“DRACO MALFOY I HATE YOU!” She screamed, as she ran around the common room that she shared with the Head Boy and the Prefects.



“Come on Mione, you have to believe me, I love you.” He pleaded.  



“We are so over! So fucking over, I’m leaving!” The watching crowd waited with baited breath. Harry was furious, Ginny was upset whilst Ron was gleeful (he had deluded himself into thinking that because his plan was successful, and now the Ferret and Mione were over, she would be his now). Hermione grabbed her trunk and made her way over to the portrait door, Draco grabbed her arm and tried to stop her.



“Get your hands off me,” She snarled, “You have to right to go near me after touching that slut,” She pointed at Pansy, who was cowering in the corner of the room, “And to think I was just coming to tell you some news. Im five weeks pregnant Draco,” the whole room gasped in shock, Draco froze. Ron however was murderous; he flew across the room, hitting Draco square in the jaw causing them both to fall to the floor where he continued to punch every part of Draco he could reach.



“Impedimenta!” A voice yelled, and Ron was flung off Draco and into the wall before falling onto one of the couches.



Hermione grabbed her trunk again, “You’ve just lost yourself all rights to this child Draco. As far as I’m concerned, my baby doesn’t have a father.” She walked out the room.









“Isabella Charlotte, you had better be finished packing by the time I come through.” Hermione Granger called to her four (nearly five) year old daughter.



After the incident where she had caught him cheating on her, she had fled. She packed her things and apperated to the first place she could think of: America. Now she and her daughter lived in a beautiful apartment in Soho New York, surrounded by luxurious shops and resteraunts. Hermione Granger lived a good life. She had a great job, she was the editor in chief of New York’s most popular wizarding newspaper, The New York Prophet, and she had great friends.



Coming back to the president she shut her trunk and locked it with a flick of her wand, walking through to her daughter’s room she paused in the door and took in the scene. Isabella was currently throwing everything her little arms could reach into the trunk that was open on her bed. As she attempted to pick up her TV, Hermione decided it was time to interrupt.



“Darling, we are only going for two weeks, you can live without your TV for that long, and besides you know Grandma and Grandpa have a TV in their house.” She said, picking her daughter up and putting her on the bed beside her.



“Here why don’t we let mummy pack? It will all be much quicker,” With a flick of her wand, all of Bella’s clothes and accessories were packed in her trunk, “There much better.”



“Mummy, why are we going to London?” Her daughter questioned.



“Well darling, I think it’s time for you to meet your Grandma and Grandpa. And you remember my school I told you about? Hogwarts?” Her daughter nodded her pretty head, “Well it’s their five year reunion for everyone who survived the war.”



“The war where the bad man tried to kill your friend Harry?”



“Yes princess, but now he’s gone and so everyone is celebrating with a party at Hogwarts, and so we are going to go and surprise everyone.”



“Oh mummy does that mean I can dress up all pretty like you?” Her daughter squealed, clapping her small hands together.



Hermione laughed. “Yes darling, now come on our plane will be leaving in a few hours so we need to head to the airport now.”






“I don’t believe this man; I’ve been searching for five years. Why haven’t we found her yet?” Draco asked.



“Mate maybe it’s time to give up?” Blaise suggested.



“NO! I love her; I need to get her back.” He insisted.



For the past five years Draco had searched constantly for her. His Hermione. To tell her it was all a mistake, he was set up. To prove to her how much he had loved her and his child. If she kept it that it. He wasn’t sure, but he had some hope that she had not decided to abort their child. Even so, he longed to see her one more time, to run his hands through her silky locks and to kiss her perfect lips. He had hired all the best detectives that Galleons could buy but no luck; it was as if she had disappeared off the face of the earth! And so Blaise had forced him to take a break from all this endless searching, to live a little. And so they were now on their way home from a 3 month tour of the states, finishing up in New York they were now headed to the airport for the plane home. Of course they could apperate but Blaise insisted on as much a magic free holiday as possible and so Draco had obliged. He felt bad for making his friend put up with his endless moping and moaning and so agreed to make him feel better.



“We’re here mate.” Blaise said, as the limo pulled up outside the airport, jerking Draco out of his thoughts. The climbed out, grabbed their luggage and went to check in.






“Come on princess we have a flight to catch.” Hermione balanced her sleepy daughter on one hip whilst her handbag was slung over the other shoulder as she handed over their flight tickets to the cabin steward.



