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When I left Hogwarts, my first thoughts were to get away from there. To leave UK, and never to return. I didn't hate Hogwarts, my school years hadn't been that awful but I just didn't want to be me anymore. I didn't want a boring job at the ministry, and be a doormat anymore. I had always been the good girl, quiet Hufflepuff. I would watch the popular girls, Crystal Kent and Audrina Hart. They are beautiful and confident, but everything I really hated in people, bullies to people they saw to be less pretty and talented than themselves . They were the type of girls who would hang out with the Potter Boys.


Moving to Italy after graduation was one of the best things I ever did. Italy was beautiful, warm and became my home. I was able to follow my passion, something I wouldn't have dreamed of when I was at Hogwarts. I loved Quidditch ever since I can remember, my dad would play with me but I was too nervous to try out for the team, or tell anyone how much I knew about it. It was a year and half before I landed the dream job. I was working with the biggest Quidditch team in the country, Milan.


It was soon after that when he arrived at the club. It wasn't my choice to buy him, he was a perfect choice for the club though. I didn't want him reminding me of home, I missed home but I knew going back would be a step backwards. James Potter arrived like a whirl wind, I didn't take him long to recognise me, surprising because I had always considered myself to be invisible at Hogwarts.


I tried at first to pretend not to know who he was, but one of my duties at the club was to welcome and settle in the English players who came play with the club which meant working closely with him.


At first he was cocky and annoying. His skills on the Quidditch pitch were undeniable and he knew it. He had soon calmed down, and settled into the club. We formed a friendship, I learnt that he had moved away from England because he had his heart broken. It wasn't long before I felt like I needed to heal him. Barely 6 months after him arrived at the club, we began a passionate affair.


It was hot and heavy for the first couple of months before James insisted he wanted to go public with our relationship. I was less keen, knowing it would reach the ears of people in England. However I had fallen head over heels in love with him, so agreed and for a while, we were the most photographed couple in Italy.


6 months into our relationship, he broke the news that he would be returning to England for a short stay because his brother Albus was getting married to Crystal Kent. I couldn't believe it! I had hated that girl. I felt sick but at the same time nice to know we lived in Italy and wouldn't let see her, perhaps she had changed.


I doubt it, James received an English newspaper daily, claiming it helped to keep him in touch with his family. I avoided reading it mostly though I did see a lot of photos of Crystal and Audrina, labelled as a 'WAG', Wives and Girlfriend of Quidditch Stars.


James asked me to go with him to England, the idea frankly caused me to turn into a pool of nervous sweat. I lied and said I needed to work, that I would like to meet his family but maybe another time. I didn't feel bad as he left, just happy to have avoided going to England again. However what I saw in James's newspaper the next day just broke my heart. The front page was a photo of James and Audrina, laughed and looking flirty with the title 'James and Audrina: Reunited!'. The horrible realization that it was her, Audrina who at broken his heart, it was her that had him first. That ate me up inside.


When he returned, I pretended not to care, I didn't talk or ask about his trip. He knew something was wrong, he cuddled and stroked my hair and asked when was wrong. He made me melt, I loved him so much so I quickly broke and confessed all. He said he was sorry that he didn't mention it was her, and that they both moved on and he loved me with all his heart. I knew he was telling the truth, I didn't question it for a moment.




“Maddy, I know I have to talk to you about this but I'm considering a move back to England. Some scouts have talked to me about a move to the Arrows” James said nervously one morning in January over breakfast.


A million thoughts raced through my mind as the words came out of his mouth. I was shocked, James had rarely showed any interest in returning to England before now. He had visited England around a year and half ago for Al's wedding. I didn't want to lose him, I could hardly say no if he really wanted to return. It wasn't my place too. I realised that I hadn't said anything in over minute and was just staring at my half eaten grapefruit.


“Oh, you mean leave Milan for good?” I said slowly and carefully.


“Yes, my Grandad is ill and I think my family need me. I know we have a great life here but I think it's something I need to do, please Maddy come with me?” He said.


I couldn't say 'No', it would be selfish of me. I knew James' family were important to him. I didn't know how mine would react to me coming back though. It was a big decision, too big to make over breakfast surely?


“I don't know James, I mean my job and the club needs me here!” I said nervously, I didn't want to go not really. I wasn't ready not yet. I didn't know if I would ever be ready.


“Maddy, stop making excuses. I know you're scared about going home but I love you and I need you to come with me!” He said, he was right though I was making excuses. James was always right. Damn.


“Alright, James I'll come” I said quietly.


“REALLY?!” he yelled, he looked so happy like a little boy on Christmas day or something. He throw his arms around me, hugging me closely and spinning me around in the air.


“Yes!” I said happily as he spun me around, I smiled. I was going back to England. I wasn't sure I was ready but I would be with James. How bad could it be?


“I LOVE YOU MADDY RYDER! MARRY ME?” He said, finally putting me on the ground finally.


“You mean it?” I whispered, nearly stunned into silent.


“Madeleine Grace Ryder, would you do me the honour of becoming Mrs James Potter?” He said seriously, getting down on one knee.


“Yes! Of course I will!” I nearly screamed happily.


“We're getting married!”


