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 Harry woke in the morning, feeling groggy after the firewhiskey him and Ron had drunk. He stumbled sleepily past Ron’s bed, where Ron was snoring loudly, and out of the room. The bathroom was on the third floor of the burrow, below His and Ron’s shared bedroom.

     As Harry reached for the silver handle of the door, it opened, even before his fingers were three inches from the shining metal.

     It was Ginny on the other side of the door, and Harry was sure her surprised expression matched his. She was wrapped in a crisp white towel, and her long red hair was in a long plait, which reached her waist. Harry could feel himself blushing, and Ginny smiled.

    ‘Morning, Harry, sleep well?’ She asked in her tinkling, musical voice.

    ‘Err, I slept fine thank you. Sorry..’ He bowed his head as she walked past him, into her bedroom. Before he closed the bathroom door, he noticed Ginny was leaning against her door frame.

     ‘Harry, I think we should talk later on. About us.’ She blushed, and closed her door.

      Harry locked the door, and sat on the edge of the bath, thinking.

     He thought about how he felt about her. She was beautiful, smart, everything he could’ve wished for. He couldn’t deny it to himself; he was madly in love with Ginerva Weasley. Harry thought back over the past year, how he was away and how it felt, being away from her. He imagined how Ginny must have felt. Harry decided that today was the day Ginny would know exactly what he was thinking, and that he would tell her everything.


After Harry bathed, and got dressed, he went downstairs to where the Weasley’s and Hermione were sitting, eating breakfast. Harry felt an odd pang in his heart when he saw George had an empty seat next to him. Previously, this seat would have been occupied by Fred.

     ‘Morning.’ Smiled Arthur. He’d been looking old before the war, but the past few days he seemed to have grown a few years younger. The Weasley’s all chorused ‘hello’s and ‘Good morning!’s to Harry. Harry greeted them back and sat next to Ron and Ginny. Whilst he was eating wonderfully home cooked eggs and bacon, he felt Ginny’s hand slip something into his. He coughed to cover the sound of him unfolding the small piece of parchment.

    ‘Harry, meet me in the orchard on the hill at eleven, don’t bring Ron for goodness sakes. G x’


Harry smiled as he read the note, then nodded quickly hoping Ginny was watching, as he stuffed it into his pocket. Harry had to think which orchard Ginny meant, for there were many orchards, and many hills. He suddenly remembered the high, hidden one they played quidditch in last year. That was the one Ginny meant, for they had shared memories there. 



At five to eleven, Harry was still fussing in his and Ron’s bedroom, trying to flatten his wayward hair, and wondering whether his shirt looked better tucked in or out…

      ‘God, Harry. What are you making such a fuss about? I’m sure Teddy doesn’t mind if your hair is a mess.’ Ron said, looking up from the book Hermione and him were flicking through. They were both on Ron’s bed, lying on their stomachs. Harry looked at them, raising his eyebrow, despite his nervous state. It was still odd, seeing Ron and Hermione like this..

     Harry’s excuse for leaving was he was visiting Andromeda and Teddy. It was the best thing he could think of, and he was starting to regret using this. Harry knew Hermione had guessed something was up; she was smiling smugly.

     ‘I just want to look..erhh, responsible. Like a Godfather, you know?’ Harry said as convincingly as he could. He checked the watch he’d had off Molly for his birthday, it was three minutes to eleven. ‘Right, er, I’ll see you later.’

     ‘Say hey to Ted for me.’ Ron said, looking up from the book once again.

     ‘Yeah, and enjoy, Harry.’ Hermione said, grinning. She definitely knew where Harry was going.

Harry ran down the stairs of the burrow, and out of the front door, waving a brisk goodbye to whoever was in the kitchen. Harry thought of the ‘Three D’s.’ He felt himself being forced through what seemed like a narrow tunnel, and then he was spinning, in ankle-deep grass.

      Harry stopped himself, and smiled. He’d apparated perfectly. He still felt pleased with himself, even after a year of learning how to do it.

