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A/N: Well here it is, the final chapter. I think I might cry :-( Be prepared for the cheesiest chapter I have ever written for this haha.

Molly smoothed her hair down carefully with her perfectly manicured hand, making sure not to disturb the hair too much so it didn’t fall from its intricate twist on the back of her head, soft curls falling down either side of her face.

She smiled at her reflection in the mirror as her eyes fell down to her dress, twirling around slowly she made sure that it looked perfect.

“You look amazing,” came Lucy’s voice from behind Molly. Molly turned to smile at her sister who had just entered the room behind her, wearing a pale yellow bridesmaid dress that made her look stunning.

“Thank you, so do you,” Lucy told her, looking around the room to see her other cousins getting ready.

“Where’s Amelia?” Lucy asked.

“She’s in the bathroom with Lily; I think Lily’s helping Amelia get her hair ready.” Molly said nodding to the bathroom door, as she said this Lily came out of the room, her dress also the same pale yellow as Lucy’s. The door was quick to shut behind her.

“How’s she doing?” Molly asked walking over to her cousin and straightening out Lily’s bridesmaid dress; Lily rolled her eyes at Molly’s actions.

“She’s all ready. Amelia come out we’re waiting.”

“No I don’t think I look good,” came Amelia’s voice from behind the door; Molly rolled her eyes and stormed over to the door.

“You come out here now Amelia! I bet you look fabulous,” Molly called through the door, tugging on the door handle but it didn’t budge. She could hear Amelia mumble a reply from the other side. “Don’t think we won’t break the door down because we will.”

Molly let go of the handle and turned to look at a few members of her family who nodded at her in agreement at Molly’s plans to magic the door open. There was a faint click of the door being unlocked and then it slowly opened. Amelia peeked out of the room slowly before Molly pulled the door open more.

There were a few gasps, and Lucy brought her hands up to her mouth as tears brimmed in her eyes. Amelia looked like a fairytale princess.

“See! I told you I look awful!” Amelia whined as she walked over to the mirror and turned around to look at the back of her dress in the reflection.

Molly shook her head as Lily beamed at Amelia. “You look so amazing! That dress is just gorgeous.”

“James isn’t going to be able to get through this without jumping you!” Lucy’s told Amelia with a laugh.

Lily let out a disgusted, “Yuk! I do not need to know that!”

Amelia laughed as she turned around to face the mirror full on. She ran her hands over the beaded skirt which flowed out elegantly, Ivory patterns making their way intricately across the floor length skirt and making its way up the bodice like Ivy. It really was a beautiful dress.

“I can’t believe that Victoire made this,” Lucy said coming over to Amelia and running her hand over the silk material, Amelia smiled at her and could see that Lucy still had tears in her eyes.

“Lucy don’t cry,” Amelia said pulling Lucy into a hug; Lucy laughed as they pulled away and she carefully wiped her eyes careful not to smudge her mascara.

“I’m sorry it’s just...” Lucy sniffed. “I never thought this day would happen again, none of us did. You have no idea what it means to all of us that you’ve decided to do this again.”

Amelia gave her a smile, “You don’t know how great it’s going to be to remember everything about it.”

Lily let out a laugh, “Well let this be a lesson to us all that we shouldn’t be drunk and get married in Las Vegas.”

They all let out laughs.

“Even though I can’t really remember much of that day it was just so perfect and amazing,” Amelia said reminiscing.

“It’s such a James thing to do though.” Lucy told them all, they all agreed apart from Amelia. “That rashness and spontaneous-ness is classic James. And this is just classic you.”

Amelia looked up at her frowning slightly and Lucy continued, “Well it’s like that wedding was entirely James and this one is just entirely you. It’s really nice that you’ve both got the wedding that you wanted.”

Amelia pondered what she said for a moment, “You know I think you’re right.”

“Oh my, it’s nearly time. Over here girls let’s make sure that everyone is ready,” Molly said beckoning everyone over to her.

The others walked over whilst Molly gave them all a once over whilst Amelia stayed looking at the mirror and Lucy stood with her, careful to look over her shoulder to see if anyone else was listening. They weren’t, Molly had them all engrossed.

It was a good thing that Molly had offered to do everyone’s make up and Lily had offered to do everyone’s hair, it was a much smoother operation with the family helping in any way that they could.

“So?” Lucy asked Amelia, who looked over her shoulder as well, checking that no one was eavesdropping and then turning to Lucy with nothing more than a smile. Lucy beamed at this and let out a small squeal. Amelia laughed before she walked over to Molly who gave her a quick once over.

There was a short rap at the door and Lucy walked over to it and opened it with the smile still plastered on her face. Amelia’s dad was at the door wearing his dress robes, a smile placed across his excited face.

“Hello there Lucy, I’m here to collect the bride,” he said out loud, before his eyes captured Amelia. “Oh darling! You look stunning,”

He walked over to Amelia and gave her a kiss on the cheek before beaming down at her with pride. Words seemed to fail him as he coughed a few times, Amelia felt herself begin to tear up at her father’s loss for words and the others all let out aw’s.

“Are you ready darling?” Amelia’s dad asked the proud emotion thick in his voice. Amelia gave her dad a nod.

