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CHAPTER THREE - Revenge Is Sweetest When Fresh

“Why are you making me do this?” Lily whined digging her heels into the ground as we tug her towards the door.

I sigh impatiently, pulling my black beanie over my eyes.

Mission ghost is a go.

“Because we agreed that the best way to distract them would be you, the marauders will go into shock.” Answered Sophie quickly pulling Lily’s hair out of her ponytail, letting it fall gracefully down her back in soft waves.

“But I don’t…” Lily says playing anxiously with a strand of hair.

“Do you want to have payback for the love potion incident or what?” Called Charlie from inside the bathroom.

"I told you never to mention that!" 


“Yes but…”

“That’s good, it’s all sorted. Come on Lily darling go work your magic and remember give the signal if any of them head up to the boys dormitory.” I answered pushing her out the door.

With one last sigh Lily shook her hair, straightened her posture and swayed her hips as she strolled down to the common room.

Pulling my hair into a short ponytail I turned to the group of girls who are sitting nervously on the ground.

“So do you all understand what you have to do?” I ask, my hands on my hips as I grin.

“Yes we got it under control.” A short girl with waist length, brown hair says nodding happily.

“Remember if they refuse to co-operate mark them with the spell we showed you that way we can track them down later.” I say nervously. It’s a good thing Rachel gets along so well with the fat Lady who guards the Gryffindor tower as I think that we have started a new record for the number of non-gryffindor’s in our dormitory.

“We better hurry up if we don’t won’t to get caught.”

I can tell that Sophie is nervous because she’s been biting her lip for the past hour and a half. Opening the window I step out onto the ledge my broom held securely in my hand.

“Come on.” Calls Rachel gripping her broom tight as we both kick of into the night sky.

A gentle breeze brushes our cloaks as we swoop down to another window positioned nearly exactly next to the girl’s dormitory. Pulling out my wand I point it at the latch and send the window flying open. Landing softly on squishy carpet we glance around at the mess that inhabits the marauders room.

“You check those two.” Rachel mutters before quickly rummaging through the piles of clothes.

Nodding my head I lean my broom against the wall before opening a trunk. Where the hell is that bloody map. Charlie had said that the map was what Sirius had used to find closets for snogging sessions when they dated for a week last year and we had immediately decided that we could use this knowledge to our advantage.

Carefully pulling out old quills and textbooks I search for an old piece of parchment. 

“I’ve got it!” Rachel squealed, before hastily covering her mouth in fear.

We both pause as the sound of footsteps echo from behind the door.

“Did you just see that guys? Lily actually touched me, don’t tell me you spiked her drink Padfoot I was hoping it was real this time.” James said.

“No I didn’t do anything this time I swear.”

Shit. Shit. Shit… I’m going to die. And then my body will be left to rot in this hell-hole of a room and the forgotten socks will be my poor, dead bodies company.

“That was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.”

I think that’s Peter.

Motioning to Rachel to hurry up I wait for her to fly out the window seeing as it only allows one of us to fly through at a time. As the doorknob turns I jump out of the window shooting out of sight.

Army rolling through my window I land loudly on Lily’s bed. Pulling off my beanie I run over to Rachel who is sitting on my bed waiting for me, an old scrap of parchment lying in her lap.

Picking it up I tap it with my wand. Muttering the phrase that Sophie and Charlie spent two days ears dropping for, I smile happily as ink begins to fill the page and footsteps appear on the map.

“Did you get it?” Puffs Lily as she bursts into the room, closing the door behind her with a slam.

‘Yep. How was James?” I ask grinning coyly at my friend.

Rachel snorts and looks down at the map.

Lily just glares at us before flicking her hair over her shoulder. “He nearly had a heart attack when I smiled at him.”

Plonking herself down on the bed she stares at the map with such wonder that I laugh and poke her in the ribs.

“I can’t believe they made it themselves,” Lily mutters scanning the map.

I give her a look.

"Are you saying that Potter has impressed you? Isn't that against your moral code or something?" I ask wrinkling my nose as I pull a confused expression.

"I'm not impressed, I just admire the handiwork. In a completely professional way."


“Let’s hope this works or it will be all for nothing.” Murmurs Rachel frowning slightly.

We all stare hopefully at the map. I cross my fingers, this better work.

“There.” Calls Lily pointing at a dot that has turned pink.

There’s the first signal. Pointing my wand at the dot I murmur the spell that we have spent the last two weeks trying to create. If we get this right Julia Thomson whose name is currently being highlighted will no longer be aware of the existence of the marauders.

Watching impatiently we all grin as her dot flashes before going back to its normal colour.

“Samantha Hogan. I would of thought she would have agreed to the prank, I guess she’s to prissy to not stay out of James’s fan club for more then an hour.” Rachel points to another dot that has turned pink.

“Yes but we can fix that.” I grin, murmuring the spell again.

For the next hour we sit and watch for the next pink dot before deciding that the our girls have found everyone.

Tucking the map out of sight I straighten the pillows on the bed before grinning happily at my friends.

“This is going to be brilliant.”

Sun streams gently from our open window and drenches our room with its golden rays. Rolling onto my sides I bury my head under my pillow. It’s to early.

“Rise and shine my glorious friends.” Calls Sophie her voice jolting me out of my dreams.

“Sleep… I needs bed.” I murmur.

“Up you get.” She yells before pulling my cover of with a single graceful motion.

“Rolling over onto my back I give her one of my deadliest glares.

“I could have been naked you know?”

“Your problem.”


Sophie just gives me a look before turning to the other beds and yanking their blankets onto the floor.

I grin slightly at the groans that are being shared by the rest of my unconscious dorm.At least I’m not the only one being forced to wake up at this un-godly hour.

“Today’s the day, the sun is shining and we are going to kick some Marauder but.” Sings Rachel pulling her school robes of the floor and skipping into the bathroom.

Sitting up I grin as I realise that I have already almost forgotten that today Lily’s, well our revenge will take place. Jumping of my bed I pull my hair up into a messy bun.

“Keep to the plan, our enemy…”

“Don’t you mean enemies?” Calls Charlie from behind a curtain.

Nodding my head in agreement I continue with my speech.

“Yes our enemies are highly dangerous and completely unpredictable so it is necessary that no matter what they do to us we will not react. Do I make myself clear?” I call giving my dorm mates a hard stare.

“Yes sir.” Yells Lily, giving me a clumsy salute from her bed.



So what do you think?... Hope your enjoying it and make sure you review.


P.S. Sorry about the cliffhanger, i couldn't resist. 

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