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Authors Note: Here’s part two 7 more chapters left.  Rikar’s was so much easier for me to write. Warnings:  SENSITIVE TOPIC/THEME/ISSUE Substance use or abuse. Language, violence and some sexual themes. Same warnings as last chapter. Enjoy! Sorry this took so long to get up. I hope Rikiar’s pov is better than afina’s was .  The riddle is not mine, I don’t know who it is it is one on one of my old riddle sheets given to me by my teachers when I finished work . Don't hate me there will be loads of dramione in the next 7 chapters.



Draco blinked, confused he looked around him trying to get his bearings, He appeared to be in a teacher’s office or classroom, for there was a desk in front of him and he was sitting in a chair across from it. The walls were bare except for two tapestries with a coat of arms.  A phoenix with two swords crossed.  At the tip of each sword was a ribbon that dangled from it. The right sword had a blood red ribbon, why the right had a pure white ribbon. It was simple.

   There was a lot of archaic dark wizard catcher equipment that Draco recognized from a history book he had once read. Also some of the artifacts his father had hidden in their manor so he knew what they were. Only two did he know what did though, one was a long pole with a crystal at the end of it. It latched onto a wizard or witches aura and could track them down almost anywhere it was outlawed by a ministry official in the 1700’s his wife had used it to catch him cheating.

   The second object was one he couldn’t help but get up and examine closely. He had heard legends on it, it was a box that was silver with ivy and several Greek symbols on all four outside walls. It was Pandora ’s Box. He could practically feel the magic pulsing from it in powerfully waves. His fingers traced it before common sense told him to put it down. He looked up, catching himself in the mirror. He saw he was his ancestor, it didn’t surprise him. If there were two souls in one body and you saw ones memory you would see it exactly how they did. This was extremely rare so almost unheard of little was known about it.

   Rikiar was tall, taller than Draco by 2 inches. He had long hair tied behind him and strong cheek bones, a few flyaway’s landed on his cheek, and His eyes were Grayish blue like Draco’s. He had the same features as his grandfather Abraxus Malfoy which freaked Draco out so much he stopped looking in the mirror and sit back down.

  “Rikiar Glad you could make it” Rikiar looked up at the Wizard in black and silver robes walk in. He seemed tired with dark circles under his eyes. Long brown hair tied in a pony tail. He had a 5 o clock shadow as if he hadn’t shaved in a while. His ocean blue eyes looked at Rikiar.

 “We decided that we will train you as an auror and already have your first charge picked out, Granted it is a muggle princess but she is in danger in ways both Muggle and Magical. From what I witnessed at your preliminary tests I believe with 3 years intense training that I’m sure you will be able to handle. We normally don’t take 16 year olds on something this important. “

   Rikiar felt his heart leap into his throat, he felt honored. He’d be 19 with a much older experienced Auror’s job, though he felt a bit disappointed that he was going to protect muggle. He wouldn’t complain.

“I will accept the intensive training in order to perform the best duty as I can. When do I start Minister? “

  The tired looking wizard gazed to Rikiar with relief. “I am happy that you have decided to accept this once in a life time Opportunity, I’m aware that your sister was turned a few years back into a vampire, and you are her primary caregiver she will be accompanying you to Transylvania where you will be trained, she will be able to talk to more of her kind to better control her urges.

  He sighed in relief he didn’t think he could have left his baby sister behind. “When do I leave?”

 “You will leave Thursday morning and will be greeted by the man who will be training you for the next 3 years. His name is Alexandrel  Petru. You are to show him the same respect you show our trainers understood?”

 “Yes sir.”

 “Good, you may go you have a lot of preparing to do.”  

  He bowed before taking his leave. Aparating once he was out of the office and to his home where he was immediately pounced on by a blur of black and orange. He caught his sister easily and held her to him hugging her tight he kissed her Cheek several times in greeting.

 “I got in!” He grinned unable to contain his excitement.

  “I knew you could big brother!” Sunnigilia was a brunet with long waist length hair that had several braids charmed Orange and purple. She had piercing blue-grey eyes and wore an elegant black dress that’s top was corseted that had orange pumpkin buttons for detailing, she seemed a bit eccentric but knowing his family. Draco was not surprised one bit she also had two distinct fangs.  

  “We leave Thursday, I have a guardianship job and they are putting me through a 3 year intensive training regimen and you are to come with me. We are going to Transylvania there’s a coven there the minister wants you to see. They will be able to train you and teach you to better control yourself. You will be able to go out on your own like you always wanted.”

 “Really?! Transylvania? Thursday? That gives us three days! I better go get packing right away. This is going to be so exciting. I’m sure you will excel at all your classes.” She bounded off into her chambers causing him to chuckle as he watched her go. 

  “Well she seems ready for Transylvania, but is Transylvania ready for her? “ He muttered. Shaking his head. His sister was more problematic than a sack of Cornish pixies. He went in and sat on her bed watching her begin to make a list of things she needed to do before they left and pack what she could pack now.

