought so,” I agreed. My back was now pressed directly against his chest and I could feel his heart beating. I placed my own hands on top of Sirius’ and his heart beat sped up at the new contact between the two of us.

I spun around and laid one of my hands on his chest as I leant up to kiss his cheek, “I’m gonna go get another drink.”

Sirius nodded as I danced out of his grip and pushed my way through the crowd. I could feel Sirius’ eyes on me as I walked away and couldn’t resist swaying my hips more than usual.


A few hours later, I was sat in an armchair by the window. My head had started spinning a while ago and I’d sat alone until it started to slow down. I hadn’t seen Sirius since I’d left him to get a drink. The common room was slowly clearing and there were only about twenty or so people left now. James was passed out on the other side of the room with Lily lazily rubbing his back as she spoke to her friend Mary. Peter had gone upstairs about an hour ago and Remus was sat with Maria on his lap; I’m not sure when the Ravenclaw turned up but it looked as though they had been busy for a while. Everyone seemed to have found someone to hook up with and I felt overwhelmingly alone.

Finally, I managed to spot Sirius by the bar. He was surrounded by giggling girls but he looked annoyed with their presence. He turned slightly and I saw he was wearing the dark jeans that made his behind look amazing. I just about managed to hold back the urge to go and grab it. The black, sleeveless shirt only helped to show up both his abs and his muscly arms. He glanced up for a second and we made eye contact until one of the giggling girls stood directly in front of him which blocked my view. The sight of her flicking her disgustingly dyed hair around as she spoke to him was enough to have me on my feet.

“Sirius,” I called as I stormed over to them. I was walking pretty well for someone who had been seeing double only an hour before and made it over to them in record time.

I pushed Miss Giggler out of my way and wrapped my arms around Sirius’ neck. His hand immediately found my waist and pulled me close to him. I tilted my head so I could see his face and so many emotions were there; confusion, relief and lust were the easiest to define. I tightened my grip around his neck and tangled my fingers in his hair as I pulled his face down to mine. It took an agonisingly long time for his lips to meet mine but when they did, I felt complete again. I hadn’t realised just how much I’d missed kissing Sirius Black until this moment and I felt shudders of joy through my body. Sirius was the first to pull back and he rested his forehead against mine as we both struggled to get our breath back.

Sirius started to speak but I dragged him from the common room without a backwards glance. The corridors were full of people from the party and every single broom cupboard and classroom was occupied so I just carried on dragging him behind me. Sirius’ large hand covered mine completely and warmed me right to the core. I briefly debated going up to the astronomy tower but knew I wouldn’t be able to climb all the stairs while still slightly drunk so we made our way to the room of requirement. I was just about to create the room I wanted when Sirius grabbed my arm and moved me out of the way.

“I’ll do it,” He muttered as his face screwed up in concentration and he paced three times before a door appeared. He opened the large wooden door and moved aside so I could enter first.

The room was open-plan and looked so modern. The walls were black and there were no pictures at all. The sound of my heels on the wooden floorboards echoed around the near empty room and I didn’t hear Sirius enter until he was stood behind me with his arms around my waist. There was a beige sofa pushed against the wall under a bay window with a small glass coffee table in front of it. To the right, there was a breakfast bar that stood in front of the kitchen and a door which I assumed would lead to a bathroom. To the left, there was a king-size bed and I wasted no time in kicking off my heels and launching myself on it.

Sirius came over more calmly and dropped down next to me. He reached out to push a stray bit of hair from my face and brushed his hand gently down my face before rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling. He grabbed my hand and held it as we lay side by side but I pulled it back after a few minutes.

“What are we doing, J?” Sirius asked hesitantly.

Instead of answering him, I climbed on top of him and looked down into his grey eyes. His guard was down and I felt like I could see straight into his soul. I placed my index finger over his lips to stop him speaking and I just stared down at him. The alcohol was slowly draining from my body and I was starting to realise where I was and who I was with. One side of my brain was screaming for me to leave but the other was relieved to finally be back with Sirius. I must have hesitated for too long as Sirius moved slightly so my finger slipped from his lips and one of his hands came up to cradle my face.

