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CHAPTER 2 – Lovely Madness

It’s the end of the world.

And I feel like laughing. Don't get me wrong but this is one of the strangest things I have ever seen and it's either I cry and freak out or laugh.

Lily squirms violently against our jackets and blankets which are being used to tie the furious red head to her bed post.

“Why won’t you let me go? How can you be so cruel, I need my Jamesy-poo…” Lily screams, tears running down her cheeks as she struggles.

It’s official.

The apocalypse has arrived.

Sitting on my bed facing Lily is the rest of my dorm except of course for Charlie who is still deep asleep in her four-poster bed. How she manages to sleep through Lily’s tantrum amaze me.

We all stare at our friend in shock. Sophie makes a sort of choking sound and rubs her eyes.What the hell is going on?

“Someone should try to talk to her, you know before she hurts herself or something.” I whisper, carefully keeping my eyes on my raging friend.

“Yeah.” Rachel mutters nodding her brown locks up and down. Rachel bites her lip nervously and frowns staring at Lily with light blue eyes.

“Bags not.” Mutters Sophie flicking her blonde hair out of her eyes, standing up quickly she pulls her bag over her shoulder and runs out of the dormitory.

“I dealt with her last night.” She yells, her voice echoing from the staircase.
Rachel and I look at each other.

It’s down to us.

“Your better at calming her down when she’s normal and you know hating Potters guts.” Rachel points out looking sheepishly at her nails.

I give her a look and pout.


Standing up I walk slowly towards Lily who is now moaning something about her apparently lovely new love. I take small steps and touch my wand which is in the back pocket of my jeans.

“Lily, are you alright?” I ask slowly.

“I love him Jaz, I need him…” Lily moans banging her head against the bed post.

Shit this isn’t good.

“I know.” I answer, trying to keep the panic out of my voice.

“You do?” Lily freezes and stares at me with such a hopeful smile I can't help smiling back.

“Yes and how about I will go find him for you and you can get dressed up nicely and wait for me to come back.” I say slowly. Lily nods her head and grins manically.

“I’m going to untie you know but you have to promise you will stick to our little plan.” I say swishing my wand to untie my friend.

“Yes, of course. I have to look my best if I’m going to announce my undying love to Jamesy-kens.” Lily coos before running to get changed.

What the hell is going on? It’s almost like Lily’s under a spell… A spell...! I growl under my breath and frown, I know what’s happened.

I glance at Rachel and she nods. She understands to.

Standing up she smiles pleasantly at Lily and asks her if she would like her makeup done for such a momentous occasion. Giving me a silent nod she ushers Lily into the bathroom and begins to distract her.

Ignoring the fact that I’m not wearing shoes I run down the stairs and into the common room. No sign of Potter or any of the other marauders for that matter. Jumping up two stairs at a time I pause at the door to the boy’s dormitory. I know this is the right one because someone has printed in bold. gold letters ‘The Marauders’ across the door.

I push the door open.

“Hey, what are you doing…? Jasmine what?”

Remus is standing in the middle of the room in his underwear.

And only his underwear.

Grabbing a towel he raps it quickly around his waist. He is still staring at me in shock. If I wasn’t so pissed right now I would congratulate him, he got my name right.

His entire face has flushed to a deep shade of red as he gapes at me in amazement. I look down at myself and groan inwardly, I thought I had forgotten something. I’m standing rather proudly in my jeans and crop top, my wand gripped tightly in my hand. I guess I kind of forgot to finish getting changed. Oh well desperate times call for desperate measures and Lily really needs me right now.

“Where’s Potter?” I growl ignoring the fact that Remus is still staring at my chest. Bloody hell hasn’t he ever seen a girl without a top on before. Well then again I don’t think he has ever had a girlfriend so maybe this is his first time. Lucky bugger.

“Ummm…” He gulps dragging his eyes to my face and blushes an even deeper shade of red.

“Wow. Hey Prongs you’ve got a booty call.” Sirius walks into the room and gives me a once over. Turning he pauses as he sees Remus standing awkwardly, gripping his towel to his body as he blushes.

“No I change my mind, I think it’s a threesome. Hey why wasn’t I invited?”

“What…?” James asks as he pops his head from behind the bathroom door. Brushing his teeth he stares at me in confusion.

Ah there you are, time to explain.

Ignoring the curious expressions of three of the marauders (Peter thankfully is still sound asleep,) I march up to Potter and point my wand at his throat.

“What have you done to Lily?” I growl jabbing him angrily with my wand. Sparks shoot out and he cringes.

