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It was midnight in the Longbottom house. Xenophilius and his two sisters Alice, who was 8 and Augusta, who was 9 were all playing a very loud game of exploding snap, in the room that they all shared.

"Ouch Phil! That hurt!" Alice said outraged. She shared her mother's long blonde hair and her silvery grey coloured eyes.

"You always play unfair" Said Augusta as she threw her remaining cards at Phil. She had also adopted her Mother's blonde hair but has her Dad's brown eyes. Becuase of her faint eyebrows she always seemed to have a surprised look about her.

"I'm not playing unfair it's just you two aren't any good" said Phil casually. Phil had adopted both his Dad's dark hair and brown eyes. 

Just after Phil said that their mother, Luna Lovegood, came in.

"Come on you should have been in bed two hours ago!" She said looking bleary-eyed.

"But Muum!" said Alice.

"No buts! We've got a very big day tommorow. We're going to get Phil's school supplies from Diagon alley?" said Luna whilst packing up the cards.


Phil had been talking about going to Hogwarts the whole summer with his friends Rose Weasley and Albus Potter.

They were all on the field outside the Longbottom's house. The day before Phil was going to Diagon alley.

"I wonder what house I'll be in? It says in here that only the brave and loyal go to Gryffindor" said Rose looking up from her "Hogwarts A History" book

"Well I think that I'll either be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. My Mum was in Ravenclaw and my Dad was in Gryffidnor" said Phil whilst chewing some grass from the field.

"You're too stupid to be in Ravenclaw Phil! I reckon I could be in any house. Any house would benefit from Me" said Albus vainly.

"Well we're going to go to Diagon alley tommorow! I think I'll get a toad" said Phil dreamily looking at the toads in the pond.

"A toad? But then you'll have to use the rubbish school owls?" Albus said scowling at the toads.

"Well I'm gong to get a cat" said Rose matter-of-factly.


"Look Mum! A real life goblin!" said Alice pointing to a guard outside Gringott's as she, Luna, Augusta and Phil were walking down Diagon alley. Neville could not join them, as all teachers at Hogwarts had to be there a couple of days before term starts.

"Mum, do you think I could get a toad? Becuase Albus is getting an owl and Rose is getting a cat!" said Phil basically bouncing up and down with excitement.

"Well Phil, I think that woud suit you nicely!" said Luna as she followed Phil into the Magic Menagerie.

It was a rather small shop, although of its size it was very loud and smelly with every inch of wall covered with cages. It sold all kinds of animals - poisonous orange snails, a giant jewel-encrusted tortoise, sleek black rats, owls, ravens, cats of every colour, Puffskeins, a Transforming Rabbit and much much more.

"Hello dears!" said the rather plump woman behind the counter "What are you looking for today then?"

"Well, I would like a toad, if that's alright?" said Phil marvelling at all the different kinds of pets

"Go right ahead dear! We've got many different types! Common, crested, harlequin, western green, western crested, western harlequin, natterjack, western natterjack and one that I don't know what type it is. He's got 1 leg and is blind" said the lady whilst counting the types on her plump fingers.

"Wow!" said Phil "Which one do you have?"

"I've got a lovely harlequin called Jeremy!" said the lady proudly. 

"Well then, can I have one of those?" 

"Help yourself young sir" as she said this she pulled out three different cages each one with a different harlequin in it. One had yellow and black markings that looked like eyes, the other had orange and green markings that looked like snitches and the other had purple and torquise markings that looked like daggers.

"Can I have the yellow and black one please?"

"Certainly! Excellent choice young sir. That will be 9 galleons please!" 

Luna handed over the money with a bright smile and said "Thank you!"

As they walked out Phil said "I think I'll name him Trevor"


Thankyou very much for reading! Please review and another chapter should be up soon :)


P.S I don't own any of these people ;) J.K. Rowling does


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