      He spotted Ginny on the other side of the orchard. She had her back to him, her long red locks floating smoothly down her back. Ginny was sitting on a small blanket, and was waving her wand about, making her patronus horse canter around the orchard. Harry ran his hand through his hair, totally ruining the almost-neatness he had. He took a few breaths before taking out his own wand.

      He thought of Ron, Hermione, flying a broomstick, Meeting his parents, Christmas with the Weasleys and his time with Sirius. He thought of that first kiss with Ginny, and the many afterwards. He thought of that time in her bedroom, before the horcrux hunt.

     ‘Expecto Patronum!’ He said quietly, there was no need to shout the words. His memories were so strong. A silver stag erupted from his wand, and galloped straight to Ginny’s horse. They nudged heads and chased each other around the beautiful green orchard. Harry grinned; it was the first patronus he’d conjured since the war. Ginny was laughing at the patronuses, that looked, well..very much in love.

      Harry jogged to where Ginny was sitting, and sheepishly sat down opposite her. ‘Hello..’ He smiled, nervously.

      ‘Hi, Harry.’ Ginny smiled, bowing her head.

      ‘So, umm..I got your note.’ Harry said foolishly, and Ginny laughed.

     ‘Really, Harry? I would never have guessed..’ She was grinning, and Harry shook his head, turning red.

      ‘Sorry.’ He smiled. With Ginny there in front of him, he was totally lost for words. She was so beautiful, her deep brown eyes, cute freckles, and her hair…She was like an angel. Harry was so dumbfounded with her beauty, and her open smile, he just said it. He wasn’t even nervous, it just flowed out easily, he didn’t realise what he was saying. Until he said it. ‘Ginny, I think I might love you.’

       Ginny was just as shocked as he was, she’d expected a long talk off him giving her all reasons why their relationship wouldn’t work. She expected to have to plead. She’d heard the words just after the battle, but that was a totally different feeling. She couldn’t say much for a while.

       Harry thought her silence was bad. He thought he’d just ruined all his chances of getting this beautiful girl back.

      ‘Uh, that came out too fast.’ He mumbled. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, I, er, I understand if you don’t want me, or, uhh, this. Oh, godric, I’ve ruined it hav….’
      His words were stopped, for Ginny leant into him and crushed her lips to his. Harry didn’t know how long they were kissing for. He didn’t care, he was happy in the arms of Ginny, the girl he wanted to spend his life with. They grew closer and closer together, hands roaming and eyes closed. Harry never wanted it to end. Her lips were soft and damp, sweet to taste.

     When Harry opened his eyes again, he realised he was lying on his back, Ginny sitting on him. They broke apart and Ginny grinned.

      ‘Err..’ Harry shuffled awkwardly, even though he didn’t mind being like this at all.

       ‘Harry?’ Ginny said, smiling. ‘I think I might love you, too.’

       Harry thought his heart might have exploded, he felt so unbelievably happy. Those words were the sweetest he’d ever heard.

        ‘I want to start again. Us two, no horcruxes getting in the way, no dark lords. I love you, I want to be with you, lets forget the past..and just start..all over again.’ Ginny finished, and raised her eyebrows, waiting for Harry’s reply.

        ‘Yes. Okay, yeah.’ Harry couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. ‘Well godric, that was one good first kiss.’

       Ginny smacked his shoulder playfully and leant down to kiss Harry’s lips once again, softer this time. ‘I love you.’ Harry said, and he could feel Ginny’s on his lips.

        Ten minutes later, they were lying side by side, in a much more appropriate position. Their patronuses were conjured once more, and they were galloping in unison, weaving around trees and generally having a good time.

Hand in hand with Ginny, Harry couldn’t have felt happier.

      ‘So, what was your excuse for coming out?’ Harry asked Ginny, whirling his wand around lazily.

     ‘What do you mean?’ Ginny asked, rolling onto her side.

     ‘Where did you say you were going?’ He asked.

     ‘I said I was coming up here with you..’ Ginny laughed. ‘You made up an excuse to Ron, didn’t you?’

      Harry let out a laugh, and wondered why he had made such a fuss. ‘Yeah, I did.’

