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Chapter IX ~Narrowing It Down To Three Suspects~
he next day, Harry got up early, to think about who would should be eliminated from his list of 4 suspects. "Okay," he said. "Starting with Professor Magonagal. Hmmm..........." and then Harry thought through all 4 suspects (Professor McGonagall, Draco, Draco's Father, and Voldemort), and decided to eliminate: Draco's Father. He didn't know exactly WHY, Draco's Father, but everyone else, just, seemed, more suspicious. "Okay," said Harry, "Now I got to narrow it down to two suspects, then, I will narrow it down to one suspect, the last suspect, and then, I go find Hermione, rescue her, and live happily ever after. HERMIONE, I'M COMIN' FOR YOU!!!" Then Harry did some more thinking. Author Notes: These next couple chapters are short

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