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Arthur by FabionPrewett22
Chapter 1 : Original Story
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Arthur is a sixth-year Gryffindor and is hopelessly in love with no other than Molly Prewett. Glad that her brothers are to young to pose a threat to him if he should attempt to ask her out, Arthur is certain to make her his girlfriend. During Herbology Arthur saw his chance when Molly was chosen to share his workspace. Overwhelmed by her presence he only managed to say, “Hubbadabubada” to which she responded to by looking at him as if he should be in St. Mungos right now instead of a green house and for the rest of the class gave him odd looks over her textbook and only spoke to him when necessary.

Three days later during Charms, she sat next to him again and this time Arthur was determined to get out a coherent sentence. As luck would have it she remembered their previous encounter all to well and strictly kept to herself the entire class. A now depressed Arthur was watching her leave when he saw that she left her quill behind. Hurriedly packing up he grabbed her quill and raced after her.

“Molly, you uh, forgot your quill”, he said while his ears and neck turned an embarrassing shade of red. He stayed long enough to hand it to her and hear her response before quickly stalking away to the nearest bathroom.

Later that day in the common room Arthur was studying by the fire when he sensed that someone had taken the seat next to him. Realizing it was no other than Molly, his neck and ears reddened again as he tried to understand what on earth had possessed her to sit there.

“Hi Arthur.”

“Uh, hi Molly. Did you uh, did you need something?”

“I just wanted to thank you for returning my quill today. It’s my favorite because it was the first one I bought on my own and it means a lot cause you see I carved my initials in there first year and, now I’m babbling.”

“It’s fine, I like hearing you talk. I mean, uh, did I say that out loud?”

“Don’t worry it was cute”, she giggled. Now Arthur’s mind was reeling. Did she just say that was cute? Earlier today she was acting like he was crazy and now she thinks he’s cute? Well not him, but what he said.

“Arthur? Are you okay? You seem to have zoned out there.”

“Huh, oh yeah, I’m fine just uh, I thought that you thought that I was weird or something.”

“I did think you weird in the beginning but, my friend Amy told me you were acting like that because you liked me and I found that strange but likable all the same, and now since you seem so nice I was wondering if you would like to be my date for the next Hogsmeade trip.”

Arthur’s mind was just blown off it’s hinges. Molly Prewett just asked him out. He always knew she was independent, and he loved her for it, but isn’t it the man’s job to ask the girl out? Feeling slightly less manly Arthur responded with a yes so loud that heads turned in their direction and seeing nothing that interesting turned away again.

“Well aren’t you enthusiastic”, Molly responded while wriggling her eyebrows. Turning even redder than he was before Arthur just sputtered back to her. Giggling again Molly stood up went over to Arthur, kissed him lightly on the cheek, and bounded up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory.

Arthur stared into the fire while rubbing his hand over the cheek she had kissed him on. He couldn’t believe it. Finally after years of vying for her attention, Arthur has finally managed to secure a date with the magnificent Molly Prewett, even though it wasn’t how he imagined the exchange to go.


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Arthur: Original Story


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