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Quidditch Camp by GryffindorPrincess918
Chapter 9 : A Stirring Dragon, a Courageous Princess, and a Lady Weasel
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As Hermione stirred in her sleep, Draco began to wake. He looked down at the smiling face of Hermione Granger, and he felt his heart swell. Her small pink lips were curled upwards as he held her in his arms. Suddenly her eyes flashed open, and silver met caramel. She smiled up, unhooking her arms from his neck, and stretching her limbs. As she began to move off the bed, Draco joined, walking around as though he hadn't in ages. Seeing as the room was annoyingly silent Hermione turned on a radio and began listening to classical music. For some reason it helped Hermione feel calm when she was most perplexed.



At this moment, Hermione was a whirl of emotions and thoughts. She couldn't even decipher what Draco was saying as he looked into her eyes. She felt the breath catch in her throat as he strutted towards her, her body reacting differently to his closeness. She felt his hot breath tickle her neck as his lips met her ear,



"Hermione, love, you look dashing in my jersey. Did I remember to mention that?" His voice was husky and warm.



She felt her knees go weak as she stuttered "Oh. R-r-really?"



She could feel his lips curve upwards against her ear, "Yes. Care to dance?" he asked.



Dazed by his scent and overwhelmed by his closeness she pulled back, "Dance? But we don't have any music?"



At this he chuckled deeply, brushing a hand through his hair, "Hermione dear, you turned on the music"



She blushed as other sounds in the room finally hit her ears, was she really so absorbed in him? She gave him a curt nod and a nervous smile before he took her hand in his. He placed his left arm tightly around her waist, and she delicately put one hand on his shoulder. He smiled,



"And we dance!"



They twirled silently but gracefully around the room, enjoying the moment that they were sharing. There were no words, no shouts, no yells, no fighting. Just this one little moment they held each other in their arms and moved happily around the room they shared. Finally Draco had broken the silence,



"You're beautiful, you know that, right?"



She blushed and turned her face away, "No I'm not. Lies will get you no where Malfoy"



He smiled sadly at her, lifting her face towards him with his finger, "Yes you are. You're gorgeous. You take my breath away every time I see you. And may you please stop calling me Malfoy? There's no need for formalities"



She gave him another curt nod as they fell into silence again. Suddenly a thought struck Hermione,



"Mal-I mean Draco. Why did you.. have sex with me last night?" 



He smiled, "It's not sex if we were making love my dear. Sex is rough with no emotions attached, making love is passionate and gentle with someone you care for. And anyways, I did so because I am falling for you"



She was taken back with his honesty, but she enjoyed it. She rather have someone come out and say it, then hide behind their thoughts for two years and not say a word until one day they break you heart because you won't go party! But that's when she realized she was thinking of Ron, and not Draco. Because they were two complete opposites. And yet somehow she managed to like both of them.



As she looked back up at his face he smiled. Her jaw almost dropped at the beauty of his smile. There was no smirk, just a clean white pearly smile. His eyes sparkled as he looked down at her and something in Hermione stirred. Her heart gave a little leap and before she knew it she had kissed Draco.



She also noticed other things, such as how they had stopped dancing for a while now, and that the music was turned off. But she didn't care, because she felt his smooth lips dance upon her own. His hands were holding the sides of her face, willing her to be closer, and closer she got. She didn't want to pull away, but the lack of air had made her pull away reluctantly. Draco couldn't stop though; he had waited years for this, so he trailed hot kisses along her neck and collarbone.



Hermione smiled and moved her head to the side to allow more access down her neck, which Draco greedily kissed. She felt her feet begin to shuffle backwards and before she knew it, she was pressed up against a wall, her legs wrapping themselves around Draco's waist. She twisted her hands in his blonde hair as their lips met again, sparking fiery passion and desire neither had ever known. Being so absorbed in each other, neither of them noticed the faint pop outside their room.









"What was that Draco?" whispered Hermione, her heavenly voice gracing Draco's ears.



He gave an involuntary shutter as he set her down on her two feet again and they awkwardly flattened out their clothes. She gave him a lopsided smile before she turned her head towards the door.



"BLOODY HELL!" she wailed.



That's when Draco saw it too. Ginny laid on the floor unconscious, a bag filled with female products inside. Hermione blushed and picked up the tampons from the floor before Draco could see them. Hermione gave a light tap to Ginny's cheek at the Caribbean blue similar to her brother's met a pair of caramel and grey eyes.



Ginny stuttered a few times, lifting herself of the floor, "H-h-how does he know?"



Hermione smirked, a smirk worth of a Malfoy before replying, "Well if someone sleeps with you they're bound to notice what body part you've got down there."



Ginny's eyes nearly popped out of her head when she heard this. She felt her knees grow weak again and she dropped to floor, only picking herself back up a few moments later. But then Ginny had realized that if you were stuck in a room with a hot guy something was going to happen, so she sighed and sat on Hermione's bed.



"When? How?" Ginny inquired.



"Last night, we were drunk" said Hermione, touching her swollen lips that Draco had been kissing a few moments prior.



But guilt had been chewing Draco up, like acid. He felt his insides churn and itch when he thought about so he blew out a breath and sat across from Ginny and Hermione.



"Actually no, I knew before. Her spells flickered on and off the first day we got here. But I wasn't really sure she was Hermione until she almost died." 



Hermione and Ginny's eyes bulged,



"What the bloody hell do you mean almost died?" Hermione screeched.



"Well, you know you had a concussion and you sort of drowned. And I had to take your shirt off for this spell so it could work, so I could save you. But I-I didn't want you to know that I knew about your secret. So I oblivated you..." and he hung his head low.



Hermione's anger flaired, her tiny fists clenching. "DRACO SODDING MALFOY I WILL HEX YOU INTO OBLIVION!" she screeched.



He sighed, "It's not like I don't deserve that, go ahead" and he stood up.



Ginny rolled her eyes, "Oh hush 'Mione, he was just protecting you. It was just a little obliviate, no need to get angry. And Malfoy sit back down, you're all such dramatic ninnys"



Hermione rolled her eyes, reluctantly taking her wand down and placing it on the bed. Ginny clapped her hands together and then smiled,



"So! Now that we're all in on this little secret! Why don't we go have some fun with it?" Ginny suggested.



Hermione and Draco both looked at her like she had lost her mind.



"Oh come on now, who wouldn't LOVE to go screw around with some people. Especially ginger haired Ronniekins!" she said



Hermione felt the beginnings of a smile find its way onto her cheeks. He looked up at Draco who could hardly contain his and they stood up as well. Ginny's eyes glinted murderously as she began,



"Time to have a little fun around here!"



Sorry it was short and bad! I was in SUCH a hurry! I'm just gonna be suppper duperr busy this next week so I had to write something! I've gotta go to practice so keep reading and thank you all! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 

xoxo- GryffindorPrincess918

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Quidditch Camp: A Stirring Dragon, a Courageous Princess, and a Lady Weasel


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