      Ginny shook her head, and rolled her eyes. ‘What was it?’

     ‘I said I was going to see Teddy. I didn’t think he’d react very well it I told him..’ He grinned.

     ‘So you can kill dark wizards, but are afraid of the Wrath of does that work out?’ Ginny was smiling, knowing she made a good point.

      ‘Your brother has a temper, you know.’ Harry joked.

      ‘Yeah, yeah. So how is Teddy, anyway?’ Ginny asked.

      ‘Oh, the last time I saw him was at Lupin and Tonks’ funeral. I suppose he’s fine..’ Harry shrugged. ‘Hey, you haven’t properly met him yet, have you?’

      ‘No, I haven’t. I saw his hair, though..exactly like Tonks’’ Ginny smiled. ‘Can we go and see Andromeda and him?’

      ‘Of course, come on.’ The stood up and held hands, their wands stowed quickly away into their pockets. Harry thought of the Three D’s again, and then he was swirling around with Ginny in the garden of Andromeda Tonks.

       They stopped spinning, and brushed themselves down. The garden was perfectly groomed, much brighter and neater then when Harry was here last. The biggest difference was a swing in the corner, with a plastic childs’ harness in place of the usual flat seat. Harry smiled, imagining Lupin pushing Teddy aged one, kicking his chubby legs, and then aged five, Teddy laughing and yelling to go higher. He imaged Teddy aged twelve, sitting on the swing trying to read through his charms homework, a look of bewilderness on his face. He imagined Tonks teaching him how to play quidditch, and the look on Lupin’s face when Teddy produced his first patronus. If only…

      They walked up the cobbled pathing stones, and when Ginny’s hand slid into Harry’s, he couldn’t help but smile. It was so natural, so right. Harry knocked three times on the oak door, which had a sign that said ’34-Tonks,’ on it.

      He saw Andromeda approaching through the slim pane of glass, his stomach didn’t clench; she looked the total opposite of her sister these days. She opened the door, and smiled at Harry, then at Ginny.

     ‘Harry!’ she said, opening the door to allow entrance for the pair. ‘How nice to see you. And Ginny, of course.’

     ‘You, too, Andromeda,’Harry said.

     ‘Please, please, call me Andy.’ She smiled, shaking hands with Ginny. ‘Here to see Teddy?’

     ‘And you’ Harry added, smiling. He was happy to see that Andromeda wasn’t stricken with grief-he wouldn’t have liked to see that. Harry supposed that Teddy was keeping her busy, and happy.

        ‘Of course, of course.’ Andromeda crooned, leading them into the front room, where Teddy was kicking his legs happily in a wooden crib.

       ‘Awhh! Look at his hair!’ Ginny laughed while going over to tickle his tummy. His hair was the brightest of blues, but by the time Harry went over to the crib, Teddy’s hair had morphed into a bright red; the colour of Ginny’s.

     ‘Woah,’ Harry said, smiling at Teddy. For an odd moment, he imagined this baby was Ginny’s..he shook his head, knowing it was way too soon to be thinking like that. Teddy turned his head to Harry, and his hair changed again, to the raven black of his godfather.

     ‘He cant control it yet, I don’t even think he realises what he’s doing.’ Andromeda laughed. Surely enough, his hair changed to a dark curly brown when he saw his Grandmother.

      ‘It’s amazing’ Ginny said, ruffling the hair softly. Teddy gave a babyish smile and raised his arms, fists grabbing Ginny’s hair.

       ‘I think he likes you, pick him up if you want.’ Andromeda said, sitting back onto the sofa, which was covered in colourful shawls and throws. Harry felt his heart swell as Ginny put her hands under Teddy and lifted him up to her. She sat on the armchair with Teddy, and laughed as his hair changed from his usual turquoise to her red.

      ‘So, how are you?’ Harry asked Andromeda, only just managing to tear his eyes away from Ginny and Teddy.

      ‘Oh, I’m..coping. Teddy has got me through it, you know? I take him down to the graves every morning. The first time I took him there, his hair..his hair changed to pink. That was Tonks’ favourite,’ she smiled slightly.

