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What happened next occurred so fast that looking back, Melora found she could remember little of it. But from what she had gathered, it went a little like this.

Beatrice ran off quickly to get Madame Moffat, and Professor Winterberry forced Melora into a desk and instructed her to keep calm and told the rest of the students to finish their exams.

Peter ran up to the front of the class, parchment in hand.

"Finish your exam Mr. Pettigrew," Winterberry scowled.

"I have," Peter said, thrusting the test at the professor and turning to Melora, "D'you want me to get Sirius?"

Melora nodded frantically and no sooner had the Gryffindor boy left than Bea had returned with the school matron.

"Come on dear," Moffat and Bea helped her up and supported her out of the classroom.

Melora tried to shake them off, insisting she could walk fine, but the shock of the fact she was going into labor a month early had left her fairly woozy, and when Bea and Moffat reluctantly let go, the blonde nearly face planted in the corridor.

"Careful there," Moffat said, catching her before she hit the floor, "We're going to Professor Dumbledore's office to use the fireplace. You'll floo to St. Mungo's where you parents should be waiting."

"Sirius?" Melora asked.

Moffat pursed her lips and Beatrice answered for her. "He'll meet us there," she assured her friend.

"This shouldn't be happening," Melora shook her head, "It's too early."

"Not much you can do about that now," Moffat pointed out.

Melora shot the older woman a nasty look and Beatrice let out a cough that sounded suspiciously like a laugh.

Before long they'd arrived at the Headmaster's office. Dumbledore was absent, but Moffat retrieved a pot of floo powder she offered to Melora. She took a handful and tossed it into the fireplace.

"You'll be behind me?" she asked Beatrice.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Bea grinned.

Melora smiled weakly and stepped into the green flames. "St. Mungo's!"

The room spun and Melora squeezed her eyes shut. When she felt the spinning stop, she took a step out of the fireplace and into the strong arms of an awaiting healer.

"Melora Jones?" The healer asked. He was a handsome young man with dark skin and warm brown eyes. Melora nodded faintly.

"Right this way," he directed her down several corridors and into a room and handed her a hospital gown. "Loo's that door," he nodded to the door in the corner, "Your parents and Healer Jacoby should be in soon. If you need anything I'm Lloyd, just tap the circle on your nightstand and I'll come running." He winked and Melora flushed.

When Lloyd left, she headed into the bathroom to change. Pulling off her wet uniform, Melora winced, she didn't want to imagine the mess she had left in the Muggle Studies room.

No sooner had she stepped out of the loo, did her mother come running in.

"Oh Melora sweetie! Are you okay?" she hugged her daughter close and Melora squirmed at the uncomfortable position.

"Alright considering the circum-ooh!" Melora broke from her mum's embrace and bent over in pain.

"Oh good," Healer Jacoby's cheery voice chimed in from the entrance, "Your contractions have started. How often have they been coming?"

"Uh, 10-15 minutes," Melora guessed as her mum helped her into the hospital bed, "Where's Dad?"

"In the reception area waiting for Sirius. I wouldn't expect to see him until after this is over though. Could barely stand it when I had you"

"And Bea?"

"Right here!" The brunette announced and Melora smiled gratefully at her friend. "Sorry I got caught up arguing with the Welcome Witch. Bint didn't believe I was your sister."

Melora turned her head curiously, "Sister?"

"Only family's allowed in the room," her mum explained, "And Sirius since he's the baby's father."

"Interesting how close in age you and your sister are," Lloyd the Healer came back in the room with a small bucket, "Ice chips for you Miss Jones."

Mrs. Jones took the bucket from him and set it on the bedside table.

"We're actually twins," Bea said coolly, "Identical."

"I can see that," Lloyd chuckling as he left.

"Oh he's right fit," Bea grinned widely, "That's Lloyd Thomas, isn't it?"

"Who?" Melora asked.

"Lloyd Thomas, he was Head Boy when we were third years I think. I'm pretty sure he was a Gryffindor."

"Tell me you're not planning on flirting with my Healer while I have a baby," Melora groaned.

"Not when you have the baby," Bea said defensively, "But maybe after."

Melora rolled her eyes, but she was glad her friend was getting over Remus Lupin. But before she could ponder over this more another contraction hit her and Melora hissed in pain. They were getting worse.

"Where is Sirius?" she seethed.

 Sirius, meanwhile, was currently unaware of what was going on miles away in London. He had finished his Divination NEWT about an hour ago and he and James had snuck off to the secret passageway that led to the Honeydukes basement with the map and James's cloak in celebration of finishing Hogwarts.

The boys were also in a deep discussion of what they thought they'd get to do as members of the Order.

"Is Lily worried?" Sirius asked as they made their way down the passageway.

"Nah," James replied, "I actually think she's quite excited. What about Melora?"

Sirius bit his lip. "I may have not told her yet," he admitted.

"What?" James exclaimed, "Why not?"

"There really hasn't been a lot of time," Sirius explained, "With studying for NEWTs and all. I figured I'd talk to her about it after school had finished, but before the baby was born."

The irony of the statement was lost on both boys.

"I dunno if that's the best idea mate," James said.

Sirius went to argue, but he stopped abruptly. "Do you hear that?"

James listened. He could just barely hear a voice calling his name and he pulled out a small mirror from his bag.

"Why d'you have the mirror on you?" Sirius asked, "Mine's in the dorm."

James shrugged, "I left it in my bag after that prank we pulled on the Slytherin team last week."

Sirius grinned at the thought of the Slytherins covered in feathers. "Oh yeah."

"Hey Peter," James said into the mirror, "What's up?"

"Where are you?" Peter asked frantically, "Is Sirius with you? I can't find him anywhere!"

