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Ever since that day in Olivanders Cedric and Avery have been close friends at Hogwarts, even though Cedric is in Hufflepuff and Avery is in Gryffindor they have been attached by the hip. Mainly because they have been like siblings to eachother.

This year is Avery's fifth year at Hogwarts, as well as Fred and George, and the golden trio are in their third year. Now they are going back to Hogwarts and the Weasley's are at The Leaky Cauldron with Harry and Hermione, before they leave to go to school. When Avery had met Harry, she took an immediate disliking to him, which was when the twins and Ron had rescued Harry from his muggle relatives. She had thought that Harry was the reason for her father being sentenced to Azkaban.

“Are they back?” Ginny asked Avery as they finished their game of wizard’s chess. “Yeah, I think so!” Avery shot up and ran out the room, debating whether to use the railing to get down to the first floor or not. She did, and like when she was eleven, she hit the floor with a thud and a groan.

“Are they back yet?” Avery groaned but Molly didn’t hear her, as she had stormed outside to yell at her sons.

The four all retreated into the house with guilty looks on their faces. Avery was leaning against the counter, a smug, mocking smile on her face. “Have fun?” She asked sweetly as Mr Weasley walked in the door. “Shut up Avery.” George said as he shoved a pancake in his mouth. “Anything for little Georgie.” Avery replied and sat down across from the twins, next to Ron.

Avery piled bacon and toast onto her plate as she heard Harry whisper to Ron.

“Is she George’s girlfriend?” He had said it a bit too loud, Mr and Mrs Weasley didn’t hear but everyone else did. The latter all choked on their breakfast. “What?! NO!” Avery and George cried out. “Sorry… But who are you?” He looked even guiltier.

“Avery Black. I currently reside with the Weasley’s for the rest of my life. You don’t need to know more than you already do.” She scowled slightly at Harry before he replied, a bit intimidated.

“I’m Ha—“

“Harry James Potter. You were a cute baby let me tell you. I don’t remember that scar being there though. Those were the days…” Avery looked at the ceiling as if it was the centre of attention.

“What?” Ron, Fred, George and Harry all asked, confused.

“I know more than you think, Potter.” Avery spat hatefully. “A bit too much than I should…” A look of sadness flickered across her face before she shoved the rest of her toast in her mouth, walking away.

“Bit of a genius she is.” Fred said.

“If you have something to hide,” George continued.

“She’ll find out,” Fred smiled.

“One way or another.” George concluded.

“She’s their best friend.” Ron whispered to Harry.

“Why does she seem to hate me so much? She’s a bit like Snape.” Harry asked and the twins shared worried looks. “You better not mention that to Avery…”

“She’ll hex you so badly, like she did to Flint last year.” Fred pursed his lips, to supress the grin he was to share with George. The memory of a thirteen year old Avery hexing a fifteen year old Marcus Flint was hilarious to them.

“I’m on her bad side then?” Harry asked, a bit worried.

“Uh, I suppose so…” Said George.

“Watch out.” Said Fred.


"CHOCOLATE!" George bellowed and ran around the room, chasing Avery who had chocolate smeared on her face because of Fred. She gulped and sprinted out the room, George close behind, leaving Fred to laugh his butt off. By the time Avery had gotten down the stairs, Ron and Hermione were in deep conversation; they were bickering about their pets. "Ronald-" Avery dodged George. "Help me!" She ran behind Ron and used him as a human shield. "You know with all those brains you have you could be a top student, but I guess the influence of Fred and George have over powered the influence of Percy." Hermione said to Avery, who was swinging Ron backwards and forwards, blocking George from getting to her. "Look Hermione, as much as I'd like to have a civil conversation with another smart brain, I'm trying not to get eaten here." Avery dropped Ron and ran, only to be caught by George. "Ah!" Avery squealed and tried to worm out of George's grasp. "Finally I get my well-deserved chocolate." George breathed and closed his eyes. He licked all the way up Avery's face, earning a chorus of 'EW's' from Ginny (Who was at the top of the stairs), Hermione, Ron and Avery herself. "Get your filthy tongue off me!" Avery yelled in George's ear. "Meh..." George stepped away and walked back upstairs, muttering how it didn't taste like chocolate.

