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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 11 : Interesting choice...Mr. Weasley
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She stood at the door, astonished by the continuous flashes in her face. She grimaced, covering her eyes with her hand, trying to shy away from the light.  She opened the door and watched as a green feather zipped past her, waving wildly around the room. Rita entered their simple flat, a smirk glued on her lips,



"Do you truly live here? Of all places to live" and she threw her head back in a dramatic laugh.



"Seriously, you're the silver duo, of the golden trio. You deserve FAR better. Don't be so modest!" she gushed.



Hermione sat back down on the couch, her excitement killed and deflated. While crossing her arms she watched Rita Skeeter closely, anger seething from every pore in her body. This was the bloody woman who tried to say her and Harry were together! She impatiently tapped her foot against the floor, watching as Ron waddled over to their small couch.



"Mione, its time to tell the big news" he whispered into her ear.



She turned her head slightly, looking at the grin on his face, but something in her stirred and the red hair that topped Ron's head began to morph. She looked at it curiously, scrutinizing what was going on to the mess that was his hair. It was now platinum blonde and his eyes a stormy grey. Her mouth formed a perfect O as she stared at the face of Draco Malfoy. She touched it lightly and the smile on her face felt real and care free. He leaned in and kissed her lips lightly and she felt her heart soar. There was a bright flash and Hermione was only vaguely aware that there was a picture taken. When they pulled apart her eyes lazily fluttered open, but it was not Draco Malfoy in front of her, it was Ron. It was all in her head.



She sighed looking rather disappointed and began playing with her thumbs, what she normally did when she was nervous. That was when the questions came flying



Where did you go?



What did you do?



Why were you alone without Ronald?



How was your trip?



Are you part of the ministry now?



Did you and Ron break up briefly?



Is it true that you were spotted in Muggle France?



Hermione sighed, answering each question kindly and diligently. But her eyes were no longer gleaming like they were before and she sighed. She loved this boy next to her, with all her heart, but it was no longer in the way he felt for her. She just loved him, she did not need to have him kiss her or make love to her or father her children, she just needed him to be her best friend. She looked down at her feet for a few moments and began nervously biting on her bottom lip as Ron was asked questions by Rita.



 She finally looked back up, but when she met those crystal blue eyes she use to love so much, she could see they were troubled. She walked up to Rita Skeeter and gave a smirk that would rival that of a Malfoy and scare the daylights out of Voldemort. She leaned in quite slowly, drawing out the moment,



"Leave, or everyone will know your little secret.... Ms. Unregistered Animagus" and she pulled back, the evil glint shining in her eyes.



Rita's eyes bulged; she had almost forgot that Hermione knew that. She quickly scrambled to her feet, not bothering to let her quill fly but roughly grabbing it in her hands. She waddled from the flat in her heels and quickly waved down her camera man. When the door was safely shit, the room sound-proofed, and they were alone Hermione placed her hand on his shoulder.



His eyes lifted up meeting her own. She gave him a sad smile,



"Who is she?" she said



Ron looked at her, his eyes bulging from his sockets. But he knew that she could tell and he sighed,



"I just met her today 'Mione, but there's just something.." he said, not bothering to finish the sentence. He didn't want to hurt Hermione but when he looked up she was fighting, quite poorly, a smile. He laughed to himself,



"You love Malfoy, don't you?" he said



She nodded slowly, biting her lip, "You know I love you though, right? And that I want you to be my best friend till the day I die. Right?"



He nodded grabbing her and squeezing her tightly in his arms, "Yes, and I love you too" then he let her go.



"Now go, go get Malfoy" he said



She stood up from the couch and snatched her bag and wand. As she was about to apparate she stopped, smiling down at Ron,



"You go get her too. Catch ya later" and with a faint pop she was gone. And Ron felt a new happiness emerge.



As he looked at the spot Hermione was just standing, he couldn't help but think of a certain red-headed girl he had met while getting Hermione flowers.









He stood in a midst of bustling wizards and witches. People fumbled with goods, bags, and brooms. Many were twirling around hoping to apparate safely and so many just looked confused. Just like he did.



He opened a heavy wooden door and was greeted with the smell of many flowers, some he couldn't even place. There were lilacs, daisies, roses, and a few magical plants as well. He smiled as he looked at the many selections, hoping that his beautiful fiancé would love whatever he picked. He knew he had to get clean cut and simple, that was what Hermione preferred. He saw a short little red head bobbing around the room humming to herself quietly. She was picking up little flowers around the counter and placing them into a large aqua blue vase.



