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 It was a month after the battle, ad Harry was lying in the spare bed in Ron Weasley, his best friends, bedroom.

    It had been a difficult month for the family, in which Harry and Hermione were now counted. The Funeral of Fred was difficult for everybody who attended, and a lot of people went to pay their respects. Fred Weasley was very well loved in Hogwarts. People counted on him and his twin, George, to help them skive lessons (usually potions) and do other rule breaking things. The most famous thing that people remembered of Fred was the fireworks He and George set off in their final year. After the funeral, which was set in the church in Godricks Hollow, the people who were closest to the Weasley family all crowded into the burrow, and many stories were shared of the mischievous twins’ lives. Despite the sadness of the event, many smiles were visible and lots of laughter could be heard around the burrow.

    Tonks and Lupin’s funeral took place the day after Fred’s. Not as many people went there, it was a much quieter event, although the sadness was equal. The Order were present, and the Weasley’s. After the service, Tonks’ mother sat on a bench outside, draped in a black shawl, and cradling a small, blue haired baby. Harry moved next to her at the end of the service, and noticed she was not crying, just staring thoughtfully at the chubby baby in her arms.

     ‘Hello, Mrs. Tonks,’ He whispered hoarsely, sitting down. The baby’s big brown eyes, an exact match of his father’s, followed him.

     ‘Oh, hello, Harry’ She replied indifferently. Harry guessed she was in a state of great shock, which was wholly understandable.

     ‘I’m sorry to meet again at such a terrible time’ Harry sniffed, but carried on swiftly, taking in a deep breath. ‘I’m terribly sorry for your losses.’

    Mrs. Tonks nodded, and placed a hand on Harry’s, squeezing. ‘Thank you, son.’ She smiled faintly. ‘You’ve grown to become a great man, Harry.’

     Harry fought the urge to shake his head in disagreement, and the blue haired baby in her arms began to wail.

     ‘Shhh, Teddy’ The ageing woman cooed. She couldn’t have been over fifty, but she seemed old for her age. Harry guessed stress and her troubles did this to her. He remembered when he once thought Mrs.Tonks looked a lot like her sister, Bellatrix Lestrange. The differences were magnificent now, as Bellatrix had a heart of stone, and was incapable on feeling remorse like this. Teddy Lupin raised a tiny fist at Harry, grabbing for his hair. ‘I think he likes you, Harry. Would you like to meet him? He is your godson, after all.’

     Harry nodded in agreement, and took the baby from her arms. Teddy immediately stopped crying, and grabbed onto the side of Harry’s glasses. ‘Hello, Teddy. I’m Harry. I’m your god father, but you can call Me…’ Harry paused, unsure of what to say. ‘You can call me uncle Harry when you’re older.’ Harry looked over at Mrs.Tonks and she nodded, smiling wryly. ‘You look an awful lot like your dad, you know. And you have your mum’s nose, and hair’ Harry chuckled, thinking that his nose or hair will probably start morphing as soon as Teddy was old enough to understand his power. ‘Your parents were both great wizards, some of the greatest I knew. Your dad taught me a lot of important things, and your mum taught me never to give up hope. I’m going to make a promise to you now, little Teddy. When I was a child, all I wanted was a friend. I had to wait until my Hogwarts days to get that. So, Teddy, I know you’re a baby now, but when you’re older, and need a friend, or an uncle, or a brother, you can come to me right away. I will help you like your dad helped me, and I will cheer you up like your mum would…’ Harry didn’t feel silly speaking like this to Teddy, although he knew Teddy couldn’t understand. He knew that His grandmother would repeat the speech when Teddy was old enough. When Harry looked over at Mrs. Tonks, silvery tears were escaping down her cheeks, and Harry hugged her tightly. He would be there for grandmother, and grandchild.



 Harry sat up in bed as Ron came in, smiling. Harry had the feeling that maybe Ron had cheered up enough to go and see Hermione, his new girlfriend, who was sleeping on the floor below, in Ginny’s bedroom.

     ‘Hey, Harry’ He smiled, plopping onto his bed. Harry hadn’t seen him this happy in a while.

     ‘Are you okay, Ron?’ Harry asked, smiling, too. Ron’s smile was contagious.

     ‘Fine, I’ve just been with..’

     ‘Hermione.’ Harry finished the sentence, and Ron blushed.

     ‘Yes, how did you guess?’ said Ron, changing into his pyjamas.

     ‘You seem happy.’ Harry raised his eyebrows, and flicked his newly repaired wand, sending blue sparks around the room.

     ‘I feel better,’ Ron nodded, lying back with his arms behind his head. ‘I know maybe I shouldn’t, yet, but when I’m with her she just makes me feel so much more like me.’

      Harry nodded. He knew what Ron meant, for Ginny made Harry feel the same. Harry didn’t think it would be a good idea to say this to Ron, for he wouldn’t be pleased with the idea of Harry and Ginny beginning another relationship.

