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A/N: Thank you for the wonderful reviews! :) This chapter has torture flashbacks and is very violent. 

 Hermione closed her eyes and remembered Bellatrix torturing her. It was the most horrible, and scarring experience. She would never wish torture on anyone. She whispered hoarsely, "It's ok Johanna you don't have to continue if you don't want to."

 Johanna shook her head and said, "No I will be fine."

 "Are you sure-"

 Johanna cut her off, looking aggravated. "Do you want to know or not?"

 Hermione bit her lip and looked down. Johanna nodded. "That's what I thought," she took a deep breath and continued, "He apparated me to what I guessed was his home. He tortured me using mostly the Cruciatus curse. But there are other things also." She lifted up her shirt and Hermione gasped. On Johanna's stomach, was a huge white scar. Hermione squinted and noticed it was words. There it was the word, REVENGE.


 Johanna was terrified. She couldn't see anything, she had no idea where she was. She shivered and wrapped her arms around her body. She asked herself why she claimed to be Lily. She had no idea where she was and could be killed any minute now. 

 'No!' she thought to herself. Her mind screamed at her. 'Lily is your best friend, no more like a sister. If anything happened to her you couldn't live with yourself.'

 Johanna's thoughts were interrupted by a hurling red light flying towards her. She felt the excruciating pain hit her body. A horrifying scream escaped her mouth. She was surprised by her scream it sounded nothing like herself. Her vision blurred and started to see spots. Her nails dug into her legs and even drew blood. Tears filled her eyes and poured down her cheeks. She felt her body do flips and twists she couldn't control. She felt like her whole body was a fire that she just wanted this guy to kill her now so she doesn't have to have this pain. 

 Just as the pain started to disappear another wave of agony hit her. She let out another scream and felt her back arch. After a while, the pain didn't die down or get worse. It would just stay at it's own awful pace. Johanna's throat burned from screaming. 'Why do we scream?' she thought. 'Why do we scream when we are in pain? It doesn't help ease the pain or anything.'  


 But finally then the pain stopped and time passed. I choke out a raw whisper, "Why are you doing this?"

 His wand light up his face and I see his grim expression. His dark eyes filled with disgust and anger. He snarls, "Revenge."


 He starts to walk over to me and I start to squirm. "No!" I scream. He gives a sick laugh and pushes me down. He puts a body bind curse on me and felt my shirt move up. That's when I feel the horrible pain on my stomach...

  Time passed. Seconds, minutes, or even days. Johanna didn't know. Her whole body was sore and in bad condition. She couldn't even open  her eyes. But there isn't a difference if she opened her eyes. Open and closed all she saw was darkness. Dolohov had removed the body bind and tied her arms and legs. Her stomach stung and dried blood covered her body.

During this time she thought about her family. How they were going to react when she died and also how she was never going to see them again. She thought of her baby sister. Cute, innocent, sweet, little Beth. She would never see her again. Hopefully she will help their family move on when Johanna dies.

Johanna wasn't scared of death anymore. She expected it the moment she pretended to be Lily. She couldn't imagine her best friend being in her shoes right now. That's too much to bare.

She thought of her twin. Oh Scorpius, her brother. Always there for her. Johanna knows her brother and he is most likely blaming himself for all this. She felt it. She thought of all the times they joked around saying that the both had "twin telepathy." They were always kidding but hey why not give it a try? She just wanted him to know that this was none of his fault and she loved him.

'Scorp.' she thought as hard as she can. 'This isn't your fault! So stop being stupid and blaming yourself! I love you Scorp.'

She had no idea and still to this day that Scorpius felt that he should stop blaming himself. From miles and miles away in Malfoy Manor, a teary eyed boy sat in his room and he whispered back, "I love you too Joey."

Another long chunk of silence and darkness passed. Johanna's stomach growled and felt her painful hunger and thirst. He rarely gave me food and water. It felt like she hadn't been home in a lifetime. It was difficult thinking that she hadn't been in this room for her whole life. She had a bed, a home, food, siblings, and parents.

Johanna missed her parents. She missed her Mom's warm face and hugs, and her father's voice. But as the universe was mocking her she did hear a voice, but it wasn't her father's. She heard his voice come from the distant darkness. "Potter's," he spat. "They think they are so tough but when it comes down to it, they are weak."    

 Johanna mentally rolls her eyes. If only he knew. He starts to continue but then the door bursts open. The lights flicker on and she slowly opens her eyes. She winces when the lights burn my eyes. She suddenly realizes she is in a house. Felt more like a prison in the dark. 

 She slowly looks over to the door trying not to hurt her strained eyes. She is shocked at what she sees. It's her father. He runs in the house and Dolohov quickly turns around pulling out his wand. My father's face is full of rage while Dolohov's face is full of confusion. Before Dolohov can curse him, her father punches him hard in the face.

 He tumbles back and her father punches him again. "You bastard!" he yells as he beats his face. 

 Dolohov bends over and spits out some blood on his tile floor. "What is your business Malfoy? She is a Potter."

 Draco snarls at him. "No! That is my daughter! She pretended to be Lily Potter!" 

 The expression on Dolohov's face is priceless. He whips his head over in Johanna's direction. She puts on a slight smile. "Got you didn't I?" She tries to say loudly but just ends up as a hoarse whisper. 

 His face turns into an ugly scowl. He starts to get up but Draco yells, "Petrificus totalus!" and he falls again.

 Draco runs over to Johanna and unties the ropes around her arms and legs. When he gets them off he grabs Johanna and pulls her into a hug. She holds him back, ignoring the throbbing pain that protests. Tears start to pour down her cheeks. "Daddy." she chokes out. 

 He stroked her hair soothingly and whispered, "It's alright. You're alright now. I've got you." He started to rock her back and forth. A bunch of aurors swarmed in a few minutes later and took Dolohov away.

 The last thing Johanna remembered was getting carried away in her father's arms.           

 (End flashback)

 "The next time I woke up I was in the hospital. Everyone came to see me when I was there at St. Mungos. Even the Weasleys. Lily and uncle Harry felt horrible but I told them it was fine. Turns out I was at Dolohov's for almost a week. It was a miracle that I survived that long with such little food and water. They were frantically searching for me but then Grandpa remembered something. Back when he was a death eater, ya found that out around that time too, he obviously had been to Dolohov's Manor before."

 "The aurors hadn't checked there and he told Dad to go see. That is how they found me. After that Dolohov was sentenced to a Dementor's kiss." 

 Hermione was close to tears. Her daughter had been through all of this at the tender age of 13. She now knew why she was such a Daddy's girl and was so upset before. Now he knew why she wouldn't want to show her memories. They were too horrible. Now she felt like a complete jack ass. She pulled Johanna into a hug and said, "I am sorry I pushed it."

 She felt Johanna hug her back. She whispered, "It's ok. It's the past. It actually feels nice to talk about it. Now I can finally move on."

 They saw a light coming from the other end of the cave. It was James yelling, "Hey! You guys coming or not?"

 Johanna laughed even though her face was lost in those horrid memories. She turned to Hermione and says, "Let's go kick some item keeper's arses!"

 Hermione laughed said, "Let's go!"

 On there way walking over there. Johanna gave a giddy laugh. "Wow! I never thought in a million years I would be able to say arse in front of you without getting scolded!"

 A/N: This chapter was interesting to write. I had to take little breaks because I was getting kinda depressed! Poor Johanna :(.. But I hope you liked the chapter! Reviews are really appreciated...    


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