"Yeah Pads is with me, we're going to Honeydukes to celebrate finishing NEWTs, you want anything?"

"No!" Peter exclaimed, "You have to get back right now."


"Melora's having the baby!"

"WHAT?" Sirius grabbed the mirror out of James's hands, "WHAT?"

"Yeah! She started having it in the Muggle Studies room during our NEWT, she's gone to St. Mungo's and you've got to come back."

Sirius dropped the mirror and took off running back towards Hogwarts.

James picked it back up and dusted off the dirt. "We'll be right there Wormtail," he said before jogging after his friend.

Back in St. Mungo's, Melora was ready to run as well. Run away from this hospital as fast as she could.

Unfortunately, that wasn't very fast and she had the whole baby coming out of her thing would probably slow her down.

With each new contraction, Melora squeezed her mother's hand in pain and begged her to make it stop. The healers had given her a potion for the pain, but it had done little besides leave a bad taste in her mouth.

"Where- the fuck- is- Sirius," she panted after a particularly bad contraction.

"On his way," Bea assured her, wiping back Melora's hair from her sweaty face.

As if on cue there was a loud clattering outside in the corridor.

"Sir you can't go in there!"

"What d'you mean?" Sirius yelled back, "I'm the baby's father."

There was another loud crash and Sirius appeared, panting in the doorway, Lloyd behind him, holding his collar.

"This bloke says he knows you Melora?" Lloyd asked.

Melora nodded, too tired to say much else and Lloyd reluctantly let go of Sirius, who glared at him before rushing to Melora's side.

"We'll give you two a moment," Mrs. Jones said, guiding Bea out of the room with her.

"Where've you been?" Melora asked when the two had gone.

"James and I went to Honeydukes after our exam," Sirius explained grabbing hold of Melora's hand, "Peter found us before we got there but it took him a while. I ran as fast as I could though," he grimaced, "Got a bit of a stich in my side hurts like hell."

"You went to Honeydukes," Melora said tersely, her grip tightening on Sirius' hand, "While I was in labor?"

"Will, I, er…I didn't know you were in labor!" Sirius exclaimed, attempting to wiggle his fingers loose.

"And then you have the nerve to complain about your pain to me?" she cried.

Sirius winced as Melora's grip grew even tighter. "Er, sorry?"

"Sorry? Sorry?" Melora leaned forward and let out a shrill scream as another contraction hit her. Sirius tried to stand back, but Melora's hold prevented him.

Mrs. Jones and Healer Jacoby ran back into the room.

"Get-him-out-of-here!" Melora huffed to her mother. Sirius tried to leave, but the blonde didn't release his hand.

Healer Jacoby went to the foot of the bed where Melora's legs were popped up and draped over with a sheet. She peeked under and beamed back up at Melora.

"Good news!" She said, "The baby's almost ready to come out!"

"Good news?" Melora shrieked.

Jacoby nodded, "You're going to have to start pushing soon."

Melora let out another shriek of frustration and leaned back. Her mother wiped her sweaty forehead off with a damp cloth. "You're doing great sweetheart," she muttered soothingly.

"Should I, erm, go?" Sirius asked weakly.

"No," Melora said, her eyes wide in fear.

Healer Jacoby had settled herself at the foot of the bed. Lloyd came in the room and joined her. Sirius watched him through narrowed eyes.

"What is he doing?"

"Assisting me," Jacoby explained.

"He's not going to be looking down there is he?" Sirius asked incredulously.

Melora rolled her eyes. "He's a healer Sirius get over-ahh!"

She gripped his hand tightly, and Sirius' concerns about the male healer were replaced with concerns for Melora and his hand.

"Okay Melora," Healer Jacoby instructed, "You need to start pushing now."

Tears from pain gathered in the blonde's eyes as she tried to do what the healer said. "Harder Melora," Jacoby said.

"I'm trying!" She yelled.

"You can do it Mel," Sirius encouraged her.

"Oh shut the fuck up you bloody bastard!" Melora screamed, "This is all your fault!"

Sirius looked up at Mrs. Jones in confusion. The older woman just shook her head and turned to her daughter. "Come on Melora, push."

"The baby's crowning," Healer Jacoby said.

"Almost there Melora," Sirius cheered.

"You are never touching me again!" Melora shrieked.

"Don't worry, they always say that," Jacoby chuckled, "The head's almost out. Just a few more pushes!"

A few more pushes indeed. The minutes dragged on for an eternity for Sirius as Melora swore like a sailor and Healer Jacoby updated how much of the baby was out.

Head, shoulders, arms, stomach

"One more push!"

Melora set out a strangled cry which was suddenly mixed with the sound of a wailing baby.

"You did it!" Sirius exclaimed as Melora fell back on her pillow.

Healer Jacoby held up the tiny baby with a smile. "Congratulations you two," she said, "It's a healthy baby girl."

The small maternity ward waiting room of St. Mungo's was oddly full. Six teenagers and three graying adults had crammed into the five seats. But despite the size of the party, they were unusually quiet, all eyes on the door leading down to the patients' rooms.

There had been muffled screams coming from the hallway for some time, but things had gone quiet several minutes ago and they were all slightly worried something had gone wrong.

Suddenly there were loud footsteps and the door was swung open. Sirius beamed at his friends, a tiny bundle of blankets in his arms.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Emily Kendra Black."

A/N- And we've finally made it! The baby's been born! Jeez, I can't believe how close we are to the end. From here there's going to be some time jumps, and the chapters will get longer. But, I'll be taking a teeny break (not any longer than you've waited before) before we get all that just to finish this semester off without worrying about updating. So I'll see you all in May, probably around the 10th.


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