  “How did your studies go today?” he asked curious on how her day went

 “Good, my transfiguration is finally improving, I am so glad that I can still use magic on top of my vampire skills. So many of our kind loose it when we turn though it’s a mystery is to how.  Transfiguration is the only skill I need to master, my potions are perfect no surprise there. I memorized the whole course book and then some.”

 “Charms Is good so is my defensive and offensive magic. Though the Professor says I need to work on my stealth.”

  Rikiar nearly fell off the bad laughing, only stopping once his sister threw her shoe at him.

 “What prey-tell is so funny?” She glared.

  “No offence sis you couldn’t sneak up on a cat.”

  “Yeah? So!”

 “Sooo, The idea of you being stealthy in any way is just hilarious.”

 “Haha” She said sarcastically before going back to her packing.

 “Have you ever been out of Moldova? “

 “I went to Bulgaria once with tată before he died. But other than that no.” 

 “Who will you be guarding?” She plopped down on the bed laying down she stretched Causing him to shake his head. Sometimes he was convinced they were from different parentage all together and his parents brought home the wrong baby.

 “The muggle Princess..”

 “Wow!! Really? Your first job and they give you a really important one!”

 “She’s just a muggle sis calm down.”

 “ooo I smell scandle if you fall for her.”

 “what are you talking about, your sounding crazy.”

 “It’s quite common for guardians to fall in love with the people they are trying to protect.”

“ With a muggle? Yeah right. “

“It could happen.”



“no, and I’m done arguing bed time.” He got up and left the room but not before being hit with his sister stuffed animal.

“You will! I know it!”

  He shook his head and went to his room. “A muggle? And my charge? I highly doubt it.


    The scene faded out and a few moments later, Draco found himself in another office different than that of the last one. Rikiar was holding his younger sisters hand and surveying the new area.  From the stone arched architecture he concluded they were in a castle of some sort, and a school by the looks of things. There were desks, textbooks, and a school emblem of a lynx protecting her kits on the wall.

   The sound of the doors opening caused him to turn around to see who was coming in , a tall male with dark shaggy hair and deep brown almost black eyes and a goatee walked through the door with confidence holding his wand in one hand and had a dagger strapped to his boot and a sword at his hip. He had barely gotten in distance before he had started talking to him.

   “Hello, You must be Rikiar, my name is Alexandrel  Petru I will be your mentor, This.” He said pointing to a tall woman that wore a simple purple corset and skirt she had her hair up in twin braids, She had slightly puffy cheeks and ocean blue eyes that gave her a child like appearance but she radiated wisdom and power by how her eyes curiously looked at everything but showed she had seen much and the way she held her self.  Is Illyria, She is the Russian vampire leader here on business and is very interested in coaching your sister and her uh… unique talents.”  

   “Hello” He bowed and reached behind him and drew his sister forward. Keeping a firm grip on her arm feeling her shaking, she never was good with strangers.  “This is my sister Sunnigilia”

  “Pleased to meet you.” She grinned and politely curtsied  bowing her head before standing up straight. Illyria walked forward and gave her a triple kiss. Приятно познакомиться (Pleased to meet you) Меня зовут... Illyria

  Sunny smiled, “Nice to meet you too, my Russian isn’t very good though.”

“That is fine.” Illyria replied with a smile. “Sha’ll we go to the next room? We have much to discuss and I’m sure the men would like time to themselves Yeah? “

  The two women left the room already deep in talk about whatever women talked about Rikiar never did understand women’s social dynamics, always confused him and he found he didn’t actually want to know what they talked about. But he was happy she was comfortable around someone new.

  Alexandrel spoke first. “We will begin your training tomorrow breakfast is at 5:30 sharp and training starts at 6:30 lunch is at noon followed by your study’s and then dinner at six lights out by 8 is that understood?”


  “Good, now that all that is out of the way, I should tell you about the Domnita what is expected and generally what to look out for.” Alexandrel put his hand on Rikiars shoulder and led him outside into a huge garden where people of all ages were seen training and sparing and a few dueling. As they walked he started to explain.

  “Her mother was a witch one of us. Though she was never told this, we wanted to see if she got any of her mother’s magical abilities, she didn’t neither did her sister Maria.  “

  “Which is why you want me to protect her? Because of her mother?” He questioned things starting to make since, wizards never interfered with Muggle business normally .

  “Not exactly, He dropped his voice into hushed tones, Their mother was the daughter of the last minister, In an attempt to Bring peace from muggle and magical fighting. It worked up until her death. The reason we want you to protect her is because of Hungary’s ministers aurors have been attempting to kill her for years. They are afraid. “

  Rikiar’s attention was peaked. “What do you mean? She didn’t get any of her mothers powers.”

  “She should have that’s the thing, I think Lady Anne bound both her daughters magic, There’s a power past down in women of her lineage very power very old and very unstable. It will take years or generations maybe before it manifests itself again, it’s your job to make sure her bloodline is continued and that she doesn’t die.”

  “Why would she bind them? That just leaves them more venerable to attacks and why her? And not the Sister”

  “I’m not sure exactly, it could be because she’s the oldest and whoever marry’s her would be in power, it could be her strong connection to vampires or her Anemia and they see her as an easy target. “

  “She has Anemia?”

