Chapter Twenty ~ Eight – Skylar




 “Come on, Vick!” I cried pulling her along the hallway after me, “We need to get out, find the others if we can.”




She nodded and we sped off, round a corner and then down the marble staircase. We crashed through the doors, emerging in the courtyard. Everywhere we looked people were fighting, killing or dying. The entire place was flaming and smelled of acrid smoke and dead flesh. It was almost unbearable.




 I ducked as a jet of red light hurtled in my direction.




 “Let’s move!” Vick shouted over the commotion.




I grabbed for her hand as we tore through the courtyard, dodging spells and casting our own in odd, distorted directions, only to find our path blocked by the towering form of a giant. The monstrous creature turned its ugly head, spotted us and, with a strangled roar, brought its club down. The knobbly thing barely missed us and we staggered backwards, terrified.




 “Run!” I screamed, nearly knocking Vicky over in the process of doing so.




 We ran, ducked and shouted countless spells as we made our way back to where we began: the castle. Once inside, we sprinted through corridors, tripped over debris and, at the odd, sickening occasion, the bodies of the fallen. We were so very close to safety when I felt something – no, someone – yank me backwards by my hair.




 Encased in the Death Eater’s grasp, I could do nothing but watch helplessly as another shoved Vicky into a wall, leaving here there, wandless and vulnerable.




 “Whaddya think, Avery?” The one holding me said loudly to his friend, “Which one should go first?”




I kicked and struggled against his grasp, trying my best to escape this fate.




The other one – Avery – sniggered at my weak attempt to reach freedom. He then scrutinised me and Vicky, far too closely for my liking, “This one first.” He said, jabbing his wand at Vicky, “Then her. She wants to live a little longer?” he sneered, “Well, let’s let her live just long enough to watch her friend die.”




I struggled furiously against my Death Eater’s grasp as he laughed callously. I clawed and him, even tried to bite him, but he hit me in the stomach, causing me to double over in pain.




 “Ready?” he said in a malicious whisper, as he tilted my head to face Vick. I didn’t fight it, I was hurting too much. I just looked at Vick, silent tears of frustration dripping from my cheeks to the floor. She stared back, her face stoic.




Avery raised his wand, “Avada Kedavra.” It was over before it had begun. The curse had left his mouth almost as if it was instinct and it was less than a second before a scream followed. A scream I soon recognised as my own.






 Avery turned to face me, a cruel, satisfied smile played on his lips, almost as if he was mocking me. I kicked and screamed and struggled, for it was all I could do. Yet again, Avery raised his wand. I kicked harder, hot tears spilling down my cheeks, and, just as his lips were forming the words, a jet of red light shot him up into the ceiling, which he hit and landed back down with a sickening crunch.




 The man holding me panicked, released his grip and dissapparated as Neville rounded the corner.




 “Are you ok?” he asked me.




But I made no reply. I was standing, rigid, tears staining my face and the ground below me as I stared into the unseeing, clouded over eyes of my best friend. I sank to my knees, a sob finding it’s way out of my mouth.




 I crawled to her body, grasped her hand in mine. Already it was cold, her skin firm and waxy.




 “Sky…” Neville whispered, “Sky, we should get you into the hall.”




 “No.” the word was choked, half way between a sob and a cry of pain, “I won’t. Not without her. I can’t leave her here.”




 “Then I’ll carry her.” Neville said just as quietly.




There was a moment of silence before I turned and flung myself at him, arms locking around his neck, crying into his shoulder. Neville gave me an awkward pat on the back, we’d never been really close friends, but allowed me to continue sobbing.




 Once I was dry eyed, I stood, somewhat shakily, and watched as Neville bent and gathered Vick’s limp and all too still body in his arms. I walked slowly to the hall, Neville following a few steps behind. As I entered, I noticed and, at last, fully appreciated the enormity of this entire situation. I made my way through the stretchers and bodies and people until I spotted Ginny, and she me, along with the other Weasleys, all pale faced and ghost like. And then I saw why.




 Fred was lying on the stone floor, limp as a ragdoll, eyes closed so that he appeared to be only sleeping. But we all knew the truth. George was kneeling over his twin’s body, sobbing, the others doing their best to console him, to console each other.




  Ginny came over and gathered me in a most welcome hug.




 “I’m so sorry.” I whispered, my voice choked and not sounding quite like my own.




Ginny nodded, eyes filling, “I know.” She replied softly, “He was your brother too.” She released me and held me at arms length, “Where’s Vicky?” she asked, “Isn’t she with you?”




I gulped, “She was.” We both turned to watch as Neville laid her down beside the unmoving bodies of Lupin and Tonks. I swallowed, a weak attempt at stopping the fresh tears that were on their way.




Ginny asked questions, she’d known what Vicky had meant to me, what we’d meant to each other. She simply hugged me again. And when Ron and Hermione arrived, they each did the same. Harry, however, was nowhere to be found.




 “You don’t think…” Hermione said, once everyone had cried themselves dry.




 “What?” I asked, feeling distinctly like I wouldn’t enjoy what was coming next.




 “He’s gone to the forest.” Ron breathed, “Hasn’t he? He’s gone to give himself up to Him. To Voldemort.”






 Harry had indeed gone to the forest. And we didn’t see him again, until Hagrid emerged from the throng of Death Eaters carrying a very limp, very dead Harry.




 “Harry Potter is dead!” Voldemort’s cruel, harsh voice rang out across the courtyard, followed by the heartless laughs of his followers and the screams of anguish that came from Ron, Hermione and, loudest of all, Ginny.




