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The leaves were slightly trembling in the summer light breeze, the sun was shining on the heated road and the neighborhood was silent, only exceptional bird singing could be heard.

Lounging girl was sitting in a deckchair with her eyes closed and hidden under black sunglasses very similar to the ones which were on the cover of the book abandoned on the stomach of the girl. Lolita.  

A sudden not so quiet movement interrupted her slumber. She slowly opened her eyes trying to catch who the intruder was in her little private bubble. As soon as she saw the black messy hair she knew exactly who it was. Her almost blind brother.  A second later she was splashed with water.

“Hey sis! How is the sun?”

“It was fine, but you’re right. It was getting kinda boring. So thanks for the diversification!”

“You’re  welcome.” His cheerful face was slowly getting on her nerves.

“Do you always have to be so annoying? I thought that the younger siblings are supposed to be annoying. You are seven months older. Shouldn’t you therefore be superior to seven months?”

He slowly climbed from the swimming pool and started approaching her. “You know, you’re practically a genius, so how could I even try to compete with you?”

“What do you think you’re doing?” She was monitoring his every move, knowing her brother, he was about to do something really not comfortable to her.  And even being the seeker of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, she was not quick enough. He was after all the quickest chaser of their team.

“I just wanted to express my eternal love towards you, Liz. C’mon let’s make it one 22 hell of an August. It’s scorching out here. One little pool visit won’t freeze you to death. Don’t be so upset.” By the time he was saying this sentence, she had already emerged from the pool and the water was pouring everywhere within ten feet around her. The flower on her straw hat had probably its best days far behind. And he was smiling uncontrollably.

“You think it’s funny, huh?” She smiled an evil smile. He was confused. She was going away from him.  

“Well, I know something even funnier.” She very quickly grabbed something of the ground. And a stream of freezing water was now splashing over James. Liz was clenching in her hands a garden hose.  

“ELIZABEEEEEETH!!! Stop it! Stop it immediately or else…”

“Or else what? You will like throw me into the pool? Been there, done that. You’re kinda late.” Ringing laughter and deafening screams filled the garden.

Suddenly a loud crack drowned out the commotion which was taking place in the garden. James and Liz exchanged a confused look. Their parents were on a mission.

The hose was left deserted on the ground. And two pairs of legs were running to the house through the back door which led to the kitchen.

Nobody was there.

“Let’s split.”

“No way, I won’t let you just…”

She interrupted him, “James! There is no time to argue. I am not five anymore.”

James looked at her suspiciously but after a little while he agreed.”Ok, I will take the first floor. If anything happens call me. Immediately.”

They reached the living room together and while James has already been taking the stairs two steps at a time she was approaching the hall.

Once she got there her heart skipped a beat. There on their door mat was laying the very best friend of her brother. The welcome sign on the mat was covered in blood. His eyes were shut and he was not moving. She was not moving. It was one hell of a 22 August 1977.

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