      ‘Woah,’ Harry said for the second time in five minutes. He didn’t quite know what to say. ‘They’d both be so proud of him.’

      ‘I know, and I’m proud of him, too. It’s like having a bit of them both here,’ she sighed, and then looked at Harry, straight into his eyes. ‘And how are you?’

      ‘I’m..’ He thought of Ginny. ‘I’m okay. I still feel sort of..bad, you know?’

      ‘All in good time, Harry’ She smiled. ‘Tea?’

      ‘Please, Andy.’ Ginny nodded, too. Andromeda left the front room and left to the kitchen.

      ‘Harry, look..’ Ginny said, ‘He wants a hug.’ Ted was stretching his arms out toward Harry this time, making baby noises. Harry chuckled and took Teddy into his arms, smiling as Teddy’s sturdy weight settled into his lap. Like he did in the funeral, Teddy grabbed the edge of Harry’s glasses. Harry grinned and put them on Teddy. They were hilariously too big, but Teddy shrieked with laughter, and his hair turned black once again.

     ‘He looks just like you.’ Ginny said, sitting on the sofa next to them.

     ‘Yes, he does!’ Andromeda said, returning from the kitchen holding a tray laden with three hot mugs and a bottle of warm milk. Harry took his glasses back off Teddy, and smiled as the baby’s hair changed to Ginny’s red.

      Harry and Ginny stayed at the Tonks cottage for an hour, playing with Teddy and chatting with Andromeda. He found odd peace being there, as though Remus and Tonks were smiling at them invisibly.

      After they said goodbye and hugged Teddy for the last time, they disapperated back to the Orchard. After they’d composed themselves once again, they sat back down on the blanket that was left there from earlier.

      ‘So, what now Harry?’ Ginny asked, a smile playing on her lips.

      ‘Um, whatever, we could go back if you like?’ Harry suggested, even though he didn’t want to; not quite yet. He noticed Ginny frown and said quickly. ‘Or we could go into London? I haven’t been to check on Kreacher in a while.’

      Ginny looked confused. ‘Kreacher..Kreacher as in Sirius’s house elf?’

     Harry laughed, ‘Yes, that Kreacher.’

     ‘Am I missing something?’ Ginny’s left eyebrow was raised, and her mouth hanging open slightly. ‘Don’t you remember what he was like that year we stayed with him?’

      ‘Yeah, he’s changed.’ Harry was grinning his open, most amused smile. ‘Last year we stayed in Grimmauld place for a while. Let’s just say that being kind to him paid off in the long run.’

      ‘I don’t understand..’ Ginny still looked bemused, and Harry took her hand once again. They apperated to the doorstep of number twelve, Grimmauld place. 

      ‘Alohomora.’ Harry said, tapping the door knob. He hadn’t been here for a while, and he wondered if the house was still rightfully his. Seeing as he was able to get to the doorstep, Harry seemed confident.

      There were a few small clicks, and then Harry swung the heavy door open.

     He didn’t recognise the place. The hall was painted pale blue, and all the old photos had been removed. In place of the screaming Mistress Black photo, and the countless grimy pictures of various black relatives, were pictures Harry had never seen before. There were pictures of him, Hermione and Ron from their third year, sitting by the lake. They were throwing stones into it, and Ron was laughing at Hermione, who was refusing to throw in case she hit the giant squid. Harry remembered the day, but never remembered anybody taking a photo of it. Then there was a picture of Harry with Ron, Fred, George, Hermione and Ginny in the quidditch tournament. They were all sitting in the tent laughing at George and Fred, who were doing impressions of Percy. Harry remembered this, too. The next photo was of Ginny and Harry in Harry’s sixth year. They were walking across the Quidditch pitch in Hogwarts, their broomsticks on their shoulders. Both were smiling. On the other side were photos of Hagrid and Buckbeak. And Remus and Tonks. Dumbledore with professor McGonagall and Flitwick, eating breakfast in the great hall. There was also a photo of Sirius, Remus and James from when they were around fifteen. They were standing by the whomping willow. James was making a face which looked as though he was howling, and Remus was rolling his eyes. There was a black smudge on the photo behind Sirius, and Harry thought that maybe whoever had put these photos up had done a spell to remove Peter.