“Okay so that’s upper first class then, if you would just like to follow me.” The steward smiled at her.



Hermione had booked first class, money was no object to her and she wanted Bella and her to be comfortable on the flight. She followed the young man into the aircraft, up some stairs, behind a red curtain and into the first class seating area. It was very impressive, for $2000 dollars a seat it had to be, the seats were huge about twice the size of your average cinema seat. They could also turn into a bed at the press of a button and could revolve so you could turn to speak to the person behind you. There were also flat screens televisions built into the walls, and around a 1000 different movies available to watch.



“Miss there is an unlimited bar and food and drink available, if you wish for anything just press this button here and it shall be brought up immediately.” He gave her a small smile and left her to get settled. From what she could see there was six seats in total, she walked towards the two in the middle and carefully put her daughter, who was now completely asleep, down into the chair before covering her with a blanket. Just as she was about to get settled though...



“Well well well, if it isn’t Hermione Granger. Back from the dead.” A voice drawled from behind her.



She spun round, her hands at her throat, there sitting in the chair to behind her was none other than Blaise Zabini.






Blaise couldn’t believe it. Of all the people to run into on the plane back to London it just had to be her, and just when they had taken a break from searching!  He watched her closely as she turned to face him, her mouth open in shock. She hadn’t changed a bit from school.



“Blaise?! Blaise Zabini?! Is that really you?”



“The one and only, love.” He winked at her.



Seeing her speechless was quite entertaining, back in school her witty comebacks would cut you up, now seeing her unable to produce a coherent sentence was quite amusing to him.



“How?! What...what are you doing here?!” Coming to her senses she ran over and hugged him tightly.



“Ouch Mione, I need air to breathe you know.” He laughed.



“Oh sorry.” She took a small step back, sitting down on her chair she spun it around so she was facing him, waiting for him to speak.



“Well, I’m not sure how much of this you want to hear, to be honest.”



Her breath caught, so it was to do with him then.



“Go on.”



“Mione it’s been awful. For six whole months after you left he didn’t leave his room. After graduation we had to drag him kicking and screaming out of the castle and take him to the manor.  He wouldn’t listen to me or Harry. He hardly ate and if he slept at all he then woke up screaming your name repeatedly.” He whispered, when Draco and Hermione first got together it was difficult for everyone to adjust but Blaise had become close friends with her and it was difficult for him to see her get so upset.



 “Then why did he cheat?” She asked tears pooling in her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes.



“Mione! I thought you were smart! He never cheated on you, he was set up.”



“Set up? By who?!” Although she thought she knew the answer to that already.



“Pansy and Weasley! Who else?!  They wanted to break you guys up and they succeeded.” He told her.



“Ron?! That bloody git. I’ll murder him.” Hermione worked to control her anger should her daughter waken and overhear. For a four year old she was extremely intelligent and did not need to be learning the words that Hermione was determined to keep from spilling out.



“Yeah Pansy stupidly let it slip one night. I was suspicious of her so I got her drunk and she confessed. Apparently Ron came to her with his idea and Pansy, being Pansy, willingly went along with it. He obviously thought that once Draco was out the way, he would get you back. But then, you let slip, you were pregnant. He went ballistic. Even after you left he got up from the sofa and started to attack Draco. Even now from what Harry has told me, Ron’s still determined to make you his. He has gone quite insane; Harry and Ginny are no longer speaking to him.” Blaise told her.



“Wow. So Pansy finally got what she wanted then? Don’t tell me Draco hasn’t been with anyone else all this time?” She snorted.



“He hasn’t Mione.” Blaise said softly. “He’s spent all his energy into looking for you.”



“What about Isabella? Didn’t he want to see her?” She questioned.



“Isa..Oh of course, your daughter. Obviously he wanted to see your child too, but he wasn’t sure if you would have kept her or not.”



“What?! My daughter is not a toy; she is not something to be just thrown away! He is an idiot, thinking I would give up my child just because he cheated...” Seeing his face she added “Okay yeah, we know he didn’t really cheat then.”



“Anyway, you never told me what you were doing out here?” She asked wanting to change the subject.



Just then, a door at the back of the plane opened;



“Blaise mate you have got to see these things, there’s a proper bathroom in here! Might just fly more often.”Draco walked out of the bathroom and saw his best mate chatting to a pretty girl.



“Blaise, I leave you alone for five minutes and you’re already hitting on a girl?” He joked, glancing at her briefly before looking back in disbelief.









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