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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 10 : A Weasel for a Dragon
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Standing in the mirror with her spells newly restored, Hermione Granger smiled widely knowing full-well that Ginny's plan was ingenious as always. She hummed to herself, twirling around in her latest Quidditch jersey, and stared at the form of Eric Bennet. She grinned at her reflection as she thought,


If I was a girl, I'd so date me


She left the bathroom, to face a smirking Ginny. Her hands were on her hips as she stood in the doorway of the room Hermione and Draco shared.


"So when did you and Draco shag?" she asked, the evil yet curious glint in her eye.


"Excuse me?" said Hermione incredulously


Ginny only scoffed a laugh, rolling her eyes, "It was bound to happen, I saw that look you gave him the first day you got here. You wanted to take him right then!"


At this Hermione burst out laughing, grabbing her sides and enjoying a kind of laughter she hadn't had since before the war. She threw her head back and clenched at her stomach which ached. She could've sworn she had abs when she finally caught her breath.


"NO! Day one of this mess, I was in denial that he was even nice" Hermione finally let out.


She felt warm arms snake around her waist and pull her towards something hard and warm. They kissed her neck and she felt the smile on their lips,


"And now you're in denial that you love me" Draco whispered.


She felt chills race up and down her spine, her neck tingled where his lips had met her skin. She quickly turned around and stared into his eyes, the eyes she was learning so quickly to fall in love with. She meant to give him a chaste kiss, but he had turned it into more. The moment their lips met she felt the everlasting flames of love lick at her insides and she immediately wanted more of him. There was an awkward cough at the door and they both broke away, leaning on each other for support. They turned to Ginny who just simply smiled at them,


"Time to get going love birds, we've got people to scare!" she said mischievously.






As they walked side by side in the hallway, Hermione and Draco tried so hard not to hold each other's hand. Ginny led them up and down stairs, past many rooms, around many corners, until finally they reached Ron and Harry's room. Ginny was about to knock on the door when she paused,


"Are you ready for this?" she asked, a bit of nerves coating her words.


Hermione and Draco turned to each other, simply nodding and smiling at each other.


"Yes, we're ready" announced Hermione.


Ginny knocked a few times before Ron swung the door open, the bags under his eyes larger than before.


"Oh, hi Ginny. I thought you were someone else" he said miserably.


She gave him a sad-smile, half glancing back at Hermione.


"I know Ron, I came to visit you. Draco and Eric wanted to come as well" she said half-heartedly, possibly hoping that maybe they didn't want to do the joke anymore.


"Oh, cool. Come in" he said, swinging the door open wider.


Hermione gazed around the room, it was obviously larger than anyone else’s for an obvious reason. Being part of the golden trio did have its perks. She couldn't recall much of the night she was horribly drunk so she didn't necessarily see the room so clearly, and now that she did she envied them greatly. Their room was not only ten times larger than anyone else’s but it had its own balcony. What Hermione would give to have one of those.


She walked around before sitting on a bean bag in the corner of the room, Ginny and Draco sitting on the bed, and Ron across from Hermione. They sat in an awkward silence for a few moments before Hermione spoke,


"So Ron, how was practice this morning?"


"Oh, it was alright. Nothing really interesting. Just going over some basics." His voice was hardly audible and barely above a whisper. Where had the fire gone in the boy who use to light up the world with his goofy grin?


She simply nodded, she no longer felt in the mood for this joke. She gave her friends a hard look, a look only Ginny would understand, and Ginny grabbed Draco's hand leaving the room instantly.


Hermione sighed, pulling her wand from her pocket, this was it. She waved it over her face and the spells faded immediately, revealing herself to Ron. He didn't know what happened until she coughed, his eyes flicked up and he gasped, seeing the beautiful Hermione. He stood up, fumbling over himself, a loss for words.


She looked down at her feet, she could still feel the butterflies in her stomach when she looked at him, she wasn't over him yet. As their eyes met their bodies slowly inched closer until they were on a few spaces apart. He stared into her eyes, practically burning her insides with his pure uncontaminated love. In an instant he enveloped in an embrace, holding her tightly against him, loving her with all his might.


He whispered sweet things into her ears and she felt her heart soar knowing nothing had changed with him. They pulled away, but never really apart, and just stared. He gave her a goofy grin before his lips met hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into her, kissing with all the passion she had for him. But the kiss felt wrong, so wrong. There wasn't even a hint that maybe this was the right thing, it just felt wrong. They only faintly heard the door open only to break apart and see the hateful steel eyes of Draco. He felt hot tears sting at the back of his eyes as he saw the Weasel's lips glued to Hermione's.


