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Salazar went to bed with a funny feeling on the pit of his stomach. There was something about how his parents were behaving that was weird, but he brushed it off as adults being adults and quickly fell asleep lulled by his brother’s rhythmic snoring.

He dreamed a weird dream. A gigantic snake was wrapped around his body and tightening its grip, until he screamed “STOP!”  The snake unwrapped itself, looked at him and hissed a distant “Wake up, Sal! Wake up!”

Salazar reluctantly opened his eyes. His brother was shaking him.

“What? Stop it!” Salazar rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Can’t you hear it?” asked his brother, raising his index finger.

“Let me sleep,” he turned around and tried to get back to sleep.

Suddenly there was a scream just outside the house. It made Salazar’s blood run cold and he got up instantly. He saw his twin sisters stir in the bed next to his. There was a red flash of light, followed by the whinnying of a horse and a crash.

“Children, get up!” Salazar recognized his father’s voice.

There were two more flashes of red, making the Slytherin children straighten up; both twins were holding their wands and ready for battle. They were still four and ten and their knowledge of duelling spells was limited, but still their freckled faces showed a determination that Salazar had never seen in them and that helped him calm down.

One of the twins put her index finger to her lips, signalling for them to keep quiet, while the other gestured for them to follow.

Both their parents were out of bed, the baby was crying in its cot. One of the twins picked the baby up and tried to calm him down. Only when their little brother stopped crying did they continue. The front door was out of its engines and through the cracks they could see an orange glow. The smell of smoke was in the air and the screams outside the house still raged on.

Hazel, one of the twins, pushed the door to clear the exit and they were faced by a horrific scene. A hundred men in horses were swarming the small clearing that led to the Slytherin’s house. Each of the men was using a suit of armour made of a dark metal that Salazar had never seen before and each of them was also carrying a sword and light shield made of the same material as their armour. Fires were blazing around them. A dozen wizards and witches were sending spells against the horsemen, but to no effect – all spells and curses would rebound of the armours and shields and fly out in all directions, making the night sky alight with colours. The rebounded spells would, more often than not, hit someone and knock them out, or hit a tree casting it on fire.

Salazar saw his father trying to fend off one of the horsemen; he managed to make the horse fall, bringing the rider down with it. Before the rider could regain his footing, Salazar’s father took his sword. Salazar closed his eyes as hard as he could.

“Children!” Salazar heard his mother’s voice scream

Salazar turned around just in time to see one of their attackers swing his sword and his mother falling with a gasp.

“GENEVIEVE!” Salazar’s father started running towards his wife, one of the rider’s jumped out of his horse and hit him with his shield.

Salazar’s heart stopped and he looked around. It looked as though time had slowed down; everywhere he looked there was blood and screams, the spells had stopped flying and the men were jumping from their horses. He saw as one of his twin sisters was being caught by one of the attackers and the other being blocked by another man as she was trying to run away with the baby.

Alfred was still next to him; he looked pale and terrified. A drop of sweat fell from his brother's brow on to the ground - it was enough to get Salazar out of his haze just in time, two of the men were walking towards them with their swords ready and a malicious look on their faces. Salazar tugged Alfred’s arm, but his brother wouldn’t move.

“Alfred,” Salazar slapped his brother hard across the face. “We have to run!”

Alfred swallowed his fear and turned around to follow Salazar. The men were running after them with long steps, but the two brothers had the advantage of knowing the woods from all the years of playing there. When they were past the light of the fire, Salazar looked around.

“The dark will help -“

“Run, Sal! RUN!”

To his horror, Salazar saw his older brother being carried by one of the men and disappearing out of the woods. Panicking, Salazar grabbed the biggest stone he could find and ran after his brother and his captor. The other man grabbed his arm before Salazar could throw the rock.

Run, Sal!” he could still hear Alfred’s faint voice.

Salazar kicked the man in the shin, but hit his armour instead and hurt his own foot. The man’s laughter rang in Salazar’s head; the echo seemed to come from all directions and rage, horror and panic shot through Salazar’s body like a curse. He felt the stone still in his hand and aimed it towards the man’s head. There was a loud clunk from the impact and the man released him. Salazar saw a trickle of blood come down from the man’s nose before running away as fast as he could.

The man said something that Salazar couldn’t understand and started after him. He was faster and Salazar could hear his footsteps getting closer.

“You’re mine, ya’ little shit,” said the man.

Salazar shut his eyes, whishing he would be far from there and felt the man’s hand brush against his right arm. Salazar stretched his arm away from the man’s reach and lost his balance. A second later the young wizard crashed hard against the rough stone floor and felt a sharp pain shoot through his right arm.

He cried out in pain, before scrambling to get to his feet and run again, but after two steps he hit against something stony and fell backwards. He tried to get up again, supporting his weight in his right arm and felt the strongest pain he had ever felt and collapsed again on the ground. He ran his left hand through his right forearm, it hurt just to touch and it was all that Salazar could do not to cry.

He tried to look around, it was pitch black, but quiet. He could no longer hear the sound of the man who was running after him.

Salazar got up and felt the thing he had crashed against – it felt like a solid stone wall. He walked along the wall, which led to a forest. Dawn was breaking and through the dim light he could see that he had just gotten out of a cave.

A/N: And so, Salazar Slytherin's story begins. Remember that AN froma  few chatpters ago? Yeah...I lied xD Thank you for reading and please revidew, I really appreciate every single review.

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