Avery looked over to the other side if the room, Harry was staring at the wall, actually a poster but his head was covering it. She moved closer towards where Harry was and he looked up, and stepped away. He was looking at a wanted poster of Sirius Black. Avery glared at the poster and her face softened. "No one remembered dad. No one remembered your birthday but me. Not even the Weasley's. Well happy birthday. Hopefully you'll get out soon. I miss you like crazy. I'm still your little Animagus. I know how to transform. I taught myself. But I'm kinda unregistered… "She whispered to the poster. Avery went to turn around when it hit her like a stampede of Hippogriff's. 'Wanted! That means...' Avery grinned and did a happy dance in front of the poster and getting a weird look from Harry. "He's out. He's out!" She mumbled and spun around. "What's wrong with you?" Harry asked a little too rudely and Avery shot him a death glare. "Oh that's SOOOO nice Potter." She spat his name like it was venom. "Fred! George!" Avery shouted and dashed up the stairs to tell them the news. "What's up with her?" Hermione asked. "First she talks to a poster and then she dances and runs upstairs." Ron and Harry shrugged. "Why does she have such a grudge on us?" Harry asked, trying to fix his glasses. Hermione sighed, "Not us," she gestured to herself and Ron. "It's you she hates." Ron finished, earning a glare from Hermione. Harry sighed. 'What can I do to stop her from hating me? And what did I do to deserve this? I didn't do anything to the girl!' He thought.


"Okay I'm going!" Avery said as she darted at the brick wall, after looking for muggles if they were watching. She stumbled through, looking at the gleaming, sparkling train. She smiled as she looked at the words, 'Hogwarts Express' printed on the front. As she was walking along with her trunk, a rat came running through her legs. "Scabbers!" Avery exclaimed and picked up Ron's rat. She was stroking Scabbers when she heard Ron calling for it. "Scabbers? Where are you? Did that demon cat eat you?" He was behind Avery. She turned around just as Scabbers bit her. "Ow! Stupid rat!" She cried out and chucked the rat to Ron. "Thanks Avery!" He turned on his heel to run back to Harry and Hermione.

Avery chuckled and wiped the blood from her finger, just as Fred and George appeared beside her. Avery jumped. "Don't!" *Whack* "Do!" *Whack* "That!" *Whack*. The twins held their arms up in defense. "Don't shoot us! We just walked up to you!" They cried out in unison. Avery sighed, "Let's just get back to your mum."

The trio got back to their family just to see an irate Percy. "Mother, I have to go to the prefects cabin," Percy sighed as he turned to Avery. "You might want to come soon." He smiled slightly. "Alright, I'll be there later." Avery rolled her eyes playfully. "Big Head Boy and Perfect Prefect. What could be any better?" Fred and George let out an exaggerated sigh. "Shut up." Avery whacked their shoulders. Percy sent the twins a sharp glare as he turned and walked quickly down the platform.


"Bye kids! Make sure you write! Fred! George! Don't blow up anything!" Molly called out to her children as they hopped onto the train at 9¾. "Don't make a bet!" Fred and George called out in unison and Avery laughed. "Bye Molly." she hugged Molly and stepped into the train, Fred and George directly behind her, chatting about their next prank and who to set it on.

They wandered the hall, trying to find a compartment. "This one guys." Avery motioned to a empty cabin and they stepped in, their luggage being carried by Fred. "What do you have in here?" Fred groaned as he shoved the luggage onto a rack. "Oh pish posh! I have less than you two idiots!" Avery exclaimed and the twins shared a sheepish look on their faces. "Avery? You in here?" A voice called from just outside the door. Avery recognized it immediately. "Cedric!" She called out and ran put the cabin. "Oh! Hey!" Cedric stumbled back a bit when Avery threw her arms around his neck. He returned the hug quickly. "I missed you." Avery smiled up at her best friend. "Same here." Cedric laughed and ruffled her hair when they broke apart.

"Look! A murderer's daughter and, gasp! Even worse, a Hufflepuff!" A voice sneered from behind them. Avery and Cedric turned around and narrowed their eyes. "Why would a third year be trying to pick a bone with us?" Avery glared down at Draco Malfoy. "Shut up and listen to your superior!" He demanded, but it sounded like him whining. Cedric looked at Avery and they laughed loudly. "Oh I hope you don't mean yourself!" Cedric barked loudly. Avery could just hear the faint howl of laughter from Fred and George from behind closed doors. "Humph! Well at least I'm not a Mudblood like that Grang-" Draco's words got caught in his throat when Avery grabbed him by the collar. "Do not call anyone that disgusting word!" She snapped and Draco glared back. "But it's true; their blood is tainted!" He replied angrily, with a hint of worry. "The only thing that is tainted is your mind!" Avery growled at him and Draco let out a slight, barely audible whimper and stepped back. "Well... I'll be going now." Draco fixed his collar and marched off down the hallway, his head held high. Avery's blood was boiling. How could that... Filth even try to pick a fight with people double his size and are two years older? "Hey Avery I got to go, my friends and that'll be waiting for me. I'll see you at Hogwarts." Cedric quickly hugged her before turning and walking back down the hall.

"Well then, bye?" Avery said to no one.

