The door the lay before us was huge. And my eyes would've been bulging at the pure size of it...if I wasn't so used to the Great Hall door....or the Hogwarts gate....or the Room of Requirement door (Al and I found it after his dad hinted about the room. It is epic, by the way). Scorpios and I were chuckling at Pippin and Merry as their mouths fells looking at it. It was insanely funny especially if you imagined what it must feel like to be that height and to stare at the door.


Pfft. It just hit me again. I snorted in amusement. Pippin glared at me - it only set off another round of giggles which resulted in snorting, which cause Scorpios to laugh at me. 


Albus shook his head at me and waited patiently behind Frodo. I noticed his patience was growing thin. Here's a hint: when he begins to tap his foot, you know he's just burning to explode.


"Is anyone going to answer this door!?" He suddenly growled causing Sam, Merry, Frodo and Pippin to jump.


"Calm yourself, Mr. Albus. I'm sure somebody is coming," Sam reassured Al patiently.


Oh my God. Dye his hair black, give him green contacts, glasses and a growth spell, and you could call him Harry.


"And here they are," Frodo breathed in relief. Well, I think that's what he said - you can barely hear his soft voice over the rain.


A small part of the door slid away and revealed an old, scraggy looking man. He held a lantern in one hand and his eyes, which were protected from the rain by a hood, peered at us as though we weren't something he wanted to see.


"Who goes there?" He croaked out.


Ooh. He really needs a soother. Hm, I think I know a spell - Ah, wait, I'm not allowed. Shoot. Sorry old guy. My life is more important.


"Hobbits," Frodo called out strongly, surprising me. I thought he was a quiet one. "From the Shire. And two Men and a Lady from the North."


"Hobbits eh? And you three all the way from up North? What brought you down here?" The man inquired.


Scorpios, like a feather in a storm, slipped his hand towards his pocket, hand grasping his wand hidden there; Albus leaned casually to the side and slyly into his dueling mode; I folded my arms, secretly catching the hilt of my wand. 


This went unnoticed by all. All...but Frodo. I could tell by the slight tension in his stance. Or maybe he was preparing himself too?


"We are headed toward the Prancing Pony. Our business is our own." Frodo said, his voice guarded.


The man looked at Frodo in surprise, and then grunted, "Alright master Hobbit, I meant no offence. Just protocol, that's all. Can't trust anyone these days." He blinked and began to unlock the door, "Come in. Hurry now." 


A smaller door opened in the big door as the man moved aside to let us in. Albus let out a slow but obvious sigh and quickly stepped through, soon followed by Frodo, Pippin, Merry, Sam, Me and last Scorpios. I hope Al will chill now.


As we walked down the deserted road, I took in my surroundings. For some reason it reminded me of Hogsmeade. But I think I'll have a problem finding butterbeer here.


Scorpios leaned towards me, "Unfold your arms, you look suspicious."


I glanced down in surprise and while nervously unfolding my pretzel like arms, I gave Scorpios a smile of gratitude.


I cleared my throat, alerting the attention of Pippin and Merry, " do we know which one is the Prancing Pony?"


The two shared a look of amusement. "Well now, that is a good question Pip."


"It is indeed, Merry. How do we know where such a place is?"


"The bright lights from the window and loud singing?" Merry asked Pippin, his voice mocking.


"Of course not Merry!" Pippin snorted, "Use your head."


I rolled my eyes at them. Scorpios grinned at me and I hit him.


"Right you are Pip. Now...would the horses outside that inn there hint anything?"


Pippin rolled his eyes, "Horses outside an inn. What does that tell us?"


Scorpios was using me as a support for his laughing now, while I fumed silently.


Merry nodded thoughtfully, "Ah, hard it is, to find such a place...Say Pippin?"


"Yes, Merry?"


"Would the sign with a horse on it mean anything?"


"I don't know. Maybe we should check?" 


I huffed, "Very funny. I get it, it wasn't hard to find. Ha ha."




"Shut up Scorpios."


"You should've seen your face!"


I heard a chuckle of amusement from ahead of us where Albus was grinning like a fool at me. I stuck my tongue out at him, but couldn't help from joining in on the laughter. I can't  help it - I'm a laughing kind of person.


Pippin and Merry grinned at me. I smirked at them, an idea coming to mind.


I put on a serious face and scowled at them, "You know what? You guys made me feel stupid."


The grins wavered. "Sorry my Lady. We couldn't help it." Merry began, but I cut him off with a glare.


"Maybe you can help it when you no longer have feet!" I sneered.


The grins disappeared.


"'re joking, right my Lady?" Pippin asked.


I grinned devilishly, "Hm...Which would suit you more? Duck feet or hooves?"


They paled.


"P-please my Lady! I love my feet!" Pippin began.


"It was only a joke! No harm there! We're really sorry!" Merry cried.


The pleas and excuses went on for about ten minutes before I decided to stop my little joke. Pulling back my shoulders, I raised my chin into the air and gave the two Hobbits my best glare, silencing them.


"Fine. I'll let you go." I sighed, and walked past them with Scorpios on my right, but not before giving them a wink.


I heard Pippin whisper behind me, "What was that about?"


I then heard Merry sigh, "That, was us being showed up."


There was a pause, "Merry...were we tricked?"


Merry sighed again, "Yes, Pippin."


I giggled. Ah, those two are so gullible. Merlin I have to do that again. Frodo burst out laughing in front of me, giving me eyes full of mirth and a grin the took away his aged face. Sam shot me a grin of approval which I think took his view on me in a different direction.


"Where did you learn to look so demeaning?" Scorpios asked me, quirking a blonde brow.


A grin made its way onto my face as I took in the Frodo's laughter and the lightness of the night. Before we entered the hot and friendly seeming inn, I giggled behind my hand, linked arms with Scorpios and Albus once again.


"You." I answered, dragging Scorpios into the loud inn which drowned Scor's cry of protest and the round of new laughter from my friends.




"Welcome young masters and Lady," The innkeeper smiled while drying a cup, "How may I be of service?"


"We need beds, for the night," Frodo answered once again. 


He's really getting the hang of this leader stuff. Harry Potter couldn't have done a better job - and from what I hear from Aunt Hermione, Uncle Harry wasn't that good at speaking to people. Mainly strangers. It's true. He get's really awkward.


The innkeeper glance at Scor, Al and I unsurely, "I'm sorry but we only have Hobbit sized beds left."


"That'll do, we don't really mind," Albus reassured the man.


Scorpios looked as if he actually did mind, but we ignored him. He's a Malfoy - they're prone to being dramatic.


"Alright...what did you say your name was?" The innkeeper asked, peering at Frodo.


"Underhill." And here we go again the fake name. I for one, don't think it's very believable, but it's too late now.


The innkeeper nodded like he didn't believe Frodo (told you), "Make yourselves comfortable, your rooms will be ready soon."


Frodo stopped the man from leaving, "Did Gandalf come by?"


The man frowned in thought, "Gandalf...? Oh yes! Pointy hat, big grey beard."


Sounds wizardy alright.


"I haven't seen him in several months."


Say what?! How the hell are we supposed to get home now!? 


Scorpios, Albus and I shared a similar look. I could explain it in detail, but really it's a lot more simple than that. Crap.




Hey!!! I updated!!! Comment or whatever :D 




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