Molly clapped her hands together and called to the room, “Right everyone get in their places!”

They all lined up, Amelia’s two bridesmaids stood in front of her and Molly walked in front of them. She wasn’t a bridesmaid but she had helped out Amelia so much which she was thankful for. “Now I’m going to go and find my seat and I will see you all out there in a few minutes ok?”

They all nodded and Amelia took a deep breath as she felt butterflies flying through her. Molly smiled at them before she left the room. They followed a few minutes afterwards and walked out of the room and made their way outside of the house.

It had taken a few months before Amelia and James began their relationship again after the kiss, taking each moment slowly as though they had only just begun dating again. A few months in though James proposed to Amelia, telling her that it felt right to ask her to marry exactly two months into their relationship like last time.

Only this time there was no drunken wedding a few minutes after the proposal. Amelia was quick to agree although they decided to wait at least a year before they renewed their vows.

The garden looked a lot different from when she and James had stayed here with the rest of his family for Ron’s birthday. Lights floated above them as though hanging on an invisible string, and chairs were set up facing a white altar covered in yellow roses, Yellow ribbon was strung around the area and yellow petals were strewn delicately on the make shift altar. Amelia felt herself beaming as she took in James standing next to Adam at the altar, he looked visibly stunned.

She blushed again as she saw James turn to look at Adam and mouth “Wow.” Adam chuckled before clapping James on the back.

She heard the music begin as Lucy and Lily took the first steps onto the aisle of Rose petals, and everyone who had been invited to the wedding stood up and turned to look at them.

Amelia’s eyes found Hugo and Louis who were part of the wedding band with Charlie. Hugo was playing the triangle enthusiastically, Louis was playing the guitar, and Charlie was playing the drums.

Not everyone could say that they had this weird combination of musical instruments for their wedding march, but it seemed to work incredibly well. That and the original wedding band had had to pull out at the last minute and this was the only replacement they could find.

As Lily and Lucy had taken a few steps Mariah joined them holding onto the hand of a tiny one year old, with jet black curly hair and an incredibly cute face that had such rosy cheeks all you wanted to do was just pinch them. Their walking got a bit slower but none of them minded at all. Amelia could see Albus beam with pride from where he stood at the altar with Adam and James as he watched his wife and son walk towards him.

Mariah and Albus had found out that they were expecting a baby a few weeks after James’s accident and they had decided to get married in an extravagant wedding a few weeks later, how they managed to plan and pull off what could only be described as an spectacular show was anyone’s guess but they pulled it off so well and months later little Pedro was born into the world.

As Pedro was the pageboy he was wearing a little suit with a small bow tie that spun around slowly, causing Pedro to laugh hysterically each time it passed his face which caused everyone in the vicinity to chuckle. It was obvious that his bowtie was picked by Albus and it was amazing that Pedro had kept his clothes on for this long; normally he pulled everything off of him and ran around in his nappy or nothing at all. Just like his father.

It had amazed Amelia just how quickly James had recovered from his wounds, sure his face still went bright red in places when the temperature went cold and he had that long scar that went across his chest but there was no other lasting damage, which her boss had said was such a remarkable thing to achieve with only one Healer, that he was training her to get a promotion in the hospital.

James moved back into their flat as soon as he had gotten better and Amelia didn’t need to stay with him at the Potter’s, he knew that he didn’t want to live without Amelia for even a minute.

They spent many a day at their flat having dinners with Adam and Lucy who had developed into a serious relationship, so much so, that they had moved in with each other into their own flat which was conveniently just a few doors away from James and Amelia’s, Amelia’s life couldn’t have worked out more perfect.

The wedding went without a hitch; surprisingly Albus and Pedro were kept in line throughout the entire ceremony.

“I love you,” James told Amelia after he had kissed her deeply after the priest told him he may kiss his bride. The guests were all cheering loudly and Ginny and Molly senior could be seen wiping their teary eyes, Ginny was clutching the hand of Amelia’s mother and they were both looking at them proudly.

“I love you too,” Amelia said her face glowing, her arms wrapped around James’s shoulders and her forehead was leaning against James’s.

“You’ve made me so happy Amelia, happier than I ever thought I could be,” James told her, kissing her again lightly on the lips.

Amelia couldn’t keep the smile off of her lips even if she had tried to. “Oh I think I can make you happier.”

James’s raised an eyebrow questioningly, his arms still wrapped around his wives waist.

“I have a present for you.”

“Oh I like presents, is it for later on?” he asked flirtatiously with a wink at her. Amelia shook her head as she bit her lip and removed her hands from around James’s shoulder, James let go of her waist and she grabbed hold of one of his hands with her own and pulled it over her dress to lay flat against where her stomach was.

“I’m pregnant James.”

A/N: Well there it is, I hope you all liked it? I've planned about half of the sequel and the prequel is already up! It's called 'The year you stole my heart' Thanks to everyone who helped me pick the title.

And last but not least thank you to every single one of you that reviewed and favourited this story, I love you all so so much and you've made me so happy. I seriously can't get across how much you've all meant to me, you've all kept me going with updates. This is all for you.

I love you all!


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