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Ok fine. I lied; I’m not entirely average. But lets skip on a bit; I was sorted into Slytherin and immediately became friends with a girl named Connie Avery. Charming, she really is, but slightly on the mental side. I then became friends with Scorpius Malfoy. I melted my cauldron during our first potions lesson, he had a spare and lent it to me, but I melted that one too- he found it hilarious.
I soon discovered my abilities, as did the school and my parents, and I started divination in my second year.
That class really is useless though.
Scorpius and Connie are the only students other than myself who knew of it, other people had no need to know.

As for the Potters and the Weasleys, I only really ever saw Rose (Ravenclaw- told you) as she sat next to me in Ancient Runes. I was surprised that she was so keen on being friends, considering my being in Slytherin, but she obviously thought it wise to at least have one friend in this house. I saw James and Fred in my divination class, but they never noticed me.

These were the things I thought about in the train ride home. It was the end of Fifth year, and the summer was finally upon us. Scorpius and Connie were playing a game of chess as I once again stared out into the countryside.

“Hey Grey!” Rose had appeared in the doorway, the sound of her voice made jump a foot in the air.

“jeez louise Rose! Don’t do that!” I whined at her. I noticed Scorpius was staring at Rose, at which point Connie took the opportunity to switch some of his pieces around.
“Sorry Guin,” she smiled “You going to be coming to The Summer Event this year?”
Now the summer event is when everyone in the ministry Of Magic gathers in a ridiculously big mansion and party all night. They say its so everyone can meet each other and for the benefit of new employees, but everyone secretly knows it’s just an excuse for them all to get smashed.
Kids of the age 15 or older are allowed to attend if they wish.
I opened my mouth to reply, but Connie cut across.
“Of course she is! As will I. In fact,” she paused to spare a sly glance at Scorpius, who was staring at his chess pieces in a confused manner, “We’re going shopping in two weeks for outfits, isn’t that right Scorpius?” He stared at her as if he peed his pants.
“erm.. Uh.. OH! Yeah, um, would you like to..uhh.. join us?” He had regained his self-control.
Rose stared from him, to Connie, and then to me. I smiled and nodded in encouragement. That seemed to do it.
She flashed a brilliant smile, “I think that will be lovely, but I must be off, Grey you’ll owl me the details won’t you?”
“Course!” I waved as she left.

Awkward silence as Scorpius stared at the spot where Rose had been standing.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you Scorpius” Connie smirked; I gave way to a giggle.
He looked at us in disbelief.
“Actually, come to think of it, she probably thinks you’re gay now,” I teased.
Connie set off in peels of laughter.
Scorpius mumbled something incoherent and I decided to leave him alone, as we were pulling in to King’s Cross.

My mum apperated us home. We live in a two story flat with two ensuite Bedrooms. My dad works abroad and I’m never usually here, and seeing as it’s just the three of us there really was not point in buying a house.

“Ok darling I’m going to make a quick dinner then I have to be back at work,” she said pointing her wand at my trunk which then took itself to my room. She looked up at me, “I’m sorry darling.” She kissed my cheek.

My mum, Elizabeth Grey, worked closely with the Department Of Mysteries, but wasn’t an Unspeakable. Actually, I’m not quite sure what you would call her position. Either way, she worked late nights, so I was home alone a lot anyway. Because of this she made me do karate for seven years, and has allowed me to do what I want in the summer holidays since I was 13. She told me she trusts me and knows ill be safe, as long as I leave a note.

I know it doesn’t seem very parent like, but when she is with me she always pays attention and makes the most of our time together, so she makes up for it.

The first two weeks of the holidays were mundane. I spent it doing random work and research, but I hadn’t really been out. We live in the center of London, so it’s easy to get around. Whenever we go on shopping trips people always floo to my flat, as it’s nearest.

I had owled Rose a week before our Summer Event shopping trip to make sure she got the jist, and I know sat waiting in my sitting room for one of them to appear.

The first to arrive was Connie. She was a pretty girl. Nice hair, nice body, amazing skin, and basically had a new boyfriend every month.

“Guinevere my dear!” She proclaimed as she stepped into the room, and pulled me into a dusty hug. She pulled back and grinned at me, “oh do I have plans for today.”

I already know that, and also know they were going to fail.

“Won’t work, Rose is going to be bringing a couple of cousins, they don’t trust Slytherins.” She stared at me in disbelief.

“Nooo! I spent all night trying to figure it out!” she threw herself on the sofa.

“I know,” I chuckled. She threw me a dark look.

At that moment Rose appeared in the fireplace.
“Grey! Hey, quickly, you don’t mind I –“ I cut her off.
“Bring your cousins? Course not, I didn’t really expect them to let you come on your own.” I smiled at her.

Her cousins soon followed. It was Albus and Dominique. Now I must say, the Potters and the Weasleys had grown up to be a very beautiful bunch of people, so I didn’t not mind one bit. Dominique smiled gracefully and commented on how tidy my flat was- well theres only me here so..

Albus however was a bit more hostile, and only nodded when Scorpius finally showed up- I know that’s going to change.

The day was a blur, but I found a lovely dress to wear to the event, along with some heels. It was a black, lacy dress, but still modest- not that that would have mattered, I don’t have much to show off anyway.

Connie was in a bit of a foul mood once she found out her plan was not going to work- she wanted to ditch Scorpius and Rose so that they had to talk to each other. By the end of the day, however, Scorpius and Albus seemed to be pretty good friends and they were in deep conversation about Quidditch. Dominique had taken to Connie pretty well, they seem to both love clothes and whatever else involved fashion.

While everyone else was busy I took the opportunity to question Rose.

“So Rose, having a good holiday I hope?” I asked casually.
“Can’t complain, though I must admit this has been the highlight so far!” She beamed at me. Interesting.
“How come your cousins were so keen to come along?” I knew that she knew that I knew that they didn’t trust us. She smirked.
“I think they just wanted an excuse to get out the house really, Godrics Hollow really isn’t that interesting.” I laughed.
“Well I’m glad to see they’ve made some new friends,” I really was, it’s always nice to prove someone that Slytherins really aren’t that bad.

We came back to mine and while everyone else left, Connie stayed for a while longer. She sat at my kitchen table with a cup of tea.

“Well that was an interesting day,” She commented. I couldn’t tell whether or not she was being sarcastic. I frowned at her.
“No really, I never really talked to Dom before, or Rose, Or Albus for that matter.” She sipped her tea.

I nodded in agreement, but now that I thought about it…

“Albus didn’t say a word to me all day.” I said, and to be honest, I was a bit offended. How can you enter someone’s home and not even say hi?
Connie looked up at me.
“Curious,” she said, “maybe your eyes freak him out.” I gave her a withering look, and she smiled jokingly.
She paused for a moment.
“I have a-“
“Plan? Yes I know, and this time it’ll work.” I smiled mischievously at her. She rubbed her hands together.
“I’m going to make you look so gorgeous for the Summer Event, he will feel like he’ll die if he doesn’t talk to you.”
“Yes I know Connie…”
“Alright, alright. I just wanted to say it out loud.”

I know its petty, but seriously, it’s a bit rude, and I want some sort of revenge.

Hi! So this is my first fanfic so please be nice (English literature was never my strong point), but if you have any helpful advice, do not hesitate to tell me ☺

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