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"Man, summer sucked so bad," I groaned as I fell onto my bed in the Gryffindor dorms. "Mum decided it would be a great idea for me to get a muggle job. I worked all summer, I had barely anytime to myself!" I moaned dramatically, running a hand through my short black hair.

Teddy Lupin laughed, his brown eyes sparkling, "Oh, drama queen, poor you." He roared with laughter. Head thrown back, hands clutching his sides. I stood up and tackled him, "Ow you great lump, get off me!" Teddy laughed. He shoved at me hard, and I rolled off to the side, laughing my head off. 

The first night back was always like that, we would talk shit on the train, chat up the girls during the feast, then talk seriously and catch up in the dorm. It was how we were, it was an unspoken agreement that we didn't do anything serious until that night. Tonight was no different, Teddy and I started the catch up, mixed in with some rough and tumble. Teddy was a really strange guy who loved to have contact with us. It was like his way of making sure we were all okay. That we were still here.

"Get a room, you great buffoons," Said a loud, brash voice, I looked up into the face of Johnny Stark, a great grin on his face. I grinned back at him, I didn't like Johnny much, I found something about him off, whether it was the way his eyes seemed to follow Teddy, or the way he sneered at me or Don I didn't know. I just knew I didn't like him much. 

"You jealous, Johnny boy?" I grinned at Johnny, able to forget my dislike of the guy for one night of revelry. 

With a yell, Johnny launched himself into my and Teddy's pile, starting a tickle fight, Teddy receiving the brunt of it. Neither Johnny or I wanted to touch each other. We had a serious mutual hatred of each other. Mine based on his treatment of my friends. His on my apparent stealing of his best friend, Teddy from him. Eventually, and accidentally I was booted aside, breathing hard, cradling my bruised side. 

"Hey man, sorry, I didn't mean to kick you," Apologized Johnny, moving towards me so he could slap my shoulder. I nodded to show I accepted his words. "We good?" He asked, I was tempted to say no, but I didn't, I smiled and nodded. Prepared for another year of pretending to Teddy that Johnny and I were best mates. 

He mock sighed and shrugged before getting up, he was pretending to be a friend, that he cared what I thought. He stood above me rolling his shoulders, once again I noted the changes in his physique that had occurred over the summer. He was tall, taller than Nicholas for sure, but a little shorter than I. About 5"11, I guessed, he probably grown about four inches. Muscular from years of beater training, his broad shoulders were sculpted, as was the rest of him, his brown hair shaved except the forelock. I smirked at this clear indicator of his muggle heritage, wanna-be emo kid, or perhaps a rock star. I grinned to myself, amused by his choice. Johnny claimed he hated being a muggleborn, but it was the way he dressed that said otherwise most of the time. 

Teddy was the opposite, with his turquoise hair shaggy and too long, he was lean and slim, perfect seeker build. His face was merry and open, he was around 6"2, and the second tallest of us all. He tended to be the messiest too, he was all for having fun and was completely secure about everything. He could have had girls falling at his feet, but instead he was a one girl man, his future wife was Victoirè Weasley. Vic was tall, thin and incredibly gorgeous. They made a handsome couple. Much to Johnny's disappointment and resentment. After all, Vic just had to be in the same room for Teddy to forget Johnny was there. Something Johnny could never forgive Vic for.

The last of our official group was leaning one slim hip upon the door frame, his eye brow cocked at me as if to say, 'already?'. Nicholas Hacker had always been good looking, with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, but this year he seemed more. Particularly since he was 6" now, and no longer scrawny looking. It seemed he had grown into himself. Slightly bookish, Nick had close cut hair, that was pulled forward in a kind of half mohawk point, it was a odd cut, a bit mugglish, but it looked really good on him. It accentuated his sharp features. Nicholas' build was also that of a seeker, save he preferred to keep his feet upon the ground, a fact Johnny ragged him about almost constantly.

