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Harry Potter-Black, the Boy I Loved by Veritaserum_Girl
Chapter 1 : That's What You Get
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“Hey, Ron,” I sighed dreamily, plopping myself down next to him.

“Hi,” he grumbled.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, getting a closer look at his pouting face.

“Look at Hermione with…him,” he growled, pointing in Hermione’s direction. She was dancing with Victor Krum.

“She looks like she’s having a good time,” I said, feeling extremely happy for her. “She looks so beautiful,” I sighed. “Wait, why do you care that she’s here with Krum? Aren’t you his biggest fan?”

“Not anymore,” he grumbled.

“Why? It’s not like you have feelings for Hermione, or anything,” I said, chuckling. But then, it suddenly hit me. “You like Hermione?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“What? I do not,” He growled, sinking even lower in his seat. His ears turned a bright pink color.

“You  do!” I shrieked. “For how long!? Why didn’t I notice this before?!”

“There’s nothing to notice, Cassie,” he said angrily. “Merlin, you must be mental,” he growled, standing up and walking away.

So Ron liked Hermione. I should have noticed that. But, I just couldn’t! How could I? I’ve been having such a great time with Harry to notice anything lately.

Speaking of Harry, where did he go? The last I’d seen him, he told me he was going to get drinks, but I haven’t seen him. I stood up from the chair, and began searching around the Great Hall, but he wasn’t there.

I searched the Entrance Hall, too, but Harry was just nowhere to be found. I’m not sure why, but I took the staircase that led to the dungeons in hope of finding him there. To my utter shock, I did find him.


With Cho Chang.


I was barely a flight above them as I eavesdropped on their conversation. “Cho, just listen—“ Harry said, holding her hand. I didn’t like this already. What was going on? Why was Harry talking to Cho Chang? I didn’t even know he knew her.

“Harry, I just can’t—“ she said. “I don’t know…” She muttered, looking away.

“Cho, please,” he said, hugging her to him. I froze where I was. Why was he hugging her like that?  “I love you,” he muttered loud enough for me to hear.

In this moment, I felt something change within me. I had never been overwhelmed with so much fury, envy, and grief all at once. Never in my life had I felt so lonely; so abandoned at the very thought of having the person I adored most, and who I thought had loved me back, if not more, had just told another girl that he loved her. If I my body weren’t paralyzed, I still wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Who am I without Harry Potter-Black? My first love? Just the very thought of him being devoted someone else makes me suffer like he’d taken all the love he had for me, leaves me feeling hollow, just giving it to someone else.

All the while, I’d never felt more betrayed; I depended on Harry. He was my only motivation to breathe, the only notion I had to keep me going, and he knew that. He made me feel secure, especially after all that my father has done to hurt me. Harry was the one who reassured me that everything was going to be alright. Who was going to do that for me now?

And what about all of the things I’ve done for him? I’ve helped him figure out those riddles so that he would know what he was doing in the Triwizard Tournament! I supported him through everything—everything! Even when everybody thought that he put his own name in the Goblet, I stuck by him! When Draco wanted to be a jealous idiot, I told him off and we haven’t spoken in over a month because of it!

Harry stroked the side of Cho’s cheek. She looked extremely unsure about what was going on, but didn’t do anything to stop it. I stopped breathing all together when Harry kissed her on the lips more thoroughly than he had ever kissed me. 

I clenched my fists so firmly that my fingernails dug severely into my skin. My breathing became ragged and uncontrolled. I felt my skin boil and my veins sizzled, making me feel prepared to explode. I leisurely made my way down the last flight of steps that separated me from Harry and Cho, and stood there, patiently waiting for them to stop; they never did.  As each second ticked by I felt my anger increase more and more. I’d never felt more like my father in my entire life than I had now.

I pulled my wand from my sleeve, and dug it into Cho’s back. “I’ll give you five seconds, Chang, or you’re DEAD!” I hissed so loudly that I practically screamed it. She shrieked in fear and backed away from Harry, who looked completely dumbfounded as to what was going on. “Leave!” I hissed, turning to face her. “Now.”  She shrieked, hurrying up the stairs.


“Shut up,” I snapped, turning to face him. “I heard everything you said,” I told him. “Don’t deny anything,” I said, taking very dangerous steps toward him. “Why did you do it?”

He stood there, looking extremely terrified as I cornered him, holding my wand to his throat. “Because, I love her,” he mumbled quietly. “I really do.”

“And what about me?” I shrieked, finally breaking. I couldn’t help but to let the tears slip down my cheeks. “I thought you loved me! I’d never been more in love with that I am tonight!” I said, never lowering my wand.

“I—I sort of did,” he said, putting his hands up defensively. “But, then I met Cho…”

“Oh, so then you met Cho,” I mocked. “Why would you do hurt me in the worst way at the worst time?” I shrieked, dropping my wand and falling to the floor onto my knees and burying my face in my hands.

“Actually, it was the best way at the best time,” he said, walking over to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked, though, my voice was slightly indistinct from my face being buried in my hands and me crying.

“I guess I did fall in love with you at one point…” he sighed. “But, this was the plan from the beginning,” he muttered. 

“What plan?” I croaked, looking up at him with blemished marks on my face.

“To get you to trust me enough—I never expected us to date, but my godfather talked me into it. Eventually, I started to like you, even love you... He told me to wait until the right time to do it,” he said, shoving his hands in his pockets and looking down at me.

“To do what?” I asked vulnerably.

“To break your heart the way your mother broke my godfather’s,” he answered curtly. After answering that last question, he walked away, leaving me single-handedly to drown in my own tears.


Author's Note:

If you want to know more about this character, Cassie, you'll probably want to start reading the novel I am writing on here; The Ballad of Bera Zabini. It will clear a few things up, eventually. This is just a short one-shot I decided to write out of writer's block.

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Harry Potter-Black, the Boy I Loved: That's What You Get


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