"Move it Carrots!"

Yet another obnoxious boy pushed past me as I heaved my massive trunk down the train. Great. Just freaking brilliant. I had only been on the train to Hogwarts for five minutes and already I was being teased for my Weasley red hair. But I was used to it. Every Weasley was used to it. Well, except for Victoire, my cousin, who had lovely silvery blonde hair. Ugh. 

"Shove it Weasley!"

My head shot up. That was a new one. Someone knew my name!

"How do you know me?" I asked the tall blonde boy standing in front of me.

He snorted, "Everyone knows you. Only Weasleys have hair that bright," he leaned in, "orange."

My face heated up, my temper flaring. I looked him up and down, cataloguing his pointed chin and proud expression. Huh. A Malfoy. My dad, my mum AND my  uncle Harry had told me about them.
I looked back up at him.

"And only a Malfoy would constantly look as if there was a bad smell
under his nose," I said, smirking. He flushed. HAH!

"As a matter of I do have a bad smell under my nose," he said, smiling
suddenly. "You."

His answer was immature and juvenile, but it was enough to shock me,
enough to allow him to whisk by me, smiling smugly.
When I finally came back to my senses, I was standing alone in the
middle of the corridor. I scowled. No one got the better of me. I was
Rose Weasley.

War had been declared.

I sighed and dragged my trunk into the next compartment I saw, being too lazy to go any further. A black-haired girl that resembled a puppy looked up from the book she had buried her head in.

I smiled wearily, "Hi, I'm Rose Weasley."

She grinned back at me, "Alexia Thornton." She paused, " But you can
call me Lexi if you want."

I beamed excitedly, my first friend at Hogwarts!
Right on time, my cousin Albus walked in and collapsed on the seat next to me.

"Hiya Rosie, what's up?" he asked, slinging his arm round me and rumpling my hair.

"Nothing much, Al." He looked questioningly at Lexi.

"Oh, Albus this is Lexi, Lexi this is Albus, my cousin." Al leaned forward and grasped Lexi's hand, winking.

"Hi there."

Lexi's cheeks turned deep red, "Hi," she mumbled, staring at the ground. I sighed.

"Alright Al, time to go now," I said, shoving him out of the compartment. He chuckled and I rolled my eyes.

"Ignore him Lexi, he's an idiot," I told her, shutting the sliding doors and sitting back down.

7 years later....

"I hate you Malfoy!" I shrieked, clutching my towel closer to my shivering body. How DARE he steal my clothes! How did he even GET into the Gryffindor shower room?!

....Aaaand now all of the poor little first years were going to have to watch a furious Rose Weasley throttle the slimy conniving worm that was Scorpius Malfoy. Ugh. I shuffled into the common room and almost immediately everyone burst out laughing. At me. The only person who wasn't laughing was my best friend and almost-sister, Lexi Thornton. 

"Come on Sweetie, let's get you some clothes," she said, ushering me towards the girls' dorms.
Turning back, she glared at everyone still laughing.

"Alright everybody, show's over! Get back to whatever miserable activity you were doing before you finally found something in your sad and empty life to laugh at." Ah, Lexi had such a way with words, don't you think? I smiled softly to myself as we swept out of the room, leaving all the other Gryffindors speechless. Alexia Thornton had lost puppy-like look and gained quick wits and a sharp tongue, always ready to lash out at anyone who dared offend me. That was probably why I was one of her only friends. 
Girls hated her.
Boys feared her.
I loved her. 
She was my best friend of 7 years. And slightly crazy.

She lent me a pair of worn jeans and a tank top, a perfect Malfoy-squishing outfit. I grabbed my wand and stormed to the library, Malfoy's not-so-secret hideout.

I burst in. "Malfoy, you stinking slimeball!" I screamed.      

Classy, eh?

Aha! A flash of pale blonde hair.

There! Behind that bookshelf!


I crept up silently. Closer. Closer. And pounce!
I grabbed him by the ear and started dragging him out of the library, since the librarian, Madame Pince, was giving me evil looks.

"Ow, ow ow. Jesus, Weasley!"

I smiled vindictively, stopping only outside the entrance hole of the Gryffindor common room.

"Malfoy," I said in my calmest tone.

He looked at me, grabbing at a chance to keep his balls attached to his.....whatever they were attached to.

No such luck.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" I roared, my face turning red with exertion.

"What Weasley? Can't take a joke?" he mocked.

"I can take a joke."


"Can so."

"Can not."

........ And so on.

"Ugh, you insufferable jerk!" I cried, drawing my thin brown wand and pointing it at his nuts. "Death Eater spawn!"

He flinched but also took out his sleek black wand and pointed it at my face.

"Ugh. You're so prejudiced Weasley, get your head out of your ass!"

That was it!



"STOP!!!" It was Lexi.

She restrained me, all the while scowling at Malfoy.

"Come on Honey, it's not worth it." she told me softly.

"Easy for you to say, he didn't nick YOUR clothes." I said through gritted teeth.

She laughed softly, "Yeah, but you two are prefects, you're not allowed to blast each other into tiny little pieces." She glared at Malfoy. "I, however, am perfectly capable of jinxing you into something hideous." She paused. "Or at least, more hideous than you already are Malfoy."

He frowned.

Then he turned and strutted away, lifting his pointed nose into the air. I scoffed at his self-righteous expression and told Lexi that she could let me go. I would get back at him.


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