  “Yes until they find the necklace of Nefritem which I assure you they will. “

  “What else should I know?” He asked suspiciously feeling as if the auror were hiding something.

  “You are very perceptive, it will make training you much easier. There thing, I’m not sure how useful this information will really be.” Alexandrel spoke softly and they had stopped walking to sit on a bench next to a stream. 

 “Any information could help.”

 “Her mother had a stone, they say she told her eldest daughter were she hid it, it would be a major reason she is targeted by both our kind and the muggles, her status makes it worse and even bigger target, she is easy to find. “

  “What stone?”

  “The Nex Addo Stone.”

 Rikiar whistled, “That’s a powerful stone, anyone would want it, it would give them an advantage in war. “

  “Which is why we need to protect her, as well as make sure that stone stays hidden. “ Alexandrel got up and walked back into the castle, Rikiar falling close behind.


  The scene changed and all Draco saw was complete blackness for several moments. When it finally cleared he was standing in front of a cave in the side of a mountain Alexandrel beside him and his sister and Illyria were in the background.

 “Ok, this is your last test, pass this and you graduate alright. Use everything you’ve learned here. Your sister and I will be waiting at the exit. Good luck. Oh , and also try not to kill anything you meet unless you have no other option. Most creatures that call this place their home are protected or endangered and it would anger many people if one of them died or disappeared.

  He gave a nod and headed into the mouth of the cave, taking a deep breath before stepping into it. He had given four steps before he heard the rocks shifting and piling up closing behind him and he was in complete darkness.

  He took another slow steadying breath and lit the tip of his wand and pointed the light over the ground and walls, The cave glistened with condensation the air thick with the scent of moss and seaweed and damp wood. Searching for the wood he soon found a rather large stick wedged between the left wall and the ground in between two rocks.

  He walked over and grabbed the end that was poking between the two rocks and pulled, It didn’t budge. He tried again, Still the stick didn’t budge. Getting an idea he pointed hi wand at it causing a jet of flames to erupt from the tip of his wand. Causing the rocks to crack and blast open.

  He ducked to avoid the flying pieces of rock and was able to pick up the now lit stick. It would do for now for light. A lumos spell would tie up his wand.  He walked deeper into the cave as it started to twist and turn. Keeping the make-shift torch up high so as not to trip over rock and to see what lied a few feet ahead.

  He didn’t know how long he walked. It felt like hours yet nothing had happened yet, which was strange finally he hit a large alcove as he exited the tunnel. There were twenty three other tunnels. He knew he needed to go north. Putting his wand in hi palm he whispered a simple point me spell after it spun several times it slowed to a stop pointing to the tunnel between the tunnels on the left and the tunnels ahead.

  He walked over to it and was about to walk through the tunnel but found his way blocked for in a mist of fog a creature started to appear…a sphinx it planted itself in front of the entrance to the tunnel he needed to go through.

  He cautiously walked up to it. “What must I do to pass?” Sphinx’s were not normally violent creatures unless provoked. Or you failed to answer their riddle. Sure enough he was asked a riddle.

  You must answer me this, answer it correctly and I’ll let you pass to your next destination. 

  Very few friends I have, renowned am not,
Concealed and shielded behind much, difficult to spot.
I am like bug and sickness;
I am contagious not always wanted,
Though I am small, they fear me greatly,
for I might leave them haunted.
At times I am tough to keep,
my master forced to let me free,
Then I rupture and soar around and they converse regarding me.
I may be friend or foe, servant or teacher,
I am like a bird; I want to be free creature.

  He hated riddles but none the less listened. He repeated it three times in his head

  “Very Few friends I have, Renowned I’m not. It is concealed and shielded and hard to spot.” So it was something that was hard to sea well concealed and not well known.

 “I am small and greatly feared “ Something that could leave people haunted.

  What was tough to keep? Then it hit him.

  “A Secret?” He asked the sphinx, who turned her dark gaze to him.

  “Is that you’re final Answer?

  He pondered a moment but it made perfect sense. “I’m sure.”

  “You are correct.. you may be pass. Good luck.” The sphinx got up and walked past him down another tunnel. Taking a breath of relief he went through. The second one was much shorter but wide like a field. He walked until he was forced to stop.

  He could see the next on clove however in order to get it he had to pass a large 24 feet long and 50 foot wide hole in the ground.  Taking a step back he sent a blast at the ceiling using a reductor curse.

  He quickly used the protego charm to protect himself against the falling debris, He cleared the rubble and dust with a gust of wind. Thinking a moment he started with the smallest rock that he could stand on to the largest he levitated them one in front of the other and formed a sort of makeshift bridge across.

  He carefully jumped from one to the other until he was across he cut the spell levitating the boulders causing them to fall into the dark and deep ravine.  He continued on, sensing something was up he walked into the alcove slowly.

  It was a good thing he did, he didn’t see anything at first but a sharp howl caused him to look up, This alcove was taller and had an opening at the top. Staring at him was a large Dragon like creature with a wolfs head and upper body the end half was a dragon.  A zburăto. He had read about them but had never seen one before.  

