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Ch. 8 Confession



*A year and a half later*


“You are doing great, love.”  Draco encourages me for the millionth time as another pain shoots through my whole body. 


I pant and wait for the healer to tell me when to push, I grit my teeth determined not to complain.  Really what do I have to complain about, I am about to meet my new little son or daughter, and my loving husband is holding my hand right here with me.  I breathe through another contraction and lay back exhausted waiting the short time for the next to come around.


“I love you so much, ‘Mione.”  Draco whispers then presses a kiss to my forehead, I smile up at him then grit my teeth again as another wave of pain comes over me.


All of a sudden the pain changes and the healer tells me its time.  Draco continues to encourage me and finally I hear the sweetest sound as my little baby cries for the first time.  I lay back to catch my breath, closing my eyes feeling so tired, I hear Draco gasp and I look up at him.


“’Mione, honey, he is beautiful.”  He says softly to me and leans in to kiss me gently.


I smile in happiness I have another son. “I love you.”  I respond then look to where the healer is working waving his wand checking everything hoping for a glance of my little boy.


Finally the healer walks toward Draco and I holding a bundle wrapped in a soft green blanket and leans over to place him in my arms.  “Congratulations, you have a healthy baby boy.”  He says and lays the little boy in my arms gently then turns to set the room right and make it ready for visitors when Draco and I are ready.


“Hello little Love-Bug, I am so happy to finally get to see your sweet face.” I say softly to my son and press a kiss to his little cheek.


“Hello son.”  Draco croaks and leans down to kiss his forehead.


He looks back up at me, his eyes shinning in happiness, “Maybe we should bring Scor in and introduce him to his brother?”  I suggest softly and Draco nods and kisses us both then sweeps from the room to get Scor.


A moment later Scor and Draco enter the room and I smile at Scor as he strides to the bed looking like a little grown up.  “Hey, mum.”  He says and leans in to kiss my cheek then he looks down at the little boy in my arms, he smiles and strokes his cheek once softly.


“Hey, Scor you want to meet your brother?”  I ask and Scor nods looking up at me smiling happily, “Scorpius meet Hyperion Lucius Malfoy.”  I say and Draco smiles standing just behind Scor.


“He’s named after Pop Pop!”  Scor says in astonishment, then looks at Hyperion, “Hey Rion, I’m glad you finally decided to come out.”  He says grinning then looks at me and his smile dims a bit as he focuses back on Hyperion, “I hope when you wake up, you and I can be really good friends like Albus and James.”  He adds and leans in to kiss his brother again.


At that moment Hyperion opens his eyes and looks up at Scor.  Scor’s eyes go wide and he grins, “Hey.” He says then glances at me, “Rion’s looking at me.”  He states, and I smile feeling tears threaten.


“Do you want to lay up here next to me and keep us company, while your dad goes to tell everyone, to come meet Hyperion?”  I ask and Scor nods enthusiastically.  Draco helps him to get situated next to me on the bed and leaves to tell everyone who is waiting in the waiting room and Scor leans his head on my shoulder and watches Hyperion.


“I like his name, mum.”  Scor says then asks me, “Does it mean something just like my name and dad’s name means something?”  He asks shifting to look up at me.


I nod then answer, “Yes, it is a name of a Titan in Greek mythology, his name means ‘High One’ or ‘Lord of Light’.”  I explain and Scor nods, then I add, “I like how you call him Rion.”  I say and Scor beams up at me.


“I love you mum.”  Scor says then quickly adds, “Can I tell you something?” I look at him and nod.


“You can tell me anything, Sweat-Pea, and I love you too.”  I say and he smiles at me even though he looks a bit troubled.


“I was a little worried about you earlier.”  He confesses and looks at me nervously I wait for him to explain, “I was worried that the same thing would happen to you that happened to my first mum, plus I was scared for Rion, because then he wouldn’t get to know you either.”  He says talking faster at the end and then looking down and away. 


I reach over as I swallow hard with sadness at the worry this sweet little boy is carrying, I turn his face to look at me gently and wait until his eyes meet mine.  “I know you miss your mum, and that is makes you sad sometimes.  I miss my mum sometimes too.”  I say and he looks at me in surprise, Draco and I had told him about my parents, once when he asked if he was going to have another couple of grandparents one day. “I am sorry, that your mum died.”  I say softly and he nods, “I will try everything in my power to never leave you and Rion is going to be the luckiest brother ever, you know why?”  I ask and he shakes his head, “Because he has you for a big brother.”  I answer him and he nods his face breaking into a wide grin.


“Thanks mum, you always make me feel better.”  He says and hugs me then leans into Rion, and says in a very serious voice, “I am going to be the best big brother ever.”  Then he kisses Rion’s forehead and leans back against me laying his head back on my shoulder.


We lay there for a bit in silence watching as Rion’s little fist emerges from the blanket and he grabs hold of Scor’s finger.  Scor smiles and laughs at him and I close my eyes listening my son’s laughter and promises to his little brother and decide that I have the best little family.  I smile to myself thinking that all of this wonderful came about by a few random Chance Meetings. 



I hope you enjoyed my story!  I am a bit sad to end it, I know this is a short epilogue, but I think it feels right just like this!  Please let me know what you think and just as a note, JK Rowling named Scorpius, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy according to Wikipedia, so even if that isn’t actually what JK intended I thought it was cute so I looked up the name and decided it was perfect.  Thanks so so much for my faithful readers, and all the reviewers!  I am so pleased every time I get a message or a review, so thank you! I love to read the reviews, and they seriously brighten my day!  For the last time with this story, Please Review!

Also, I am working on another fic called Mystery man, which I will have posted as soon as this story is validated! :) 

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