     Harry grinned over at Ginny, who was also transfixed with all these photos. He walked down the corridor a bit to look at the rest. There was a photo of Lily in a hospital bed, holding a little black haired baby, and Harry felt his eyes fill with tears. He had never seen these photos before. It was like watching his childhood, the childhood he had never known. Wiping his eyes, he smiled at the photograph of him and Sirius from before his fifth year in Hogwarts. They were both smiling handsomely at the camera. Harry knew that Remus had taken this photo, he remembered it clearly. The next photo was of Lily on the platform, smiling excitedly into the camera. Snape was next to her, but Harry hardly recognised him, for he had a broad smile on his face. There was a long photo of the Quidditch team, that had been taken in Harry’s sixth year. Luna, Hermione and Neville were in the corners of the photo, serving as mascots.

     ‘Woah, Harry. Did you put these up?’ Ginny asked. Harry only realised then that his face was damp with tears. He hastily wiped his eyes and shook his head.

      ‘No, I didn’t..I don’t know where they came from.’ He smiled as Ginny hugged him tightly, laughing into his shoulder.

     ‘These are amazing..’ She whispered. ‘Woah.’

     Just at that moment, Harry heard footsteps on the coming down the stairs. It was Kreacher.

     ‘Master Potter! And Miss Weasley. How good to see you!’ Kreacher’s voice was less hoarse than it had ever been, and he had a crisp white pillow case hanging on his shoulders. He bowed down in front of the pair, his long nose scraping the floor.

     ‘Hello, Kreacher!’ Harry said kindly, still in shock at the change of this house elf’s personality. ‘Kreacher, what are all of these?’ Harry pointed at the walls covered in the bright moving pictures.

     ‘Oh, they’re photos, Master Potter.’ Harry heard Ginny chuckle.

      ‘Yes, but where are they from?’ Harry said, smiling.

      ‘Oh, master. It’s an interesting story..Come sit in here, and I shall tell it to you, Master.’ Kreacher signalled for them to follow him through the house.

       Harry didn’t recognise this as Grimmauld place at all. All the walls looked freshly painted, and were hung with brightly coloured hangings and the ceilings were no longer grey or yellow. All the furniture was clean, and looked brand new. The troll-leg coat hanger was gone, and in it’s place was what looked like miniature tree, with multicoloured leaves and carvings all up the stump. Harry was in awe. All the wood in the house was cleaned and polished so much that it gleamed and reflected the light. The long table was replaced by a small round one, and the chairs now matched. The living room had a large brown leather sofa, draped in a pale cream shawl. The fireplace had a fire crackling inside, and the room smelt of fresh flowers. Harry and Ginny sat down on the sofa, and Kreacher sat cross legged on the coffee table (after Harry told him to.)

      ‘Kreacher, what on earth has been going on?’ Harry asked, as the tiny elf smiled, showing a row of straight yellowing teeth.

       ‘Kreacher has been cleaning, Master. All day he cleans to keep the house nice for when Master wants to live here!’ Kreacher signalled to the whole house, smiling happily. ‘When master left a Death Eater came, but Kreacher fought him away. This is the noble house of Potter now!’

       ‘Kreacher..what about the photos? Where did you get them?’

      ‘Dobby gave them to me. Dobby was taking pictures with a camera he finds. Dobby takes lots, Dobby did. He gives them to me and says to give them to Harry Potter. When I was cleaning Kreacher finds some of Severus and Lily and James in master Sirius’s old room. And then I ask Master’s friends for photos to use so that master Potter will like his new house. Do you?’ Kreacher looked up at Harry questioningly.

     ‘Do I like it here? Of course I do, Kreacher! Thank you, Thank you.’ Before he realised what he was doing he grabbed the elf into a hug.

      ‘So, you did all this for Harry?’ Ginny asked, she still looked very confused.

