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A/N: Another update for you all :-D

James looked at Adam in slight shock. Not having seen his best mate in months he was trying hard to resist pulling him into a manly hug and ask how everything had been in his life. But James knew that they were never going to be that close again. It hurt him a lot to lose the closest friendship that had lasted the whole of his Hogwarts days and have it be completely destroyed, so much so that Adam seemed to only feel hatred towards him. Something which James knew he flat out deserved.

“I won’t be asking again Potter,” Adam growled in a low voice. It stung at him to have Adam refer to him with his last name.

“I’m ...” James ran a hand through his hair in awkwardness, he had had a whole speech planned out for when Amelia opened the door and now that Adam was here it had completely thrown him off track. He should have realised that Adam would come to make sure his sister was ok. “I want I want to talk to Amelia.”

“Well she doesn’t want to talk to you.” Adam snapped before going to close the door.

“Please.” James said pushing his foot in the way; Adam looked down at his foot before glaring up at James.

“Why the hell should I do a damn thing for you!” he growled once again in a low voice.

“I just want to talk to Amelia ok? And then I’ll go.” James said going to walk into the flat but Adam made sure to block him.

“Somehow I’m not thinking so.”

“It’s my flat you can’t stop me from going inside!” James snapped annoyed at Adam.

“Well unless you feel like going through me, you’re going to have to go and get the ministry involved won’t you?”

James fumed slightly as he ran another hand through his hair. “Look I just want a few words with her; you can at least give me that.”

“I’m giving you nothing.” Adam told him standing with his arms crossed over his chest.

“I don’t even have to bloody come in Adam! Bring Amelia here.”

“She’s not coming near you.”

“Well we’ll be seeing about that won’t we?” James snapped before yelling into the flat. “AMELIA! AMELIA!”

Adam shoved James angrily, causing James to stumble backwards to the floor.

“What the hell is wrong with you? She’s bloody well sleeping!” Adam hissed at him, glaring down at his ex best friend getting up from the floor. “She has not slept for days and if you have woken her up there will be hell to pay James! I don’t give a damn that Amelia made me promise not to lay a finger on your bloody head; I will come after you if you so much as dare make another noise that would wake her up.”

James took a deep breath, nodding his head at Adam and knowing that he would make good on his threat. “Look Adam I’m sorry.”

“Yeah you’ve been nothing but sorry haven’t you?” Adam spat at him harshly. “You know I can’t believe you! Doing what you done and then having the bloody cheek to ask my sister to pretend to still be with you, when you had already put her through hell.”

“Look I wasn’t thinking.” James started but Adam interrupted him.

“You never think do you? Don’t think that anyone else can hurt apart from you.”

“I know you’re angry Adam but...”

“Oh you don’t know how bloody angry I am. I warned you! I fucking warned you not to break her heart and not to mess her around but you didn’t listen!”

James hung his head as Adam glared at him, both the boys being the same height, Adam a bigger build then him though. “I’m sorry alright?”

“No it’s not alright!” Adam yelled at him forgetting to keep his voice down in his rage. “You didn’t only ruin Amelia’s life, you ruined our friendship! We were best friends for so bloody long James, you were more like a brother to me and now I hate you more than I ever thought I would, and I blame myself, because if it wasn’t for me convincing her to give you a chance back when you first got together, then she wouldn’t be this broken.”

“Adam...” James began but Adam was already backing away from him.

“Just do me a favour. Leave her alone; let her get over you please. Because it’s killing me seeing her like this and not being able to do something about it.”

Before James could answer him, Adam had already walked back into the flat and closed the door behind him. Adam leant his back against the door as he ran his hands over his face roughly. He let out a deep sigh before looking in front of him to see Amelia staring over at him, tears filling her eyes. He knew that she had witnessed most if not all of what had gone on between Adam and James. He stood up straight and held his arms out; Amelia was quick to hurry into them. Adam knew that now was not the time to think about his feelings in this and that he had to be there for his sister, he would be able to deal with his own thoughts and feelings after she was ok.


Amelia returned home from work at around seven in the evening, still exhausted she relished in the fact that she would have the next day off of work so could try and catch up on her much needed sleep. She yawned loudly with a stretch as she made her way to the kitchen. Adam was out with a few work mates, to which Amelia had to force him to go to as he didn’t want to leave her alone. It took a lot of reassuring to convince Adam to stay out with his friends but she had finally managed to convince him by saying that all she was going to do was sit down with a good book and maybe a glass of wine.

A knock on the door brought her out of her thoughts and made her stop suddenly and turn to look at it her stomach dropping in fear. What if it was James?

She edged slowly to the door and peeked out of the spy-hole to see Lucy Weasley looking around the hallway. Amelia opened the door slowly, the feeling in her stomach reducing but not going away completely, she had been avoiding even opening Lucy’s letters to her, including the ones from some of the other Weasleys. Adam had replied to all of them saying that Amelia wasn’t ready to talk but that she appreciated them thinking about her, it was a nice gesture and she was thankful.