As for myself, I was tall, and lean, my hair similar to Nicholas', to be perfectly honest, I stole it from him, save mine was a tiny bit longer, spikier and black. I kept myself immaculately clean, I was fairly fastidious about it actually, after spending five years around cauldrons and their contents, I had discovered it made me fairly greasy, to combat this I had two showers a day. I was also slightly muscular, like Johnny, but mine was more a lean fitness than anything. I was a chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, a position I fought for each and every year. I was diligent about keeping myself in peak fitness, and could take both Johnny and Teddy in a race easily.

I was picking myself up from the floor when Don walked in, the other beater, and ruggedly handsome with deep brown eyes, that according to half the female population of Hogwarts was the fourth hottest boy at Hogwarts, after Nicholas Hacker. Gordon Howl or Don, was 6"6 and towered over everyone else at Hogwarts. He still felt the need to rub this in and had a large Mohawk that he had seen in a muggle biker magazine two years ago, and he diligently died the tips blood red. His tanned limbs were covered in tribal tattoos. I always felt that he came from a fairly rough background, his voice was rough and rumbly, a deep bass. He could contain any rough housing we did, or split Johnny and I apart with two buffets from his iron strong fists. Don oozed strength. Despite this, his favourite subject was Divination, and he would often black out and have visions. Trelawny constantly fussed over him, making sure he ate and exercised, and generally took care of himself. After all, she couldn't have her favorite student dying on her. Unlike her favorite predictions for myself or Teddy three years back.

"Not fighting already, are we boys?" Asked Don calmly, his voice deep and penetrating. He usually ignored our rough housing in the dorm, as it wasn't serious. Probably because Teddy was there, and Johnny didn't want to loose Teddy's regard.

Johnny sneered at Don and shook his head, "What's it to you anyway?" I sighed, Johnny was always aggressive to Don, a left over from Don's treatment of Teddy in first year. Johnny was Teddy's unofficial protector, his official best friend and side kick in everything. And Don had once been "rude" to Teddy. 

Merlin forbid that Johnny forgive Don for something that had happened to Teddy six years ago, I scowled at Johnny, "Lay off him, Johnny!"

Don snorted at Johnny, his muscular chest swelling with threat, his prefect pin standing out on his black robes. Something else Johnny couldn't forgive him for, after all Teddy had been supposed to be both prefect and Captain of the Gryffindor team. "What's it to me, is that you guys bring Longbottom up here more than any other student. Plus, I don't want my gear wrecked." Don rolled his shoulders as he freed himself from his robes, muscles dancing along and down his sides. 

Johnny also stripped off, his pallid complexion looked weak compared to the dusky, tattooed tones that Don had. "Yeah, well, at least I can think properly, I'm not a meathead relying on Sev to do my work for me." Snapped Johnny cruelly. Teddy blinked at the venom in Johnny's voice. But he didn't do or say anything. After all, it wouldn't stop Johnny. Johnny was completely nasty a lot of the time.

"Hey," I objected deciding that Johnny needed to cool off "Leave me out of this, and besides, I help, aid but don't do his work for him. And I only help with Potions, not with anything else." I stood there, my robes clutched in my hands, clad in only pajama bottoms, unknown to me, the focus of Nicholas, his gaze burning into me. "Besides, Don is far smarter than you'll ever be." I said unkindly, regretting it almost at once. Johnny just sneered at me.

"Oh, cut it out, you lot," Said Teddy tiredly, as he walked out of the bathroom in his teddy bear pajama bottoms, a joke from us last Christmas. "It's way too late for this crap." He sighed, shaking his head, as he climbed into bed. "Besides, we still haven't finished moaning about our supposedly terrible holidays." Teddy smirked at me, and childishly I poked my tongue out at him in retaliation.

"Teddy's right," Nick said, "We can bicker later, we have class tomorrow. Does anyone know what classes they have?" Nick looked worried, classes never far from his thoughts.