  Grabbing the hilt of his sword he unsheathed it and waited for the creature to make the first move. Locking eyes with it, it dived into the cave growling, a large roar shook the walls and it reared its head back as it landed in the alcove its yellow eyes focusing on its target. 

  Rikiar was barely able to doge the stream of flame that left its mouth. Taking this opportunity he looked over for any weaknesses , he saw one the underbelly it was without any armor or protective surfaces, he could petrify it if he could get close enough.  

  He sent sparks above the zburăto’s head why it was distracted he made his way under its body, it realized this too late and the alcove wasn’t wide enough for it to move.  

  He quickly strained to remember the spell , it was very dark magic but alexandrel did say not to kill anything. Which seemed dumb to him it didn’t give him exactly that many options to get out of this situation.  Then he remember pointing his wand at the creatures belly he shouted. Placidus Mortis Nex!

  Grey matter shot from his wand and hit the underbelly The creature froze and its body stretched out as if it was trying t move until it slowly froze there. Its head was the last to freez its jaw opening to give one last roar.

  Rikiar panted out of breath and exhausted from the spell. He took a few moments to catch his bearings and breathe. He didn’t have long for he heard a young girls shouting from the only other tunnel that was just past the creatures tail.

  “Let me go! “

  He groaned and crawled over the tail and ran through the tunnel toward where he heard the shout, zigzagging through the stalagmites and stalagmites that started to form in the tunnel.  

  He could see the exit only something..or someone was blocking it, when he reached the mouth of the end of the mountain passages there was another room, smaller than the others it looked almost like an arena

  There was indeed someone blocking the exit a young girl 14 or 15 was tied in a corner she had a few bruises and scratches but other than that appeared unharmed. 

  Whoever it was blocking the exit wasn’t human, it looked humanesque but it was another dragon creature with arms and legs like a human but covered from head to toe in black scales, sharp fangs and claws and a tail and dragon wings.

  “What are you? And what do I have to do to pass and have you let the girl go?”

 “I?” It hissed lowly. “I am a Zzzzmeu you sssshould treat me with ssssome ressspect huuuman.

  “How do I get you to let the girl go? And let us pass? “  He asked again.

 “Yoou mussst fight meee and ssservive for 20 minutes and I shhhall let you pass.”

 “So I have to stay alive for 20 minutes?”

  “yesss, we shall begin!” A large hour glass appeared. “We stop when the ssand from the top isss goone. “

   The creature took out its long sword and formed a fireball in its mouth and shot 3 at him in quick succession, He dodge them and held up his sword in a protective way, Noticing the Zmeu was charging him. Able to block the claws he shot sparks from his wand in order to propel the creature away.

   He got in a defensive posture and this time ran toward him jumping over the zemu he turned around about to send another spell at him but he was to quick and used his arm as a sheild agianst Rikiar’s sword. The scales were hard and acted like a natural armor and unlike the zburăto  he saw no soft weak points. 

    They exchanged kicks but mainly used their arms to block and kept dodging each others attacks they appeared evenly matched. Rikiar back fliped back holding his hand to his bleeding cheek the zmeu had managed to cut his cheek with his claw.

  In retaliation he sent a wave of water from his wand crashing into him knocking him back. The Zmeu however got up it was panting in a kneeling position but hadn’t gotten back up to fighting.

    Panting he noticed the Zmeu stopped fighting and looked at the hourglass, the sand had stopped. The Zmeu kept his word and untied the girl before heading past Rikiar without a word and disappeared through the tunnel he had just come through as he walked away he spoke. “You fought well and I praise you, its been many a century since I last had an opponent that equaled me. I hope one day we can fight again for real. Good luck on your journey wizard.”   

  Hot and exhausted he still couldn’t help but smile, it was indeed a good fight. However he was  glad things were finally over he went over to the girl and untied her, using a few healing spells he knew to heal her wounds.

  “Are you ok?” He asked as he helped her up.

  “Yes, I’m fine now Thank you.” She gave a small smile and she took his hand. “Can we get out of here now?”

  He nodded and led her out of the cave he blinked at the bright light it took a moment for his eyes to adjust. But not before he was tackled and hugged tightly.

“I knew you could do it” He heard his sisters familiar voice he hugged her back and the girl he saved went over to Alexandrel.

  “You did great.” The wizard beamed “Though I suppose you are hungry and in great need of a bath. Come on lets get you home, I take you to the king tomorrow. Your sister has already packed things.

  “I look forward to it.” He stifled a tired yawn wanting nothing to do but rest.


   The scene finally shifted and he was in a long hall in front of a throne, a tall tired looking man with graying brown hair and brown eyes sat looking at him. He stood with his feet slightly apart and his hands behind his back respectfully.

  “Stephan” the king called and a scrawny boy walked over. “Please take this man’s sister and show her to her rooms, it’s the one next to the one we prepared for him.”

  “Yes sir. Follow me miss.” The boy waited for sunny who walked over and followed winking a good luck at him. Rikiar had to fight to keep from rolling his eyes.

