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The end of the beginning

Harry sat on the last bench in the great hall, opposite where Fred, Lupin and Tonks’s bodies lay, motionless and empty. For the first time after killing Voldemort, he felt everything come crashing down on him. The elation after the dark wizard’s death had disappeared, and Harry felt a horrible pain creep up his neck. They were dead. Lupin, Fred, Tonks, Colin, Snape, Lavender, Dobby…Ginny? Where was she?

      He looked around the room and saw the redheaded girl he loved so much sitting beside her father, Arthur. Harry stumbled to them, barely upright, and collapsed into Ginny Weasley’s comforting, open arms. He sobbed into her shoulder, muttering the same words over and over again.
      ‘I’m so sorry, please forgive me, I love you.’ Harry rarely showed his emotions in this way, but now he had he found it hard to stop. The only thing that made him muster up the strength to stop crying was the thought that Ginny’d lost her brother, she needed comforting. He took several deep breaths and removed his soaking face from her shoulder and looked into her beautiful brown eyes. They were saddened, but still had a tiny sparkle of hope in them. Harry admired Ginerva’s strength in times like these.

     ‘I don’t blame you, Harry. I love you, I love you so much.’ Tears poured down her face, creating tracks of skin through the coat of dust from the battle. Under any other circumstances, Harry was sure that he would feel incredibly uncomfortable being this intimate with Ginny whilst her father was so near. But Arthur was staring at the bodies..

     Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny’s shoulders, and they embraced for a long while, not speaking, just quietly crying with each others comfort to help them hold on.

      The sun was beginning to rise when their tears had run dry, and their eyes were beginning to droop after hours of consciousness. The Weasley family and Hermione were all sitting on the benches, quietly consoling each other whilst grieving over the many deaths. Surprisingly, it was George who broke the comfortable silence.

      ‘Thank you, Harry.’ He said, looking at the blood covered, black haired boy. Harry’s head snapped up at this, and his eyes locked with George’s, The exact same shade as Ginny’s, and as Fred’s. Although, Fred’s eyes were never going to sparkle with wicked laughter ever again….Harry almost lost track of his thoughts once again, but he snatched them up to listen to George. ‘I know Fred has been lost..’ George took a large gulp of air, as though trying to stop himself crying. ‘But Bill, Charlie, Percy, Ron and Ginny are alive. And it’s thanks to you. You saved us, you saved the whole wizarding world, Harry..I will miss Fred. I will miss him every single day, until I join him again.’ A fat tear rolled down George’s freckled cheek. ‘Never blame yourself, Harry. For any of these deaths. Although many loved ones have died last night, many more were saved.’ George couldn’t go on. His cheeks were stained with tears, and he was now locked in a hug with his mother, who was crying just as hard as he was. Hermione Granger reached from where she was sitting, three seats down, and squeezed Harry’s hand. She knew that Harry needed to hear that. Although Ginny had said the same in less words a few hours ago, Harry could accept it off George. His twin had been lost. His best friend since birth.

    It wasn’t long after George’s speech that chatter resumed between the family of red-heads, and their friends. It wasn’t as it could have been, as everybody was in a state of shock beyond repair. But it gave Harry James Potter that last bit of hope he needed.



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