       ‘Yes, yes I did.’ Kreacher was sitting on the sofa now, looking alarmed after Harry hugged him. ‘I like Harry Potter and his friends.’ Ginny laughed. ‘Would you like to see the house of Potter, Master?’

      ‘Of course.’

      Ginny and Harry followed Kreacher up the stairs. Everything was painted brightly, it was no longer black and dark. The severed elf heads were gone, replaced with charmed flowers that would never wither. There were giant daisies, white roses and lilies. Ginny stopped to smell the flowers, and smiled with pleasure.

     Sirius’s old bedroom was still covered with Gryffindor flags, but the red and gold paint had been covered again. The posters of the muggle girls were gone, Harry guessed they were hidden under the new looking Chudley Cannons posters. The four poster bed was no longer dust covered, and the tapestries smelt fresh and the colours vivid. Harry could almost imagine a teenage Sirius on the bed, playing a battered guitar or talking with James. The old carpet had been pulled up, and the floorboards underneath were a handsome oak, polished and clean. Harry grinned, and let Kreacher lead him to Regulus’s old room.

     This room had been changed a lot, it was no longer a green and silver cave, it was a more like a small airy office. Regulus’s bed had gone, and in it’s place was the old sofa from downstairs. That too was cleaner than Harry would’ve thought possible. There was a desk on which lay some old books, and a small stool underneath it. The heavy curtains had been replaced by a thin transparent voile, which fluttered with the breeze through the window. The bookshelves on the right side of the room were empty, ready for when or if Harry decided to move in.

      Kreacher stood smiling up at Harry and Ginny, who were staring around the rooms in awe. ‘Come, Master.’

      The next room was smaller than the others, it was painted the palest of pinks, and had a small single bed covering the width under the window. The sheets and curtains were both cream. It crossed Harry’s mind that the whole house was wonderfully coordinated. This room too had a wooden floor, but it was mostly covered by a thick, pale grey, shaggy carpet. This room out looked the back garden, which was also pruned and pristine. 

      ‘Kreacher thought Miss Granger or Miss Weasley would like a room,’ Kreacher said, running a hand across the wall.

      ‘Thank you, Kreacher.’ Ginny smiled.

      ‘You are very welcome, Miss Weasley.’ Kreacher bowed, and began to walk to the end of the hall, on the left, where a heavy wooden door was closed. ‘This is Master Potter’s bedroom.’

       This room was twice the size of the others, and just as wonderful. There was a large bed between two large windows, both overlooking the massive garden outside. The view was magnificent from there. The bed had dark blue sheets; it was the only dark colour he’d seen on the house. It worked well in the lightness of the room. There was a large wardrobe on the opposite side of the room, against the wall so it wasn’t blocking any light. There was a lamp on either side of the bed, on small bedside cupboards. Harry noticed a window seat on the left window, and a pile of books on the floor next to it. Ginny let go of Harry’s hand and walked over to the books. Harry was in awe. There was a carpet in this bedroom, a thick white one which his feet sunk into. He took off his shoes and socks and wiggled his toes, which sunk an inch or two. There was an open door on the left wall, and inside was a small bathroom. There was a bath with old fashioned taps, a toilet and a small sink. The mirror above the sink showed Harry his look of surprise and happiness at this house. He could see the reflection of Kreacher behind him, rocking on the balls of his feet, waiting to hear Harry’s verdict. He could also see Ginny sitting on the bed, leafing through one of the books.

     ‘Does Master Potter like his bedroom?’ Kreacher asked, tugging on the back of Harry’s jean.

     ‘I love it, Kreacher. I love it. I cannot thank you enough. How did you manage to do all of this?’ Harry asked the elf who almost began jumping with pride.

      ‘I had help, Master. Winky and the other elves were helping me.’ Kreacher said.

      ‘Woah. I need to think of a way to thank them…’ Harry got lost in his thoughts until Ginny was calling him over.

      ‘Look, these must’ve been your parents.’ She was smiling with happiness. ‘It’s your mum and dad when they were in Hogwarts, right up until you were one.’