  “Amelia, can you go get my daughter now please?”

  A dark skin teenager with dark brown eyes and black hair that was braided nodded and went quickly into an adjoining room.

  “I am grateful you have taken up the responsibility of being Afina’s Guardian. As a father, it is a relief. “

  “It’s an honor sir.” He bowed his head. Only to look over as the doors open again, a woman in a red and gold gown walked in with bushy brown hair covering her face.

  “Afina, I would like you to meet your guardian.” The king spoke sternly but happily.

  “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir.” She bowed her hands were folded in front of her gown before she looked up. Rikiar felt the breath leave his longs as his eyes met her deep chocolate ones. He felt like lightning struck his spine and he bowed his head in return though his eyes never left hers.

 He surveyed her a moment, watching how she bit her lower lip nervously. Until he decided to break the silence.

 “How about you show me around so I can begin putting protective measures around the room? “ He suggested.

 “Oh, yes..yes of course follow me. I’ll show you around. “ She turned on her heels and walked out of the room. He politely bowed to the King, turning he followed her through the oak doors.

 As she showed him around the castle, He put up protective spells as they went through it, after a while  she  started asking questions.

  “Do you have any family or friends? “ She asked He remained silent staring at her still mesmerized by her beauty.
“What’s it like being a wizard? What’s your favorite spells?”

  He didn’t answer , trying to figure out what to say to her was hard. He couldn’t even answer her simple question.

  “Do you do anything besides stand like a statue?”

  He chuckled but didn’t speak just raised an eyebrow.

  “You talk a lot for a bushy haired muggle.” He finally spoke.

  “well pardon me for trying to be nice.” She folded her arms over her chest and gave a cute pout.

  “You aren’t like other muggles..” He continued slowly but speaking truthfully. “You aren’t prosecuting me or judging me for being a wizard.”

  “We don’t judge anyone here, Unless you harmed us first we have no reason to hate you. Vampire, mortal, werewolf, wizard, or gypsy. It does not matter. Nor does your past you can start things new from here.

  “I may just like it here, being your guardian won’t be as bad as I thought.” He grinned and as he past he tucked her hair behind her ear.” For a pretty girl you shouldn’t hide your face so much.” He gave a wink leaving her red faced behind him why he continued securing the rooms. Enjoying the feeling he got for riling her up.  



  The memory shifted and this time he was in a huge library that would put Hogwarts to shame. Mountains and shelves upon shelves of books lined the walls. 

  He was leaning against the wall by the door watching Afina and Obsidian. Afina was lighting black candles and was wearing all black today. She had a look of total sadness on her face, a few tear stains could be seen.

  “Honestly Afina, I don’t see why you do this every year, there’s no use mourning the dead, your mothers gone learn to grow up and deal with it.” Obsidian shouted. For a moment he almost felt sorry for him, but he had learned that shouting was the last thing you did with Afina, sure enough she stood up fire in her eyes, and even obsidian took a few steps back.

   “Just because you have lost your morals and sense of humanity doesn’t mean I have. I’m not mourning I’m celebrating. Because I miss her and this is the closest I can get, now leave! Go dig into whatever dark book you are reading now. “She put her hands on her hips and looked more dangerous than a cornered basilisk.  

  Obsidian glared. But turned around and walked away bumping hard into Rikiar as he left causing Rikiar to rub his arm before going over to the now crying woman. Who clutched a portrait in her hand.

  “How did she pass?” He questioned slowly partly curious on what made his printesa cry.

  “Child birth, she didn’t survive giving birth to my younger sister Maria.. It weekend her, Couldn’t eat or drink so she died when Maria was nearly a month old.  She was a fighter, she fought so hard to stay with me and Papa and Maria, So every year on her birthday I thank her..Just helps me be close to her by taking a day to really remember her. “

  “What about your parents? Sunny doesn’t talk about them. What happened? “ Afina asked gently putting a hand on his arm causing him to calm.

  “My mother left when my sister was 2 some lord of somekind, but was killed a few years later in a huge fight between provinces. My people still havn’t quiet gotten a working government down its nearly as bad as your muggle one. No offence.

  “None taken what about your father?” She gave him puppy dog eyes that made it impossible for him to say no to her.

  “He was a lord and an auror, He used to take me with him when he had negotiating to do. He was able to see things from both a political and a normal persons point of view. Some say he was completely mad. I just remember I wanted to grow up and protect people like him.

  “What made you decide that? “ She smiled her sweet smile her chin in her hands giving him her full attention.

  “Well, I remember in one of these meetings a General was attacked and my father protected him and his two children and sine then I’ve wanted to protect people like he did. Stupid I know.” He coughed nervously.

  “No, not stupid. I think it’s noble I just wish you were protecting someone more worth while than me.. I have people to protect me I don’t need a guardian but so many others do.

  “My dear…You are worth while to me now come on we should go see what our siblings are up too. That always cheers you up after one of yours and obsidians fights.  

