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Rubbing my throbbing temple, I felt as if Snape's voice was digging holes into my brain. That man could not shut up today. God, how I hated theory.

A little nudge in the side, and I knew to sit up straight and pretend to be listening.

Neville Longbottom was nice to have by your side in these situations.

"You all right?" whispered Neville, and I nodded. "Just didn't get much sleep last night," I answered, covering my face with my hands.

"For days by the looks of it," muttered Neville, and I shot him a dark look.

"Well, it does," he apologised, but I kept the look on him.

"It seems you haven't gotten any ever since you came back. It's been months. What happened, anyway? You haven't told anyone. People are starting to talk…"

"Then let them talk, for fucks sake! I don't give a shit!" I hissed, getting the attention of some students around us.

"Miss Penelope!" snapped Snape, and I groaned. "10 points from Ravenclaw!"

My shoulders sagged as I leant my forehead against my palms. My head was aching, mostly by the lack of sleep but also the lack of information.

I'd always been the one with the answers, but now I was left completely in the dark. Love is a bastard. I had no idea what was going on in Draco's head, and I hated it.

I must've blacked out, because before I knew it Ron stood before, waving his hand. "Kaya?"

"Hi!" I exclaimed, snapping back into reality.

"I was wondering if you could do the checklist today?" Ron asked, and I could hear the plea in his voice. "Hermione has been nagging me about not spending enough time with her, so-"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll do it," I reassured him with a smile, as I collected my books and stood up.

"THANK YOU!" He grabbed me and hugged me tight, squeezing all the air out of me. Despite the pain, I could keep the smile from creeping up on my face.

"I love you, too – but I love air just a little bit more," I choked out, running out of oxygen.

"Oh, right," said Ron as he cleared his throat and released me.

"But really, thank you SO much. I owe you."

I simply pushed Ron out the door, and I heard him chuckle in front. "Could you also help me choose an attire?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep moving, Ginger!"


I felt something hard and cold collide with my heavy body, and a moan escaped me. "Ow…"

"Everyone's awaiting your presence, Kaya."

My head snapped up as I realised who was staring down at my almost nude body.

I frowned. "What are you doing here?"

"Rumours say you were doing the checking for tonight, but you didn't show up. The others sent me up here to come and get you." He face didn't falter, and he kept it emotionless.

"Why you?"

"Black&White and paper, rock, scissors."

"So they don't-…"

"Know about our past? No."

I stood up, ignoring the pain in my hip. "Don't refer to it as the past."

"What else should I refer it to? It is the past."

"It's only been a few weeks since you froze me out."

"You still mad about that?"

"No, I'm mad at you because I love you!" I snapped, spilling something I had no intention of telling him at all when he was like this.

But just as I spilled, his facial expression changed into shock and surprise.

"Maybe that's the problem," answered Draco bluntly after he got his facial expression back under control.

I blacked out for a moment, but when I returned again my palm was pounding, Draco's head was turned sideways and his cheek bright red.

I'd hit him.

"Don't you dare say that again," I sneered, my chest heaving and sinking.

Draco's pale grey eyes sliced into mine, and he second they did our gaze locked, just moments before our lips did.

My hair ruffled his hair, his hands grabbing me by the waist and pushing me up against the wall.

After several moments of heat and passion, we'd somehow ended up on the bed, Draco on to of me, his body weight keeping mine in place.

Abruptly, Draco stopped. His lips still against mine, he spoke, "I'm not doing this."

"Doing what?" My hands fell limb to my sides, as I studied his face. I'd longed to see some expression in it.

"This. You and I. I'm not going there."

He rolled off and lay beside me, placing his arms behind his head.

I sat up, supported by my elbows. "And what is that supposed to mean? Seriously, you're impossible to understand."

He chuckled lightly, but he kept his eyes on the roof.

"You were supposed to leave me alone when I told you to," he said, before he finally looked at me. "I was hoping that for once you would do as you were told."

I nodded in understanding.

"And then you handed me exactly what I needed."

It was obvious that he read my puzzled expression; because he repeated the words I had spoken so many months ago, "If you walk away now, you'll lose me forever."

I nodded slowly, biting my bottom lip. "I usually keep my word."

"I was hoping you would."

I looked at him and moved over to straddle him, catching his full attention.

"Are you saying you don't want me?" I asked, scratching my upper arm.

He did a half smile before he sat up properly, taking my hand away from my arm. He knew I was nervous.

He gently placed my hand in my own lap, before he placed a hand on either side of my eyes, once again slicing his eyes into mine.

"I love you," he spoke the words clearly, "so much."

It warmed me beyond belief to hear those words escape his perfect lips, but there was still something bugging me.

"The show it," I begged. "Do something. Draco, anything is better than trying to convince me you don't care."

His hands faltered from my face, and he sighed.


"No!" I snapped, interrupting him. "You'll fight after everything you've put me through. You owe me that!" I cried, and now my eyes were slicing into his with so much force my breath was rigid.

It was eerie silent for several minutes, before Draco broke it in a whisper, "I guess I do owe you…"

I raised a brow at him. "Don't make this sound like some favour, Draco."

I flashed me a grin. "I could do you a lot of favours, love," he smirked, removing some hair with his finger. Slowly he moved it across my face, down my neck, before swiftly sliding one of the straps of my tank top down.

"But fighting for you wouldn't be a favour."

I smiled, and leant down to give him a kiss, but he interrupted me:

"It would just make me responsible for your death."

I stopped dead in my tracks and lightly rolled my eyes. "Draco…"

"I'm serious, Kaya."

"Well then you've got to stop being serious."

He gave me a sad smile as he grasped my shoulders and gave them a light massage.

"You've already been hurt, once. Badly. I'm not risking that again – you might not be as lucky."

I sighed, leaning my forehead against his. I desperately rummaged my head to find some sort of excuse or explanation or something that would make Draco give in.

"Why am I so terrible? I'm a pureblood." I decided to go the "blood-way", knowing Draco's family was obsessed with status.

He shrugged, "my aunt did spend three days torturing you. I got a feeling you're not a big favourite of hers."

"But still-"

"Kaya, love, you've got a cold case here."

I opened my mouth to insist I didn't, but all of a sudden I felt something hard and cold collide with my heavy body, and a moan escaped me. "Ow…"

"Everyone's awaiting your presence, Kaya."

My head snapped up as I realised who was staring down at my almost nude body.

I frowned. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here because you are late for your check list-duty, so get dressed. I don't have all day," snapped Draco, crossing his arms across his chest.

I stood up slowly, and walked to my closet, knowing something wasn't right. This Déjà vu felt a lot more like a lost memory…

A/N: So what do you think? Did Kaya dream her encounter with Draco, or did it actually happen? Tell me your theories, and thow in whatever else you feel like as well! :))

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