      Harry ached to go and look at the photos, but Kreacher was trying to pull him to see the other rooms. ‘You must look at those later, master. There are more things to see!’ He smacked his hand over his mouth. ‘Please forgive me, master. Kreacher didn’t mean to tell you what to do..’

      ‘No, it’s fine.’ Harry grimaced at the sight of Kreacher upset. ‘I can look at them later, don’t worry.’

      ‘Okay, sir.’ Kreacher squeaked, wiping away a tear. Ginny left the books on the bed and walked with Harry and Kreacher up a small set of stairs into the attic. This is where Buckbeak once lived, but it was totally changed now.

       Harry thought this was the best room of all. It was very large, as it covered the whole house. There were small windows on the ceiling, and the ceiling was painted blue and white, to have the effect of a sky. On the far end, there were old mismatched sofas, bean bags and a fireplace. It reminded Harry of the Gryffindor common room. There was a large Gryffindor tapestry on the wall, next to two smaller Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw ones. There was an arch separating that part of the room to a part where there was a small bed and cupboard (Kreacher said that it was for guests.) Harry thought that Teddy might like to have this room if he wanted to sleep over when he was older. It had some toys, too, so it was perfect for Teddy here. There was a space that Harry was sure a Crib would fit in.

     The next section of the room had a large bookshelf, a desk and a chair on wheels. There was a wonky pot which Kreacher picked up and brought to him.

      ‘Kreacher made this for you.’ He said, handing the pot to Harry. It was painted a funny green colour and had the words ‘To Harry’ on it. One of the ‘R’s were back to front. Harry smiled and thanked him again.

      The last room to visit was the old tapestry room which was on the first floor. Harry remembered the old fraying tapestry with all the Black family faces on it. The only two faces he’d had liked to seen had been burnt off long ago.

    Harry and Ginny walked hand in hand down to the first floor, following Kreacher who was happily walking along with a spring in his step. He looked as though he was skipping.

     The tapestry room was opposite the main living room, behind a door which was covered in blotches of paint.

     When Harry helped Kreacher push the door open, he stood stunned for a few seconds. The old tapestry had been replaced.

     The pictures were no longer dark and brooding. These pictures were bright and happy and smiling. They were the faces of Harry’s family. Not just of James and Lily, or even of the Dursleys. They were the people that had served as Harry’s family. There was Harry, Ron and Hermione’s head and shoulders on the centre of the wall, and behind them were the faces of everyone Harry had ever cared about. He saw Dumbledore, Sirius, Lupin, Hagrid, Neville, Seamus and Dean. He saw all of the Weasley’s, and around Ginny the artist had drawn a few red love hearts. He saw Tonks, Teddy, Andromeda and Ted. He saw his school mates. He saw his parents, he saw McGonagall, and mad eye. He saw his favourite teachers from Hogwarts all clustered in a corner, and Snape was there, too. Aberforth was there, next to members of the order. There were the three triwizard champions, and a picture of smiling Dobby. Harry had no idea who had painted this mural until he realised there was a chain entwining all the paintings. It was a gold one, made up of the words ‘Friends and Family.’ Harry realised where he’d seen something like this before. He’d seen it in Luna’s bedroom, when he went there to visit Xenophilius.

       ‘Ginny, I think Luna did this?’ Harry asked Ginny, who was wide eyed staring at the brilliant painting.

       ‘It’s Luna’s work, all right. She’s an amazing artist.’ Ginny was smiling at the wall. ‘Look, there she is.’ Harry looked to where Ginny was pointing. At the bottom of the mural, at about a foot from the bottom of the wall, there was a smiling portrait of Luna, side profile. She had drawn in her arm and hand, holding a paintbrush.

      ‘This Is…this is too much.’ Harry wanted to cry with happiness. Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Kreacher cleared his throat and looked at his toes.

      ‘Miss Lovegood asked if she would help. This room was her idea, Master Harry.’

      ‘I think we’ll have to hold a party here. To thank everyone.’ Harry looked at Ginny and she nodded. ‘A month today?’

      ‘Sure!’ She smiled and hugged him again.

      ‘Thank you so, so much Kreacher.’ Harry said once again. 

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