He savored the site of her small smile


    Again in a whirl of colors that made Draco crazy he was sitting under a tree on top of the hill away from the castle, with afina the sun was setting Fireflies circled them, He watched Afina stare at them dreamily. He was growing more and more in love with her, he knew that and he tried to ignore it but frankly Rikiar was tired of fighting it. She had a sun shaped necklace, looking down he noticed that he had the opposite a crescent shaped moon.

He sat next to her a rare relaxed moment. He flicked his wand and fire birds shot from his wand and started to circle her.

“You’re so sad and lonely lately.” He commented

  “Obsidians ignoring me as always, Rikari has her hands full with the boys. You’re my only companion really.” She shyly looked over at him. He couldn’t help but smirk seeing her eyes fixated on his lips.  

“I’m glad I can be that for you. “ He smiled truly proud.

  He watched her staring out past the castle, he knew she dreamed of life away from there, he truly wished he could do that for her, to take her away somewhere where she would be truly safe. He was interrupted by his thoughts when he noticed her crawling over to him.

  “You have a bad boyfriend, a woman as lovely as you shouldn’t be ignored” He commented as she got closer.

  “Maybe I just need a new one?” She smiled mischievously, a smile that reminded him of a kitten that had just discovered its first ball of yarn.

  “Do you have anyone in mind?”  He questioned slowly drawing his face closer to hers until his lips touched hers ghost like so they were barely touching.

  “As a matter of fact I do.” She spoke against his lips before closing the distance. He knew it was wrong on many levels, she was his charge had a boyfriend, and a princess. However at that moment he realized he didn’t care, and he would do anything and everything in his power to keep her now that he had her. He pulled her close a hand at the back of her head drawing out and deepening the kiss as the sun set in the distance leaving them in darkness with only stars above them.


  Draco nearly felt sick as he felt another shift in memories and he sensed something was wrong this time.

  “I can’t believe he asked her to marry him after the crap he’s put her through.” Rikiar growled and shot several spells at the stone wall opposite him.

  “Calm down brother, I’m sure you will think of something, you’re her guardian it’s your job to protect her and I know you. You’ll be able to do it. “

  “I just don’t want to lose her I just got her.” He mumbled.

  Sunny wandered over to him and hugged him tight. “I told you four years ago that you’d fall in love with her, now believe me I just know you two will be together. Calm down all right.

  He sighed, she had a point. “Ok..I’ll beilve you this time.”

  “Good! Now lets get a plan the wedding is in three weeks. What do you suppose we do?”

  “I have an Idea. I can imperious the king into giving Obsidian an important mission right after the wedding.” He said slowly.

  “Great, that’s a great idea, how will you do it?”

 “Leave that to me.”

  It shifted and it was her wedding day now. Draco knew this because there was white everywhere and Afina was wearing a wedding dress.  She however didn’t seem happy. Afina was also talking to Susan. He took the opportunity why she was distracted to find her father.

  He was talking to some of the court, He waited for the king to move away and silently cast the imperious curse he muttered in the kings ear. “You will send Obsidian on the mission in France to do peace talks between the vampires. “

  The king mearly nodded. Satisfied and calm  He went back over to the entrance of the isle in time for her not to notice that he had disappeared for a few moments.

   He took this time to take her in. She was beautiful in her simple white skirt and beaded corset. Afina never really was one for anything flashy it was traditional and simple with her, or nothing at all. Her hair fell in loose curls down her back and she was chewing her lower lip.  

  She finally seemed to notice him and ran over pulling him into the dark corner she captured his lips. He smiled some before pulling her closer to his body in order to deepen the kiss.

“I don’t think I can do this. “ she mumbled.

“Yes you can, do what is expected. For now, He can’t keep us apart forever.. This is just temporary until We can figure out what to do alright?”  He assured her smiling he kissed her cheek

“Alright…but he’s going to want to.. you know..and I can’t…Not with him.” She shifted nervously and Rikiar getting what she was talking about felt sick to his stomach it took him a moment to calm his stomach enough to talk and not get sick.

“Don’t worry about that he won’t have the time. I overheard your father planning on sending him on a yearlong errand right after the reception..

She sighed in relief. “Afina hun it’s time.” Her father called.

 He stole one last kiss from her before watching her take her father’s arm.  He watched her go down the isle but when the preist starting speaking he looked away, deciding to do a quick parameter check to avoid watching the love of his life marrying someone else.

When it came to the I do’s it took all his strength not to growl. He waited for the bride and grooms to come back down the aisle and he led them to the reception area where many were gathering and talking excitedly. Making bets on how many kids they would have and what their names might be.  Rikiar rolled his eyes at this.

During the reception  He was offered drink which he refused to take. One he hated alchol an two he needed to be sober and alert he was on duty. He did watch in mild amusment as Afina drank four glasses of red wine, though she was drunk by the end of the second one. She was a light drinker it seemed.

“ Easy there girl, you’ll drink yourself under the table” Rikar over heard Rikiari say as he walked over to the women once Obsidian had gone to talk to the king.

“Sorry, wedding night gitters.”Afina smiled.

