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June passed uneventfully as Albus anxiously waited for his orientation session at the ministry. To pass the time, Albus focused on coming up with play moves for the upcoming Quidditch season. Playing seeker, Albus was able to gather numerous information and different types of plays from his father, Harry.

“So dad, can you explain the Wronski Feint once again?” asked Albus. He was sprawled out on the floor of his father’s office with parchment and his many playbooks everywhere. Harry sighed, got up, and walked around the desk.

“Albus you should really get ready for bed. Tomorrow is your orientation session at the Ministry and I know you would prefer not to be late tomorrow.’

“But dad, I am so close to winning the Quidditch House Cup this year from James. I know Slytherin can beat them.’

“Al, bed now!” Albus signed and collected all his parchment on his father’s floor. His grandfather began to speak.

“I know you are upset Albus but really, Slytherin never really had stood a chance in defeating Gryffindor.” Albus faced dropped at his words. Harry was just about to open his mouth to retort however it was Lily who spoke first.

“James Charlus Potter! How dare you say such hateful and uninspiring things to Albus, your grandson?” Lily Potter walked into her husband’s portrait fuming. James looked into his wife’s eyes practically cowering at her feet at every word she spoke. Luckily, Sirius stepped in to save his best friend.

“Lily, what I think James meant to say is younger brothers normally don’t beat their older brothers in Quidditch so Albus might have to work extra hard for that Quidditch cup this year.” Lily eyes were narrow slits as they faced Sirius. James nodded his head mercifully and kept repeating “Yea! Yea! That’s right.” With a final nasty look at James, Lily strolled back into her portrait and continued her reading.

“Good Night Dad. Good Night Grandmum Lily. Good Night Sirius.” Albus strolled out the room. He swore he heard his Grandfather call after him but he didn’t look back. His dad was right, he should be focusing on his session tomorrow at the Ministry. Quidditch will just have to wait.

“Albus. Albus. ALBUS!”

“Whatisgoingon?”Albus sat up bolt straight in his bed. He wiped the crust out of his eyes to see his mother standing over him.

“Al, it’s five. Time to get up and get ready.” Ginny turned around and walked out of the room.

“But, I don’t have to be to the Ministry till 9:30” Albus cried but his statement fell on deaf ears. Cursing under his breath, Albus stumbled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. He slammed the bathroom door shut and proceeded to take a shower, brush his teeth, and wash his face. Half an hour later Albus walked back into his room where his mother was once again.

“Mum, I think I can dress myself.” Albus was becoming really annoyed with his mother hovering around him so early in the morning. However, Ginny wasn’t backing down.

“You are supposed to wear your school robes. I pressed and iron your robes, your sweater vest, your black slacks, and your white button down shirt. I bought you new Slytherin ties and dress socks. I also polished your shoes. Please care when you are getting dress I do not want you looking a mess before you even step foot out of the house.” And with that Ginny walked out of the room. Although Albus was still frustrated about his mother smothering habits, he however was becoming annoyed about the wardrobe choice the Ministry decided to make them wear for this session. He got dress quickly and hurried down the stairs for breakfast. In the kitchen he met his father, mother, and the house elves Kreacher and Dizzie.

“Morning.” Albus grumbled. He slammed himself down at the table and grab the toast and jam and began to eat. Harry looked up from the Daily Prophet.

“Good morning son. I warned you to go to bed early last night” Harry chuckled over to his newspaper. Albus grimaced at him in response. He shoved a piece of toast in his mouth and reached for the orange juice.

“Master Albus, would you care for your favorite cereal this morning?” Kreacher walked up to Albus. Out of all the Potters, Kreacher was very fond of Albus. Albus loved Kreacher in return and treated him as an old friend

“No thanks mate” Albus smiled down to Kreacher as Kreacher walked away to continue make breakfast for the rest of the family.

“Mum, why did you wake me up so early?” Albus groaned towards his mother.

“You are up early cause you and your father will be going to Hogwarts early travel with Professor Jemison to the Ministry. Your father also has to go into the Ministry this morning for a staff meeting and I will not have you traveling alone to the Ministry. It is far too dangerous.”

