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Chapter XI ~Who Kidnapped Hermione?~
arry had thought for hours. "AAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Harry. "I'm going to kill myself," said Harry. "I can't think, I am soooooo brain-dead! Wait a second, that's it, I know who it was. It was........." so then Harry walked around and saw Professor Magonagal AND Voldemort. They were making out. "EW!!" said Harry. "What." said Professor Magonagal as she yanked Voldemort's tongue out of her mouth. I know which one of you two kidnapped Hermione." "So." said Professor Magonagal. "No, I really think he's serious." said Voldemort. "Sorry, but, Voldemort, say good-bye to Professor Magonagal, she's coming with me. "NO!!!!!" said Professor Magonagal and Voldemort at the same time. "How did you know it was my schmupsiepoo?" asked Voldemort. "Yeah, how did you know it was his schmupsiepoo, me?" asked Professor Magonagal. "Well, you see, Voldemort didn't want to answer the questions I was asking him, he just wanted to fight, and sense he is the untruthful type, I knew he was lying when I said: Where were you last night? and he said: Kidnapping people. Then Voldemort vanished. There is no way Voldemort would have been telling the truth. Oh yeah, and Professor Magonagal's act of curiosity and innocence, was another way to tell that she, was fakin' it! So, you two, say your lovely good-byes, and LET’S GO!" said Harry. "Oh, Minerva, I shall miss you greatly, while you dwell, in the hell, of jell (jail), of course it will smell, you may swell, no, not really it just rhymes, and.......ell!!! Bye, Cupcake." said Voldemort. "Bye Voldy, I wuv (love) you." said Professor Magonagal, as she blew a kiss and left with Harry. Harry and Professor Magonagal left, and then Voldemort said: "I loved her, I loved her like a son, the way she touched my face, and the way she grabbed my bun. Oh what a Hun! Well, I must run, good-bye son of a gun." he said as he pointed to an old lady. "Huh?" said the old lady.

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