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~ Chapter 2: Harry's POV ~
Well, there is ... I just don't know though. I think she is a Witch, but I don't know, and it seems, neither does she. I clear my throat,

" So, have you heard of Hogwarts? " She shakes her head and I almost smack myself on the forehead. Of course she hasn't! Goodness. I explain it to her, and she laughs at the idea of the ghosts. I don't blame her. All the ghost movies in the muggle world are... You know... Scary. I don't know why I feel so drawn to her, but I am. It starts to get late out,

" I better get back, " She says, looking worried. I don't know whether I should tell Harry what I saw. When he turns around, I decide on the second,

" Wait! " She blurts out. He turns back around looking at me courisly.

" I've had visions... Is that normal? " I look at her. Well, if she can...

" I think... That you are a Seer. Not normal, but not weird either. " Dasiy tilts her head, in a questioning look. I take a look at my watch... Eight O' Clock! Already?

" OK ... " She says slowly,

" I have to go, Daisy. I'll see you soon, so we can go shopping for Hogwarts. You'll see. It's going to be great. " I leave her, with a questioning look on her face, and if she see's things like that, she must be a witch.

" Bye... " She calls out to me. September first could not have come faster. Before I know it, I've met up with Daisy, Ron, Hermione, and all the other Weasleys. Daisy and Hermione hit it off right away. Turns out Daisy likes reading and studying, just as much as Hermione. Although, I have a feeling her study habits will be different. A bit. As we have everything on the train, we take a compartment, and settle down.

~ Daisy's POV ~

I fall asleep, head against Harry's shoulder, ( Accidentally ) A few hours later, I have a dream. My mind wanders to Greyback attacking us. I keep thinking about the illegal magic. I haven't gotten a letter. That's weird. The day the Ministy of Magic doesn't give out a hearing letter. And if you are wondering, Harry told me every thing.

I wake up. It's nearly dark, but the dark doesn't mask what I see. Those black things, they make me feel cold. It's head bows down on me... I can remember...

" Daisy! Daisy, Wake up! " Says a panicked voice I recognize. I pop my eyes open, and sit up right away. I see flashing lights, too fast! I take deep breathes as they help me up into my seat,

" Wha - what happened? " I asks them groggily, rubbing my eyes. I already feel like I'm gonna faint. Hermione explains,

" Dementors. They are supposed to guard Askaban, " She says worridly,

" But they came here. I - I don't know why. " I bite my lip, and try not to think about them. I shiver. They freeze me to the bone. And those memories... No one talks for a while, until the silence is broken, by Ron,

" We should tell Dumbledore. And have some chocolate. " Hermione looks astonished, as though Ron never makes a good point. Ron blushes, and it clashes with his hair,

" What? " He mumbles,

" It was just an idea. " Hermione blushes too but ignores it,

" I'll go tell someone. " She leaves the compartment. Not much longer, the trolley rolls by,

" Anything dears? " Two no's, and a yes. And that is Harry's yes.

" I'll take handfuls of chocolate frogs, Droobles, Pumpkin pasties, and 4 jugs of pumpkin juice. " As she gives him the sweets, he passes it around. I look out the window. Why do those ... ' Dementors ' affect me, and scare me so?

" Hey. " He says softly in my ear. Scaring me for a second,

" Don't feel weak. Don't feel afraid. They did that to me, too. I was thirteen. It was terrifying, I felt weak, and frightened. You aren't not weak. And they are suppose to scare you. Don't worry about it. " His soft voice tickles my ear. I take a deep breathe, my voice breaks,

" I - I know... it's just... " Before we know it the train stops. I take Boo out. Boo is my familar... well sort of. She can't talk or anything and our bond isn't like if I die she dies or like we don't feel the same pain. Nothing like that. Luckily. And now I realize, Why were they here? That doesn't make any sense. Before I know it, we arrive at Hogwarts. Its more amazing than in " Hogwarts a History ". I take a look in at everything. I've never known that I am more like Harry Potter than I think.

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