      ‘I think I’ve known all along, you know…’ Ron smiled thoughtfully.’

     ‘Known what?’ Harry questioned, although he sensed what the answer would be.

    Ron blushed deep scarlet before answering. ‘That I loved her.’ He shot Harry a worrisome look, but Harry just nodded, urging Ron his friend to speak more. ‘From maybe our third year, I think. Or perhaps our fourth..’

     ‘So what exactly happened with you two down in the chamber, Ron? You never told me’ Harry asked, sitting up and crossing his legs. Not an easy thing in the Muggle’s style of men’s jeans, they were practically skin tight. Ginny liked them though, so Harry put up with the pain of wearing such silly clothing. He felt like a member of the Weird Sisters.

     Ron seemed to blush even darker, but sat up, too. He stared fixedly at his thumbs. ‘Well, Hermione stabbed the Horcrux, and the water in the chamber began to bubble, and Voldemorts face erupted from the water. It was bloody scary. There were about three of them, and they rushed toward us, they sort of burst.’ Harry saw a shiver run through Ron. ‘We were drenched to the skin, and then Hermione sort of just turned to me. I can’t even remember what exactly happened, but we were kissing. And it was weird, I never thought anything would happen between us, you know?’ Harry saw him smiling, and laughed.

     ‘I always knew something would happen between you two. Godric, for the past three years I’ve felt like a third wheel’ Harry said, not exactly truthfully. He never felt left out with his two best friends, but there was certainly times when he thought maybe they should have been left alone. Ron laughed. ‘So are you two, like, official now?’

     ‘I think so’ Ron nodded. Harry grinned, thinking of a way to embarrass his friend, who had done the same to him on many occasions.

      ‘Oh where were you that night after the battle, by the way?’ He asked slyly, knowing that Ron froze the charm on the girls’ dorm to sneak into Hermione’s room. (For two nights after the battle, a handful of students stayed to help repair and clear the castle. Because of Hermione being the only seventh year Gryffindor girl to stay, she had her dorm to herself.)

    ‘Uhm, I, we were in…err,’ Ron stumbled over his words. Harry inwardly grinned; he knew for a fact what they’d been doing, as both looked a mixture of happy, shocked and awkward the next morning. ‘Piss off, Harry!’ Ron lay back onto his bed and stared at the ceiling.

     Harry laughed. He loved winding Ron up, he hadn’t had a chance to in a while, after the whole sadness of the battle. Harry got lost in his thoughts for a while.

     ‘I feel really bad about doing it with her, a night after the battle.’ Ron said quietly, his face was back to its usual pale tone. ‘I feel like I took advantage of her. And I feel like I’ve disrespected Tonks, Lupin and Fred…What decent person does that two days after his brother dies?’

     Harry was in shock for a minute, for Ron barely showed his emotion like this. ‘For a start, Hermione is a clever girl. She wouldn’t have done anything she didn’t want to. So you can rule that out, you didn’t take advantage of her.’ Harry got that out quickly. He didn’t want any unpleasant images in his mind. ‘And for disrespecting Lupin, Tonks and Fred. That’s a crazy thing to say, Ron. I bet they would have been happy that you two are finally together. Everybody deserves to love whomever they want’ said Harry.

     Ron nodded. And Harry grinned, ‘and I bet Fred would have cheered…’ Harry didn’t get to finish his sentence, as Ron’s pillow hit him square in the face, almost snapping his glasses. Harry was going to say ‘I bet Fred would have cheered you two on.’

     ‘Shut up, chosen one.’ Ron said, but there was an obvious grin on his face. Harry laughed, and something odd occurred in his mind.

     ‘Ron..’ Harry started awkwardly. Ron looked at him, eyebrows raised, waiting for the question. ‘Er, well, what’s’ Harry cringed, embarrassed about having to ask such a question.

         ‘Uh, well, I guess it’s different to how you imagine..’ Ron frowned, thinking. ‘It’s a lot more awkward that what you’d think, but it’s a lot, well..better..than...’ He cleared his throat, clearly uncomfortable. Being men, they weren’t used to talking about things like this seriously. Of course, they’d discussed it as teenagers, but that was immature and not real life. This was. ‘I guess in the beginning I was bloody scared, and so was she. And I worried about doing it wrong.’

     ‘Eh, how did you know you were doing in right?’ Harry asked, and regretted asking when he saw Ron turn Bright pink, once again.

     ‘Umm, let’s just say you know.’ He laughed. And Harry joined in. They talked for a while about Quidditch, and then about music and school. They shared a firewhiskey that Ron had got from Arthur.

     Harry fell asleep easier than he had in the past weeks. Maybe it was due to the Firewhiskey. The conversation with Ron reminded him of the old times, when they were in Hogwarts, winding each other up about Lavender, and Cho Chang.


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