“I guess so!” I said laughed, he just grinned back at me with the biggest smile on his face. I don't know if I've ever seen him that happy.



She was a very busy woman, a highly professional and highly paid one. She sat behind the desk, sitting at the desk like it was a throne. It was this attitude that got her where she was today. She was a woman in a Man's game. Her PA called through that one of her most important clients was here to see her. She had agreed to see him as he normally never came to London, it was obviously important.


“Good Morning M” He said as he entered the room. His dark hair was as always untamed and messy, it was part of his look. It was part of the brand though.


Her name was Miranda Carroll. No-one had refer to her as Miranda in years. It was simply 'M' to everyone else. 'M' was simple and to the point. She wasn't fond of the name Miranda, she felt it to be too girly for professional use. M was a striking looking woman with high and defined cheek bones, short dark hair and bright blue eyes. She always dressed smartly in suits.


It was hard to believe that M was only 2 years older than the man sitting at the opposite side of the desk.


“Good Morning Potter” she said shortly “I hope you're doing well”


“I'm doing very well thank you, I came to share with you some exciting news” he said with a pause “Maddy and I are engaged”


“Congratulations” she said with a small smile, she had always liked Maddy though only meeting her twice before “she's a lot better than some of the bitches in this industry”


“Thanks M, I like to think so too” he said with a cheeky smile.


James Potter was a perfect brand. He was the son of the chosen one, excellent flyer with bucket load of charm. M was his PR representative, she wasn't his agent though she was more valuable for sure. It was her that he turned to whatever he needed advice or a story spinning for him. It was her who handled him turning up drunk to one of his important games of the season a couple of years ago and his heartbreak split from Audrina Hart.


“So I'll call a press conference, or perhaps we could arrange a magazine exclusive. I'm sure we can get 3 million gallons for the announcement plus a photo-shoot” she said in a business like tone.


“Oh one more thing, I'm moving back to England. I'm going to be joining the Arrows when the season starts in March” He said.


“Well Potter you've left me with a lot of work to do, I'll handle everything and I'll be in touch shortly, its nice to have some good news for once”


“Thanks for meeting with me today, I know you're a busy lady” he said as he got up to leave, shaking M's hand.


“Welcome home Potter” she called after him.


She settled back in her chair, today was going to be busier day than planned. She pushed a button by the side of her desk to communicate with her PA, she would need to move her 3pm appointment to 3.30. James Potter had left her with some calls to make.



“OMG, look at her! She looks like you Crystal!”


“She's got smaller boobs though!”


London was a favourite for the WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) of the Appleby Arrows, they preferred the pace of London compared to any northern cities like Leeds or Manchester. It was further for their husbands to travel but they wouldn't much worried about that.


Crystal Potter was blonde haired and blue eyed, and big boobed. She was married to Albus Potter having met him at Hogwarts, sharing the same house, Slytherin. She was the ring leader of the group of 4. Crystal's best friend from Hogwarts was called Audrina. They shared different houses but had always been great friends and it was Crystal who introduced to Audrina to Quidditch players. Audrina had later married Scottish keeper Sean Casey. Audrina was often described by the press as 'a pretty petite red head'.


Third member of 'Arrow WAGs' was Anastasia Petrov, she was Russian model. She was very quiet and sometimes mysterious. She was married to Lucas Wood, but kept her name. She unlike the others were famous in her own right.


Finally, one of sweetest girls around Amelie Dubois who was married to french born Chaser Emmanuel Dubois. She didn't look it but she partied hard than anyone. She was the original good time girl, Amelie however was amazing at keeping a 'classy' media image, something Crystal could never do. She was a wild thing, with drugs and drinking fuelling her nights and shopping and lunches with girls filling her days.


“Are you jealous Audrina?” Amelie laughed as she sparked up a cigarette. The four of them had been having lunch and a gossip at a trendy restaurant in central London.


“If I wanted James I could have him, I don't though. I have Sean don't I?” Audrina smirked before sipping on her cocktail.


The girls were looking at magazine, the centre fold was a glossy photo-shoot of a couple. The couple smiled happily. The couple were a dark haired man with messy hair and hazel eyes with a blonde haired and blue eyed girl. The couple were James Potter and Maddy Ryder announcing their engagement, and saying they would be returning to England.


“I give it 6 months personally” Amelie in bored tone, surveying her happy face as she showed off a diamond ring.


“You gotta stop being so bitchy you know” Audrina commented though she was still amused by Amelie's blunt nature and sharp tongue.


“Oh come off it, she's right, she's too cutesy and too innocent!” Crystal commented , she giggled before adding “He liked a bit a rough didn't he?”


“Because he liked me you mean?”


“Of course!” Crystal grinned, Amelie and Ana laughed along to. Aurdina muttered something sounded like 'cow' but laughed along too, she after all knew Crystal was only joking.


“Lets go shopping bitches!” said Ana in a commanding voice. The others followed her out of the door, chatting away happily.

Hey Guys - this is my new story. this chapter is obviously just to set up the main characters/storylines/issues in the story. so I hope you like it and will give it a little cheeky review!  and obviously, I own nothing apart from a few OC's and JKR is godess but eveyone knows that!

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