“Hey,” Lucy said softly taking in her friends appearance, Amelia almost rolled her eyes, she knew she looked a mess, she looked as tired as she felt and she couldn’t be bothered to even attempt to make much of an effort with her hair, leaving her face make up free.

“Hey,” Amelia mimicked leaning on the door slightly as she looked at her.

“You haven’t been replying to my letters,” Lucy stated simply, Amelia felt ashamed as she fidgeted on the spot.

“I’m sorry but I just can’t even think about everything.”

Lucy gave her a small smile, “which is why I’ve come to you, to take your mind off of everything and try to cheer you up.”

“I really don’t feel up to anything Lucy,” Amelia told her; Lucy raised an eyebrow before lifting up a big bag in her hands.

“I’ve brought wine, chocolate, magazines and Albus’s diary.”

Amelia felt a smile fill her face, she doubted that she had Albus’s diary on her but she knew that Albus had one.

“And I promise that I will not bring up the taboo subject the whole night,” Lucy told her as Amelia let her into the flat, closing the door behind her.

“Thank you Lucy.” Amelia told her, feeling slightly excited for the first time in days.

Lucy gave her a smile.

“The only thing I’m going to ask is if you’re ok?” Lucy asked her, putting her bag down and looking over at her friend.

“I’m coping as much as I can,” Amelia told her truthfully. Lucy gave her a small comforting smile before clapping her hands together.

“Now where are those glasses? We need to start drinking.”

The first bottle of wine was gone within the hour and they had just begun the second. Amelia hadn’t felt this happy in so long and she really liked it. They were lounging on the floor of the front room, laying on Amelia’s quilt from her bed as they ate the chocolate and Lucy read excerpts from Albus’s diary from when he was back at Hogwarts, she wasn’t lying when she said she had it.

Amelia laughed loudly as Lucy read out loud Albus’s inner turmoil at hating Mariah but wanting nothing more than to jump her fine body and booty.

“Who the hell says booty anymore?” Amelia said through laughter.

Lucy let out her own giggles. “I have no clue! Wait ...listen to this one.... ‘Dear Diary, I tried to tell Mariah how I felt about her through interpretive dance just like Fred suggested, we even practiced out on the field. But Mariah seemed unimpressed. Instead of running over to me with lust in her eyes she kicked me in the shins and shoved me into the lake whilst yelling at the top of her lungs that I was a ‘pervert’ all because I was rubbing myself (non sexually) whilst shimmying! Who doesn’t like shimmying? She’s crazy I tell you. I had to spend five minutes trying to get out of the lake without the Giant Squid eating me. Fred is going to die in the morning... And possibly Mariah.’”

“Who would have thought that they would have ended up together?” Lucy added.

“Who would have thought that that dance would have worked?”

“My stupid cousins apparently, I swear Albus was dropped on his head as a baby... he is not all there in the head, he’s mental.” Lucy said with a shake of her head.

“He’s probably lost brain cells from being whacked around the head with Mariah’s beater bat during Quidditch.”

“Do you remember when Mariah shoved Albus off of his broom during Slytherins Quidditch practice because he tried rubbing his arms in her face?”

Amelia let out a laugh. “I love the fact that everyone just left him there on the floor and carried on practicing.”

“It was only five foot off of the ground. He was fine.”

“He did whine a lot and everyone was just ignoring him.”

“Because he broke his arm!” Lucy laughed again. “He was such an idiot. He could have got up himself and walked to the hospital wing, but he wanted to be carried.”

“Good thing I saw sense and took him up to the hospital wing!”

“Yeah with my help!” came Adam’s voice as he entered the front room, the girls both turned around to face Adam, not even realising that he had arrived, their laughter had probably drowned out the sounds of his key in the door. “You alright Lucy?”

“I’m good thanks you?”

“Very good. I’ll go into the kitchen leave you girls alone.” Adam said going to back out of the room “It’s good to see you smiling Amelia.”

Amelia could only smile at her brother in return as he winked at them both and left the room.

“Your brother is nice,” Lucy whispered staring at Adam’s retreating form.

Amelia rolled her eyes at her friend before hitting her with a cushion from the sofa. Lucy stopped staring at where Adam had gone and turned to look at Amelia with a laugh. “What?” she cried.

“We’re not starting that again are we?” Amelia said with a laugh.

“What?” Lucy asked innocently. “It’s only a crush!”

“That you had back in school as well. Besides you have a boyfriend!”

Lucy let out a sigh, “Well I don’t think I will be soon, things have been a bit strange for a while.”

They spent the rest of the night talking about Lucy and her muggle boyfriend, Amelia listened as Lucy told her about how hard it was living a secret life. Her boyfriend didn’t know that she was a witch and it was getting harder and harder to make up excuses. She didn’t want to admit it but listening to another couples problems helped her take her mind off of her own, because she was so immersed in helping her friend that she didn’t have time to worry about her broken relationship with her husband.

A/N: Don't panic, James and Amelia will see each other soon! Possibly the next chapter? Maybe something will happen to bring them together? Anyone want to guess what? :-D Only three chapters to go! I'm getting a little sad about it. I've made a banner for the prequel just trying to think of a title, then I shall start updating :-D


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