“I don’t understand, what’s wrong with her?” He asks curiously frowning slightly as he tries to thinks.

I stare at him in shock. He looks genuinely confused.

“Jasmine what are you doing with my Jamesy-poo?” Lily is standing at the door to the boys dormitory and is giving me an extremely confused frown. 

Great now I have to cure my friend before she decides to go all jealous on me.

“What the hell…” Mutters James.

“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” Lily asks staring from me to James who is looking at her in amazement. I think this is the first time he has ever heard the love of his life willingly say his first name.

"Yeah why aren't you..." Started Remus shuffling towards a pair of jeans.

"Shut it Lupin." I called. Turning to face my friend I placed my hands on my hips.

“Lily you promised you would stay in the dormitory.” I groaned ignoring the fact that Sirius is now laughing, James is in shock, Peter’s sound asleep and Remus is trying not to stare at me.

“Lily what are you… Oh sorry Jaz she just wouldn’t stay put, do you think she’s under a spell.” Rachel has appeared at the door and is trying to pull Lily back down the stairs.

"Spell.." Sputtered James. What did he actually think Lily is acting sane right now?

I stared at Black who sees this and gets the same expression that he wears every time a teacher catches him breaking a rule.

“Black!” I screamed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He says smiling innocently.

Too innocently

Pointing my wand at his hair I mutter a spell under my breath. Smiling happily at my handiwork I laughed as I watch him sprint to the bathroom.

“It’s green, turn it back now.” He yelps running around the room with his hands flailing madly in the air.

“What did you do to Lily? Tell me so I can reverse it.” I say impatiently tapping my foot.

Sirius pauses.

“It was only a couple of drops of Amortentia I didn’t think it would… Wow Lily must really like James to fall in love with him that much.” He finishes pointing behind me.

Turning around I sigh, Lily’s going to kill me.

James is pressed against the wall his arms dangling helplessly by his sides as Lily much to my amusement is trying desperately to kiss him.

Sighing I point my wand at Lily. “Levicorpus” Dangling my now furious friend from her ankles I begin to march her out of the room. Grabbing a t-shirt which is lying on the end of someone’s bed I pull it over my head as I walk.

“What about my hair?” Sirius whines pulling frantically at one of his moss green locks. I give him one of my evil of glares before turning to leave.

“I’ll deal with you later Black.” I called. He is so going to die when Lily finds out.

“It was in the early 15th century that Merlin…” Droned professor Binns his voice keeping to the same monotone that he used each lesson.

Pressing my hands against my eyes I tried to stifle my yawn.

I. Am. So. Bored…

Dropping my head onto the table I let out a yelp and grab my head. Ouch that hurt.

Rubbing the bruise I turn and smile evilly at Sirius who is laughing at me. Leaning back on my chair I pull one of his mossy strands of hair and wink. So far Madam Pomfrey has been unable to return Sirius’s hair to its normal state. Thanks to one of my brothers awesome spells I reckon it will take him a week to fix it.

Sirius glares at me and knocks my hand away. That shows him for laughing at my tail.

And yes I have a tail.

Apparently Lily (I-hate-Potters-guts-but-now-want-to-have-his-babies-all-because-Sirius’s-stupid-ness) Evans did not appreciate being taken away from her Jamesy-kens and decided to show her annoyance.

I now have florescent green eyes, blonde furry ears, whiskers and a long tail which is quite uncomfortable when you try to sit down.

I turn to look at Lily who is busily writing notes. She looks up at me and sighs.

“I said I was sorry, and anyway Madam Pomfrey said it would go by Tuesday.” She mutters giving me a sad look.

“That’s a week.”

“Or six days tomorrow…” Lily smiles.

I hiss angrily scrapping my initials into the desk with my new claws.

“What are you wearing by the way?” Lily says before turning to face the front.
I look down surprised and laugh a little. I had completely forgotten the fact that I had stolen a shirt this morning. Playing with the hem I sighed, this was really comfortable. I have a feeling that I’m not going to give it back anytime soon, not that I know whose it is now that I think about it. I kind of just grabbed the first thing I saw, it’s clean so it’s probably not Peter's.

“At least Sirius can’t get rid of the spell you used on him.” Lily whispers.

Purring softly to show my satisfaction I grinned happily showing pointed teeth.

Hello again,

I know Remus was acting very un-remus - like in the first chapter but i have my reasons and i promise to explain later hope you liked this chapter it took a while for me to start as i wasn't to sure where i anted it to go.

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