 “Come forth and join us,” Voldemort said, “Or die.”




And, to my horror, I heard what I’d been dreading.




 “Draco.” His mother said, “Draco, come.” And, after a moments hesitation, he did.




He walked slowly, yet purposefully. As he passed me, though, I snatched up his wrist. He turned to look at me and I saw, in his eyes, sadness, and pain and outright fear. And I understood, I did. And I tried to show him that.




 “Please.” I whispered.




He looked at me, his eyes boring into mine. But, still, he walked on. Tears filled my eyes so I looked away and clenched my fists, nails digging into my palms.




 To the surprise of many, it was Neville who stepped forward next. But not to join him, oh no. He stepped up to speak out against him.




 “It’s not over!” he cried, drawing the sword of Gryffindor from the Sorting Hat and, with a yell, he ran forwards and sliced off Voldemort’s snake’s head with one swing.




 At that moment, Harry thrust himself from Hagrid’s arms. Great cheers went up around the courtyard as everyone followed him inside. Their hero had returned from the dead for one last fight.




 The next moments went buy in a blur. Death Eaters were dissapparating here and there and Voldemort was advancing on the castle, wand raised and prepared to inflict damage. But Harry was ready for him. He raised his wand as well and the two connected, jets of light spurting every which way. The crowds stood still, watching in awe as the two battled it out and, with one final thrust of power, the Elder Wand surged from Voldemort’s hand. Harry caught it deftly and watched silently as Voldemort contorted, stiffened and, finally, dropped to the floor, dead at last.




 Cheers echoed around the courtyard and the castle. I stood, paralysed, taking in the moment. It was over. It had taken seven long years but this was it. The war was won and it was finally over.






Two Years Later:




 I sat in the cornfield graveyard staring at the graves of my friends – family, I suppose.




 “You’re not missing much.” I said to my dead best friends grave, “I mean, Harry and Ginny are still going strong, as are Ron and Hermione. I bet you wish you were here to see that don’t you?” As usual there was no answer. I’d been doing this for two years and yet; somehow, I still expected to hear her. Chatting away as she usually did.




Tears began to roll down my cheeks, “Why?” I whispered, turning my eyes to the above, “Why her? Why not me? At least she’d have someone to care for her. I’m alone on that front.” My head dropped as a sob shook me, “I miss you, Vick.” I whispered, tears shaking my voice as I looked at her headstone, “I hope you know that, wherever you are.” I sniffed and pulled my wand out of my pocket. Raising it, I pointed it at the grave and waved it in a circle. A single flower appeared, a yellow rose. Her favourite colour. I stood and rubbed my already red eyes. I blew a kiss, whispered a final ‘miss you’ and was about to leave when I heard something behind me:




 “We all do.”




I whirled round, focusing on the point of origin and my heart leapt into my mouth.




 “Hey.” Draco said.




I opened my mouth to form a hasty reply but nothing came out.




  “It’s good to see you.” He ventured.




 “What are you doing here?” I said, my voice returning.




 “Umm…visiting?” He tried.




 “It’s been two years.” I said, so slowly it was almost painful, “I thought you’d left me. I thought you were dead.




Draco looked away, ashamed, and for the first time I saw him clearly. He looked different. He was taller, and he wasn’t as formally dressed as I was used to. Dressed in jeans, a checked red and black shirt and gray trainers he looked almost normal.




 “You…err…you look good.” I coughed, as if clearing my throat.




He grinned, properly smiled, at me “Not so bad yourself.”




I shook my head and looked away. It didn’t feel right, “Where were you?” I asked, my gaze locking onto his.




Seeing my hurt he took a couple steps towards me. I took a couple steps back, evading the graves “I meant to come back, I did. But when I got home…my mother was injured. I had to help.”




I nodded, “For two years? Was it that serious?” My voice was sarcastic and cold and hurt.




Draco raked a hand through his platinum hair, “You don’t understand…”




 “No!” I cried, “You don’t understand! Do you have any idea what I’ve been through? I had to get through the death of my best friend on my own. I had to live everyday with no clue as to where you were, or if you were even alive, or if you even cared any more. I thought…” My voice dissolved into angry tears.




 Draco didn’t waste any time. He covered the space between us in a matter of seconds and then his lips were on mine with a passion that no one else could match. That made me feel things in a way no one else could. It was different from before, though. Then, we had been a silly, childhood romance. Now. Now this was real. Pure and beautiful and comforting. This wasn’t a game any more. This was the here and now. And it was wonderful. Kissing him again was wonderful. He tasted of wood smoke and cinnamon and…and…and something else that I couldn’t quite place. And all of a sudden it didn’t matter that he’d been gone. It didn’t matter that I’d been angry. My tears dripped down and only fuelled that passion for each other even more. He tilted me a little and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Everything was…well…almost normal.




 He pulled away, gray eyes staring at me in a way that made me feel like he could see deep into my soul. And maybe he could. Then, he pulled me back to standing and wrapped his arms around me, lifting me off the ground.




 “I missed you.” He whispered into my hair, “You have no idea how much I hated leaving you, but I had to protect you somehow.”




I smiled, “And yet I still got in the way.”




He grinned, gazing at me now, “Yes. But maybe you were meant to.”





I kissed him, wanting to stay in this moment forever, afraid it would shatter to pieces if only we moved an inch. It was good to be back, after all these years.



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