“It’s not all that bad I promise.” She reassured. “I’ll leave you too alone.” She said as Obsidian walked over to their group. Rikiar followed again unseen. He was good at being undetected.

“Bad news love.” Obsidian sighed ignoring the glare she was giving him. “I have to leave for France in two minutes. I want you to be safe alright. I’ll be back in a year. No funny business with your watcher understood?”

  Rikiar snorted. As if Obsidian had any control over what he or Afina did when he wasn’t around.

“Yes.” She replied but Rikiar knew she was lieing.  He watched as obsidian kissed her cheek and went off to leave.

  Rikiar waited patiently after Afina had and the other guests had left for bed making sure he wouldn’t be caught he snuck into her room. She was stumbling into bed wearing a silk nightgown he recognized as the dark purple one his sister and Susan worked on. Once she was in bed and comfortable he silently crept into bed with her, he wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Relax love it’s just me. “He reassured when she jumped and tensed.  He kissed her lips lightly in a soft brush moving to hover over her. He smiled as she wrapped her arms around him.

“How did you get in here?” She asked as she kissed his cheek and ear happily.

“I’m your protector. I can pretty much get in and out anywhere. I see obsidian’s gone for a year just as I thought he would be. “ He grinned just happy to have her in his arms.

“Rikiar.” This may sound crazy.. But I want you to be my first…The very thought of anyone else touching me but you makes me ill. A year is plenty of time to figure out how to get out of here. “

“He stared at her intensely. It took him a full 5 minutes for what she said to fully sink into his brain. He took a deep breath before asking. “ Are you sure?”

“I’m positive. I love you more than anything. Why don’t you want me?” She pouted

 He stared was she insane? Of course he wanted her, had since their eyes met .“Trust me…I want you, I’ve wanted you since I first saw you when you were sixteen.. “ He breathed nuzzling her neck and leaving small kisses.

“Then please make love to me.” She  asked again as their rested as there foreheads touched.

“I won’t be able to stop once we start.”  He sighed spoke the truth but to test her he as he he pushed down the sleeve of her nightgown. And kissed her shoulder.

“ I wasn’t asking you too.”Was all he heard before her lips crashed to his. He slowly let himself get lost in her touch

didn’t take him long to get her nightgown to the floor….


   The scene now changed. He was pacing back and forth in front of the bathroom. He could hear the sounds of his lover being sick and he hated how he couldn’t do anything about it. 

  The doors opened and he breathed a sigh of relief, His sister came in holding a wizarding pregnancy test. Thank god, why muggles hadn’t invented something like that yet was beyond him.  Taking it he went into the  bathroom and  kneeled in front of her.

   “I’m going to need to take some of your blood sweetie, is that ok? “

  She nodded and he used a pin to poke her finger and let two drops fall onto the test. They waited with baited breath. Afina holding his hand tightly. The blood started to swirl and the word “pregnant” Appeared clear as a bell.

  He hugged her tightly happier than he could ever remember being. Afina cried against his Chest.

  “We are going to be parents!” She laughed and ran out of the room obviously going to tell their sisters.


  The scene shifted and Draco hoped to god that this was the last one. He noticed however that he was now looking at Rikiar and the room around him rather than his eyes. He felt relief he had been starting to get freaked out by it.

  Rikiar was in the library; looking out the window and looking panicked . Afina entered the room and headed over to him. Draco saw her stop though as Rikiar’s wand pointed at her throat. Her hand went protectively around her stomach. Unlike the last memory she was defiantly showing.  Rikiar obviously realizing it was her had relaxed and lowered his wand

“Sorry, just nervous.” He apologized “I have a bad feeling. “ He started but was interrupted by Afina.

“I do to love, we got to be quick if we want to leave before obsidian gets back and finds out about me and the baby.”

“I understand.” He murmured. Walking over to her he pulled her into his arms. They held each other tight as if both were afraid to let the other go

 Just then the doors slammed open causing  All three of them to look up.  It was obsidian

“I knew it…I asked you to do one thing! One thing…and your still with him?” Obsidian stood in the door way and was quickly making his way over them. Rikiar put himself in front of her.

“You don’t have a right to say that, what you did was a LOT worse, what other choice did you give her. Have what little happiness she could with me, or become introverted and alone just because you can’t let her go, if you loved her you wouldn’t have pushed her into this!”  His ancestor answered for her.

Obsidians face turned a purple color.

“You’re going to put this on me?!” He shouted

“I believe I just did, if she didn’t marry you, you would have exposed us. Then you have the nerve to ask her to kill me? You ignore her and leave her alone for a year and a half, not a very good husband or boyfriend. You lost the right to her the second you sold your soul to become what you are. A Soulless bloodsucker, at least most others have heart!”

  Obsidian clearly had had enough and rushed over to them only to be forced back into the wall creating a hole from the impact and several books fell, the cause was  a jet of wind coming from Rikiar’s wand.