He stepped up to the counter and dinged the bell, waiting for her to turn around. And when she did he could've sworn a bright, warming light swept through the room. Like the time he had gotten his wand. His mouth hung open awkwardly as he stared at her, little tiny cuts from thorns all over her hands. She stared at his eyes, and green met blue.



She had wavy red hair, freckles decorating her face. She had a little button nose and rosy cheeks. Her eyes were like a sea of emerald and her little pink lips were slightly parted, revealing a perfect set of white teeth. She gave him a polite smile; her dimples making Ron lose his breath. Her lips moved, but Ron heard no noise, because the blood was pounding in his ears,



"Excuse me sir, do you need something?" she said



He shook his head, "Blimey I'm sorry, yes I um need flowers... for my... uh-mother"



Mother? Why my mother? I should've just said my fiancé, but something in Ron told him not to.



She nodded and bit her bottom lip, nibbling on it as she thought. "Well, does she like anything in particular?" 



He nodded, faintly hearing her angelic voice, "Yeah uh, plain and simple. Something classy"



She clapped her hands together and giggled, the sound coming out musical to Ron's ears, "I know, Falildamys!" she exclaimed, and she flitted from the room.



Ron stood there, his palms growing sweaty, his feet fidgeting from side to side.



When she returned the flowers were wrapped in a brown paper, she handed them over, "They sing music you know, they're extremely rare, and I only give them to customers I like..." and she gave him a shy smile.



"Huh.." he said as he felt his heart race in his chest. He took the flowers from her and handed her two galleons, only faintly hearing the goodbye as he dreamily left the shop, still staring at her when the door shut.



When he got back to his flat he lifted the brown paper slightly, revealing a little note tucked in between the flowers. They sang quietly and beautifully and Ron knew Hermione would love them. He picked up the note,



I'm sorry I never caught your name, but I like you. That's why I gave you the Falildamys! I hope you stop by again someday; I'd like to get to know you. Until then!



P.S My name is Wren



He smiled goofily, Wren Weasley. Wait, did he just think Wren Weasley? NO! Hermione Weasley, Hermione Weasley, Her-, Wren...



That was when a bright flash was taken out of his revere; he looked up to see a Rita Skeeter, grinning wickedly,



"Falildamys... rare. Interesting choice, Mr. Weasley.."












Hermione paced back and forth in front of the Malfoy manor, her hair running wild and unruly. She kept swiftly running her hands through her hair, muttering rotten things under her breath about herself. She was just so nervous, she couldn't think straight, she was in love with a boy she used to hate so much. But he had changed, and it was all a show, he really loved her. She finally stood in her spot and stuck her chin out triumphantly,



You are Hermione Granger, you can do this! She thought.



She lightly tapped the gate and it swung open, feeling odd at how eerie the manor felt, so many bad memories manifested themselves in this mansion. She reached the large black doors, the silver knockers in the from of snakes. She lightly banged them against the wood and watched as the door swung open effortlessly. She sighed, this was it. But as she walked around the opening room she began to feel odd, it was strangely quiet.



"Draco! Draco, are you there? It’s Hermione!" she wailed. But there was no reply.



She walked around the room until she came across a large marble table, there was glass spread out all over the table and burn marks on the floor near it. She looked at the single piece of paper, still wet with fresh tears,



To whom ever is reading this note,



I need to leave. Forever, so as you read this I am already gone. I do not plan on ever coming back, the one I love loves another, and I shall not spend my days in this evil lonely manor. And if whomever is reading this is Hermione Granger, I love you. With everything I will and ever have. I wish you all the best with Weasley. Farewell.



Sincerely, Draco Malfoy



She gasped, tears quickly coming to her eyes. She placed the paper into her pocket and she fell to her knees. Tears repeatedly fell from her eyes and sobs and screams poured from her soul. She had no way of knowing where he was, or how to even find him. She laid down onto the floor and let the tears fall freely and roll down her face. Little did she know, there was a pair of eyes watching her from afar.






I hope you guys liked this! I feel like I'm doing something wrong, or that you guys don't like the story anymore and I'm so sorry if you feel that way. I just hope that maybe you will like this chapter better! Thanks guys! And please review! I really need it right now! Thank you guys, for everything.




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Quidditch Camp: Interesting choice...Mr. Weasley


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