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 Written from Phil's POV

"Get up!" said Mum walking in my room, followed by Alice and Augusta shouting about the new style for witches or something ridiculous like that.

"5 more minutes?" I asked hoping for some sympathy. They wouldn't see Me until christmas after today!

"You've already had an extra 30 minutes!" said Mum in her high voice. Not angry just surprised.

"Ok, ok. What time are we leaving? And what's for breakfast?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"In 10 minutes! Well, the girls had roast turnip with goat's milk" the girls mock gagged behind her. Mum as always, was oblivious to this.

"Hurry up then!" As they all walked out the room.

Just as I was getting my t-shirt on, a snowy white owl was knocking at the window. I opened it, took the letter out of its beak. It then bit me! Then, went on to nibble at my chocolate frogs at my desk.

"Hey! Those are mine!" I said waving my arms about. The owl gave me a rather perplexed look then flew out of the window.

Hey Phil! What time are you getting to the station today? We're just about to leave by floo! Dad said we could have our own compartments! I'll try and get one without any weirdos like Reyna Thomas*** or anyone else.
See you soon!

P.S. The bird bites! And is always hungry.

Yea I noticed.

*** Reyna Thomas is sometimes used in fanfic as the daughter of Dean Thomas and Padma Patil :) Just thought I'd add some next-gen people in!


"Anything from the trolley dears?" said the lady pushing the trolley and poking her head in our compartment. We had managed to hold our own, any time somebody came in, they would soon walk out at the sight of Trevor bouncing everywhere he could.

"Hello Beryl! I would like two liquorice wands please!" said Rose looking up from a potions text book. She had started reading our school books in the christmas holidays.

"Certainly! Anything for you boys?" said Beryl.

"Yes please! Could I have a chocolate frog and a pumpkin pasty! said Albus handing over some coins that Trevor had slobbered on.

"Anything for you Mr. Longbottom?" said Beryl. She only knew my name becuase my Dad was always going on about how I was starting at Hogwarts.

"Could I have two pasties, two wands, four chocolate frogs, a packet of fizzing whizbees and some drooble's gum please!" I said handing over the money my Mum gave Me. She didn't count right. She gave me 5 galleons more than she meant to! Classic Mum.

"There you go! Enjoy your sweets!" said Beryl going down the carriage.

"Somebody's hungry" said Rose in her sarcastic tone.

"What! I didn't have any breakfast! And atleast I don't know everybody in the whole world!" I said back indignantly.

"I'm just a people person!" said Rose sticking her nose in her book again.

"More like nosey" said Albus. Only I heard

"We should probably get our robes on" I said pulling down my case.

"I've got some massive ones from James" said Albus looking at his robes with disgust.

"Mine are brand new" I said mocking my friend as usual.


"GRYFFINDOR" *cheer cheer*

"GRYFFINDOR" *cheer cheer*

"GRYFFINDOR" *cheer cheer*

"Albus, would you please sit down and not act like a baboon?" said Rose as Albus was acting out the sorting ceremony. We were all sitting down on these rather old chairs. We found out the seating caste rather quickly. 1st years had the terrible chairs, 2nd years usually hung around the stairs to the dorms, 3rd years got the less old chairs but still pretty shabby, 4th years got an old sofa and some chairs, 5th years always booked the armchairs, 6th years punched anyone who got near their lavish armchairs and 7th years got the nice armchairs and the nicest sofa. Everybody had to start somewhere?

"I wonder what we have first thing tommorow? I wish they would just give us our timetables the night before so we can study for it!" said Rose getting rather excited at the prospect of actually being taught by teachers for the first time in 6 weeks.

"Really? I wish they never gave us our timetables. Then we wouldn't have to dread potions, or history of magic!" said Albus lounging on his chair.

"Dad says we don't have him for herbology until Tuesday! I hope it's something like DADA or charms tommorow!" I said munching on a chocolate frog left over from the train.

"I hope it's not flying! Did you hear what happened to my Dad first lesson? He broke his wrist!" I said hoping for an excuse that that will happen to me.

"If it's flying I'll be very happy. If it's history of magic, not so happy" Albus said this while acting out him catching the snitch and being victorious.

"Albus calm down! I hate flying anyway. I think I have a cold coming on. I better go to bed" said Rose. She always had a cold when it came to anything she wasn't good at.

"We probably should too! Night!" I said waling past the 2nd years who were clogging up the stairs.


"UP" said Albus. Of course he would be the first one to master his broom.

"UP" Scorpius was the 2nd. He smirked at everyone until he locked eyes with Albus and scowled.

"UP" I kept shouting but nothing was really happening. To be fair I wasn't really trying very hard. Neither was anybody else. They were all looking forward to a race between Scorpius and Albus that was arranged last night after the feast.

"Ok! I need to go inside to get the quaffle. Nobody move!" said Hooch.

Everybody moved. The races went on. When Hooch came back she didn't really mind as she remembered almost the exact thing happen between Scorpius and Harry's fathers. Albus won 9/10 the one that he lost was when Scorpius elbowed him in the mouth. That didn't help much. But still Hooch gave Gryffindor 5 points for winning and then an extra 5 for sportsmanship. Albus didn't hex Scorpius when he elbowed him. Mysteriously Rose hadn't turned up. I saw her sneak in a puking pastille into her cornflakes. We had a deal, I would do the same for potions and she would tell. Fair deal I say.

Herbology the next day was quite fun. As a project over the whole year we got given a talking cactus! They were very sarcastic. Mine was called Titus. Rose is called OUCH! Well, she didn't mean to. But when she first picked him up that's what she said, and that's all he answers to. Albus named his Nick. It is a name that the cactus does lots of. Strangely they all had very odd swedish accents. Nobody quite understood them the first time. But they ofter crave meatballs.

The rest of the week consisted of boring history of magic, racing flying lessons, terrible potions, great DADA lessons and herbology lessons with lots of plasters.

All in all. It was shaping up to be a very good first term at Hogwarts.




Next one will be up soon! thankyou!

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