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Blackout by Bobmarley
Chapter 1 : Lights out
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The room was dark and had a cold feeling about it. Lila didn't like the house the street and especially not the room.

 She could only see one side of the room lit by a small lamp. There was a small glass cabinet with dust and cobwebs littering the shelves. She walked over slowly not wanting to disturb the house.

 On the floor was a small picture frame. It was cracked sharply across the glass and coated  in a  layer of dust. She bent down carefully to pick it up.  It was depicting a couple standing in front of a house not the one she was in though. 

As she stood back up she heard a slight creaking from behind her which made her heart race and fear run through her veins. She turned quickly ready to scream if she had to. There was no one behind her but now the rest of the room was lit with candles. 

Opposite from Lila the words scratched into the wall sent chills down Lila's spine. 

He yelled and the lights went out. 
The last word led into a long scratch  in the wall this one was slightly draper than the others.  

Lila walked over slowly and trailed her fingers over the scratch at on spot it became quite wide and deeper. She ran her fingers around the rough edge of the scratch. A hand clamped down on her fingers from the other side of the wall. She screamed and the hand let go. She wasn't alone in the house. 
She yelled into the house and the lights went out. 

Ocora's Pov:

I watched as Lila cried in her sleep. I knew that if I woke her up and tried to comfort her she would just get embaresed and angry with herself. I sighed and kept getting ready to go back to hogwarts after three years. I met Lila three years ago in first year at beauxbatons academy, ever since then she had been like a sister to me.

Lila wasn't always like this, she didnt always have nightmares that made us run away. We used to be like everyone else well every other wich. We used to go to beauxbatons and see boys and have fun, but even back then I felt protective of Lila.

It was only last year when she had her first dream. She though nothing of it but when she kept having them every night and every night it was a different nightmare of voldemort or death eaters killing some innocent wich or wizard.

After we went to a seer. The seer said that Lila had a curse placed on her before she was borne. It was two months ago when she had her first nightmare of something that hadn't already happend. As soon as she told me I knew I had to take her away so we could find out the meaning of her dreams.

I slipped on a pair of trainers underneath my jeans and waited with baited breath hoping that Lila would wake soon.
Her eyes flashed open full of fear and she say bolt upright.

When she saw me her expression changed to one of drowsiness, she didn't want me to know about the dream I realized.

"how did you sleep?" I asked playing with the laces on my shoe.

"fine." she answered as she rubbed her eyes and walked over to her trunk and pulled out an outfit for the day. I followed her with my eyes as she went into the barthroom.

I stood up as she shut the door and lent against the outside wall.
"I know about the dream." I said to the closed door, instead of a reply I heard the shower start. She was always moody in the mornings.
I waited for several minuets untill I heard the water turn off.

"lila you should have told me." I said through the door.
"I know but it was late and I didn't want to wake you." she answered. I stood confussed.

"what do you mean it was late?" I asked.

"it was like twelve at night." she groned to me said I was a nagging mother, although that's probably what I sounded like.

"I ment the dream you had this morning." I said sighing.
The door creaked open slightly.

"t'was the same dream." she shrugged.
She dissapeared back behind the door.

"Lila you should have told me!" I repeated.
The door opened fully and I saw that she was now ready and wearing her favorite light blue dress.

"just drop it Cora." she said rolling her eyes at me.
I sighed as she pushed past me and started gathering her stuff together.

I didn't want to make her upset but Lila was like a little sister to me and if I wanted to protect her I needed to know what I was up against, also I wanted to know what her dream was.

I sighed and went to help Lila pack her trunk do we could leave for kings cross station and head off to hogwarts.
She smiled as I bent down to pick up her wand which was wedged between he mattress. I handed it to her and she thouraly shoved it in her pocket.

Today was going to be a long day.

Okay so this is my first chapter I no its a bit short and not very good but I'll try to make it better as I go allong.
Hope you like it.

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Blackout: Lights out


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