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Roses and Thorns by dwarfcutie100
Chapter 2 : Feathers and Kisses
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When I wake up from a restless night of tossing and turning, I see Lily'sface peering anxiousley over me. "Guys, she's awake!"

I struggle to sit up and realize I'm in the hospital Wing. "Why am I here?" I ask Lily.

"You passed out from stress."

Huh. I never knew that could happen.

"And Scorpius carried you here." Lily babbles.

My head snapped up. "He did?"


So, that was his strong arms I felt...

Al pushes his way over to me. "Hey Rosie, you're good now?"

"Yes, I am."

"Good, you know how James would get if you couldn't make the match."

I laughed nervousley. "Yea."

"Speaking of me?" James elbows his way next to Al.


"Ah, the staduim full of hope and dissapoinment, the eager screaming fans, the dazzling snitch.."

"He sure knows how to spend his life." I whisper to Al, who starts sniggering behind his hand.

"Yea, quidditch, love, fame, family then homework."

"Yup, the first two take up 62% of his life, family 26%, fame 11% and homework the last one percent."

Al, Dom and Lily burst out laughing.

James squitns at us and frowns. "What?"

I struggle to keep a staright face. "Nothing."

Madam Pomfrey bustles over. "Awake? Good," She says briskley. "You can go, just make sure you get sleep and tone the stress down."

"Thanks." I slide off the bed and walk with Lily and Dom to the Great Hall. Dom buzzes around me.

"You sure you'll be okay?"                         

"Dom. I'm fine." I said, exsaperated.

I pull some lamb chops over to me as I sit down next to Scorpius.

"Hey, you better?"

"Apparently." He laughs, touching my arm, sending a shiver down my spine.

I take a bite of my chops and chew slowley.

"So, you up to play a game after your done?"

"Done wit wat?" I mumble through a mouthful of food, my words tangled up.

"Eating," He says, gesturing to my plate. "It'll be fun."

"Sounds good."

I polish off my plate and Scorpius bounces up, like an excited puppy.

"In the dormitry." I follow him up to the common room and he looks at me for the password.

"Hedwig." The fat lady swings open and we climb in through into the warm common room.





"Okay, we're here." Scorpius grins as my words die on my mouth. Then he picks up a pillow and WHAM! He smacks it agaisnt me! I let out an angry noise as I grab a pillow and hit his side. I dogde behind an armchair as he aims again at me.

"Hey! Unfair-you git!"

He laughs and smacks my head while I tackle him to the ground, hitting him with my pillow. Tiny, white feathers begin to fly out and land on my hair and his skin. Scorpius holds his pillow like a shield while I laugh as I slap mine on his leg repeatedly. He grabs my ankles and hauls me to the back of him.


Finally, I collaspe next to him on the floor, staring at his face. Scorpius sighs happily and drops his pillow and turnes to me...locking his eyes on mine, stares intently at me... I look into his eyes as feathers dance between us and I'm feeling as if we're seeing each other, truley. He stares at me, and I feel like he's seeing my life, my wants, and my fears.

I inch closer to him, our bodies are so close. He brings his mouth up, and I turn my head... and we're kissing. He tangles his fingers into my hair, and I sigh. It feels good... and I angle my head to kiss him better. I hold my arms around his waist.,

Scorpius groans as he surfaces and gently touches my face. "Rose, I-" He steals a glance behind us. "Oh-merlin, I've got to go."

I protest faintly. "Wait, don't go-" My words are cut off as he dashes off. Blast.

 The portrait door swings open and Dom enters, flipping her hair, looking throughly annoyed.

"Oi, Rose! Why the hell are there feathers? Oh nevermind, listen, Scorpius and I are going out," My petite cousin crosses and uncrosses her legs. "I fancy him." She says softly, dangling her feet over the chair.
I'm in shock. "Oh-that's real nice, I'm happy for you Dom." Damn. When does my life go according to plan?

"Yea, oh crap. Megan's coming. C'mon, lets go." Dom gets up, grabs my hand and starts to drag me to the door.

Megan Lovegood passes through and beams at us. I smile feebley but Dom groans and mutters "Damn it."

Hi, guys!" Megan tugs at her robes.

"Oh hey Megan-Ow!" Dom shoves me in the ribs.

"Oh-hi-Megan-sorry-we're-going-right-now." Dom tumbles out in a breathe.

"Wait, did you hear that the new Minister of Magic is going to attack Hogwarts with Heliopaths?"

"Oh, no I didn't, very interesting, well bye!"

Dom drags me through the door and we start for the Great Hall. "Well that was very nice." I snap.

Dom raises an eyebrow. "Do you hear her, all that rubbish coming out?"

"She's nice, she just takes after her mom." I protest. Dom groans as we trugde through a steady stream of students.

"Just, hang out with her without me."

I grin. "Sure thing, Dominique."

She smacks my arm.


A minute later, I stroll in and snag a seat next to Al. "Hey Al,"

"Hi Rosie."

"You doing good?"

"Yea, big essay I've got to finish."


Scorpius comes over and sits nex to me, carelessly putting a hand really close to me.

I cough. "Hi."

"Hi Rose."

His hand moves. "Erm, hows your day going?"

"Pretty, good quidditch match this weekend!"

"Yea! we're going to beat you-again!"

He laughs softly and places his hand on the small of my back.

"I'm sure you will, Rose."




A/N: Hey people, second chapter is FINALLY done, I'm so sorry for the wait, anyways, the thrid should come quicker! I'm still new to writing, I know I'm pretty crappy at it be don't judge me too hard. I know everyone's probably bored with all the same Rose/Scorpius stuff but I promise, I have a trick up my sleeve, something surprising happens! Comment and or rate pleasee thanks guys! :)


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Roses and Thorns: Feathers and Kisses


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