I shook my head, "All I know is that I'll have DADA and Potions, and possibly Charms and Transfig. I can't be certain about Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures." I shrugged, stuffing my robes into the dirty laundry basket, and then climbing into bed. "I got O's and E's for all of them."

Nick was nodding in thought, as he mimicked my actions, "I have Arithmancy, DADA, Transfig, and Charms. But the others... I'm not sure." He gnawed on his lip as he thought. I rolled my eyes, the boy had gotten five outstanding's and one exceeds expectations, he'd have everything he wanted to become a healer.

"I have, I believe, everything I need to be an Auror," Teddy said quietly, "That's all I want." We all grinned at him, he had worked his arse off last year, and had succeeded with all O's in his OWL's. We had all been impressed, although, hardly surprised. Between Teddy, Nick, and Don we all looked like idiots.

"Well, I don't care, I just want to have fun," Said Johnny laughing, his carefree attitude sparking a series of eye rolls. "What about you, meathead, what did you get into?" Johnny I knew for a fact had only gotten three OWL's, and he'd barely be able to get a job after school. I didn't understand his attitude.

"Everything, I have straight O's," Don said calmly, his arms stretched above him in a pose of relaxation. Johnny's jaw dropped, and Teddy whistled impressed. I shrugged and exchanged a glance with Nick, why wouldn't people get over their preconceptions with Don? He was smarter than I was.

"Well, that's impressive, I must say," Johnny finally admitted. Rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. "Hey, look, man, I'm sorry for what I said. I guess, I guess I didn't think," Johnny said eventually. His brown eyes meeting Don's. 

"Yeah, whatever, don't sweat it," Don said cooly, he wasn't really one to hold a grudge. It just wasn't his thing.

Teddy rolled his eyes at Johnny, "Look, it's late, and we should crash," Teddy hinted, trying to avoid the awkwardness that had just occurred. Johnny didn't always apologize, but when he did, it was always insincere or awkward. Or both.

"Yeah sure," I said sleepily. "Your turn mate." Teddy chuckled and waved his wand and put out the light, whispering 'good night' to us all. It was a nightly ritual that Nick had started. Each night we nominated someone to turn out the lights and to whisper us all a good night, whenever we did that, we all slept well. Guaranteed.


The next morning, I awoke to a klaxon sound, as Teddy, as per usual woke us all up at seven am.  Groggily, I looked up to see him with his wand pointed at the ceiling. 

"Teddy," I yawned, "Have I ever told you how much I hate you?" I was halfway hanging out of my bed, my short hair tousled.

"I second that motion," Moaned Nick. Don simply rolled out of bed, and walked into the showers. "I also second that motion." Nick agreed as he crawled out of bed, his slim frame moving at a snails pace to the running water. Nick hated mornings, he almost never had enough sleep to function on. I grunted and hoisted him up and together we shuffled to go cleanse ourselves. 

"I'm going to kill Teddy one of these days," Announced Nick, as he became marginally more human. Don grunted in agreement.

"We should totally get him back," I said as I stepped under the faucet. Sighing in pleasure, I hurriedly finished the rest of my shower. I got dressed in record time, as Nick and Don waited impatiently for me. "Yeah, yeah, okay, so I'm really slow," I muttered as we dashed downstairs to breakfast. A bunch of fourth years were giggling behind us. I scowled in irritation, why were some people able to be so chirpy in the morning? Surely there was a rule against it.

"You're always slow," Nick commented. "It's okay though, your ridiculously fast at eating." He said, watching me inhale my breakfast. "Don, you're just as bad!" Nick reprimanded, "Would it kill you two to have manners, or to eat with a semblance of decorum?" Nick w watching us with a mildly nauseous expression on his face. His sister was seated with her friends nearby, and I nearly choked at the similarity of their expressions.

