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Chapter X ~Narrowing It Down To Two Suspects~
o Harry thought, and thought, and thought some more, about who to eliminate this time. As he thought, Snape came by. "Hello, Harry. I have come to retrieve your powers, you can't have them forever, you know." "WHAT?" screamed Harry. And then Snape threw some magic dust over him, and three wods of air/gas, that looked like spirits came out of his mouth and ears. "Aww, MAN!!!" said Harry. "Sorry, Harry, but you can't have those when school starts again, tomorrow." "Okay." said Harry. So then Harry kept thinking, and he came to find that: Draco was the next one to eliminate. Draco was also, just less suspicious, Harry REALLY had to ponder who to eliminate next. So this time he thought, all night long.

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