“Please just stop both of you!” Afina’s shouted her voice quivering. “It’s true obsidian isn’t who he used to be but please stop fighting, we are leaving anyway. No more fighting, please. I just want peace. “

“The Hell you are.” Obisidian objected he started muttering something in latin that Draco wasn’t able to catch all of. Blue mist started to form from the crakes of the stone floor like vapor and wrapped themselves around Rikar’s wrists. Rikiar paled, Draco did to, and He knew that spell.

“What is that?” Afina whispered fearfully.

‘Vita Aficio.. It’s a life draining spell. Afina my love listen to me, I can distract him you need to run, get yourself and our baby to safety please! “

“But, your hurt.”  


The doors burst open again, this time it was Rikari was standing in the door way panting, her long dark hair falling over her face. “Brother no! Stop this.” She ran over to go help Afina who was now cradling Rikiar who was becoming weaker an thinner from the spell draining his life.

  Draco winced as he saw obsidian run his knife through his sister, blood pooling under her as she fell Drao glared hating Obsidian even more than he hated potter and Weasley.

  Obsidian looked horrified and was staring at the bloody knife clinging to it in disbelief.

“She was your sister Obsidian! How could you? She was the whole reason you delved into the magic that’s turned you into the creature you are now. Not a vampire but a souless demon. Yes, I figured out you aren’t a vampire, I’m not an idiot, Yellow eyes, powers that vampires don’t even possesses, Ability to use magic. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you did. “  Afina Glared why she held Rikiar in her arms.

  Obsidian moved closer, Afina looked up at him with not hate or fear but an understanding that the boy she loved years ago had been lost long ago, that there was no bringing him back.

 Obsidian grabbed her by the throat and shoved her up against the book shelf. “I might not be able to have you. But I can have something that is part of you.” He hissed dangerously.

‘No!” Rikiar shouted having managed to stand up his body shaking he held onto the pillar next to him. “Don’t touch or hurt her. You’ve done enough!” He had tears running down his cheeks and the words came out a struggle his life draining with each breath he took.

“You took something that was important to me away, now I’m just returning the favor. “ He smirked and looked very much like a demon to Draco.

  Draco sensing what was happening avoided his eyes but was unable to block out Afina’s high pitched scream. A scream that reminded him so much of the one he heard in the manor as his aunt tortured Hermione. His heart gave a pang he knew all to well what Rikiar was feeling as he heard that.  a moment later he heard sharp baby’s cry .

  He watched as Rikiar ran and caught Afina as she fell gasping for air as she struggled to breathe.  The light fading from her eyes, He watched in amazement as his ancestor refused to give up, He put his hands on her stomach trying to stop her bleeding.  

“Please stay with me..” He murmured holding her head up and stroking her cheek with a now bloody thumb.  “You are the only good thing I’ve done in my life. It’s my duty to protect you I can’t fail …not now.. “

Afina reached up and put a hand on his cheek. “Te Iubesc Rikiar”

He held her tighter to himself and rested his forhead against her own. “Te Iubesc mea floare”

“We will see each other again.” She whispered. “I promise.. “ She looked up at Rikiar who looked dead like he couldn’t believe what he had just done, Holding the crying baby. “We will get our revenge. We will come back somewhere down our family lines we will find you..You’ll pay for what you did to everyone.

  Draco watched as Rikiar held her until her breathing completely stopped. Kissing her forehead and trying to wake her up Obsidian now watched in a cold indifference and had begun to walk away.

  “I’m not dead yet, I assure you, we will come back.. you’ll pay but before I die, I failed to protect her, but I will not fail to protect my daughter… “ Rikiar started muttering a spell Draco recognized of one similar portkey. The baby started to grow white and disappeared after a few seconds.

  “Where did you send her?!” Obsidian growled glaring at Rikiar whose lights started to disappear.

  “Illyria has her now..she’s out of your reach.”


  The memory started to fade as it ended and Draco held the side of the pensive panting his body shaking the only thing in his mind was getting to his mione, he knew for a fact there was no way she was able to handle all that. Sure enough he heard her in the bathroom and ran in pulling her to his chest his body trembling as he held her he pulled her hair out of her face so she wouldn’t get her hair dirty..

  Draco didn’t really pay all that much attention except to tell her that the baby survived and to agree with the others that he would help them get rid of Obsidian.  Whatever happened he found himself now watching Hermione sleep. After having taken the potion he tried to move but she had to much of a grip on him.

  So he held her curled up with her his head rested on the top of hers listening to her breathing and her scent comforting him.  He vowed to himself right there that unlike rikiar he wouldn’t fail on protecting her. He got Hermione here and he would get her back home in one piece.  One thing was for certain they had a lot to discuss once she woke up.

  Already his mind was hatching something to disfuse the sadness and get Hermione in a better mood. He knew talking about the memorys would invoke in her. Though the questions needed to be asked, he knew she probably had diffrent memorys than him. though there were a few he swore he saw Hermione's eyes in. He was planning an “Official” First date, he didn’t count the dance since that was technically a test.  One thing was for sure, he couldn't deny after the thoughts going through his head that she was his girlfreind. 

  She deffinatly was, he just hope she said yes..  

  “ Rest Well Hermione, big day tomorrow” He kissed her cheek as he started dozing off himself. 



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