Don just shrugged, "Why eat neat and take ten times longer, when I could eat quickly and go find a willing gal and snog her senseless?" He winked roguishly.

"You don't even like girls," Nick sniffed. 

"Oh, yeah, right." Don laughed his deep belly laugh. "Well laddie, fancy a dalliance in a broom closet?" He asked me, Don had announced his gayness in third year, startling both Teddy and Johnny with it, Nick and I had simply shrugged and say "Yeah, we guessed." And that had been that.

I laughed, "Oh Don," I fluttered my eyelashes at him. Causing several of Hogwarts gay guys to glare daggers in my direction. Laughing, "Nah mate, I think you're too man for me." I laughed again. "Besides, your fan club might kill me." I chuckled.

Don joined me, slapping me on my back, "Yeah, you need the soft sensitive type." He grinned at Nick, who ducked his head and blushed. Nick was also gay, and during our fourth year had been extremely weird around me, which had completely confused me. But his weirdness had cleared up after a few months, although he could sometimes be a bit jumpy.

"Leave Nick alone, he's perfect." I said, not seeing the effect of my words. Nick was looking at me wistfully, but my eyes were on a nearby Ravenclaw. Unlike my friends, I was very straight. "Alison!" I called out, Alison Cooper looked over, curious. I crooked a finger at her, my grin very much cat got the cream. She blushed and giggled. Her friends nudged her and she got up and danced over to where I was. Her blonde hair shone in the candle light, her blue-green eyes twinkling.

"Sev, how are you baby?" She cooed, trailing a finger down my face. I smirked at her. I loved the attention I got from chicks, I found it almost too easy to get a girl into a broom cupboard. I didn't always date them, but I could call them over and charm a quick snog out of any girl I knew. 

I hitched an easy grin onto my face, before whispering in her ear, "Wanna get out of here?" My dark eyes catching hers. She looked slightly breathless, I narrowed my eyes into a smoldering gaze, "I promise I'll be good." I actually intended no such thing as being good, Alison was cute, but she was a little too innocent for me. Unlike my previous fling, Heather McKinnon. Or the one before that Silvia Rosier.

She bit her lip adorably, "Sure." Together we rose and left the hall. Completely missing the look of envy from my best friend. And missing Don's disgusted look at me.

"Honestly, you'd think the girls around here would learn," Don muttered in disgust. 

Ten minutes later I slipped out of a broom cupboard, leaving a very mussed and expertly snogged girl behind. Feeling great about life, I caught up with Nick, who was just exiting the Hall.

"Your timetable," He said calmly. "Enjoy yourself?" He asked, his brown eyes boring holes into my ducked head. 

"Uh, yeah, she was alright," I said, frowning at my timetable. "She snogs brilliantly."

"So, girlfriend material?" Don asked as he walked over to us.

"Nah, she's alright, just, too tame I guess." I said indifferently. Looking over at Nick, I tugged his timetable out of his hands and matched them up. I grinned at him, "Awesome, three classes together, that's a win. How about you Donny?" I teased.

"Don't call me Donny. And here," Don said. He held out his timetable to me, as we walked to Transfiguration. "You know, you'd think the girls would learn that between you and Johnny the first snog you hand out, is just that, a snog."

"I certainly hope not," I said blithely. "I happen to enjoy a few screw arounds." I waggled my eye brows to give my statement double meaning. I laughed at Dons disgusted expression. Nicks face was unreadable.

"You're going to meet a girl one day, where you will fall completely for her, and then you won't know what to do." Don predicted. His stern expression fading into a scowl as Johnny walked up. Teddy was clearly still with Victoirè Weasley.

"How are we this morning, princesses?" Johnny asked. "Saw Prince get lucky already," He eyed me in amusement. "How do you do it, man?" Johnny asked. His own ability was legendary, but I was still a few girls up on him. To his annoyance.

I grinned at him, swaggering, "Trade secret." I winked and tapped my nose knowingly, before handing Don his timetable back.