“I need you,” I whispered as I gazed up at the wall above the bed. I hated how broken and vulnerable I sounded in that one moment but I was finally telling him the truth. I squeezed my eyes shut tight as I spoke. “You make me strong. I heard what you said when I fell from my broom and I’m not giving up; your words played continuously in my head while I was unconscious. I know you felt the same isolation and loneliness as I did for the last six months. I need you!”

There was silence for a while until I risked opening my eyes. Sirius was staring directly at me with a curious but understanding look on his face.

“And if you ever repeat what I just said to anyone, I’ll make sure you never see the light of day again,” I hissed.

Sirius grinned as he pulled my face down to meet his. “I won’t tell a soul,” He whispered before his lips crashed onto mine again.

The kiss was full of lust and desire. There was still the familiar spark between us and our tongues fought for control. I slowly started to unbutton his shirt and he groaned as my nails lightly brushed his chest. His hands burned the little skin that was on show on my back and I reluctantly pulled away from the kiss. Sirius pouted and started to stroke my thighs teasingly as I pulled my top off and flung it across the room. In a split second, Sirius had flipped me over and he was now hovering over me. He started to kiss a trail down from my neck to my stomach and back up again.

“Sirius…” I muttered. He made a noise to show he was listening but continued to kiss along my collarbone. “Have you been with anyone since…?” I let the question trail off and Sirius lifted his head to look directly in my eyes.

“No one,” He said sternly.

“Oh, ok, carry on then,” I giggled as he returned to his previous activities.


I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. Literally, the duvet was the fluffiest ever. My head was pounding and I risked opening my eyes briefly. Thankfully, the room had no windows (it had anticipated my hangover and the huge bay window had disappeared) and I glanced down at the sleeping boy next to me.

Sirius’ hair was sticking up so much that it started to resemble my brother’s. Yes, I am currently lying naked in a bed next to Sirius Black for the first time in months and all I can think of is James. I shuddered.

“Go back to sleep, J,” Sirius groaned. Without opening his eyes, he reached up to gently pull my face down to his for a quick kiss.

Sirius’ arm wrapped around my body and pulled me into his chest. I inhaled his musky sent and slowly drifted back off to sleep.



I could smell toast.

A deep sense of fear and worry cancelled out any thoughts of going back to sleep.

Why would the smell of toast scare me?

I cautiously opened my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief as I realised that I was still in the room of requirement. I rolled over; expecting to see Sirius but the bed was empty. The smell of toast and the absence of Sirius did not go well with my aggressive hangover. Sitting up, I saw Sirius sat on one of the breakfast stools at the side of the room.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty,” Sirius grinned wolfishly as he bit into a slice of toast.

He had made a mess of the kitchen; there were pots and pans all over the place and I could see remains of food all over the side. I remembered the last time Sirius had attempted muggle cooking with a sad smile. My mum hadn’t been happy to see James and Sirius standing in the middle of her burnt out kitchen. I’d been out that day otherwise I would have been able to control them a bit and persuade them against the muggle lifestyle.

“Where did the toast come from?” I frowned slightly. As magical as this room was, it couldn’t produce food or drink.

“I got a house-elf to bring some things up,” Sirius shrugged.

“Well, you seem to know your way around the kitchen,” I smirked as I lazily grabbed Sirius’ shirt as buttoned it up loosely over my naked body. I ruffled my hair as I went and sat on the stool next to Sirius’.

“I should do,” Sirius slung an arm around my shoulders. “After all, it does belong to me.”

Wait, what?

I just stared at him. Was he trying to claim ownership of the room of requirement? I know he’d spent a lot of time in here over the last year but it was a bit presumptuous of him to say it belonged to him.

“This is basically the flat I bought over Easter. You know, the one I was moving into before all that stuff happened…” Sirius trailed off awkwardly and I kissed his cheek quickly before grabbing a slice of his toast. “I just wanted to show you it.”

I hopped down from the stool and made my way to the bathroom door. I paused just before opening it and dropped Sirius’ shirt from my body.