He slammed the door shut, walking down the hallway with long hateful strides, being chased down by Ginny.


"Malfoy! Malfoy what's wrong?" she wailed, concerned as she saw silent tears streak down his face.


"At least Hermione is happy with your brother. I guess I was never enough" he replied weakly.


That night when Hermione returned to their room his bed was empty, the drawers tossed over from an angry fit he most likely had. She sighed, packing up her belongings as well. She would announce at breakfast tomorrow morning her departure, but she would not reveal who she was. She would leave silently after that and not tell anyone of the events. She would return to the wizarding world from her trip "early" and announce her engagement to Ronald Weasley.




That morning she stood in the form of Eric Bennet among her peers, looking at the eyes that stared at her. Judging most likely, she figured. She placed the want to her throat so that her voice boomed around the large dining hall.


"I am leaving this morning due to personal matters and I will not be returning. Thank you for showing me what a good time is. Enjoy the last month of camp" and with that she walked away from everyone.

Eyes peered at her curiously, wondering exactly what the cause was behind her departure. But as she walked past Ron a goofy and unexplainable grin plastered on his face. He sat there eating his food dreamily looking at everyone, giving a little giggle and smug smile every now and then. Harry nudged him in the arm and he stopped, the smile faltering only for a second before it returned. He ate his oatmeal in silence and said nothing the grin never fading.


Hermione collected her belongings, linking arms with Ginny. She showed her, her frown and the sad face she was wearing before she closed her eyes. She pictured her small little flat and felt the familiar tug on her navel.


A Weasel for a Dragon? You're kidding me right?! He thought angrily as he tossed the Daily Prophet to the side of the room.

The image of the happy couple on the front made him feel sick and distressed. He furiously fisted his hands in his platinum hair screaming out the sorrow he felt.

She kisses him for five seconds and she immediately falls right back in love? He was the one who broke up with her for a stupid reason! She deserves me I love her she's mine, wait. Wait am I saying? His steel grey eyes opened up widely as the realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

I'm in love with Hermione Granger he thought

He felt hot tears slip from his eyes again, repeatedly being replaced with new ones. He felt sobs wrack his body as he stared at their faces on the cover. He loved her with all is heart and he decided she needed to be happy.

He tossed the Daily Prophet into the flames, watching the fire lick away at the paper, burning the careless smile Hermione wore on the front. If he was going to let her be happy with the Weasel then he wasn't going to see them make googily eyes at each other.

He leaned back in his chair realizing the life ahead of him. He would probably end up marrying the wrong girl, having kids with the wrong girl, love them half-heartedly with the wrong girl. Then he'd die old, grey, and depressed in his bed holding the WRONG girl wishing it was the right girl. Hermione Granger. As the tears streaked down from his blood-shoot eyes he took a deep breath, deciding he was tired for the night.


She walked back and forth nervously in her flat. She twiddled with her thumbs and her nails, Rita Skeeter would be here any minute to welcome her back to the Wizarding world after one short month. Ron was out apparently buying Hermione some flowers, and Ginny sat on the couch staring up at her worriedly.

"I-I'm not sure Gin, I think... no.. I know. I'm in love with Draco" she said

Ginny looked down at her hands, before meeting the caramel eyes of Hermione.

"Well you can't just leave Ron now though, there's so much at stake and there's so much risk and consequence" she said nervously

But Hermione only sighed exasperatedly in reply, "That's the point Ginny! When you're in love you do all that, because!"

Ginny shook her head, "You were with a hot man, angry, and hormone driven for a month. Is it really love?" 

Hermione sat down and mulled things over. She shot up form the couch quickly, the breath taking smile gracing her face.

"Yes I am in love with him!" she declared. She raced to the door and twisted the knob open.

But she was greeted with Ron, a bouqet of roses, cameras............. and Rita Skeeter.

Hope you guys liked it! I really enjoyed writing this chapter, and its little twist. BUT FEAR NOT THERE ARE STILL A LOT MORE CHAPTERS LEFT IN THIS STORY!!! Thank you for reviews and reading. Love you all !

xoxoxox -GryffindorPrincess918

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Quidditch Camp: A Weasel for a Dragon


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