“Don’t worry Al. It will be fun, just like old times.” Harry clapped his son on the shoulder as he stood up. Albus nodded his head. He did enjoy going to the Ministry with his father when he was younger. He always had fun in Kingsley Shacklebolt’s office, the Minister for Magic. Also any time he would have gotten bored, he would go across the street to visit Diagon Alley. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be so bad

“Finish up you breakfast” Ginny sad hurried to her son. Albus stuffed the rest of his toast in his mouth and rushed out of the kitchen before his mother could say anything. He met his father in the living room.

‘’Ready to go dad?” Albus was dying to get away from his mother. Harry chuckled as he threw on his royal purple Head of the Department Ministry robes. He flattened down his already untidy hair before he tried to put his cap on.

‘There is no use in trying to flatten down that hair. That hair has been that way for 40 years and nothing is going to change that, unless you go bald.” Ginny walked out of the kitchen with her apron hovering two brown bags in front of her.

“Thanks love. Have a good day.” Harry gave his wife a kiss on the both cheeks. Ginny turned to Albus

“I wish you didn’t have hair like your father.” she tried to flatten down his hair but Albus jumped out of her grasp.

“Mum, it’s fine. Can we go now, please?” Albus couldn’t wait to get away from his mother.

“Fine. Have a great day son.” she gave him a hug before turning to Harry.

“Remember to be home early for dinner. We are meeting Annalisa, James’ girlfriend, for dinner.” she said to Harry.

‘Just Annalisa right mum? Not Annabel also?” Albus hoped she wasn’t invited to dinner. Annabel McMillan is this really annoying girl at Hogwarts that have an extremely large crush on Albus. “I believe James invited her younger sister to dinner. He said that you two were great friends.”

“Stupid git.” Albus mumbled. Harry and Albus walked out the front door. When they got to the end of the drive way, Harry held out his hand.

‘Let’s go” Albus grabbed his father’s arm and with a swish of the cloak, Harry and Albus apparated. After a few seconds, the Potters landed outside of The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. Albus face brightened up

“I really missed this place.” He said to his father as they began to stroll through the tiny village as the sun was just beginning to raise over the village

“I know what you mean. Some of my best and worst memories happened right here in this village. Ron and Hermione stuck by me all throughout it though.” Harry was reminiscing as they got to the edge of the village. Albus notice this and Harry began to slow down his walking pace.

“Dad!” Albus yelled

“Oh, yeah. Sorry about that . Let’s go.” Harry and Albus walked the path that lead to Hogwarts chatting about random things that came to mind. As they approach the gate, Flich was waiting at the gate to let them in. Albus let out an audible groan.

“Same way I feel son, same way I feel”” Harry chuckled and kept approaching the gate

“Mr. Potter.”Flich said as he opened the gate and stood aside so the Potters could pass

“Hello Mr. Flich. All is well at Hogwarts?” asked Harry as the gate closed behind them. Albus remind quiet. He really didn’t like Flich much after serving numerous detentions with him since his first year. Flich didn’t answer the question. Instead he led them up to the castle. When they got to the great oak front doors to the castle, a man with light honey brown wavy hair, rectangular glasses, and sweeping silver robes was waiting for them.

“Harry!” said the man with an extremely thick Irish accent

“Faegan!” the two men shooked hands.

“How is life at the Ministry? Has anything slowed down since I left nine years ago”

“Nope, but I am sure that the Department of International Magical Cooperation missed their old Head of department.”

“Me too. I wondering if that is the reason that have called me into this little meeting today. That or they want to make sure the students of Hogwarts are on their best behavior. But we know that they will represent the school well.” At this point the man turns and acknowledges Albus.

“Good morning Mr. Potter.”

“Good Morning Professor Jemison” they both shook hands. Albus had great respect for Professor Jemison. He was always a fair kind man.

“Well, we better not linger any longer. The Ministry waits. Jemison held out both hands. The Potters grabbed them and they disapparated.

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