Avery ducked her head into the compartment when she had remembered that she had to go to the prefects’ cabin. "Guys. I gotta run. Be back in a bit." The twins nodded as she rushed back out.

"I AM HERE!" Avery shouted as she barged into the cabin. "Avery. Finally," Percy muttered before continuing on about the password to the prefects’ bathroom, their common rooms (Fortuna Major) and their prefect duties. Thankfully Avery hadn't any duties on the train ride to Hogwarts.

After saying goodbye to the other prefects and Percy, Avery headed back to the cabin.


She bounced back into the cabin and slumped onto the bench. Fred and George were bickering and stopped immediately when Avery walked back in. 'H-Hey Avery..." George said uneasily. "Hey the lolly cart is here." Fred piped up and forked out a couple of sickles. "Three packs of Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans, five chocolate frogs, two liquorice wands and, actually make that four packs of beans." Fred ordered for everyone. "That'll be five sickles please." The old lady driving the cart handed over the lollies and Fred handed the sickles over. When she left Fred chucked two packs of beans to Avery, one pack of beans to George and one for himself. He divided the rest of the lollies for the three of them and they started to eat. "EUGH! VOMIT!" Avery held her hand over her mouth. "Sook. Can't even hold your food down. Oh! Yuck! Bogey flavoured!" George scrunched up is face in disgust and Fred laughed. "Fine Fred you take one!" Avery raised her voice. Fred shrugged and grabbed a random bean. He shoved it in his mouth and chewed, before looking for somewhere to spit it out. "Nuh uh! You're not spitting that out. Fred gave in and swallowed the bean. "I don't like eating vomit and dirt." Fred whined. "You ate two? That's priceless!" George cracked up laughing. Avery joined in. Fred frowned and faced the wall, turning his head to stick his tongue out at the laughing teenagers. "Stop being so childish!" Avery snapped and whacked Fred on the back of the head.

"So! Do you two have any…?" Avery smirked. "Any what?" Fred and George cried out, already impatient. "Girlfriends?" Avery waggled her eyebrows suspiciously. "What? I-uh-bl-um-I-un- NO!" Fred and George spluttered and went as red as their hair. "Still crushes huh?" She smirked and they went even redder. Avery laughed. "Don't worry Fred; Angelina is head-over-heels for you! But since George won't tell me who he fancies I can't help!" Avery stated. Fred and George spluttered and covered their faces while Avery finally cracked and laughed loudly at the twins. "You two are pathetic lovesick puppies!" Fred narrowed his eyes at her. "You can't talk! What about you and that Ravenclaw?" He exclaimed.

Now it was Avery's turn to go red. "What-but-I- At least I've had a boyfriend, in which you two can't even get a date with Moaning Myrtle if you tried!" Avery flushed. Fred and George finally recovered from their little panic attacks and they had a look of fake hurt on their faces. "We so can!" They cried out in unison, clutching their hearts. "Sure you can Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb." Avery mocked them, while snickering; she was getting lots of amusement out of this conversation. "Okay I've had my fun; I'm going to get chess out. You want to play?" Avery asked and set out the board. "I'll play." George smiled and they sat on the floor, getting ready to play. "Well I'M going to take a nap! Not that anyone cares..." Fred huffed and lied down on the bench. "I'm going to beat you Georgie!" Avery challenged George as they sat on the floor, getting comfortable because they both knew that when they played Wizards chess, it goes on for ages; they got particularly competitive.


"Check mate!" Avery shouted gleefully and danced around. They had been playing for half an hour and George only won twice and Avery won five times. "I win! I win! I wi- Oof!" The train had stopped abruptly and she toppled over onto George. "You alright?" George helped her up, while packing the chess away. "Yeah I'm fine. But why did we stop?" The lights went out. Fred, who was sleeping woke up while shouting, "Not the Pygmy Puffs! Hey what happened?" He looked around curiously and everything started to go cold. The windows were freezing up. "Is this normal?" They heard a first year ask from one cabin away. Avery looked towards the door and muffled a scream. "D-D-Dementor!" She whispered frantically to the twins, who were frozen in shock.

A Dementor had made its way into their cabin, heading towards Avery. She quickly backed into a corner. She stared at the Dementor's face, well not really a face but it smelt of rotting flesh and it had revolting, decaying skin. She felt as though she wouldn't ever be happy ever again. Coldness spread through the trio's body, eventually reaching their hearts. very felt the Dementor come closer towards her. "Avery!" Fred and George squeaked in unison. She suddenly felt a sharp pain through her body and she cried out in pain. "She's getting the Dementor's kiss!" George yelled loudly, obviously trying to get someones attention. The last thing Avery saw was a shape of a man with a wand at the door, before blacking out.

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