“I need a shower,” I bit my bottom lip as I pulled the door open and disappeared behind it. I’d barely counted to three before I heard a crash that signified Sirius had jumped down from his stool. I was just about to step in the shower when the door flew open behind me.

“I need a shower too,” Sirius whispered huskily as he pulled his boxers off and dragged me into the shower with him.


James was asleep in the room we had shared until last summer and I decided to use this moment to pack a small bag to take with me. I could hear his loud snores as I folded my clothes and I couldn’t help thinking how I would miss hearing that sound every night.

Since the party, there had been a few secret meetings between me and Sirius but I was reluctant to put a label on what was going on. I knew he was getting frustrated with not being able to call me his girlfriend again but I couldn’t get back with him when I was leaving for Spain. He assumed I was staying with James and I didn’t bother to correct him. I knew that if I did, he’d try to stop me going and there was no way I was letting that happen. He wouldn’t understand my reasons for leaving and it would just make everything much more awkward.

I still hadn’t forgiven Lily but we were being civil to each other now. James was kinda depressed that Lily wouldn’t move in here with him but he’d hide it from me. He still thought I was staying here and had obviously come to the conclusion that it was better for me and Lily to not be in the same house.

I was so happy I’d be going to Spain; at least I was guaranteed a proper summer there. I couldn’t help the smile that crossed my face as I folded all my jumpers and put them back in my wardrobe. I had decided to take two bags with me; one for my clothes and one for the things that were precious to me. I had bought myself a photo album and spent the last few months collecting all the pictures I could. There were pictures of James and I from when we were kids, some photos of my friends and I’d managed to find some of Sirius and me too. At the very back of the book, there were photos of my parents; I knew I’d need to have them with me on my mission. Once I had packed everything, I shrunk my bags and put them in my pocket.

I went to my parents’ old room and sat at my mum’s dressing table. All her stuff was still laid out as usual and I picked up the glass bottle. The smell of her perfume filled the air around me and I made a promise to myself that I would come back. This mission would not be the end of me. I would be safe with Benjy and would hopefully be back in time for the anniversary of their death. James would need me then more than anyone else and I would be there even if I had to fight Voldemort himself.

I silently made my way to James’ room and watched him sleep for a few minutes. When I was little, my mum had tried to separate us but I would refuse to sleep unless James was next to me. She gave in after a week of me running to his room during the night but then Sirius Black had to come and live with us. I wasn’t bitter about it anymore but I could still feel the rage I had felt that day when he moved in and I was kicked out of my own room. On James’ bedside table, there was a picture of us as children in the bath with bubbles in our hair. The two of us were laughing and I felt tears well up as I realised we would never be that carefree again. I smiled slightly when I saw the new photo of him and Lily. I was actually glad he had found her and I hoped she would help him when he discovered I wasn’t here anymore. No matter how much I disliked her, I could see the positive effect she’d had on James and I would always be grateful that she made him grow up a bit.

A clock chimed downstairs and the room started to light up as the sun rose in the sky. I took one last look at my childhood bedroom, wiped away the tears that had fallen and left the only home I had known until I went to school.


“Jessica, you are just on time,” Dumbledore smiled from behind his desk. Benjy was sat in the chair opposite him and he shot me a wicked grin as I sat down. “Now, I was explaining to Benjy that I have arranged accommodation for you. I’d suggest that you get to work as soon as possible as we cannot afford the possibility that Voldemort’s men will get their hands on Michael.”

I opened my mouth to ask if he knew where Michael was but Benjy started to speak.

“I have a rough idea of where he is and there will be people there that can help us,” He shot me another grin and I suddenly felt very warm.

“I will speak to your brother later this afternoon,” Dumbledore assured me as he placed a broken cassette tape on his desk. “I wish you both good luck with this mission. Benjy, I expect regular updates in the usual way and I would appreciate it if you could teach Jessica how to send them too,” He tapped the tape with his wand.

Benjy and I both placed a finger on either end of the tape. I barely heard Dumbledore’s countdown before being pulled into nothing.


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