Johnny laughed, although it was more a cackle than anything, wrapping his arm around my neck and kissed my forehead. "Man, you are amazing," Johnny laughed again, and threw a few punches at me before dashing off to whatever class he had.

I let out a mock yell, as I chased after him, "Johnny, I'm gonna get you for that." I launched myself at him, and we mock wrestled for a bit. 

When Teddy appeared he saw us and let out a mock outraged yell. Quickly jumping on us to join in. Don and Nick just watched at us in amusement, it wasn't like this was something out of the ordinary. Nick held that we were immature idiots. Don just thought we were idiots full stop. When Teddy finally stole our timetables, and ran off, all four of us gave chase. 

"Lupin!" Johnny and I yelled as we tore after him. Don and Nick exchanged glances, before tearing after us, more interested in keeping the peace than anything else. Not to mention, not wanting to arrive at class alone.

"Mr. Lupin, and how surprising, Mr. Prince and Mr. Stark, as it is the first day back to classes, can you please behave yourselves for once?" The Transfiguration master said irritably. His shabby clothing and eccentrically white hair gave him look of cheerful distraction, but he was wickedly quick, with both spells, punishment, and points. "Now, if we have finished horsing around, can we start the lesson?" With that the transfiguration master swept into the classroom, his robes billowing out behind him. 

I groaned as he mentioned that today would be theory, and settled myself in for a lesson I assuredly wouldn't understand. However I was delightedly surprised, we were to expound on the theory of human transfiguration, a subject I was surprisingly good at. Between the three of us, Don, Nick and I earned around fifty points for Gryffindor. After the lesson we dashed out for charms. Nick going off to Arithmancy, and Don going to Divination. Johnny, Teddy and I loosened our ties as we walked. We presented the easy going air that Gryffindors are well known for, casually chatting and walking to class. 

"So, when are Quidditch try outs again?" Johnny asked, his eyes searching the corridors for something, someone. Probably his next conquest. I smirked.

"Wednesday," I said calmly. Teddy was also looking for someone, but she was his girlfriend of ten months, not a conquest like Johnny's. He'd also just left her twenty minutes ago. "She's over there Teddy, she's looking for you too." I pointed to a fifth year group, a tallish girl with platinum blonde hair on the edge, her eyes gazing around the corridor. Teddy spotted her and snuck up behind her. Johnny and I watched as he wrapped his arms around her, leaning in and brushing a kiss along her jaw and murmuring in her ear. Johnny and I followed him, and waited for them to finish. Vic was looking at Teddy adoringly, it's was mildly nauseating. 

"Hi, Johnny," Greeted one of Vic's friends, Natasha I think. Johnny looked at her and smiled before returning his attention to Teddy, who was giving a final hug to Vic. "Hey, Johnny, do you have a date for Hogsmead yet?" Persisted Natasha-I-Think, her great brown eyes batting at him, twirling her long, brown hair through her fingers.

"Uh, no, I didn't even know there was a Hogsmead weekend coming up." Johnny muttered, he really hated it when girls came onto him, he preferred to do the asking, he liked his women submissive. 

"Well, there isn't one yet," She admitted, "But when there is, do you-"

"Look Natasha," Johnny said desperately, while I silently congratulated myself one recognizing her and for knowing her name. "I don't know what will be happening, and I really can't commit to something I'm not sure of, it wouldn't be right." He took a step back, I silently chuckled at his facial expression. He looked trapped.

"Oh, okay, I'll ask you again closer to the date then." She trilled, before turning back to her friends. Her face animated as they discussed something or other, probably Johnny's reactions, and what that could mean. 

"Sorry Vic, we have to go now," Johnny growled, grabbing Teddy's arms and dragging him to class. I followed not so silently anymore, laughing my head off. "Sev, shut the hell up!" 

Still chuckling to myself, I followed them to DADA.

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